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  1. I said it during that insane 2003-05 silent period....that lineup should've recorded a Praxis style record and have Stinson sing lead on one or two tracks. Now that we've heard a chunk of the material they were working with and coupled with the fact Bucket was bringing in complete tracks to the Chinese buffet, we know they were really capable of doing it.
  2. When I first heard Oklahoma I was floored. My first thought after it finished was.....'please don't ruin this scorcher with second rate lyrics about Steph, Erin, and/or Slash'. Axl is quite capable of coming up with great lyrics and can also pull some damn good vocals out of his hat...but in the Chinese years it's veering towards literal coin flips which one you're going to get. When I heard Soul Monster, I nearly went into anaphylactic shock. It was my long ago pipe dream come true....Bucket bringing Axl an Electric Tears type song. Then I thought....how does he put vocals/lyrics to THIS?!? When I listen to the Sorry instrumental, it blows my mind that what came to him for lyrics is a diatribe towards Slash and hardcore fans.
  3. Fuck speed....that shit's for the spring chickens. Oklahoma is best played doing 85 down highway 99 heading up to Redding with an 80 mg Oxy flowing through your veins. Listened to the whole Village sessions on that trip but that song is a beast.
  4. Also... Oklahoma is actually the GNR lineup at the time recording it. I agree that musically it holds its own up against the old discography but Axl will definitely make or break it. Mags does have a valid point ... about half the instrumentals are Bucket pikes, including the Sorry & Shackler's demos.
  5. Oklahoma and Soul Monster for me. Quick Song right on their ass.
  6. This song blew my 15 year old mind......
  7. The sound of two walruses fucking does not constitute generic Buckethead shredding.....
  8. This may actually be true with some of the Bucket tracks. Bucket/Brain/Scaturro would make them a Giant Robot Production being brought to the Chinese sessions.
  9. Typical conspiracy loon response. Someone who believes the major powers can't fly 1000 miles into space(which is nothing) isn't smart enough to actually have a discussion on the subject. It would be like arguing with a 3rd grader before he/she actually starts to learn about the subject. I won't waste time debunking your nonsense. I'll let these guys do it because it's actually their job to educate people like you who get sucked into conspiracy nonsense.... http://www.metabunk.org/debunked-fake-live-chat-from-the-international-space-station-iss-with-boise-state.t8731/ You can have the last word where I get called a mindless sheep or whatever buzz words and insults you guys use nowadays.
  10. They almost beat us. They actually deserve a ton of credit as well. Both sides were learning from their adversaries successes and mistakes. Soviets were monitoring the landing as they knew it could go tits up and then they'd know what not to do. As they say....the rest is history. It went off without a hitch and they abandoned their own plans.... which was a mistake. Just a handful more landings in some more interesting spots would've discovered vast deposits of ice....and that's when moon bases would've been built.
  11. Yeah and the most important one is the Soviets actually there monitoring Apollo's every move.
  12. It has nothing to do with confidence. It has more to do with understanding high school math, science, the various programs and political maneuvers leading up to Apollo, and belief in American ingenuity. Is it really that surprising that we went? In the 50s while the rest of the world was still in rebuild mode, the US is flying then classified planes to the literal edge of space. The combined genius of American and Nazi scientists were putting the project together. The Nazi side of the project(mainly Von Braun) was actually furious that we had set our sights too low. After a couple moon jaunts, he had a plan for a manned mission to Mars using modified Saturn V rockets. If Von Braun is handed a blank check instead of Nixon canceling Apollo in favor of the Shuttle, we go to Mars in 1980-85. We now know it most likely would've been a one way trip, but we would have made it. Most of today's tech wouldn't be possible without the Space age. It blows my fucking mind that some people actually believe we can't even get to LEO. Hell....a modified A-12/SR-71 might have pulled off an attempt and that's using 50s technology.
  13. The conflict in Yemen is disgraceful. We need to abandon it. While it depends on the style of operation, a "shock and awe" on Iranian land, sea, and air targets would completely cripple them in 48-72 hours. Just don't send in thousands of ground troops under any circumstances. We'll know when they're going to do it before even telling us. Just monitor the carrier groups. If three are heading there, one heads up the Dardanelles to give Russia a moment of pause, and one is heading towards the South China Sea, it's on like Donkey Kong. If you live near an air Base containing B-1, B-52, and B-2 bombers, watch for out of the ordinary activity. It's a powder keg right now with this insane situation of abandoning the Kurds, Kurds siding with Russia and Assad, and the tensions with Turkey. Something has to give. One of two things.,... We tuck tail and run We don't blink, start moving the chess pieces, and warn Russia and Turkey to watch their step.....one of whom is a NATO ally. It's a clusterfuck. I don't want a major war happening on his watch but if we're not proactive, we're going to stumble into one. I don't think an Iran conflict by itself will happen. We have to monitor Russia and Turkey. We need the Mad Dog(Mattis). He never should've resigned. Russia knew he wasn't fucking around. My favorite quote from Mattis.... ‘I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.’
  14. As far as the Moon landings go I believe that we went but I do have one minor gripe left on the subject.... How was it so easy to leave the Moon and it always be perfect every single time? Getting there is the easy part. It launched from the richest country in the world with unlimited resources and so much care put into it that a flake of gnat shit within a 10 mile radius of the launch pad would cause them to scrub the launch. Coming back should've been extremely difficult if not impossible, especially the first time. Yeah I know...low gravity, no air, atmosphere,etc... It's still mind-blowing. The future manned missions to the Moon and Mars are going to involve creating fuel in those extreme environments for the return trips even with a 50 year leap in tech. I find that interesting.
  15. You're not really suggesting the Moon is bigger than the Earth and we are orbiting it? I know there's all sorts of odd theories and conspiracies about the Earth- Moon system but this one I've never heard. It's violating Newton's Law, orbital mechanics, and every law of physics imaginable. It would be like saying Bill Cosby shits Jell-O pudding pops. It's highly unlikely....and would anyone wager money on it? That first pic I posted should remove any shred of doubt. It was taken from Mars. Even in that pic, it's askew due to scale, angle,etc. The space between the Moon and Earth is so vast that you can fit every planet of the Solar system between them with room to spare.
  16. Not sure. We got a photographer here? Probably something to do with perception, angles, horizon,etc. Regardless.... Orbital mechanics and physics answers this for us. A large body cannot orbit a smaller one. It's literally impossible.
  17. The Russians had a probe there monitoring Apollo 11 and its transmissions.
  18. That pic of him walking with a cane is sad. No wonder he has pill bloat. They're required to perform onstage. I refuse to use one for walking untill the arthritis in my back is unbearable, which is hopefully a few years away. I do sometimes have to use one to get out of a chair. Every time it happens I'm reminded of that old " I've fallen and I can't get up" commercial. Getting old sucks.
  19. Blame it on the Falun Gong.....
  20. MIA

    what are you eating

    Fried chicken liver sandwich with Russian dressing and avocado.
  21. Reminds me of a time I went to the Walmart supercenter in Patterson to buy Seagram's 7 and 7Up. The bitch asks me for ID.... I'm 44, at the time my beard was halfway to ZZ Top, mostly grey, and even Helen Keller can see I've been around the block a few times. I just said.... Really? She nodded. I walked out the door and went to the liquor store. One more thing ... The pharmacy lines at that Walmart are what the pharmacy lines are like in hell....
  22. I get my kicks above the waistline, Sunshine....

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