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  1. Neither. Let Switch remix a few songs. He should have produced the album. Not sure how it would have turned out as the album was already cut and paste hell, but he definitely would have removed those stale hip hop beats that sound like they were lifted from Fat Boys records.
  2. Someone who uses ten year old vocal tracks and cut and pastes pieces of songs in that same time frame isn't a genius....
  3. I don't really care anymore. The album was a beer coaster and its laughable that the demos were actually superior. Only reason I still post on GNR sites(and not very frequently anymore) is because I run one of them. The only thing the album's release proved is that Axl Rose is incapable of writing a monster single even when given over a decade to do so. Someone like Chris Cornell could have shit this album out in a week and had it on store shelves in a month. The second album(which is a pipe dream) will be more of the same or worse. The second album will never have mystery or build up into a myth because he blew his load with CD and it's nothing to write home about. There was some comic relief after its release though. Seeing people say it was the greatest produced album in history had me falling out of my chair laughing. Anyone who would say that hasn't heard very many albums and probably lives in mommy's basement.
  4. Rolling Stones- Thru and Thru
  5. In other words, you've never listened to his material.
  6. He spends most of the song repeating the same few lines. That isn't "great shit". It's basically placing borderline scratch vocals on the track but never coming back to it to finish it. Musically its perfection. I listen to the demo, so Ron isn't a factor for my ears.
  7. Damn Madison, you're becoming an expert at revisionist history. Unfortunately, some people have memories. Not only was it longer than "minutes", you banned him several times!I've known MSL for years and talked to him on many occasions. You guys were trying to please the yes men for perks at the time, and I'll most definitely take his word and what I saw over the words of the mygnr staff at the time. I do gotta give ya props though. You could have easily ran from these communities with your tail between your legs after you were "fired" from mygnr, but you didn't. While it may sound like I have a problem with madison based on my recent posts in this section, I don't. I actually like her although I do have issues with how she handled that Bucket situation, and talked with her in PMs back then when it was happening. She's very intelligent but I think the cyber power went to her head a bit, and she wound up paying the price. Other than the Bucket shit and a few other issues, she ran that site very well. Madison was "the face" of mygnr. While others played a role there behind the scenes, madison pretty much ran the show for the biggest GNR site on the net. She put loads of time and effort into that. You cant put a price on such dedication and loyalty. mygnr would not have rose to the level that it did without madison. That's a fact. She just made some crucial mistakes on the journey and was put out to pasture.
  8. The public will never latch on to this era of the band. CD went over like a walrus turd for Thanksgiving dinner, and unless the next album has a monster single, it will suffer the same fate.One day, Buckethead will become huge. Probably long after he is dead. Eventually some easy listening stations are gonna start playing some of his songs and he will explode. The guy deserved to be a star when he released Colma. He has a quirky yet iconic image, but his big problem is that he doesn't do a good job marketing himself, and he markets himself in a general sense and not towards a specific genre. Anyone who would say that doesn't have songs. The few people who have unheard songs don't go around talking about it to random people because it leaves a paper trail.Example.... someone has the new M.I.A. album even though it hasn't leaked yet. He came to me last week looking to trade it for something, but I didn't have what he wanted. Why did he ask me? Because I was one of the handful of people who had unheard M.I.A. tracks in 2007-08. After he asked this select group of people, he stopped talking. He didn't go brag to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that he had songs. The ONLY people a real hoarder/trader will talk to about that stuff is someone known to either have songs or have prior involvement. Its easy to distinguish between people who have something and people who have nothing.
  9. Tough choice between CD and Riad. Should have went with Riad as Axl was really stepping outside his comfort zone on that, but he's essentially the weak link on the track so I went with CD instead.
  10. Pink Floyd deserves to win the poll for Dark Side of the Moon alone. Don't even have to take their other albums into consideration. Fleetwood Mac should have been in this poll.
  11. Goldfrapp- Cologne Cerrone Houdini
  12. That site is a shell of its former self and haven't bothered even checking it since last year. They pretty much sold out like HTGTH did and you can barely distinguish between the two. I don't go to that site either. The Bucket censoring and also letting that clique of teen dipshits dominate the site were the nails in the coffin for me.
  13. Why?? You think posts about Chinese Democracy being merged in unrelated solo Bucket threads in a different section might be the reason?The fact you label Buckethead fans as trolls shows your true intention on the subject. Finck fans spammed the living hell out of the main GNR section, yet you don't classify them as trolls. You're grasping at straws. It was obvious to anyone with a pulse that he was gone. Even after GNR removed him from their myspace page and after the album was released AND Axl pretty much confirmed he was gone, you STILL let Finck discussion thrive in the main section. Why is that? Did it ever occur to you that not all people who like the music on Chinese democracy listen to Buckethead's solo material? Why on earth do you think someone who likes the outro on TWAT would give a rat's ass about a solo on Electric Tears, and should have to discuss that TWAT outro in a thread in a different section NOT about Chinese Democracy?? Anyone who listened to those 2006-08 leaks knew Bucket was all over the album. You were the only person questioning "how little" of Bucket would be on the album. Hell, Ron confirmed in 2006 that Bucket was going to be on the album. So did Axl. So did Brain. If Finck discussion was allowed by you because he wrote Better, why didn't you change your stance on Buckethead when the writing credits for Shackler's Revenge were found on ASCAP in mid 2008? You finally had your proof, yet continued censoring. No, the only people complaining weren't trolls. People such as myself that liked you were also complaining, and mygnr lost quite a few posters during that fiasco, those banned for nothing and those who simply walked away. What's funny about all this is that had you not censored everybody and banned a bunch of people over Buckethead, you would have had a mile long line of people defending you when you were "dethroned" at mygnr, which may have caused a different outcome in the situation. You had simply burned too many bridges and your ouster was pretty much perfect timing for those involved. They knew there would be no resistance to it whatsoever.
  14. Now you're insulting my intelligence. Of course you were censoring Buckethead. Posts in CD threads mentioning him and his contributions were vaporized. How can you have a proper discussion about Chinese Democracy without mentioning Buckethead? You cant. It would be like discussing AFD without being able to talk about Slash.Of course discussion about his solo material should be in the former gunners section. That's a no brainer. That's not what you were doing though. You were trying to shut down ALL Buckethead discussion in relation to GNR. Since you think Bucket discussion should go to former gunners section, why didn't you take the same approach with Finck in early 2008 when he bailed? Because you are a huge fan of Finck, that's why. I never saw you campaigning to have Finck discussion deleted from Chinese Democracy threads and you never went on a crusade to ban his fans. During the Axl chats, Axl himself said he considered all members on the album to basically be part of GNR. You still didn't change course. Bucket was still censored while Finck posts in CD threads were allowed to thrive.
  15. While I agree that his "meltdown" was inappropriate and was just one more sign they take these sites way too seriously, but the fact you spent about two years solid doing everything in your power to censor Buckethead from Chinese Democracy discussions and banning a large portion of those people just because they wanted to talk about one of the main contributors on the album was very unprofessional, extremely absurd, and you probably should have been removed by Eric at that point, and a public lashing by Axl over that issue would have been warranted.
  16. His work in GNR is some of his worst stuff, and NOT his "best licks". The solo material he released while in GNR is miles better than what made it on Chinese Democracy.Buckethead is anti GNR anyways, so I doubt you hear any GNR tunes being performed by him unless he rejoined the band at some point.
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