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  1. I'm a soldier for hire

    Killing all you admire

    And you live in denial but that will change...

  2. Marq Torien gives him a run for his money.
  3. MIA

    what are you eating

    Sweet n Sour chicken nuggets and a turkey and ham sandwich with smoked fontina from the Safeway deli for a midnight snack.
  4. Really? If/when Radiohead start performing or recording under the GNR umbrella, that'll be a valid statement. Obviously I was referring to the band's entire history and not breaking it down into specific eras. I don't give a fuck who's on Oklahoma...it's a top tier song. Period.
  5. You dig what the fuck I'm saying... HOMEFUCK

  6. The acoustic version is one of the greatest songs ever ....
  7. How long the Uzi Suicidal scheme has been going: 11-12 years Amount of time it would take a real management team to deal with the issue: 5 seconds That's GNR management in a nutshell.
  8. Supposed hardcore fans scrubbing actual fan recordings from the internet... pretending it's in an official capacity. Official band accounts now begging fans to upload videos due to a completely empty void of GNR fan vids across social media. I love this shit. They all just eat themselves and each other alive due to ego, hubris, stupidity, and incompetence. The cherry on top of this shit sundae is it points out how horribly mismanaged the band is and they'd fail at managing a lemonade stand. Uzi suicidal indeed....
  9. Watching Nerve, smoking tobacco out of my pipe, drinking lemon tea(it's Brisk, baby...), and contemplating what's for dinner.
  10. Closest I ever came to hipster status is 2007-08 when I was going to multiple M.I.A. shows and artists affiliated with her like Santigold, Amanda Blank, and Rye Rye. I did not fit in with this scene at all. I looked like a biker from the 1970s transported into these clubs loaded with fags and hipsters. I was also always the oldest person in the crowd regardless of venue size. A really bizarre time in my life....massive unprecedented drug use combined with a midlife crisis led me down that road.
  11. I never understood the fascination with Blues Traveler either. A one hit wonder turned into a hippie jam band. The 90s were amazing but they were also really fucking weird.
  12. I haven't eaten at Braums in 22 YEARS. When we first moved to the four-state area summer of 92, you could buy a Braums regular hamburger for 59 cents. I'd order 15 of them sumbitches.... They also had amazing breakfast food..... McDonald's pure garbage in comparison. Their sausage gravy and biscuits were like crack cocaine. Freshman year at Missouri Southern State U I lived on Braums burgers, Roast beef at Arby's, chicken fried steak or chicken livers at Grandy's, and 39 cent tacos/tostadas at Taco Mayo. Thank God for killer metabolism and drugs or I would've looked like John Popper on a cornbread binge. I plan on going back there one more time before I die...to visit some relatives, go to Frontier City and Silver Dollar City, and of course...the food.
  13. You live in Oklahoma City? Eat a few chicken fried steaks at Grandy's for me....then swing by Braums for a sack of burgers and a strawberry shortcake sundae or a chocolate-vanilla twist waffle cone.
  14. Fiona....every day and twice on Sundays. In all regards...looks, talent, whatever.

    Sick in the head sick in the mouth 

    Can't hear a word you say

    Not a bit and I don't give a shit

  16. MIA

    what are you eating

    A platter of spaghetti completely smothered in parmesan and Romano cheese. Washing it down with a Canada Dry. I'll have some strawberry cheesecake ice cream for dessert.
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