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  1. To paraphrase Boy George... You talk in circles til you don't know what you mean. You require insults to fill the void that exists due to a complete vacuum of no intelligence.
  2. I realize you flunked third grade but I'll go over it once. People in this thread discussing the shit Madison did. You jump in with.... That's called a defense. Of course you're so goddamn stupid that you believe we don't have the technology to reach LEO even though we've had the technology since the 1950s. I should've known that the tendrils of stupidity reached into all areas, not just space.
  3. The funny thing about your defense of someone you didn't know is she would've flushed your ass down the toilet quicker than she did the bots.
  4. Without that power she was nothing. Notice the arrogance dripping from her posts was gone once being removed. "You don't talk so loud, you don't walk so proud, anymore, and what for....."
  5. That's when we butted heads. I rarely posted at mygnr at that point but someone had to come to the defense of the defenseless bots. Back in the good old days of this bullshit all the various forum admins would speak from time to time. I cashed all my chips in on Madison (I should've been talking to Eric) and while I did get her to see my point, she wouldn't budge. She wouldn't budge because she was invincible and she knew it. My last message to her before the decapitation strike was that the whole thing was going to backfire. She laughed. Madison, if you're reading this....
  6. This is true of everything though. Hell, even bologna tastes like shit nowadays.
  7. Fuck it all to hell....a triple dose.
  8. Double dose of Slayer for my young gnfnr padawans.......
  9. Satan, give me my youth back....
  10. My neighbors are in love once again....
  11. Wow. How do people live? I can sell 30 mg Oxys for 30 bucks a pill. 80 mg Oxy OPs for 60. I don't know Midwest prices but I do know all drugs costed more there than Cali in the 90s.
  12. That's like saying a root canal is better than heart surgery. Sure it is....but I ain't wishing either one on an enemy.
  13. One more thing.... If she made a promise not to disclose information and she always keeps her promises, why in the fuck did she even mention this shit in the first place? She was bat shit crazy....that goes without saying...but I miss all the quirky characters from the good old days.
  14. Sorry to burst bubbles but Madison was not that clever. It's mere coincidence that two song titles were in that post. She was a post whoring prostitute who needed better admin skills to keep mygnr's negative Nancy fans from continually singing the blues. Axl wondered if the world would be a better place without her steering the mygnr wheel so he logged in, curb stomped the shit out of her, and Eric scraped her shattered ego off the forum index. There was a time he might have gave her a stay of execution but even an IRS audit wasn't going to get in Axl's way. Madison, if you're reading this.... The only one in the game who's lost is you!
  15. Her last amazing song. Hard to believe it's been 9 YEARS since this was released.
  16. It's pretty much beyond the point now who the actual culprit(s) are. It's probably a shared account amongst a specific group of people. My speculation ends there. One thing has been established... It is absolutely detrimental to the band. In today's era, having a large social media presence where fans are sharing stories, vids, hashtagging,etc. is a requirement and a vital ingredient in the recipe for success. This account is literally destroying GNR's social media presence and also killing off fan interest in shows, the big revenue stream. They piss off fans who pay hundreds per ticket and upload clips of their show only to be deleted, and casual fans who would like to see some vids before buying tickets do not have that option. We now have GNR literally begging people to do exactly what has been being deleted for years. Great and recent example is Locomotive. First time that was performed since the night before my GNR concert July 91. This could have helped create a good buzz and anticipation of what they will play at future shows. What happened instead? The footage was deleted...meaning that other than performing it for that specific crowd, it accomplished nothing. Supporters of the band are not running this account. What they are doing is the exact opposite of support. The so called trolls/haters could never have concocted such a scheme against the band. Flagging unreleased demos? I get it. At least it makes sense. On the other hand, one of the people suspected of running it is a hoarder so I guess the policy is "Ok for me, not for thee". Everything else? They don't just drink haterade...they're sponsors. They have two reasons to be thankful... That Azoff cared nothing about fan sites/social media during his brief tenure. He would've put a permanent end to this. They're lucky that Fernando is completely inept and doesn't have the slightest clue what he's doing. It would literally take minutes to solve this problem. With shows selling out left and right, it doesn't appear to be a problem on the surface. If/when the venues aren't as full, it will have an impact and I guarantee it had an impact during the 09-14 era, even if only minimal. If the people running this are actual supporters of the band, I assume the life expectancy of this account is very short now. It's doing nothing but damaging the brand and the bands request for vids is proof of this. One more thing... While I don't follow the gnr YouTube story and haven't for many years, I was ahead of the curve on this issue. I found out it was a fan account in a decade ago. How? They flagged all the vids on GNR Evo's YouTube page and got it suspended. You're gonna say, "No big deal. That's what they do." The Evo account was different from all others.... It was the only GNR YouTube page to not upload GNR videos. I don't remember it all off the top of my head but I know we had these... M.I.A.- Paper Planes and Galang live at 2007 Treasure island fest (I was there) Other assorted MIA concert vids(here too) NIN- Discipline and Echoplex rehearsals (Trent released this free and wanted it shared) Buckethead- Willy Wonka theme Soundgarden- Searching with My Good Eye Closed & Slaves and Bulldozers live 1991 Houston, we have a problem....unless Axl Rose was a secret co-writer with MIA, Trent Reznor, and Chris Cornell, Axl/GNR have no copyright claim on the above listed songs. I don't even give a shit...water under the bridge, a stroll down memory lane, yada yada yada. I hadn't thought about it in a long time but I realize what balls it took to actually flag other artists/bands content while at the same time acting as an official GNR account. Like I said, he/they/whoeverthefuck may have had good intentions at the start but it got out of hand and when it reaches the point of GNR begging fans to upload vids, which we're seeing now, it's time to ride it into the sunset.
  17. Her second album Kala is one of the greatest albums ever made. She started to lose the plot during the recording of her third album MAYA....and jumped the shark during the promotion of it. She got into a public spat with producer Diplo and he admitted that her persona was just an act. I checked out after that although I did give the next album a listen. It was garbage.
  18. You want to see some 70 year olds kick some ass?
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