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  1. Holy shit. This should end his candidacy right now.. It won't though....
  2. If he does show up, Dust N Bones better be on tap....NOT 14 Years.
  3. As far as why I'm the only player not in the discord chats....
  4. You flipped out on one of your Vietnam trips, man?
  5. One of the side effects of sniffing napalm....
  6. I've flushed the bombers and they're circling the poles with their target packages awaiting the final signal....
  7. Only time this ever came in handy and I downloaded was when some rare Fiona Apple bootleg was only on vinyl and some guy finally uploaded it. It is funny how there seem to be only two descriptions of vinyls superiority.....warmer and crisper. I do know Fleetwood Mac's Rumours never sounded better than it does on vinyl. Other than that, I'm in full agreement.
  8. MIA

    what are you eating

    God I hated the Arch Deluxe. I only tried it once though. What killed it was that insane hype. Just throw it on the menu and it probably goes over better. The Big N Tasty was actually a rebranded McDLT without the packaging. They were dumb for not marketing it as such right off the bat... although it had been years since the MCDLT had been discontinued. My grandma used to laugh at the name.
  9. If any of those girls posted under different names at the original Evo forum(ROV) in 2006-07, there's a 50-50 chance they sent me pics. For reasons I never fully understood, about half the female members sent me unsolicited pics, two of the girls sent nudes. One time on my birthday in 2006 I opened my PMs to a pic of a girl's breasts. I scolded one of them(Rasha?) for doing it which caused her to go through her whole post history and edit out each one of her posts before leaving. I was always open about my drug use which also caused me to be open about other things... including my foot fetish. This admission caused a couple girls to send me pictures of their feet... unsolicited. I remember asking one of them "Why are you sending these?" to which her answer was "I thought you wanted them!" If I wanted them I would ask....which I did only once with what easily was the hottest girl to ever post on a GNR forum. These forums have always been insane asylums and the girls were never exceptions to being 5150. When you reduce yourself to sending unsolicited photos to a guy just because he has 'Administrator' under his screen name, might be time to rethink your priorities. Yeah I was always well liked....but come on. I always wondered what Jarmo, Eric, and BP had to deal with in this regard but unfortunately I never asked. Actually now that I think about it, Acquiesce is the hottest chick to ever hit the GNR forums. Not hot as in a potential supermodel but hot as in the perfect girl next door. She was smart too. She always played down the fact she's female to the point some didn't realize it until seeing me address her as such. Can only imagine what attractive women openly posting on GNR forums have to deal with... although in many cases they're likely seeking attention.
  10. MIA

    what are you eating

    In the late 90s when McDonald's decided to start trying to be everything to everybody is when they ran into trouble and the quality started to drop. My eyes really rolled into the back of my skull when they tried to be Starbucks. Took up a third of the menu when all that was ever needed was a cup of coffee on the menu...you know...like they successfully did for half a century. Now they want to be Chick-fil-A too. Good luck with that.... I'm about to have spaghetti smothered in parmesan cheese again.
  11. IMO online gaming knocked the quality of games down a few notches from what they could've been. They focus more on that aspect so 'story mode' or whatever they call it now won't have as many levels as they used to. It's not revolving around a more elaborate plot, it's revolving around getting you online for multiplayer death matches. I'm sure there's exceptions and also take into consideration I haven't been paying attention for a decade. I do know they screwed the pooch for the decades long anticipated Friday the 13th game. No real story at all. Just online players Jason vs camp counselors. Fans jumped for joy, death matched for 10 minutes, got bored, and put it away.
  12. I'm going to give this some spins today. Other than a handful of instrumentals and the redundant tracks of Maddy, TWAT,etc. I've listened to this song the least. It's why 2000 Intentions (disc 1) is so amazing in comparison to all previous leaks and the finished album. They weren't tacking on lame(and lengthy) intros to each song for ungodly reasons. The title track is the perfect example. It's a great song, always was, but the attempt to turn a simple, to the point ass kicker into a wannabe epic is not only a head scratcher but in a nutshell shows everything that was wrong with the project as a whole. To add anything to that song past 2000 was an early sign that they had lost the plot completely. This is when Ezrin's criticisms(damn him to hell regardless) become valid....the continual painting over(and over) of the same songs to the point they've lost all direction. I'm in full agreement. Take a "keep it simple, stupid" approach. No "massive epics". Some short, tight jams with Atlas or an unknown ballad.... basically what Sorum described what they were working on in 96-97. When the Stones released their 50th anniversary hits compilation, they recorded a new song for it. The moment I heard it, I immediately thought of GNR and that being the exact type of song they would need to launch an album, even more so during a reunion. If a bunch of 70 year olds can whip something like that up, so can Guns.
  13. Do it. You only live once. I used to be a hardcore gamer in my youth(the cool kind, not the nerdy kind) but I haven't played any consoles past 360. That's what...2 generations ago? I'm waiting on the new Intellivision. It'll be a niche console but the long overdue sequel to Earthworm Jim is launching with it and they're also going to remake some early 80s classics. I'll probably rarely play it but I gotta have it for EJ.
  14. I don't remember what she looks like but all black definitely fits the profile.
  15. You're thinking of HTGTH post 2006. Before that it was the greatest community on the net. I don't remember the names of the sites but she was involved with fetish communities. Not as admin either....as a full blown member. You're getting warm.....very, VERY warm.
  16. A certain someone hacked into Madison's email account back in 2007-08. It was her own fault. A GNR forum admin with a list of enemies should know not to use axlrose as their Yahoo email password. I'm against that type of thing in general but the hacker showed me what some of the contents of the emails were and.....yikes. In hindsight I should have used that info as leverage to get her to stop banning the Bucket bots and hardcore original gnr fans but I didn't want her knowing I knew that shit as she'd accuse me of being the hacker. She had already accused me of being a warchild alt during a conniption fit so she was essentially two slices of bread and a heaping tablespoon of mayo short a bologna sandwich at that point.
  17. They could've at least put a bowl of shrimp gumbo on there.... something... anything.....maybe beads with a woman's silhouette.
  18. About to catch up on the previous two episodes of American Horror Story: 1984.
  19. Thanks for the laugh. Over the years I've had forum battles with people a hell of a lot smarter and more mature than you. The day I shake in my boots and quiver over the mindless ramblings of a 3rd grade dropout is the day I stick my shotgun in my mouth and pull the trigger. Nice touch with the avatar change. Just that little change speaks volumes about your state of mind and how seriously you take this shit and your "You're worthless to me, nothing you say means anything, yada yada yada" stance is a razor thin facade unable to disguise the real you. Above MY level?!? A 4th grade science book is above your level. You're the last person that should be weighing in on levels. Now that I've scraped the equivalent of dog shit off my boot, I'll exit the conversation as you're incapable of doing anything but running in circles while exposing even more layers of ignorance. Tard ball can be amusing from time to time but the level of amusement has dropped and pity is quickly taking its place. I'm sure it's not the last time we spar as there's all types of issues that seem to be tard-nip in your world. But I'm done with this particular round although your Corky level of wit and observational skills will declare it a tail tucking, cowardly exit, I'm sure. Maybe the class will get another avatar change out of it.
  20. We'll let the audience decide which one of us is the one suffering from retardation. RedHook, you got your popcorn ready an hour late. I'm done with today's installment of 'Pin the tail on the dipshit'. Got more pressing issues to deal with at the moment... like extracting this OP before a couple friends come over. To any fellow users here, I bid you a temporary farewell with this...
  21. Someone who doesn't believe the US, Russia, China, EU, Japan, and India can launch a rocket into orbit is claiming others suffer from retardation. What you lack in brain power you make up for with irony.
  22. No wonder you care so much.... My account is filled to the rafters with memorable posts.
  23. This post really shows your lack of intelligence. If you consider someone worthless and you don't care to hear their opinion, the last thing you do is keep quoting them and engaging them in conversation. But as we already established, you don't understand simple concepts that even children can comprehend.
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