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  1. That one person is everything wrong with society in a nutshell. Yeah.....a chicken leg and quart of tater salad short of a picnic.
  2. I am a huge advocate of this. Send the Nazi stormtroopers into every major city and people are gonna start remembering their genders and other assorted nonsense real fucking quick. It would also go away if the media would stop shoving it down everyones throats. Sop making gender fluid kids the greatest thing since sliced bread and all the gender fluid kids go back to being boys and girls. Its really that simple. Its all surreal to me. When I woke up from my drug haze I realized the world had truly gone bat shit crazy at some point. Media is pure garbage now. I avoid most news now. None of it is watchable.
  3. MIA


    The withdrawals from that can literally kill you. A few years ago I ran out of xanax. I could get oxy up the wazoo but no one had xanax. On day two I had blurred vision and started crying and raving about death marches at Auschwitz while being dragged out of my house. They drove me to a place that had xanax. Bless their hearts.
  4. There was a fairly convincing theory on those old 90s usenet groups that he was really a girl.
  5. MIA

    fat, shit Axl

    Considering the fact it is in the list of top 20 GNR songs downloaded on Itunes....yeah people want to hear it. Sometimes it seems like hardcore fans forget that the tour is being marketed towards casual audiences....which make up 99.9% of the crowd. Wow.
  6. So should catcher in the rye. The album version makes me cringe. I literally cant listen to it. If any song on the album proves that adding Ron to the album was a huge mistake, its this song. Not only is he butchering it, he gets to butcher it high in the mix. Its been said since 2006.....it needs Buckethead. I love that. This too.... They are a sneak peak at what they can do with his vault.
  7. RNDTH. Even if decent not a huge fan of it as the song to open the Illusion albums. Dust N Bones would've been a great album intro as it shows the listener that GNR is taking you on a much different trip than you were accustomed to. Not all that surprised that LALD was first among hardcore fans. The album version is completely sterile.
  8. Me too. On my recent trip to Great America(amusement park), I almost didn't fit on one of the roller coasters. I cant imagine having to do the walk of shame. I thought only the morbidly obese had to take that walk yet I almost did. I'm gonna have to lose a few pounds before my next trip(to Six Flags).
  9. I just got back from the Portuguese festa, I'm bored, so I'll come up with a set list that Axl could feasibly handle on a near nightly basis for a short tour. One interesting thing with SG is they are willing to go balls deep into their discography so this allows Axl to cherry pick songs he knows he can tackle. Let Me Drown Spoonman Blow Up the Outside World Ty Cobb Head Down Burden In My Hand Birth Ritual(this might be tough but he could pull it off in A game mode) Kyle Petty, Son of Richard I Don't Care About You (yes, same cover as GNR) Karaoke (never performed live, massive crowd pop) Been Away Too Long By Crooked Steps Fell On Black Days Jesus Christ Pose or Outshined (same as Birth Ritual) Black Hole Sun There's an Axlgarden set that will send fans home happy.
  10. Axl's main issue is inconsistency. On some nights it seems like he's recaptured his prime, then he has some off nights. I have not watched every show since the reunion but this has been the case since the comeback. You guys rave on his AC/DC performances. Who says he cant bring his A game to Soundgarden? He's one of the very few singers who can legitimately nail this type of vocals. Can he sing Beyond the Wheel like Cornell in his prime? probably not....but no one would expect him to. You're wrong.....he is instantly on the very short list of replacements if Thayil decides to move forward with some sort of farewell tour/album in the coming years.....whether he brings Mickey or Donald Duck. Doesn't matter. It would be an almost identical situation in theory as AC/DC but under different circumstances. Major rock band on tour and thriving on its reunion, iconic singer dies that is technically irreplaceable, and you need a big name to fill his shoes who can do the songs justice and put asses in seats. Enter Axl Rose. When Axl was kicking ass in AC/DC I joked about Axlgarden if they ever needed him. Who knew a year later that such a scenario could potentially happen. For the record I think they are going to quit as a touring unit and will simply unload the rest of the vault over the next few years......but if they decide for one last ride, whether GNR fans like it or not, he's in contention. When the 3/4 reunion happened in 2009 which helped lead to the real SG reunion, they had TAD do vocals. Of course that wasn't a tour but if they'll call him for a one time show to generate buzz, they'd call Axl in dire straits. No one complained.
  11. Adler telling Chip his wet dream scenarios for a reunion is not "confirmation" that the original plan was for Adler to do AFD in full on the whole tour. Adler himself stated that he only rehearsed with Slash and Duff. If you're in the plans to do a full tour(which he wasn't), you actually rehearse with the band that is doing the tour. They were throwing him a bone....nothing more, nothing less.
  12. It actually made sense in the beginning. In many cases an artist/band's remix will actually chart and/or go viral and become a hit instead of the actual album track. The problem here was after the Best Buy rollout/fiasco and the negative reaction concerning the album, Chinese Democracy was dead in the water and any plans of a remix album were either a pipe dream or blowing smoke. I remember talk of this remix album a couple years after CD's release. That never would've happened....and never will. The remix album should've been included with CD's initial release. Its him talking out of his ass. Adler never even rehearsed with the full lineup....just Slash and Duff. If there were ever even pipe dreams of having Adler do AFD in full, he would've been in full band rehearsals.
  13. How is it "Axl logic" to only perform new music that someone else steals and then releases under their own name which causes GNR to cover it which has never even happened before? #NoLogicHereToday
  14. There's no reason to retire. He's back on top, GNR have joined the ranks of major acts again, and he's got at least a five year window to keep going at this pace. He also has the luxury of juggling two major bands during this time. In the offchance Soundgarden decide to keep moving forward ala AIC, Axl becomes a legitimate possibility as his replacement, making it three bands he has to juggle. He'd be a fucking lunatic to retire now.
  15. Just an example to make a point: CNN/MSNBC/Fox Breaking news....Chris Cornell dead at 52, presumed suicide Alex Jones Chris Cornell was murdered by the Illuminati because he was about to expose the NWO on the next Soundgarden album. This is also why Michael Jackson was murdered. Ativan was used as an excuse because they want to take prescription drugs away from the American people and they needed this false flag to push their satanic agenda. Next on their agenda is throwing us all in FEMA camps. Stock up on beanie weenies and while you're at it, click the donate button at the top of this page. We need to spread the word! One example is news. The other is not. I'm not defending mainstream news. Its all garbage but its not even close to what Jones is doing. Are they pushing an agenda? Sure but they always have. Jones is playing a paranoid character to line his own pockets.
  16. So, so you think you can tell Heaven from hell Blue skies from pain Can you tell a green field From a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil? Do you think you can tell? Did they get you to trade Your heroes for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? Cold comfort for change? And did you exchange A walk on part in the war For a lead role in a cage? How I wish, how I wish you were here We're just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl Year after year Running over the same old ground And how we found The same old fears Wish you were here *In old lady's voice from that 1980's Wendy's commercial* Where's the cheese?!?
  17. Of course they're not worse. Slanted news through a propaganda lense can still theoretically be called news whether you like it or not. Alex Jones is not news. He is a fictional character screaming the sky is falling to a bunch of rubes for cash. One minute Obama is throwing us in FEMA camps, the next minute China has some super secret plan to invade the continental US, the next minute..... He doesn't believe any of it. Never did and never will. Dear Lord. I guess I got the answer to my question.
  18. No they are not. People reading news and other assorted nonsense from a teleprompter are not playing fictional characters. Serious question.... Are you trolling or do you have shit for brains?
  19. Easily one of the best screen names in GNR forum history. He should've went with that name to begin with. Years ago on a forum where Nigerian scammers were being scammed by these nerds and costing them thousands of dollars, my name was Rodney Dangerfield's Anus. Needless to say, I was on drugs at the time.....
  20. MIA

    fat, shit Axl

    This. Nothing wrong with adding demos we've heard. Majority of GNR fans out there have not heard them and besides, they'll be in much better quality.
  21. Yes it is. Jones admits he's playing a character for his audience. Whether you like CNN or not, they are not playing fictional characters.
  22. As long as you realize its nothing but entertainment, no big deal. The era where people parrot what this moron says needs to die a quick death. He needs to go away. Just enjoy that mountain of cash he's sitting on and fade off into the sunset. I have no idea how anyone can even pretend to take him seriously after he admitted that its all just an act.
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