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  1. Cruise should've spent the last ten years doing nothing but MI movies back to back. Next year he's going to film two in a row. Smart move. He's not a spring chicken anymore. One is supposed to have something to do with space. Bring it on. I can see his team hijacking a rocket to get to the ISS.
  2. Jesus wept..... We've stumbled headfirst into an Idiocracy and I see no way out. Our culture has reduced itself to worshipping Down Syndrome teens who pontificate about world issues they don't even understand. If a correction doesn't occur in the coming decade...even if it takes a Hitler type to correct....I want the clathrate gun to fire and just wipe us out. I can't stand the constant idiocy anymore. There's no escaping it anywhere. Cure or kill....
  3. I forgot until just now how much ass this song kicked....
  4. Sign me up for the next game. * *Subject to change
  5. MIA

    Eye On You

    I don't think so and it's hard to believe that it took this long for a mention. I hated that song when it came out but it's not that bad. There were certainly worse one hit wonders back then. One of those guys is dead...I don't know if it's Mac Daddy or Daddy Mac.
  6. Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends...

  7. Reminds me of the time a few years ago when a friend and I were waiting on a drug deal so we went into the local pizzeria to get something to drink and shoot the shit. A bunch of people were in there and every single one of them had a phone in their face. I started being more observant and basically this was the case everywhere, including situations where people would be more social in a pre-smartphone world. It blew my mind every time. I notice it all the time now of course. I'm so glad the world wasn't like this in our youth. The place it really puzzles me is an amusement park.
  8. Going back to 2006, I never understood the reluctance to use torrents to spread them. Instead... people would rather use yousendit, megaupload, rapidshare, 4shared, etc. which were guaranteed to be flagged and deleted in five minutes...forcing reuploads. With torrents...it would never be flagged or deleted and the links would essentially last forever. I guess it simply made too much sense to use. Three days?!? It took me half a nanosecond to realize that.
  9. I've never understood this. Ever. Whether I was a nice guy or a raving lunatic in the equation, it always perplexed me. Habit Burger http://www.habitburger.com/ Remove the mushrooms, replace them with avocado, half the time substitute A1 instead of ketchup and it's perfection.
  10. Me too. I still can't believe it's real. If they're gonna sell a bunch of trinkets they could at least sell cigarette lighters, cigarette case, etc. A pill smasher for cold water extraction would be great.
  11. Not a chance in hell it's thousands. Hundreds. Spanning all the forums, the hardcore base is down to 300-500 tops...that's including the occasional lurkers. Remove them, it's barely scraping triple digits. Hell.....online media outlets don't even bother lurking at the forums anymore. To the rest of the world, leakgate made as much noise as a mouse pissing on cotton.
  12. Watching what the Musk and Bezos types do in the coming years will be a real indication on which direction Civilization is headed. Elites buying property in places like New Zealand isn't the red flag some people like to perceive it to be. Maybe a bit worrisome...but they've always done that shit. It's when they start pulling their resources out of their vanity projects that people can start to wonder if we're about to go off the rails.
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