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  1. Watching what the Musk and Bezos types do in the coming years will be a real indication on which direction Civilization is headed. Elites buying property in places like New Zealand isn't the red flag some people like to perceive it to be. Maybe a bit worrisome...but they've always done that shit. It's when they start pulling their resources out of their vanity projects that people can start to wonder if we're about to go off the rails.
  2. I'll do an archeological dig through my closet this weekend and see which one it is. I also realize that's not how to properly store records.... Funny thing though...even if it was technically worth a couple grand, it's one of those things you'd never get a buyer for. It's been years since I've bought any of that stuff but even the sellers had no real clue what to sell any of it for. I had a lot of fun back then buying various collectibles of my favorite bands but let's be honest....this shit is just like the sports cards racket. 99% of it ain't worth a thimble full of fool's gold. I was into sports cards briefly in the 80s but wised up to that pretty quickly and thankfully before sinking more allowance money into it. Remember Jose Canseco? His rookie card back then was worth 80 bucks. How? Everyone and their Grandma had several of them. I realized then it was all smoke and mirrors meant to placate nerds and keep bubble gum companies in business. That card was worth a bag of dog shit as soon as another hot card came along to cause wet dreams for nerds.
  3. Dystopic. Hypernormalisation Politics as reality show Faux outrage culture Trans madness War is peace Social engineering Biosphere collapse We're likely entering the last decade of semi normalcy. When the clathrate gun fires, it's all over. The reason Elon Musk is so hot for fast tracking a manned mission to Mars is because he thinks we may be heading towards a dark age which could forever prevent us from achieving it.
  4. Any idea what Elastica's debut album on vinyl is worth at this point? Probably not much as they're pretty much forgotten but I'm pretty sure I own the only mint copy still in existence. It's funny how when you get shit like this you're initially strutting around your living room like Ric Flair and then five minutes later it's tossed in your closet where it remains sight unseen for 15 years and counting.
  5. MIA

    what are you eating

    I've been meaning to try that but it always slips my mind. I ate quite a bit of fast food this week... Chick-fil-A Church's Chicken Nations Popeyes Maybe next time.... Sloppy Joes
  6. Never bought it. No reason to. I rarely listen to vinyl and when I do, only a small handful of classic albums get played. CD is not in that category.
  7. I decided to do a quick check up on the brain trust here.... The only thing I heard in reference to this game in the lead up to it is discord comments. Not really surprising or suspicious that I would mention it. I only realized after the fact that this is only discussed in PMs. No I haven't played before. My Redding plans happened spur of the moment and I can't pass up making money to play an internet game that appears to be slow as molasses. I still don't see much happening and had I known it moved at this pace, I probably wouldn't have dropped out. I might be home by Friday night. Vote your conscience....
  8. I'm going to be gone for a few days, maybe longer. I'm going to Redding. I'll have to bow out of this round.
  9. Years ago- None In today's hyper-partisan culture where Trump is discussed constantly- Most
  10. MIA

    what are you eating

    Sausage gravy with Bimbo bread Spumoni ice cream for dessert
  11. Holy shit. This should end his candidacy right now.. It won't though....
  12. If he does show up, Dust N Bones better be on tap....NOT 14 Years.
  13. As far as why I'm the only player not in the discord chats....
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