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  1. It was meh. I was not a fan of the Sorry solo and the 50 min Rocket Queen. Axl wasn't really good either. He was better during the NA shows. It has it's moments I guess tho.
  2. They should just do 2006 or 2010 if they want more modern Axl.
  3. The Doors one on their YT is interesting. idk how I feel tho. Very strange.
  4. That is weird. Sounds better than I thought it would.
  5. I think another reason Riad wasn't played was cause Ashba couldn't play it lol.
  6. There is a Doors thread here but it is 10 years old. So I feel bumping it would be kind of odd. But the Doors are one of my favorite bands and Jim Morrison is probably in my top 3 singers. Some of my favorite songs of theirs are. Too bad Jim died young even there worse album (Soft Parade) isn't really that bad IMO. They probably had a couple more good albums in them. Also it would be interesting to see if they would try other styles of music. What are your favorite Doors songs?
  7. I will wait to see if Axl gets the vaccine before I make a decision on getting it
  8. I like how this guy sounds better than this
  9. No!!! I was planning on wearing my Covid-45 shirt to one of these shows!
  10. Hopefully Axl invites this guy on stage at their next show
  11. Now we need Chloe to make a return for Miser
  12. Miser also brought Gunner back from the dead wow
  13. I listened to reload last night and I liked it. I liked Load a bit more though. My favorite songs were The Unforgiven 2, Devil's Dance, Low Man's Lyric, Where the Wild Things A
  14. I am going to watch Lost Highway. The only thing I know about the movie is the Smashing Pumpkins song on it.
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