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  1. Just started on the first book today...have a long way to go. I’m pretty sure this is the first series I am reading where it’s not complete.
  2. Don't know how I felt about the first episode. The scene with Dany and Jon may have been the cringiest thing I seen. Also Tyrion is so stupid now. Ghost is probably just going to be in one more scene just to kill him off.
  3. I always really liked Booker T when he calls Hogan the N word is funny
  4. Kofi’s dance thing with the belt may be one of the worst things I have ever seen
  5. The new Lion King looks very pointless
  6. A DQ was kind of obvious when they kept advertising that Kofi keeps his belt on Smackdown tomorrow.
  7. Yeah Wiggins has been disappointing to be fair his defense at least from the eye test looks a good deal better now than when he was a rookie but man his offense fell off a cliff when it wasn’t good to begin with. The problem is they probably have to wait like 2 years to trade him because if you try to now you will most likely have to give up a couple first rounders and Okogie which might not be worth it. Who knows. Glen Taylor should have let Thibs trade him for Butler like he wanted to.
  8. I'm actually not when I was a kid and I was choosing a team I chose them for whatever reason lol. Probably not the best choice.
  9. I don’t know how I feel about Barrett I have been disappointed by a Canadian already so I don’t wanna think he’s gonna be good
  10. Watching almost all the Timberwolves games the past few years has been interesting. Thank God they always had a really good big at least. They were doing really well this year before Covington and the rest of the team got hurt. I think they were like 8 games above .500 since the Butler trade and had a top 10 offense and defense. Like always though it ends in disappointment. If they can’t build a team around KAT he will get traded as is tradition.
  11. I like the demo and the acoustic version they did in 2010. Don’t like any other version that much
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