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  1. The only good thing about Clarke is you couldn't hear his guitar 95% of the time.
  2. If they really play Shotgun Blues this parody will probably be better
  3. Would Ashba still play the first half of the SCOM solo
  4. I thought they were at least going to wait till Biden was inaugurated to ban Trump
  5. If Izzy is really back hopefully they play Dust N Bones and 14 years so we won’t have to hear Axl as much
  6. In times like these I wait for Axl's tweets to tell me everything will be alright
  7. BBF was the best part of the band from 2011-14. Granted not the highest praise ever. I liked him live but he shouldn’t have been on CD
  8. It is odd how when GNR does a tribute song they play it every show where most normal bands only do it for one.
  9. VR has a few good songs. Tons of filler though. A combo of STP and GNR sounds better on paper I guess. Or the combo should have been Axl and the DeLeo brothers.
  10. I would just do something like this if I were them at this point
  11. That Rooster cover is awful. Most covers of Layne songs are pretty bad.
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