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  1. 3DP is pretty cool. Kind of surprised how close it is to Better, I like the chorus guitar more in this version. As it Begins is alright. Dolphin sounds are odd idk what Axl was thinking there.
  2. 1. Perhaps 2. Atlas 3. State of Grace 4. Hardschool 5. Silkworms 6. KOHD I keep switching between Perhaps and Atlas for number 1 I really like both. Hardschool would be better with better verse vocals and the solo being changed. If State of Grace had a better vocal take it would be number 1.
  3. The live version in 2001-2002 was much better than this
  4. 2000 Intentions would have been solid being released in 1999 what were they thinking?
  5. That is also the pic beta responded to somebody on right?
  6. This song is really good why was Axl hiding it. The piano is cool
  7. I really like it probably my favorite May song. Why didn’t Axl release this wow
  8. I really like Perhaps.. the piano intro sounds like a Fiona Apple song
  9. It sounds pretty cool I guess would like to hear it with a real vocal take
  10. These Days is an alright album. Better than what I expected from a Bon Jovi album at least.
  11. Imagine paying 500 dollars to listen to It’s so Easy with the guitars louder
  12. Fried chicken and buffalo chicken is solid
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