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  1. The Antifa thread on reddit is funny
  2. I wanted to put an egg on a burger but I forgot. I might try it someday
  3. I think it will happen. Idk if there will be fans in the beginning though. Who knows
  4. AIC (Layne Era) - Probably Swing on This GNR - Scraped Megadeth - Most of Super Collider
  5. I wish they made a good Flash movie or show. He was my favorite DC comic character in my youth.
  6. Rewatched the first season of Fargo again. I like Billy Bob.
  7. Axl needs to catch up to Vince Neil
  8. I never seen the original Justice League. I might watch this version though.
  9. Biden is one of my heros. I loved when he wanted to take that worker outside.
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