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  1. I agree the guitar tone is awful. Don't know why Zakk isn't there I don't mind his solos on Book of Shadows 2.I think they are much better than this at least.
  2. Not a fan of the guitar and the chorus... I was expecting worse
  3. I tried watching it a while ago and couldn’t make it through the first episode. I gave it another chance later on and I still don’t like it too much. It’s not the worst thing I seen but I don’t get the hype
  4. I hope I never hear what Bumble did to Atlas.
  5. I saw Joker yesterday I liked it a lot. Probably my favorite movie I watched this year. Though I haven’t read watched any other new movies
  6. They did Black Hole Sun and The Seeker back to back in the encore lmao. Oh Axl.
  7. I mean the guy did release Appetite for Democracy and a lot of those vocals were pretty bad
  8. Anything but the blu ray please. Preferably new music
  9. Ain’t goin down is going to be debuted in 2021
  10. Luckily the Timberwolves still won... Wiggins was awful expect for OT when he made two clutch shots. KAT is gonna have to score 30 a game to keep them close
  11. I watched it when it came out and thought it was ok...The Jungle and Nightrain I remember being pretty good. Not sure about the other songs
  12. That was the London one.... This is the Appetite for Democracy show (Vegas 2012)
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