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  1. We do need post reactions @John Bonham
  2. So ambiguous. I'll assume that you're the tracker if your vote is on Arnold, and the other way around.
  3. Because no one else claims to be the tracker unvote: Arnold (It would of been interesting to have two people claim it, tho)
  4. radicals and racists

  5. Facekicker voted SoA, then voted magisme, now is voting me for... wishing someone a happy birthday You are scum-aligned, aren't you?
  6. Happy birthday @Dr. Strangelove aka Bracali
  7. In the few games i've participated town had always quickly "real inclination of who is dirty": town always lost. This strategy of taking it slow might be a good course of action, and yet you say I am on to something?
  8. This is a mess because: a) town sucks b) mafia sucks c) mafia is good d) town is being patient and is going to win
  9. I might be a dumbass townie but my vote is on arnols layne so get your facts right
  10. I thought it was a conspiracy against conservative fast food workers
  11. What's up with the cats in ds, sl, bb and al avatars? A new partnership?
  12. I dont know, should you? I have a feeling that your and he are buddies. I also think that the so called "partnershit" between Gnrliars and Arnold is between a town (liars) and a scum (Arnold). Obviously Liars ignores this. I look forward to confirming both hypothesis.
  13. Facekicker also voted Soa so that's another match
  14. If what you say it's correct then there's a 10th vote for SoA. I counted votes, not lynching votes btw
  15. I'll try to locate your post and quote it. I'm on my phone btw which is a hassle
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