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  1. No, follicles extracted from donor area don't grow back.
  2. Yes. Just as bacardimayne legacy, all gone for good.
  3. imagine being on the office and your pc browser freezing while loading lots of shit pics. thanks bacardi
  4. So what is Axl in the Norwood scale? @Miser
  5. is that supposed to be a bandana or a post-op bandage?
  6. Need to request access, way too complicated. Ever heard about yt
  7. I don't think he ever bought it
  8. The hidden bonus cassette, the one that contains don't cry and jungle
  9. brazilians are good lol material but oh man what about those japanese trying to be wastern, arent they cringier
  10. why would you expect a pharmacy to sell tobacco in the first place, go someplace else like a supermarket
  11. Bach lost credibility since he said that Sorry was a great song.
  12. I'm rewatching BB after 5 years, and can't believe how the actress who plays Lydia ruined the 5th season with her horrible acting.
  13. Calm down asian, no one's committing suicide over Axl. Maybe in 1993, not now.
  14. Yea pancreasless but considerably taller. Never saw a fat duff.
  15. Imagine if Axl had Duff's genetics. He'd be slim and with great natural hair.
  16. No... I use a protective layer tho, it's cheap and it seems to work
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