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  1. "whoever you are" to troccoli? wasnt troccoli the one who provided the source cassette to GnR for the shitbox? They should know eachother
  2. New discord shall have a dedicated channel for fatcon alerts
  3. Fernando and his odd writing. Geez why does his writing sucks so much
  4. Why not? I still own a CD-R with France 98 computer game and it works. If u meant the locker itself, its nothing really rare, at any office u can find very old and random stuff
  5. Is GNFNR Records still active? A new track would be welcome. A few possible covers come to my mind.
  6. *mean guitars*

    1. Dr. Strangelove

      Dr. Strangelove


  7. @evader what player do you use? I've been using foorbar2000 but the equalizer feature is pretty bad or I'm not using it right i dunno
  8. Atlas Sog Perhaps Hard school Kohd Silkworms
  9. Dunno but with this leak rate soon is the word
  10. A few hours before leaks there was this version of a 14 year old kid that scammed a hoarder for songs (plural). We got two, the kid got more than two? Does that kid even exist? Brasky may tell us
  11. For news you can watch free streaming news cast like RT and DW on regular YouTube Cnn is utter shit
  12. People share accounts, and you can choose not to pay and unsubscribe if there's nothing to see.
  13. Disney plus coming soon too. Tv cable will go extinct. I read somewhere that tradicional television still exists thanks to +50 year olds
  14. Days without leaks: 0

  15. Snippet wasn't promising and many of us laughed at it. Now in context it perfectly fits into one of the best and darkest nu GNR songs.
  16. i stand by this, sometimes it feels like a lost afd track
  17. it starts good and it gets better at can it be chorus fits just fine
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