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  1. does a CPU without integrated video works with a motherboard with onboard video?  Seems a no-brainer but I've been said no by two different people...

    1. Luis


      Depends on the CPU + MB combo

  2. they can take manets, but they will never get the leaks out of him
  3. It wasn't actually my decision to kill hotdog, it was Damn Smooth's I did send the pm to John sending the night kill, though. Sorry to disappoint you.
  4. same ammount of time you've been in every country you shit-talk about
  5. it's not just a sad anecdote, it's the epithome of the health business in the USA.
  6. we need to reduce KOHD to length of 30 minutes before it becomes a 3 hour nightmare. Imagine a show without scom
  7. My up-until-not-long-ago-24/7 McDonald's is now closed at night. Sign of the times.
  8. classic, these canadians come to our country and think they do as they please
  9. If you are not listening to Steven Wilson's Personal Shopper, are you really quarantining?

  10. Mr Rose, are you ever playing Hard School live? Mr Rose, are you there? Mr Rose, are you feeling welll? Mr Rose:
  11. I don't think that the death rate is impressive, what seems to be worrying is the saturation of private and public health system due to sudden propagation, saturation that can be lethal for some unattended patients.
  12. Interesting and why not scary read: http://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca Please @wasted read it
  13. Sing full hardschool chorus while you wash your hands to make sure you're taking the necessary time for it.

  14. i think dr wasted was pretty clear about this. This thread should be locked and all quarantines cancelled
  15. http://www.foxnews.com/world/brazil-bolsonaro-tests-positive-coronavirus.amp
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