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  1. Is this virus a new business by some lab who will make billions out of panic?
  2. This is about to be the third Mafia game with most replies on GNFNR, ever.
  3. Not defending him, but if arnold claims to be tracker (lol) and no one else claims to have that role, then Arnold is town. It's not rocket science
  4. He claims he investigated strangelove and turned up town (if result were paranoid it'd been mafia) that's what I understood
  5. My vote was on you, but is currently on Facekicker,.
  6. Do you have fear to the unknown? That's how you decide who is mafia and who is not? Your suspect list excludes "veterans". I thought JB made it random.
  7. Conservatives and gaynards, they make no sense to me

  8. Since we're approaching to the psychological barrier of 100 pages, I'll just go with my hunch, a player that's managed to gey way too under the radar: Vote: Facekicker
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