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  1. Calm down asian, no one's committing suicide over Axl. Maybe in 1993, not now.
  2. uruguns

    Guns N’ Roses Announce Axl Rose Is ‘Severely Fat’

    "But I'm only 56"
  3. uruguns

    Who has the better fake hair? Axl or Slash?

    Yea pancreasless but considerably taller. Never saw a fat duff.
  4. uruguns

    Who has the better fake hair? Axl or Slash?

    Imagine if Axl had Duff's genetics. He'd be slim and with great natural hair.
  5. uruguns

    Is your phone screen cracked?

    No... I use a protective layer tho, it's cheap and it seems to work
  6. uruguns

    Countdown to AxTermination

    Hair transplant
  7. uruguns

    Any ideas to book something online

    Spent a few hours customizing design, notifications and stuff. It was a fun and the result was great.
  8. uruguns

    Any ideas to book something online

    Looks promising. Thanks.
  9. I live in a 10 stories building with one single BBQ area which every neighbor need to book in advance in order to use it. The current booking system is shit (basically a piece of paper), it's a mess. Is there any online free service which people don't need to register/log in, can see availability and book (i.e. october 30th)? Without the need of exchanging emails.
  10. The lead singer (Gustavo Cerati, 1959-2014) told an anecdote with Axl Rose. Gustavo was in a store in California and suddenly, a "small man" hid behind him... It was Axl Rose hiding from a psycho fan.
  11. This song is so hypnotic, so is the video.
  12. uruguns

    Chinese Democracy Sales, DEFINATIVE

    who cares, no one buys cd's anyway... and only dumb people buy digital songs.