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  1. A friend of a friend of mine trusted manets. He's dead.

  2. what are you guys doing smh

  3. MSL hoards the original video of the Asian woman carrying a baby into a foreign land, only to discover at the end that the child was dead and filled with heroin.
  4. friendly reminder: whatever you do, do not trust manets.

  5. Band wagon is full. Mafia scores. Congrats.
  6. They think they can influence on anyone's vote. Luckily some players think for themselves.
  7. * 1 more until you're proven wrong
  8. wait, if Ironman was killed with 8, and I have 7 votes on the following day, am I not dead already?
  9. So I have the right to know if I'll be dead with 8 or 9 votes, no?
  10. Ok, vote me off dumbasses. This is why Mafia always wins.
  11. Hereby I invite all fellow town members to vote Bonham. Let's play smart once in our lives.
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