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  1. it's been a fun ride, i want to say thanks to Brasky for rocking the hoarders' boat and giving us info on what was going on
  2. Tip of the day: If we put together the correct sequence of zeros and ones, we get The General.

  3. It's chiller now, there's a new channel for serious debate without spam or memes. It doesn't replace the concept of a message board, it's just a complement.
  4. why would beta or fernando who are US citizens even care about immigration tho
  5. @ManetsBR somehow you are often mentioned in the higher spheres of GNR underworld
  6. She'd be a retired housekeeper and Fernando would be working at some McDonald's in Brazil.
  7. not even HOB was worth the wait, let alone vma rehearsals 😄
  8. you got me there, im sorry scraped n the bedouins
  9. didnt say you were, but you do seem like a prolific poster
  10. or set a daily post quota instead of banning just saying
  11. Days without a riot: 10.313

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