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  1. You're dumb. The odds of guessing one specific character out of 11 with no other information is 1/11= 9%. Come on, it's not that hard
  2. Oh right, the edition thing. Well yes. Now i dunno whats wrong with guessing a character, with 12 players is an odd of what? 9%? Big deal
  3. Idk u made an accusation, I'm just trying to prove it false. (It should be the other way round tho). Maybe jb can answer
  4. Can jb read pm's or at least see the existence of pm exchange between members? Because only person I've messaged was the host. I dont know who kfc is ooc
  5. "Let brothers be united, because that's the first law. Have a true union in any timethat goes, because if they fight each other, they get devoured from outside." Martin Fierro
  6. Because clock is ticking and town is in danger bro, we need to act quick, don't make wrong conjectures out of my anxiety. Day 1 was long enough.
  7. No, it doesn't. Town lost one of his most valuable members and must join forces against evil. Official vote: John Bonham
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