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  1. dr phil can fuck off

    1. uruguns


      Is that your shrink

    2. bacardimayne


      nah i was just watching him, hes a cunt

  2. Gradually, I began to hate them

  3. currently watching the 2006 alvin and the chipmunks movie in standard definition

  4. the lowest points in my life are those at which i start pokemon files

    1. Conor


      Nah mate, a new file is a good day.

  5. go france

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    2. GnRLiars


       Belgium is a sleeper pick..

      theres no doubt France is strong and are arguably the favourite with everyone other powerhouse out, 

      i like Belgium’s game though. Tuesday will be a great match

    3. popcorn's snare
    4. bacardimayne


      now that shit uruguay's out idc

  6. my neighbor is fucking BLASTING pink floyd the wall so loud i cant even hear myself typing this


    shitrock and its fans need to FUCK OFF

    1. EstrangedTWAT


      Could be a lot worse.  At least it's one of the best albums of all time.

    2. magisme


      You might want to check if they were slitting their wrists.

  7. warchild is so mad about fat axl posts that i get daily emails attempting to phish my information :lol:

    1. meatpuppet


      Serious? How can anyone have that much time on their hands.

    2. popcorn's snare

      popcorn's snare

      You should cyber with her.  

    3. Ragnar


      Warchild and WFA should be roasted in the furnace.

  8. why are there still nirvana/gnr clickbait headlines in 2018?

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    2. bacardimayne


      i think you guys misunderstood. i'm talking about headlines with nirvana AND gnr. "duff mckagan reveals details about kurt cobain's death!!! EXCLUSIVE!!" etc.

    3. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      because it's clickbait

    4. GUNNER


      Maybe Duff killed Kurt like Slash killed Todd.

  9. If abandoning half-typed out threads was an Olympic sport I'd bring so much glory to Canada.

    1. bacardimayne


      JB liked this because he can probably see all of my abandoned posts stored on the server

    2. meatpuppet


      10% tariff on all uhh minimum effort threads

      25% tariff on stealing threads

  10. sharks and ramps seen in the area, tread carefully

  11. Waiting for Ragnar's night kill :sleeper:

    1. John Bonham
    2. bacardimayne


      everyone's thinkin it i'm just sayin it

    3. Jerry Callo

      Jerry Callo



      see you in day 6 scum show 



  12. I'm starting to worry about Damn Smooth

  13. what takeout should i order for my birthday

    1. arnold layne

      arnold layne

      Happy birthday Canuckcardi.

    2. GNS


      happy birthday cuckardi

    3. bacardimayne