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  1. bacardimayne

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Has there been one new user to post in this thread? You'd think with all of these unique page views, there'd be people registering to get a chance to ask you some questions.
  2. bacardimayne

    Slash Speaks!

    i think the harley thing on axl's shirt is supposed to be a straight line
  3. bacardimayne

    Slash Speaks!

    wonder how much slash had to beg axl and fernando to let him say nothing to rolling stone and get some publicity for his album
  4. i had this song on my kitchen playlist and one of the servers got mad about promoting violence towards women
  5. bacardimayne

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    i think i'm going to start writing detailed diary entries about the shits i take in this thread
  6. bacardimayne

    Slash Speaks!

    new gnr songs - zero times slash has been to a dentist - zero coincidence?
  7. bacardimayne

    Slash Speaks!

  8. bacardimayne

    Slash Speaks!

    slash must've seen the who's the boss now bitches thread and been inspired to break the record for least said in most words
  9. bacardimayne

    Where's Maynard?

    No one cares
  10. bacardimayne

    Slash Speaks!

    Such a bullshit interview. He answers at LENGTH about the stuff no one cares about but gives short shit answers on the important stuff.
  11. bacardimayne

    Slash Speaks!

    Axl said you and Duff might play on new Guns material. True? I think probably the best way to look at is, if something happens, then it happens. There you go. Specifically, he said he was playing you songs, and that you might end up on it. Yeah. You know what? I’m not lighting that fuse. So shit
  12. bacardimayne

    Your city/state/country

    the fuck is this thread i guess facekicker needs to update his spreadsheet whatever, everyone already knows where i live, i talk about it all the time edmonton alberta, better known as deadmonton it's a wretched, cold, despicable place, getting worse by the day, but i'll never leave it's fucking august 13th and i'm sitting here cold as shit. fuck this city.
  13. the lowest points in my life are those at which i start pokemon files

  14. bacardimayne

    Actors who shouldn't be big time (inspired bv Randy's thread)

    yea he was good in that i thought i've never had much of an opinion on the guy as i've only seen him in the social network and zland not sure what mags is on about but if he hates him that intensely he must have a reason
  15. bacardimayne

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Just shut my apartment window. The cold won today.