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  1. Reading through the ''Guns N' Roses at 2014 Golden Gods'' thread on HTGHT............. And a bit down the 2nd page of said thread i saw this gem of a quote If anything it's shittier Axl's gotten with age.
  2. Time to dust off GNFNR and make it awesome again
  3. Freaking love the cowbell in the first Real To Reel can't go wrong with cowbell, and the first 23 seconds sound amazing of the 3rd clip sound awesome. Really excited for this.
  4. It's a cool song, wish Axl would've done a piano only solo album, It was actually Bill Ward who sang on the original version of It's Alright as Ozzy was M.I.A from Black Sabbath at the time.
  5. People take GN'R waaaaay too seriously
  6. If they banned JB on MYGNR for that truthful thread ..... I'd imagine it wouldn't have gone down too well on HTGTH..... You wouldn't see this kind of shit happen with any other band.
  7. So...... JB got banned for saying what pretty much everyone has known about Axl, that he's fat & can't sing for shit
  8. Been occupied with real life for a while, what's all this about a GN'R 3D movie being cancelled & what was JB's stunt on MYGNR........ Someone fill in the blanks for me please.
  9. Seems like i haven't missed much since i took my hiatus from many GN'R messageboards,
  10. So is that it then, everything's finished and Axl's riding off into the sunset never to be heard from again????
  11. If United finish 1st i'll be happy, the rest can scrap it out for 2nd, 3rd 4th, so on, damn Italians have a beauty presenting their soccer coverage, Newcastle should've finished higher than where they did the season just gone,
  12. I like your predictions, but if you'd put United 2nd and City 3rd, what's the name of the Italian Match Of The Day Presenter
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