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  1. Yeah, but thankfully I make so little money I don't have to pay anything. I just have to file, so Big Brother knows what I'm up to. I pay a shitload of Japanese taxes though.
  2. Like everything else, it depends on what you already believe. My dad thinks the Republicans have rigged the elections by "making it impossible for Blacks to vote" (as if that were a thing) and the right wingers think that the Democrats fill vans with illegals and drive them around town to vote seven times each. Of course it's rigged. Cause in the end it doesn't matter who wins.
  3. I don't know....I thought for sure Bill or Hillary would have been dead by now but they're both alive. These secret society illuminati fucks obviously have a factory that kills and processes enough 3rd world babies to give them fresh blood every day. Bill looks like shit for his age. He's clearly being kept alive by the sheer will power of his cock sustaining the rest of his body so he can keep on dickin' them bimbos.
  4. Most likely. Little boys though. Spacey style.
  5. Perfect plan. A little 12 year old with wonderful smelling hair and delicious fingertips that taste of strawberry. That fucker would be dead in 48 hours. He can't resist the scent and taste of little girls. It's like fucking uncut cocaine to him.
  6. Nah. The damage is done. This bullshit will just keep going and going....that's why it's called "progress" after all. It's so "progressive" to have to watch what we do, say, and think cause some asshole or another cut off his dick and if we even question that, our lives are over. Voting for one old man over another doesn't change shit. Voting is just like "wear a mask!" and "social distance!" It's a lot of noise about bullshit that changes nothing at all.
  7. Duff was already called spinless by either Slash or Weiland or both.....after Sorum's book it couldn't be any more clear. Duff "Spineless" McKagen.
  8. My dad thinks Biden will win in a "landslide." Of course, my dad is 73 and gets all his news from the mainstream media, so...there ya go. Biden doesn't need to do any rallies or campaigning though. It's all already done. He's "Not-Trump." That's all anyone needs to see or hear. He's not Trump. That's the one thing he has going for him. So who's gonna win? Trump or Not-Trump? Hard to say. I was absolutely 100% convinced Not-Bush was gonna win in 2004, and I was wrong. I still think there's a silent majority of Americans that are fucking fed up with all the left's horseshit and the one thing they can do to resist it without getting publicly lynched is vote Trump. IF I actually believed in voting, I'd vote Trump, just for that reason.
  9. I'm only interested in alien/UFO shit being disclosed.
  10. lol paying for cable when you already have internet
  11. Only haka that really moved me:
  12. Ya know....that sounds an awful lot like a case of Wrongthink to me. I've reported you to the nearest Secret Police office.
  13. Hmmmm. You know what? I think I AM willing to put money on it. Where can I get in on the action? I'm gonna go all in on Trump taking it. Maybe I'll put my whole Trump Bucks check on him getting re-elected. It was free money after all.
  14. Fucking Star Wars day on May 4th is more legitimate than this bullshit.
  15. Absolutely not. It's almost like the media just made it up.
  16. I would certainly hope so, but I'm not willing to actually bet money on it.
  17. Meaning, I care that you have a newborn. That's dope dude!! Congratulations again and enjoy every moment. But wearing a mask is fucking retarded. In order for it to work, you'd need everyone to be at the level they keep clean rooms in science labs. But that will never happen. Retards blow their noses in those things and just keep wearing them. People take them off, put them on, take them off.....fucking germs everywhere. Wearing masks and gloves to "fight the corona virus" is like "your seat is a flotation device" on an airplane: just an illusion of safety. The mask won't help. The seat won't help. If you're fucked, you're fucked.
  18. Honestly, because of my white privilege and toxic white masculinity, I never gave a shit about this issue. I live in a country where I could probably beat up most of the cops I see. Cops in America are trigger happy cause Black people will shoot them so the cops are twitchy and the blacks always run so the cops shoot first and the blacks attack first and on and on and on. I guess I'm a piece of shit cause I just don't even care. Sorrrrr-eeeeee. I don't fuck with cops. I don't fuck with black people either. I just try to hide amongst the Japs and mind my own beeswax. I'm so tired of being accused of being a racist I'm just gonna fucking embrace it. Fuck it. I'm a big bad racist. I'm a nazi. I hate blacks. I hate joos. I hate chinks. I hate spics. I hate ALL women most of all. Fuck all y'all. White Power. Etc. etc.
  19. I thought Axl always called his gardner Carlos Booey to play guitar on the controversial songs. Surely that was him on OIAM, not Slash.
  20. I'm funnier than this dweeb. Fuck 'im.
  21. I'm on day 1846 and honestly, it still sucks as bad as day 3.
  22. Bare minimum, once daily, but usually at least two. Some days I just get insatiable and have to go for a third. There was a day a year or two ago where I couldn't sleep and I did it five times in one night. That might be no big deal for a teenager, but I'm 42! That's definitely not normal.
  23. Reptilians. Lizard people. 100% real and not just something David Icke made up.
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