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  1. fuck back off, troll.

  2. What the hell....frieda chicken. Can I get a dessert? Yo I'm about to eat.

  3. The entire country of Brazil is like mygnr come to life. Discuss.

    1. Sleeping Like An Angel
    2. Satanisk_Slakt


      Ewwww. What a crap country.

    3. EstrangedTWAT


      Well I guess that's one way of looking at it!

  4. To protect the honor of my high school girlfriend, I beat Nicolas Cage with a wooden chair until he’s reduced to nothing but a few paperback books from my childhood, including Superfudge.

    1. EstrangedTWAT
    2. Sleeping Like An Angel

      Sleeping Like An Angel

      You should concentrate on your internet girlfriend more.

  5. Japanese kids are a bunch of fucking RETARDS!!!! You think they're good at math and science and shit??? No man...think again!!! Fuckin' 'tards.

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    2. EstrangedTWAT


      why is there this giant gap in my memory where last night should be??

    3. Tony Gazzo
    4. Sleeping Like An Angel

      Sleeping Like An Angel

      hhahaha it was hilarious

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  6. Dear mainstream media....I do not now, nor will I ever, give a fuck about Pippa!! Enough already....nobody gives a shit!! Nobody is ever gonna care about her unless she sucks some cock on tape. Let it go!!

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    2. kostabi


      ok, I'll be waiting for the tape to surface now.

    3. kostabi


      ok, I'll be waiting for the tape to surface now.

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  7. Never thought I'd EVER say "Go Bulls!".....but the enemy of my enemy is my friend.....so FUCKIN' GO BULLS!!!

    1. ManetsBR
    2. EstrangedTWAT


      Fuck Lebron. Fuck him right in the ear.

  8. 20 fucking posts a day? jesus, don't you have anything better to do than troll up our website? go crawl back into richards4uterus!

  9. Just got home....no worries...my area of Japan was practically unaffected, but I DID feel that quake....it was just unreal!

  10. Fix the fern back!!!! That's your name now!!

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