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  1. I'm a Frank Miller fanatic.  I own every Sin City book he ever put out, but I was pretty broke as they were being released, so some I have in paperbacks, and some I have in the original individual issues.  My whole physical collection is in a box in a closet at my parents' house.  It would be a pain in the ass trying to bring all my comics to Japan.  Besides, I have it all on digital files.


    But I'm old school, you know?  Some things are just better in the real world.  I'll never be one of that faggots that thinks "vinyl just sounds warmer, maaan." but I'm always going to prefer reading a physical book over reading it off of a screen.  Especially comic books.


    So a few weeks ago, I went ahead and bought BIG DAMN SIN CITY even though it's totally redundant.  I already own this.   So why buy this ridiculous giant hardcover that weighs at least 20 pounds?  Well, it's super convenient to have every single Sin City all in one massive volume.  The only drawback is there's a ton of miscellaneous pin-ups and cover art missing, but hey, I can look at those on my computer.  This is just so cool to have all in one book.


    It was first printed a few years ago to hype up the movie sequel that flopped.   It was out of print and expensive for a while, but it must be back in print, cause it's plentiful on amazon and below the cover price of $100.


    If you love comics, or even if you just like amazing art, you should pick it up....it's awesome.




    $85.64 on amazon right now:




    I've been savoring it since I got it.  I'm re-reading each chapter sloowwwwllllyyy and just drinking in the black and white art on each page.


    Let's enjoy some of these masterful black and white illustrations, shall we?












  2. And the city of Cleveland also stands next to our Minnesotan brothers, sharing the misery of a football team so pathetic it's been the butt of jokes for almost 50 years, as well as brutal winters that'll freeze your nutsack right off.


    Ya know....I don't know anyone from Buffalo, but why do we allow them in our fraternity of misery, too?

  3. 9 hours ago, arnold layne said:

    So I guess this kid was nine years old. NINE YEARS OLD! What nine year old understands sexuality at that age? Shouldn't they be playing with Duplos and watching Spider-Man?

    I knew I liked titties when I was 9.   I didn't know what I'd do with a pair once I finally got my hands on them, but I knew I loved seeing em sway to and fro.  What a thrill it was coming across my dad's playboy stash.

  4. I approve of this thread.


    But first, if we're gonna talk about not being censored pussies, the video you posted shows the censored cover of LIES, so let's share the original uncensored version of the outer and inner sleeve, shall we?







    This song has always been in my top ten, and it wasn't cause of the niggers and faggots stuff.  It was genuinely shocking to hear that shit back in the 80s, but that's not why I liked it.


    Here's a post I wrote in 2011 that summed it up:


    For me the song was always about the build-up to that mournful chorus.....so sad and pathetic and depressing. "We tried to reach you but you were just too far."

    I love the song...maybe in my top ten....but it's not about the anger or the bite it has, it's about the tangible aspects....the acoustics, the down-tuned key....the atmosphere of the song. For me the song is about defeat and longing and reflection....not about anger or hate.

  5. 22 minutes ago, Tremolo said:

    Hard to tell. I like a lot of GNR songs, but compared to other music I listen to i don’t think they’ve done anything that remarkable or mind-blowing in those regards.


    Composition... I guess I’ll say Estranged (although it’s far from being one my favourite gnr songs)


    Production/Recording: OIAM.


    First you say you like Jane's Addiction/Deconstruction/Polar Bear just like I do.....and now you stole my answers in this thread!!



  6. To be fair, I have also posted some repetitive shit over the years, especially when I'm abusing sleeping pills and I get forgetful.


    But I try to use the search button first if I have an inclination that it's been discussed before.


    We've pretty much covered every possible aspect of GNR down to the smallest details over the last ten years.  The Reckless Life section is really great too, but we're now at the point where we're giving daily reports on our own shit.

  7. 3 hours ago, Donald Trump said:

    Giving the new High Fidelity tv show a spin. Zoe Kravitv is good but the Jack Black character is being played by an annoying fat black chick. 

    Gross.   Why even watch?


    I liked the original movie but I don't think there's enough there to make a series out of.  Especially not starring women.


    You know how in the original movie, we're all supposed to think Lisa Bonet is so hot?  All I can think of is how nasty her hair must smell and how oily it must be to the touch.  Not a chick I'd wanna bang.


    Daughter Zoe though?   Would bang.

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