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  1. Come out of hiding Miser.....this thread is practically a Bat-signal for you.
  2. I'd love to believe these stories of shitshow screenings for test audiences....but it seems like wishful thinking. I can't imagine movies like Empire or Jedi were ever, ever screened for anyone other than Lucas' close friends before release. Same with Episode One and the supposed disastrous edit that's documented in the making of. Harry Knowles claimed to see an early cut of AOTC back in the day. But the secrecy of those movies were legendary. But hey...this is Disney SW so maybe it's a different story. But still, it's the internet age and EVERYONE talks....unless the test audience signed legal documents under penalty of death I can't see how they're showing eight different cuts of this movie to people and nobody's blabbing about every little detail. All we have are rumors.
  3. I feel zero guilt about downloading stuff. I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the years on movie tickets and VHS tapes and DVDs and blurays and CDs and action figures and posters all kinds of shit. Just like with Guns N Roses....I helped make everyone involved rich. I'm just watching a TV show. It's no different than taping a song off the radio. I'm not walking into a store and shoving a bluray box set under my shirt and walking out the front door. I don't know why people are willing to pay for streaming services, or spend $1.29 on an mp3 that should be free, but apparently enough people do it. But also, enough people think it should be available to everyone that all the shit is uploaded to the internet for free within minutes. As long as those brave souls are out there, I'll help them do god's work. And if something never leaks online and there's no way for me to see if without paying money? Well, I can live without seeing it.
  4. Here it is for anyone that wants it....it's not HD but I thought it looked good enough. http://wetransfer.com/downloads/d96dee6682e89d830815473949242eea20191112163136/d02189
  5. Oh yeah. Axl sang with AC DC. That feels like a long time ago now, doesn't it?
  6. Good. I'll enjoy the shitshow for another 4 years as the throbbing Trump Hate Boner continues to explode.
  7. Geez. That's a tough one. Our best and brightest minds might contemplate that for centuries and never come up with an answer. Like this classic conundrum:
  8. Their 15 year old granddaughters do. (Do the math.) Real GNR fans have faded rose tattoos covering their saggy pizza tits.
  9. The Mandalorian was the best thing I've seen in TV or movies since Game of Thrones premiered. I was fucking AWED. I'm a jaded, cynical cunt and I hate everything, but this show just made me feel like I was 7 years old again. Jew Jew Abrams just got butt-fucked by the guy from Swingers.......Rise of Shit is gonna be even more shit if that's even possible. Torrents are up...don't give the Mouse any money....but my god, this is the first REAL Star Wars work since Return of the Jedi.
  10. I was thinking about this today, around the time of "what is GNR's most white trash moment" but there's really no point in discussing this at all. His St. Louis riot get up of cock-bearing biker short shorts, bare chest save for a fucking black feathered boa, and a black leather dominatrix cap. He's worn some seriously faggy shit over the years, including actual assless leather chaps, but nothing is faggier than this look. /thread
  11. GNR is white trash making white trash music for white trash. I love GNR, but damn, I've really cringed over the years at how WT I must seem to everyone around me just for liking them. One of the most awkward moments was in high school when I was watching the UYI live VHS tape, and my dad walked in the room just in time to hear "It Tastes Good, Don't It?" What do you think their most white trash song is? You might be inclined to say "Anything Goes" but you'd be wrong. It's "Bad Apples." There's something so disgustingly Indiana redneck greasy sweat asshole about that song. I hate it. When he goes "I got some gen-u-ine imitation baaaad apples, free samples for yo piece o' mind only nine ninety five" it just makes me kind of wretch like I just saw two mulleted cousins making out. Fucking gross.
  12. It's that time!!! It's cold. It's raining. It's November! My playlist is on again and again and again....
  13. Personally, I'd love it if the government dragged me to a fat farm and starved me for 6 months or so. I hate being fat. And clearly I'm incapable of losing the fat on my own. I'd gladly volunteer for that program.
  14. Cause even though she's a 6 on her best day, she's still the closest thing to "fuckable" we've ever had in the US Congress. That's all there is to it. Infinite male thirst. Her bug eyes creep me out but I'd like to get a look at her melons just like everyone else.
  15. I don't think there's any possible way we'll get a release of any kind before Christmas. There's just not enough time. All the bullshit xmas decorations have been up since November 1st. Retailers don't like "surprises"...they like to plan ahead. Does anyone buy CDs or Blurays anymore?
  16. If we're declaring political allegiances in the this thread now, according to an online poll I took I am what's considered a "centrist libertarian." I just want to be left the fuck alone and in turn I'll leave everyone else alone. And since I don't think who you voted for is any kind of personal secret, I'll reveal that too. Since I was 18, I voted Perot in 96, Nader in 2000, Kerry in 2004, and Obama in 2008 and that was the last time I ever bothered voting. I've never voted Republican in my life. So it simultaneously disgusts and shocks me that I've come to hate the Democrats more than the Republicans the last 5 years or so. I mean, I've always hated them both and consider participating in a two-party system an utter waste of time and nothing more than perpetuating the illusion that your vote "matters." It doesn't. One year to go til Trump wins again. Unless he drops dead on the toilet, Elvis stlye, who the hell is gonna beat him? Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.
  17. Yes, should have clarified that's usually just about the worst thing you can do, but it depends on where she works. If she's in some shitty retail job, go in, buy the coffee, when the other employees aren't listening be direct and to the point. "Call me when you get off work, we're gonna (go skydiving/backstage tickets to a rock concert/opening night at a fancy art museum) etc." Then get your coffee and take off...no lingering. You're just there to deliver the message with an element of intrigue and mystery and danger. You need to trigger her fear of missing out if she doesn't take you up on it. No awkwardness, no stammering, no asking if she's free. Don't give her the power in the exchange. You're laying it out on the table. She either picks it up or misses out forever. Remember to project the idea that you don't give a shit if she comes or not cause you and your cool ass friends will have a blast no matter what, or better yet, some other lucky chick. I only mentioned the workplace if that's your only option to see her in person. You COULD try the above by text, but your returns will be much lower. Most bitches read texts the second they come in, like a crackhead getting a fix, and then they take hours or days to reply. IF they like you. If they don't like you they'll just never even write back cause they're all cunts. Every last one of em.
  18. Not how headlines work. It would read in enormous block letters LEAD GUITARIST FOR GNR FOUND DEAD and people would panic and grab a copy, or in thi century, they'd click the link. Only to discover the headline amended to "Guy that was a touring guitarist for GNR from 2009 to 2014 killed himself." And most people would be glad Slash is still alive, but infuriated at the clickbait.
  19. Oh they exist in Tokyo, for sure. In fact, there's a Hawaiian burger joint (called Kua Aina, sadly not Big Kahuna Burger) that's really good. But in my little town just outside Tokyo, I haven't found anything. Did buy some wagyu beef from the grocery store the other day and it was fantastic.
  20. I don't get good burgers here in Japan, but ironically the best hamburger I ate in recent memory was at a hot dog place in Cleveland called "Happy Dog." They serve burgers only on Thursdays and that was when we were there, and jesus, that thing redefined my understanding of the universe.
  21. His lower extremities can't handle the weight of his upper body. Last time he fell like that he ended up in a stupid looking chair onstage for the next six months. Falls are funny when a healthy person goes down and laughs it off and gets up. When a frail grandma goes down and shatters a hip, it's not as funny. Unless it's this lady.
  22. The funny thing is, there are a lot less redheads in the world than black people. And redheads are being genocided by remakes. If you pay attention to all these comic book movies an TV shows (I try not to) almost every character that was originally a redhead in the comics is played by a black actor now. Redheads are a minority. Why isn't anyone doing anything about this??
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