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  1. I had a nice explosive jerk off after work.  Tried again before bed and it was weak.  I should have waited longer.  Oh well.

  2. My only thoughts at this point are that I had the longboxes and tossed them in the garbage like an idiot.
  3. I haven't kept up in days. All I wanna know is....Rick is still a shitbag cuntweasal right? He's NOT the guy giving us music? When he sleeps at night, his hair quietly sneaks off his scalp, sneaks out of the house, and sucks random dicks at leather clubs?
  4. You forgot Daniel Johnston, so it's already been three.
  5. Shit like this is why I am and always have been for closed borders.
  6. I personally believe that Jane's did a better job with their cover of "Sympathy" than the original. Which of course is blasphemous to most people and a downright felony in Miser's eyes. But I ALSO think their cover of "Ripple"blows the Dead's outta the water. I don't think the Dead said it was "better" but I believe they said it was their favorite track on that tribute album. I dig it....awesome arrangement:
  7. Oh the Cleveland Curse is alive and well. We had that one fleeting moment in the sun when Lebron and the boys took out the Warriors, but months later we lost the fucking World Series while up 3 games to 1 against the CUNTING CHICAGO CUBS. We're cursed as fuuuuuck. The NBA win was incredible, don't get me wrong, but I'd trade the entire team if it meant one actual World Series victory in my father's life time. Poor bastard is 72. He listens to every. Single. Fucking. Game. Never misses one. This has been going on for roughly 6 decades. Then to get within a cunt's hair......TWICE......and lose in extra innings in Game 7.....TWICE. Fuck these dickless cocksuckers.
  8. Starts no noob zone; noob immediately gives it a "Like."
  9. No!!! I don't use discord!!! Why are you asking???
  10. Dude. If we reach Fatcon One we won't see Axl until TMZ leaks photos of his bloated corpse being wheeled out of his mansion.
  11. You mean "Guess we'll have to wait and saaaaayyyyyyeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa"
  12. Gentlemen. We are at Fatcon 2 here. The only reason we're holding steady at 2 is cause we don't know if Axl saw that pic of Duff's wife or not. If he did? We'd be at a full blown all out Fatcon 1 for the first time in years. Reunion over, tour over, band over. If Beta managed to distract him from the internet with her enchiladas and droopy grandma tits, then perhaps it was a Stay of Execution. But if he saw that, along with seeing his precious vault being leaked all over like the aforementioned grandma titties? Forget about it. Game over.
  13. His name is Bill Brasky......I mean.......Jackie Chan is Hardschool.
  14. There's a reason this was buried for decades. Probably should have stayed that way.
  15. I have a few all-time top favorite bands ever, in addition to GNR. Belle & Sebastian is one of them. I'm aware of how fruity that sounds, but I don't care. I fuckin' love their music, and always have. Downloaded the new CD and it's pretty disappointing. It's another soundtrack to some shitty indie movie, so at least half the songs are just instrumentals. Two of the songs are simply re-recorded versions of their old classics, which makes no sense, cause they just sound old and tired in the new versions. Why bother? There's really only one good song and it was the first single released two months ago. Oh well. I'm just glad they're still around and still make new music and play shows. Better to have one good new B&S songs than none.
  16. One of the muhgyner admins told me it wasn't really Eddie Money posting there.
  17. Oh, that was a good one too. I should have had that in the poll. Oh well.
  18. I documented the entire ordeal in an overly long post back in 2010....
  19. Thanks Meatpuppet...that made me really happy to hear!
  20. I have a theory that Al is secretly one of the biggest conservative/Republican/MAGA supporters in the entertainment industry and he keeps a lid on it cause he'd be screeeeeeeeeched out of business by libtards if it ever got out.
  21. Dizzy's mom said the CD is coming out real soon. Promise. (Remember when that was actually front page news on gtgth? God what a shit time to be a fan that was....)
  22. But.......Bad Medicine. Bad Medicine!!
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