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  1. Well, by the time they have actual lobotomized clones that are essentially fuck puppets ready to go, I'll be long dead. They'll be expensive too.
  2. ....yeah. Yeah. You're right man. I ate the fuck outta that bitch's pussy and ass.
  3. Well, a quick hard shit is vastly superior to a painful wet shit........but they're still shit.
  4. That's the nice thing about Japanese girls. A lot of em have hairy bushes, yes, and that can be a turn off....but they are immaculately clean. Most of them shower directly before and after sex cause they'd be so embarrassed if they're "dirty." Girl I was dating about ten years ago had the cleanest, prettiest pussy and asshole I'd ever seen. A Marine drill sergeant could eat breakfast off that thing it was so clean. Now I'm sad. I miss it.
  5. Whew.....so relieved.....he's safe! ....for now....
  6. Auad.....if you're safe, post a gif of one woman spinning.... If you've been gypnapped, possibly by Gunner, Ragnar, or Maynard, post a gif of three women spinning!
  7. I saw a re-creation of that on youtube I think. Surely that was never actually filmed as a video. Just like this is a fan-made mock-up, and not the original cover concept, if it in fact, ever existed.
  8. Me too. A lot. When I go down on a chick I always make sure to go "accidentally" go south a few times and gauge her reaction. And I love it when a chick eats my ass. I admit it....I'm a fucking disgusting degenerate OK??? I wouldn't say no to a finger in the bunghole during a beej either, but just to the first knuckle.
  9. When Auad first came to the board and started spamming his Auad-posts, I found it really annoying. I'm sure I even called him a retard and told him to stop. But then whenever he was happy, he'd just post a gif of a gypsy woman twirling her skirt around. At first I found that bizarre, but the more he did it, I found it incredibly endearing. But then one day, Auad disappeared. Now I miss him and I want him to come back. It's kind of like he was "noicing" my "noice!" and at first that really annoyed me, but as soon as he left and I started "noicing" again and he didn't "noice!" my "noice!" I got really sad and looked for him, but he was already on the bus out of town.
  10. Can you imagine how mentally unhealthy it would be if you actually gave a shit about this stuff? Like truly believed it and followed it every minute of every day? I know people that think all of this is real and it "matters." I feel bad for their young children who are being exposed to such negativity at a young age.
  11. I feel bad cause I was so mean to him at first. I called him a retard a lot. But now I miss him. Come back Auad!!!
  12. Track 5 on Rough Mix CD #4 3:56 run time. Sounds almost like a proto If The World with the production values of Just Another Sunday. It's rather shitty.
  13. Why would I watch on youtube? I have "Welcome to the Videos" on VHS. (I also have it on DVD but I believe it's a Korean bootleg.) Most of their videos are boring until they got so fucking ridiculous with....The Trilogy.
  14. non binary gender fluid pansexual differently abled body positive of color
  15. Elvis and Oklahoma for sure....those are the only two I remember really standing out.
  16. Just download this stuff and keep it all while you still can. I have every episode of the Simpsons ever, on an external hard drive. Even all the shitty ones. In the proper aspect ratio too. When I was a kid I taped stuff off TV all the time. I don't see this as being any different.
  17. I just separated the actual new stuff into two folders: vocals and instrumentals. I ignored all the various versions with slightly different decibels....just took what sounded like the best version of each song. Vocals folder has Atlas Shrugged Eye On You Hardschool KOHD Acoustic Nothing Perhaps Quick Song Silkworms State of Grace It's just in alphabetical order. Other than Atlas I don't think any of them are that good, so I just listened to them like that. Instrumental folder has As It Began Billionaire Circus Maximus Curly Shuffle D Tune Devious Bastard Dub Suplex Dummy Inside Out (I crudely edited out the glitching) Me and My Elvis Mustache Oklahoma PRL Prom Violence (take 3) Real Doll.com The Rebel Thyme Tonto Zodiac 13 I have listened to them all at least once, but that's about it. I can't even remember how any of the riffs go.
  18. Oh man....soooo hot....flicking my bean so hard it's gonna fall off......
  19. lol...."hate" speech.....what in the fuck is hate speech anyway? anyone that actually believes that there's a thing called "hate speech" can go fuck themselves in their faggot nigger paki ass.
  20. Nobody thinks that except for desperate guys on the internet. I've jerked off into a fake silicon pussy. It's never ever gonna feel like the real thing. You know, with an actual human being attached to it?
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