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  1. I personally believe that Jane's did a better job with their cover of "Sympathy" than the original. Which of course is blasphemous to most people and a downright felony in Miser's eyes. But I ALSO think their cover of "Ripple"blows the Dead's outta the water. I don't think the Dead said it was "better" but I believe they said it was their favorite track on that tribute album. I dig it....awesome arrangement:
  2. Oh the Cleveland Curse is alive and well. We had that one fleeting moment in the sun when Lebron and the boys took out the Warriors, but months later we lost the fucking World Series while up 3 games to 1 against the CUNTING CHICAGO CUBS. We're cursed as fuuuuuck. The NBA win was incredible, don't get me wrong, but I'd trade the entire team if it meant one actual World Series victory in my father's life time. Poor bastard is 72. He listens to every. Single. Fucking. Game. Never misses one. This has been going on for roughly 6 decades. Then to get within a cunt's hair......TWICE......and lose in extra innings in Game 7.....TWICE. Fuck these dickless cocksuckers.
  3. Starts no noob zone; noob immediately gives it a "Like."
  4. No!!! I don't use discord!!! Why are you asking???
  5. Dude. If we reach Fatcon One we won't see Axl until TMZ leaks photos of his bloated corpse being wheeled out of his mansion.
  6. You mean "Guess we'll have to wait and saaaaayyyyyyeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa"
  7. Gentlemen. We are at Fatcon 2 here. The only reason we're holding steady at 2 is cause we don't know if Axl saw that pic of Duff's wife or not. If he did? We'd be at a full blown all out Fatcon 1 for the first time in years. Reunion over, tour over, band over. If Beta managed to distract him from the internet with her enchiladas and droopy grandma tits, then perhaps it was a Stay of Execution. But if he saw that, along with seeing his precious vault being leaked all over like the aforementioned grandma titties? Forget about it. Game over.
  8. His name is Bill Brasky......I mean.......Jackie Chan is Hardschool.
  9. There's a reason this was buried for decades. Probably should have stayed that way.
  10. I have a few all-time top favorite bands ever, in addition to GNR. Belle & Sebastian is one of them. I'm aware of how fruity that sounds, but I don't care. I fuckin' love their music, and always have. Downloaded the new CD and it's pretty disappointing. It's another soundtrack to some shitty indie movie, so at least half the songs are just instrumentals. Two of the songs are simply re-recorded versions of their old classics, which makes no sense, cause they just sound old and tired in the new versions. Why bother? There's really only one good song and it was the first single released two months ago. Oh well. I'm just glad they're still around and still make new music and play shows. Better to have one good new B&S songs than none.
  11. One of the muhgyner admins told me it wasn't really Eddie Money posting there.
  12. Oh, that was a good one too. I should have had that in the poll. Oh well.
  13. I documented the entire ordeal in an overly long post back in 2010....
  14. Thanks Meatpuppet...that made me really happy to hear!
  15. I have a theory that Al is secretly one of the biggest conservative/Republican/MAGA supporters in the entertainment industry and he keeps a lid on it cause he'd be screeeeeeeeeched out of business by libtards if it ever got out.
  16. Dizzy's mom said the CD is coming out real soon. Promise. (Remember when that was actually front page news on gtgth? God what a shit time to be a fan that was....)
  17. But.......Bad Medicine. Bad Medicine!!
  18. Personally, I think it's Bad Medicine.
  19. The summer before my senior year of high school (the same summer I saw the Black Crowes and took the most insane marijuana trip of my life) I was working at a local amusement park. That's what high school kids did in those days. We got minimum wage, which in the state of Ohio in 1995 was $4.35. You believe that shit? Anyway, I had a friend a few years older that was already in college and he recommended a book to me that he had to read for class. It was called "Where I'm Calling From." It was a collection of short stories by a guy named Raymond Carver. I'd never heard of him. Turns out he's just about the best American short story writer ever, and was a notorious drunk that died of lung cancer at age 50. His stories are beloved by many, especially the artsy crowd, and several of them have been turned into plays or movies. I remember sitting in the shitty little ticket booth at that amusement park, sweating my nutsack off in the humidity, and just devouring the book whenever I had a few minutes with no customers around. The stories were mostly sad...just slice of life kind of stuff. The don't really have beginnings or endings....a lot of them just leave you hanging. But they felt very real and emotional to me. I was right at the climax of perhaps the most gut-wrenchingly tragic of the stories, called "A Small, Good Thing" and I fucking lost it. Just burst into tears right there in the shitty little wood booth. I was so overtaken by the emotion of the story I couldn't help it. The girl that came to relieve me of my duties arrived just in time to see me wiping snot and tears off my face. She was hot as hell, a few years older than me, big time stoner....if I'd known then what I know now, I bet I could have fucked her, but I was inept as shit when it came to women back then. I told her I was crying cause I just read a really sad story and I don't know what disgusted her more....the fact that I cried, or the fact that I was actually reading a book for pleasure. There were a few more stories that made me cry. I can't help it. Call me a pussy or fag or whatever, but sometimes shit just hits my buttons and I lose it. I've read and re-read the whole collection of stories over the years and like clockwork, when I get to certain lines or phrases, the waterworks hit. It's crazy that 25 years later, these stories still hit me that way. I was super depressed this summer...as usual. Fat, lonely, haven't got laid in years. Really feeling sorry for myself. I started thinking how if I just started drinking again it would kill me and I'll go sleep forever and all my problems would go away. Yeah yeah. I'm so emo it fucking hurts. So it was like 3 in the morning and I was thinking about drinking and loneliness and the nature of being a drunk and I remembered the story "Where I'm Calling From" which is the story the collection is named after. I started re-reading it....and then, I have NO idea why....I started recording myself reading it. I just did it. No reason. Then after a few minutes I thought...shit....I'll record the whole thing. Like clockwork, I got to the part that makes me cry and my voice cracked and I started crying. All alone on an August night at like 4 in the morning, recording myself crying while reading a story. What a FAGGOT. What a HIPSTER faggot. Anyway.....I like you guys, so I thought I'll post my recording. One thing I figured out when I played it back: I talk too fast. If I ever wanna be an audio book reader, I need to slow the hell down and enunciate more clearly. I have no idea if anyone would even be able to make out what I'm saying if they're not reading along. Also, it's recorded on a shitty old phone so it's not exactly quality. So after that long-ass preamble, here's me reading "Where I'm Calling From" by John Carver. When I finished cutting out all the mistakes, it was 35 minutes long. That's pretty long. But I thought hey...maybe one of you guys wants something different from the usual podcasts to listen to on the way to work. Or maybe you're like me and you sometimes have to take a bad shit and sit on the toilet for a half hour. I actually haven't even listened to the whole thing read back at once, so there may be some mistakes. If you have the time and actually want to listen to this, here you go. If not, believe me, I get it. It's pretty gay isn't it? For a fun bonus, try and find the exact moment I start crying, cause it's still in there. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1Cl6efFCcB3 http://www.sendspace.com/file/yyeeky And here's the story if you just wanna read it yourself without listening to my dumb ass: http://wolfweb.unr.edu/homepage/calabj/298/whereimcallingfrom.pdf
  20. RIP Daniel Johnston, you sad, crazy, beautiful bastard.
  21. Don't forget he also wished that Axl would just fucking die already. Again.
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