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  1. I'm currently rewatching all the Batman the Animated Series episodes from 1992.....now THAT'S some good shit.
  2. Here's all the songs in my Green Day folder: All of Dookie J.A.R. One of my lies Going to Pasalacqua 2000 Light Years Away Paper Lanterns Geek Stink Breath Brainstew/Jaded Walking Contradiction Nice Guys Finish Last The Grouch Redundant Prosthetic Head Good Riddance (Time of your life) Warning Minority Church on Sunday Waiting Oh Love Get their cover of The Who's "A Quick One" American Idiot Jesus of Suburbia Homecoming Song of the Century
  3. Yeah, they just came outta nowhere and for the entire year of 1994 they were fucking Beatles big. Just super incredibly popular with kids. I loved their sound....to me it's like 60s pop like the Monkees at double speed. "Real" punk fans and bands despised them for being pop and corporate and sell-outs, but the general public ate them up. The hits off of Dookie were inescapable for the entire year. The Woodstock 94 performance cemented them as an instantly legendary band (along with NIN at the same show.) I saw them on that original Dookie tour, back in 94. They sold out the
  4. Da fuq? Black chicks are pretty universally agreed upon to be the least attractive women on the planet. The only hot black chicks are ones with mixed ethnicity wearing wigs. Please show me some of these "MOSTLY" absolutely beautiful Black chicks. Most of them look like Leslie Jones or Precious. Look......I'll just say it since everyone is fucking thinking it....it's just inescapable. Precious straight up looks like an actual gorilla in that picture. Hey, I know I'm going to hell anyway, so I may as well be
  5. Blacks scare me. I see them very rarely here in Japan. 90% of the blacks i see here are harmless African guys that hustled their asses off to get the fuck out of Africa and into a decent country. Another 5% are American enlisted guys, but they have to stay on bases most of the time cause their always getting in trouble with the locals, so I don't see them much. The last 5% are college educated American or British black guys that came here and got a job. Extremely rare, but obviously these are the coolest ones. When I go back to the states I do my best to avoid black areas. N
  6. LOL it's funny cause Drumph takes shit...LULLLLZ he's orange like a cheeto.....ha ha ha
  7. I like how the media thought Trump was either an evil genius or an illiterate boob, depending on the situation. He can't be both. But they still played him off as both. (I think he's just a fucking retard.) So I've said a million times that voting doesn't matter and elections are pre-determined, so how did Trump even win in the first place? I honestly think it was a small group of merry pranksters very high up the food chain that pulled just the right strings to make it happen. Maybe everyone had a good laugh, or maybe they were beheaded the next day. It certainly wasn't
  8. It would have to be one hell of a lot more transparent than what we have. Everyone votes in public. One vote per person. ID required. Final tally of votes needs to match the initial tally of registered voters. But all that would require work and it would be harder to rig, so it'll never happen. Cause if our votes actually counted, and we could actually elect people we WANTED, they wouldn't let us vote at all. Which is basically the system we have now.
  9. How do you function as a human being with that level of blind faith in the media and the government and "authority?" Maybe there's something in British genes that make them docile, unquestioning followers that just do what they're told. These people are still "ruled" by a "Queen" after all.
  10. Dazey, you don't seem to get it. There is no evidence. They don't need evidence. That's the beauty of the American voting system. It's as completely made up and imaginary as our currency system. There is no record of votes. There's no way to know how many "ballots" there are. All the numbers are just completely pulled out of their ass. The winner is whoever they say won. It's not real man. There's no way on God's green earth that more fatass lazy apathetic fucking Americans got off their round asses and voted for that walking corpse than the Orange M
  11. To all of you that doubted the fix was in from the very start:
  12. Are you some kind of math genius? Can you play piano like the kid in Amadeus? Can you dunk from half court like Lebron? No? That's OK. You're just a regular average schlub like the rest of us. There's like 7 or 8 billion people on the planet, and these retards just keep breeding every day. We're not special. We're not gonna change the world. We're just people. So just accept it and try to be happy. Bang as many broads as you can while you're young. Think of them like shoes. You wanna try on a lot of different pairs....if you find the perfect pair that's j
  13. Browns are 7-3. Doesn't matter, cause they're in the same division as the Steelers, but still.....some of our younger posters may not have even been alive the last time the Browns were 7-3.
  14. I'm conflicted about the Kenosha Kid. On the one hand, I want to cheer the underdog for standing up for himself and not taking any shit (or in his case, possible getting bludgeoned or shot.) But on the other hand....he DID kill two people. And I do think it was self-defense, but he wouldn't have had to defend himself at all if he hadn't put himself in that position in the first place. But, on the other hand...he's fucking 17. 17 year olds are retards. I got high and left my keys in the ignition of my car at a seedy gas station for several hours once whe
  15. Really hated his stuff as a kid, when I'd hear him on the radio or see a video on MTV. Just wasn't into that nasally voice. Then around the time I was in high school, he released "Mary Jane's Last Dance" and I was converted. My favorite of his is "You Don't Know How It Feels."
  16. Philip K. Dickhead is by far the best username. Bacardi's fat Axl avatar is the best avatar of all time, until the very last molecule of heat dies of entropy in a trillion trillion years. BUT....credit should go to Creed for creating the masterpiece. I'm pissed cause my most liked post of the year was lost in the politics purge, when I told Dazey "Not fucking good you fucking rat scumbag fucking fag" etc.
  17. I like November Rain better, but I think it's objectively gayer than Stairway to Heaven. Stairway is a bit before my time, so that means it's decades before your time, but you gotta understand what an epic stadium anthem it was. Seeing it live was the highlight of lots of dudes' lives. Nowadays, November Rain is a piss break for a lot of people.
  18. Oh believe me, if you offered me your titties in real life, it would probably kill me cause I wouldn't stop to come up for air.
  19. I like how JB didn't really answer the question.
  20. Oh really? You would think so, wouldn't you, you fucking limey bastard. Did you ever think for just a minute, that maybe, just maybe, Donald J. Trump just REALLLLLLY loves AMERICA and FREEDOM and THE BIBLE and GOD and everything else that's TOTALLY AWESOME?????
  21. Absolutely: CHEAPER. Despite being vastly more popular than comics in America, Japanese manga are produced to be disposable. They come out weekly in these thick ass anthology books, hundreds of pages. So there might be about 2 dozen stories in them. But say you only give a shit about Dragonball or One Piece....there's maybe 18-20 pages of those if you're lucky. The rest is a bunch of shit that nobody really cares about. But these bastards churn this stuff out WEEKLY....the deadlines are insane. All the old timer manga artists died relatively young cause they neve
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