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  1. This was the gif that I posted for you British cunts......apparently it didn't work last time cause it was too fucking awesome. Also: If you wanna talk like Brit fags, the gyna is just sitting there empty, waiting for you! Len Cunt is lonely!
  2. Well, to paraphrase Cardi, the new black they got for Carl does a pretty good job. I honestly forget it's even him until I see a strange name in the credits. Problem with the guy they got for Hibbert is he only has one voice. He's the principal on American Dad....just a black dude with a super deep voice. That's NOT Dr. Hibbert. I'll wait to see if he can sound anything remotely like Dr. Hibbert, but I'm predicting he's gonna use the only voice he knows how to do. GodDAMN those fucking SJW faggots are so fucking stupid.
  3. Hey....you two better keep the British fag talk shit on myvagina. You speak AMERICAN here, goddamnit.
  4. Dazey and I see eye to eye on something once again. See...it happens! Tenet is absolute shit.
  5. Can't believe how many responses this got before anyone corrected the fact that "better to burn out than to fade away" were lyrics from Neil Young's song "Hey Hey My My (Into the Black)."
  6. I never thought he was that good. In fact, I remember we'd make fun of him in high school cause all he did was pound the drums really hard. No technique or skill. I don't know shit about drums either, this was coming from the band nerds that idolized RUSH and Primus and stuff. They thought this guy was basically a monkey bashing rocks.
  7. Another shitty episode this week, but made even worse by exploiting the viewer's feelings about Mrs. Krabapple/Marcia Wallace by centering an episode around her. SIX YEARS after she died. What the hell is that all about? The very end was a nice tribute, but isn't it about 6 years too late? Ridiculous. Also, we're just a few episodes away from the 700th. Good christ I can't believe I watched them all.
  8. I didn't have anything else to watch on this lovely sunny Sunday (72 degrees here on February 21st, and America is covered in snow and has black outs. Crazy.) so I decided to go back to my QT collection and continue my out of order re-watch. I decided to go for Reservoir Dogs. It's been at least a decade since I've seen it straight through. It's funny cause this is the movie that put QT on the map, but I'd have to rank it about as low as Death Proof as far as replay value. This is one of the only QT movies I didn't see in the theater, but I remember watching it on
  9. Plenty of later seasons had good or even great episodes. Hell, if you still watch it now, about once or twice a year there are even funny moments. But there hasn't been a consistently funny season since it was still in single digits.
  10. I used to take that. It had very little effex on me. For real...it did jack shit. And you can't just stop taking it, so I had to wean myself off it.
  11. Well the Jedi lady with rubber shit glued to her face was by far the low point of the entire series for me, so I'll give Nate that. But the one-two-three combo of episodes 6, 7, and 8 achieved new heights of glory previously unheard of. Nate, just watch the last three.
  12. I always thought Rush Limbaugh was a raging asshole. But that's cause I spent most of my life as a "liberal" so of course I thought he was an asshole, cause that's what I was told to think. Although the few times I listened to him he didn't say anything to dissuade me. Having said that, I'm still sorry the bastard DIED. I don't celebrate when anyone dies unless I truly despise them, and other than Hilary I can't really think of anyone I'd actually wouldn't mind hearing had died. I bet twitter was a mastubatory celebration of how an "evil man" has got what he deserves
  13. How many goddamn movie threads do we need?
  14. And I thought Spike Jonze held his own, especially for not being a real actor!
  15. The Nazis had really rad uniforms. There's no denying that. Also, the swastika is really cool symbol. I know we're not allowed to appreciate it cause that's a hate crime and in some countries you can actually go to jail just for saying such a thing, but I'm not talking about what it "stood for"....just the actual symbol itself. It's used in ancient Buddhism, and you still see it all over Japan. But it's not a swastika...it's called a "manji." It's flopped, or reversed. On public maps, shrines and temples are marked with a manji. I was just imagining ho
  16. Beef tastes fucking awesome and is good for you and helps men produce testosterone. Those are all things the globalists don't like. They prefer you eat and drink all soy, all the time, and if you're really good, maybe some bugs on the weekend. They'll keep eating beef. The cows are only for them though. Fish aren't very viable either....supposedly we've just about fished the ocean dry. I guess the farm-raised fish just can't keep up. All it means is that children and their children will never know how fucking amazing a rare ribeye and a lobste
  17. Shawshank was an absolute flop when it came out, but heavy rotation on cable TV made it a "classic." I like it. It's like Forrest Gump...just a harmless "feel good" movie. The reason people like it is cause this poor bastard gets shit on his entire life, and then at the very end, he wins and gets his revenge on everyone. It's just a really satisfying ending. People don't like it for the two hours of prison stuff. It's like Rocky....it just feels good to see the underdog win.
  18. This is blasphemous to a lot of people, but Lebowski is and was a HUUUGE let down for me. I used to get Entertainment Weekly in the 90s, and every now and then they'd send a tape of upcoming movie trailers. This was hot shit cause this was waaay before youtube obviously. The Big Lebowski trailer was one of the most amazing works of art I'd ever seen. I was crapping my pants to see that movie. I was there opening day. And......it just....wasn't that good. I think there are some truly amazing SCENES, but as a film...it just doesn't work for me.
  19. School of Rock was OK. I wouldn't put it on a GOOD list, but it's not bad at all. It's OK. Same with Pick of Destiny, although with that movie the songs are really the only reason to watch. (Did Linklater direct that? I completely forgot!)
  20. Henry Rollins told an amazing RATT joke when I saw him do spoken word like 20 years ago. May have found it......Axl Rose is mentioned as well. Fuck. This half hour is entertaining and all, but it's all set up....the punchline is missing. Shit.
  21. By the 2000s it was already too late. Kevin Smith hasn't made a good movie since "Chasing Amy" and as far as I'm concerned, Linklater only has ONE to his name, and we all know it ain't "A Scanner Darkly." Even our friend Philip K. Dickhead can't defend that mess.
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