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  1. Shhh....don't tell Nando.....Axl was too cheap to get him his own laptop so he just gave him that roadie's laptop that he smashed that time. He told Robin Finch he replaced it, but he didn't.
  2. Yeah, well that's just Talcum X's opinion. A white guy that made a career on pretending to be black, but unlike that Rachel Dolezol broad, he's still at it.
  3. So Israel likes to blow the shit outta people.....but they're MUSLIM. So are there really any bad guys here?
  4. The only real shit I gave was having that cackling cunt Hilary as our President for eight years. Election night 2016 was an all night party for me....in shock and disbelief, but in a GOOD way. Never felt anything like it. Of course the cackling cunt is on TV every five minutes anyway, but it just brings a warm glow to my soul knowing how bitter and angry and full of seething rage she is, and will be, every waking moment until she dies. So now we either get 4 more years of the most hated man in my lifetime (yes, he's more hated than Bin Laden) OR we get a few months of a doddering, dying man, desperate for one last sniff of strawberry scented five year old girl's hair. And when he croaks or has an "accident" then we get a very light skinned "black" woman as our first ever woman president. Whoop de fucking do. I don't like it, but it doesn't fill me with rage or anything. It's exactly like House of Cards and Veep where people we didn't even vote for finagle their way into the Presidency. I'd give more of a shit if I believed the President had any real actual power to get anything done. He doesn't. Neither will she. So while I'm disappointed that I'll have to suffer through a woman president in my lifetime, the one upside is that Hillary will have to watch....will have to congratulate her....will have that fake smile and cackle laugh, all while seething inside. It's worth it just for that. Or hell, who knows...maybe ol' Orange Man Bad can pull it off again. I don't care much either way, but I am looking forward to every talking head on TV and washed up 80s actor or backup dancer for J-Lo looking all serious at the camera and saying....."THIS.....is the MOST IMPORTANT election....of our LIVES." Fuck offffff.
  5. They lied to us about AIDS our entire life! "AIDS isn't just a gay disease!! AIDS isn't just a gay disease!! AIDS isn't just a gay disease!!" "Oh. Maybe AIDS is just a gay disease after all."
  6. If it was, it was weak as shit. A real bioweapon would have turned us all into wormfood by now. Maybe it was just a warning shot.
  7. Sometimes I feel like I'm beating a dead horse........ My dick. Get it? My limp, useless dick is the dead horse, but I'm still sitting here just beat beat beating away at the goddamn thing.
  8. Thought everyone knew China has been stripmining Africa for decades. It's a win-win for them....they get their hands on all those natural resources, and all the millions of lonely desperate men they created by aborting baby girls for 50 years, now have their pick of the litter when it comes to African broads. Now....you and I might scoff at the idea of an African bride, but to a guy in his 30s that's never so much as touched a tit, he'll probably go for it. The future of mankind is going to be these Chinese/African hybrids, by the billions. They're gonna be........weird looking.
  9. Happy one year anniversary of not killing yourself, Jeffrey Epstein!! Here's to many more!
  10. Is there one about sleeping 14 hours a day, jerking off constantly, and just being a lazy shit? I mean, I know that's Axl's LIFE, but did he ever make a song about it?
  11. Let me have a say in Merch. I want action figures of the band. REAL action figures. Even better than the McFarlane Metallica cause those were basically statues. Those were pretty cool though.... Anyway, under Nando's leadership we got this: And then there was this monstrosity that goes for like $150 and is gay as shit: Give us real action figures like the ones made in Japan of their dead gay idol Freddie Mercury! (Then we can make em kiss and shit, and Axl will get AIDS.)
  12. Holy shit it's like 117 out there with the heat index. All well and good for me now cause I'm in my AC, but thanks to fucking covid, I have to go back to work next week. I don't ride to work in an air conditioned Lexus. I ride a fucking bicycle. Fuck.
  13. When I was an imbibing fellow, I'd pre-game with about 3 tall boys of chu-hai.....9%....none of that faggot 5% beer crap. Then I'd move on to whiskey, vodka, etc.
  14. So?? None of it matters, cause he's the anti-Trump. He can get on TV and ramble about "niggers and faggots" and he's still getting half the vote, no matter what.
  15. .............. I got nothing. And to prove my point, go watch the Netflix special called "Bumping Mics" that Dave Attell and Jeff Ross did. It was just all riffing, all improv, just basically insult comedy, all in the moment. And they're GOOD. They got laughs. They were clever and witty on the spot. So they bring Amy Schumer and two other worthless female "comedians" to come up and riff a few minutes. Immediately, the only things they can say was shit like "My pussy stinks...." and "My dildo is fucking huge." It was fucking PAINFUL. I cringed so hard I threw my back out. Any and all comedy and laughter was sucked out of the room like opening an air lock. The crowd nervously smiled and politely pretended to laugh, but Jesus that was BRUTAL to watch. I can't believe it even aired. It was like watching LeBron James play one and one with a retard. Go check it out if you can find it.
  16. I don't know much about explosions but it sure as shit LOOKED like a fucking A-bomb went off. (But.....it was in the middle east so I'm gonna be brutally honest and despicable.....I don't care as much as if it had happened in America or Europe. Still a horrible loss of life though.)
  17. Resurrect some more Miser posts.......I miss them.
  18. Yeah, I get the reference, but surely that coulda gone in the Fat Axl thread instead of starting a new one?
  19. I try to be nice to people when I'm around them. I really do. I'm only a cunt to myself. Which sucks, cause I spend most of my time alone. Everyone was bitching and moaning about the lockdowns...that's just my normal life. Forever alone. Mail me some edibles, would ya?
  20. Who, you or your wife? That could be interpreted either way.
  21. Louis tells his fair share of dick jokes but he's so much more than that. Women "comedians" are perhaps the country's single largest exporter of pure cringe. Some of my other favorites are Doug Stanhope, and also David Cross and Patton Oswalt before they got obsessed with politics.
  22. This is straight outta the opening scene of AKIRA. It's horrific and shocking.....but hypnotic...can't stop watching...
  23. "Hands up, don't shoot!" was 100% bullshit too. Never happened...never said it....Michael Brown tried to get the cop's gun. Sadly, there's no body cam evidence of that. Didn't stop thousands of morons repeating it like they were chanting Hail Marys at all those "protests" all summer, how many years later? The truth doesn't matter because this IS their religion. You'll never destroy their faith with your petty "facts" and "evidence." Meanwhile, in Chicago, we're now at 439 homicides for 2020. That's almost enough for every single active NBA player to wear the name of a murdered Chicagoan, just from January to July. And it's only gonna spike worse than Covid in the August heat. Why isn't anyone talking about that?
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