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  1. I was listening to it on my way to work but couldn't hear shit. Gonna try again at home now that I can crank the volume.
  2. I cranked it to her tits in Poison Ivy 2 soooooo many times. Now she just looks like Frances McDormand. Bleeeech.
  3. Christ on a crutch, I haven't had a drink in over four years. I have drinking dreams sometimes and I always feel so guilty....I broke my streak. Then I wake up and realize it didn't happen and I'm relieved. But the other day I was thinking about how I used to come home from work on a Friday and buy a few cheap bottles of red wine. "I'll drink while I cook, like an Italian guy!" I thought. But I'd finish the first bottle in about 20 minutes, and then the next two, and an hour later I'd be out looking for more booze, and I forgot to cook altogether. Good times. Once I couldn't find my corkscrew so I took the bottle outside and used the shoe method to open it. You ever eat dark chocolate while drinking red wine? Damn, it's amazing. The wine just makes the chocolate pop. I feel like I've polished off a bottle of wine sometime recently....it's such a vivid memory. Almost tactile...the vinegar smell of it...the way it makes your lips sticky. But it really has been over four years. It's crazy how time flies. Unless I drank while sleepwalking somehow.....but I don't sleepwalk.
  4. Anyone name their wi-fi? Mine is called "Pretty Fly For a Wi-Fi." (That came up as a network in my friend's apartment building in New York when I visited years ago. I stole it. The name, not the wi-fi.)
  5. I've listened to all their stuff over and over. Carlin too. And Bill Hicks. But the guys I listed are still my favorites cause they're my generation.
  6. The first time I heard Stanhope describe Sarah Palin's cunt I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face:
  7. I'm a bit of a comedy snob. It wasn't very good. It's refreshing to hear someone just say offensive things for the sake of being offensive, but it doesn't mean it's good comedy. Still, most comedians aren't very funny anymore. I adored David Cross for decades and now he's just a grumpy liberal who just rambles without a punchline. I enjoyed Jim Jefferies routine, not so much him as a person, but he's a fucking disgrace to the profession these days. Chappelle's still got it. Louis CK....god bless his stiff crunchy post masturbation socks.......Bill Burr still has his moments but his fucking harpy of a wife seemed to have sucked the very life out of him. Patton Oswalt has terrible politics but I still enjoy his jokes. Doug Stanhope is still awesome, but I haven't heard his routine in a few years so maybe he's lost it too. I think comedy is like music....you have a few good albums in you and then you start to suck.
  8. Oh good lord. I just heard my first clip of this masterpiece. In a song called "School Shootings (Are Bad)" Duff came up with these haunting, cryptic lyrics: DO WE GOTTA WATCH ANOTHER SCHOOL KID DIE??? Jesus, that's so deep. So mysterious. I wonder what he could possibly be getting at here with those impenetrable lyrics.
  9. I agree. It is their logo and "intellectual property" and this clearly infringes on it. This is the alcohol equivalent of selling shitty home made t-shirts in the parking lot outside the show.
  10. No, YOU'RE wrong. Logic doesn't matter. He BELIEVES it's Fat Axl, and his need to believe trumps all. After all, he can "hear" Fat Axl, therefore it's obviously Fat Axl. This is about his feelings, so fuck you and your "facts."
  11. Imagine Cardi slowly dying of pancreatic cancer like his new avatar.
  12. Trump is likely too dumb to even realize he's a pawn. He's the perfect stooge. Everyone gets a massive throbbing boner HATING the motherfucker. He takes all the heat and nobody will ever think there's any more going on behind closed doors. My guess is that whoever is really in charge is so powerful and wealthy we don't even know their names. Even a guy like Soros is a target cause his name is out there. Whoever is pulling strings wouldn't let themselves become a household name. Hillary has a lust for one thing and one thing only: glory. She NEEDED to be the first woman President. Sure, she'd have enjoyed the power, but at the end of the day, shed do anything just for the LEGACY. I still fucking love that she was denied it. I have no doubt that woman would agree to let thousands and thousands of people die in wars or natural disasters or anything she was told to, as long as she got to go in the history books as the first woman president. But she plays ball, so she won't get punished. I don't think there's a secret Cabal that runs the world from a shadowy cave beneath the Denver airport, but I think the truth is probably closer to it than we'd be comfortable with. Think of it like sports again. The election was just a glorified Super Bowl between two indescribably rich and powerful teams. They really don't care who wins; they just do it for shits and giggles. $100 million is peanuts to some of these guys. Trump winning like that was like a Hail Mary upset with seconds left on the clock. It was probably a very exciting time for both teams cause they didn't expect that outcome. Now they're having fun playing with the world in the aftermath. It's just a game.
  13. Hurry up and let your pancreas kill you, you Canadian fuck. You're spewing horsehit outta both ends. There is ZERO evidence that GNR re-recorded shit. Your fucking "ears" are not evidence. Wishing for something to be true really really hard does not make it true. If anyone ever provides evidence, I'll eat my words and admit it publically. Go read the liner notes again and stop being a lie-spreading faggot.
  14. Christ. Enough retards repeat a lie and suddenly it's true.
  15. Was just thinking about this movie today at work. "Tootski?" I didn't get it the first time I watched it....I thought it was bloated and self-indulgent and had no point. It gets better and better on every re-watch though. Now I'd put it up there with some of Scorsese's best.
  16. Sure they are. That's the fairy tale the conservatives pray for every night, just like the Russia bullshit was the liberals'. Nothing will ever happen to ANY of these people, on either side. They're protected.
  17. Yeah, you're crazy. Modern Axl only wishes he could sound like this. He sounds close to how he did at that CBGB gig where they played the new stuff acoustic. back in 88.
  18. I think I watched the entire first season, but it got old fast. Mostly the unfunny hipster comedians they picked. I only watch it now if it's gonna be about Cleveland.
  19. Just as I thought...alien replicants from beyond the moon. Well....don't blame ME, I voted for Kodos.
  20. Of course he was bought and paid for. They all are. The people that own the politicians know what they hell they're doing. You know we're fucked. We're nothing. We're less than nothing. Nothing we do or say or think matters. Voting for President is no different than rooting for one team over the other in the Super Bowl. But it gives the masses that illusion that they have a say in things. That they "matter." What a waste of time bickering about something that will never, ever change. Politics is Sports. It's entertainment. It's pro-wrestling for nerds.
  21. Holy shit, I think their dancing just gave my AIDS cancer.
  22. Fairly sure his kids are all late teens or early 20s by now. I hope they're not still fans of the show.
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