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  1. No, I just thought it was funny. If he tells me to take it down, I will. But he's "dead" after all, right?
  2. "Iiiiiiii want your soul.........IIIIIII will EAT your soul!!!!" Come to daddy.....come to dady.....come to daddy....COME TO DADDY!!!
  3. I retired from watching basketball after Game 7 of 2016, the single most perfect sports moment I've ever witnessed in my life. It's be nice to see someone knock them off their high horse though, that's for sure. I hate the city and people of Toronto though, so it's hard to root for one or the other.
  4. Don't change the subject Nate. If the Warriors lose, you owe someone something. I forget what, but I remember you making a bet.
  5. NIN - Downward Spiral Beck - Odelay, Mutations, Sea Change
  6. My mom read that to me when I was really little.
  7. That was my point. The majority of GNR fans left on these forums aren't exactly Mensa material. Besides, all this is going to do is inspire Miser to start a death thread of his own so he can see if anyone is actually sad he's dead. As for not being a faggot, I'll try. But I can't make any promises.
  8. I love jokes. I call people fags sometimes even though I know they're not gay. It's funny cause it's not true. I've just never found death hoaxes funny, even if it's someone I don't like. We already had one member die tragically young and that was enough for me. I'll make a joke about just about anything, but I think death hoaxes are as funny as doxing or swatting someone.
  9. Broski is alive. I'm talking to him on skype right now. Can this sick excuse for a joke die now?
  10. I find jokes like this to be in extremely poor taste.
  11. Anyone read Brian K Vaughan's "Saga" like I recommended years ago? It didn't take long to degenerate into SJW/tumblrina land, with BKV adding gay and trannie characters left and right to pander to the only people that were apparently paying attention to the book. (Hey, I read it but I never paid for it, so I can't complain if he wants to suck up to the people actually paying his bills.) Anyway, there was a similar twist in Saga in the last issue before they went on hiatus. Even though I'd really checked out for years by that point, it was still a fun development, way outta left field. As for Walking Dead, like I said before, I don't trust writers that just keep things going and going with no end in sight, especially when it becomes apparent that they don't have a plan. What could be possibly do in the final issue that would feel like it's worth this decade plus journey he's put his readers through? What would be a satisfying ending?
  12. He's alive as far as I know. Was active on skype up to 2 days ago.
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