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  1. Knowing very little about actual NFL football, I chose my fantasy players by the guys whose names most closely resembled the hilarious names from that infamous Key and Peele sketch. I won. First place! I destroyed the competition. This year I did the same thing and came in dead last. I was so pissed that halfway through the season I staffed my team with inactive players just to ensure a complete loss. I'm not good at fantasy football.
  2. Out of a sick sense of compulsive obligation, I've watched each and every episode of the Simpsons ever. All the shitty ones from the last two decades even. At least once, just to say I've watched it. Some of them are so bad I'd rather watch Beta give Axl his anal sponge bath for 22 minutes. For a long time, the "Lady Gaga" episode was generally considered the worst of all time, but this week has surpassed it. It's hands down the most nauseatingly cringe inducing SJW horseshit I've ever seen. Fuck this show.
  3. My dad is full of dad humor so he thinks this is the height of hilarity.
  4. Confident, not smug. He talked to everyone, he enjoyed the attention, signed shit, took pics. He wasn't "unwilling" to talk about GNR. This was summer of 99 though, so the very concept of GNR was up the air. Based on my few minutes with the guy, he was actually a cool dude, but you could tell he still thought he was GNR level famous in his mind, when clearly he was not.
  5. I met him before the Cure concert in 1999. His poodle hair was long gone. He signed my LP of UYI II. I have a pic somehere in my parents' house...next time I'm home I'll post it. I was so young and not fat yet. If only 1999 Josh knew what he had going for him.
  6. There's definitely good later material NIN but I have to confess I've never listened to most of them straight through. I liked about half of "Hesitation Marks." Also, the song that was used in Twin Peaks: The Return was pretty dope. By far the best later era NIN song I heard for the first time when I saw them live in 2014. I didn't know it but it was mesmerizing. It's called "Beside You In Time" from With Teeth.
  7. Just saying man, the songs are PHM are still tight, but it's hard to get through all that new wave 80s synth on the original recording. Trent's said so many times himself....when he plays the old stuff live now he updates the sounds. Remember Axl's infamous 99 quote about trying to update AFD without the reverb and double bass and stuff? I don't mind a little tweaking to sound more current, as long as it's still the same song.
  8. All right. Consider this a world premiere. "SEVEN" ( 七 "nana") by Guns N' Roses and Marco Beltrami. Grab it now before Team Brazil fucks your butt. http://instaud.io/3srx
  9. Here's the podcast......sorry I have better things to do than find the exact quote, but I'm FAIRLY certain it's in there....listen to the whole thing, they're funny dudes.
  10. The Spiral. It came out just as I was experiencing true heartbreak for the first time at 16 when my first ever gf dumped me after almost year together. I just couldn't put that anguish into words....and then Trent wrote an entire album. Just for me. Fuck all y'all....he wrote it for ME. For MY pain. This was my bible. I listened to it over and over and over. Trent was my messiah. Somewhere in Italy there's a painting of me reaching my index finger out to Trent in the heavens and he's streching his out to meet mine. 25 years later, the lyrics can be a but of a cringe, but production wise it holds up better than the 80s synth of Pretty Hate Machine. I don't listen to it often, but every now and then I like a little trip down nostalgia lane, to relive that angst. The song "Reptile" still fucking rips dude....mean and nasty sound and it really sums up the feelings of what cunts bitches can be. I was so glad that when I finally saw them in concert all those years later, they played it and it ripped the roof off the joint.
  11. False."Seven" is pronounced "nana"in Japanese. Little known fact....Seven was intended to be the bonus track for CD for Japan but was left off at the last minute. Marco Beltrami's contribution is amazing. I've had it for years through official channels I can't mention....but fuck it...you guys are cool and it's been forever....you wanna hear it?
  12. In 1994, former Guns N Roses bassist Duff McKagan decided to invest $100k in local Seattle companies, including an expanding chain of coffee shops, a software company and an online book seller - Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon. Shouldn't he be like a billionaire if that's true? On Bill Burr's podcast (Bill is in the know, he had backstage passes to NITL and even was given the inner ear monitors for the show) he said that Duff was basically giving most of his cut to Slash cause he simply didn't need the money. Makes sense.
  13. EstrangedTWAT


    We'll make great pets.
  14. Oh dear god, no, not wfse!!! That thing scared the shit outta me. I was referring to the chick who used to post here as raven. Mayhaps another little birdie might have sent me along some images at one point or another, and I happened to keep them. Maybe. I should probably say no more about the subject. This is how assholes get #metoo-ed and shit.
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