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  1. EstrangedTWAT

    GNFNRs Film Thread

    Here ya go pal: http://thehiddenbay.com/torrent/27662642/Bird.Box.2018.1080p.WEB.x264-STRiFE_Birdbox_[GoodFilms]
  2. EstrangedTWAT

    Who wins a street fight?

    Think of what a more beautiful world we'd be living in today if we hadn't resorted to violence in WWII though. If we just sat down, and talked about our feelings, it all would have been better. No more war. No more violence.
  3. Should HAVE. I fucking recoil every time I read someone write "should of" instead of "should've" or "should have." Same with how every retard on the planet thinks "lose" is spelled "loose." I guess in a few decades, it won't matter. We'll all be speaking a hybrid of hillbilly, valley girl, inner city slang, and various grunts.
  4. EstrangedTWAT

    Who wins a street fight?

    Nobody wins. Violence never solved anything.
  5. I think there may be a douchebag or three over on the gina that take Axl cosplay very seriously.
  6. EstrangedTWAT

    Dave Grohl is Shit

    So many white people.
  7. Well they already sell bandanas so it's only fair.
  8. Only if they have a long curly black wig attached.
  9. EstrangedTWAT

    Coming to America 2...

    All four of them that you see in this movie, for 10 seconds?
  10. EstrangedTWAT

    Coming to America 2...

    I thought this was just a shitpost....but they're really making it? I hope Arsenio gets paid. Who the hell wants to see that now though?
  11. EstrangedTWAT

    Rank bands' discographies and argue about it

    YES! I broke my wrist a few years ago when I was still drinking...had a drunken fall and needed a piece of metal to hold my bones together. So I have this giant scar on my left wrist that looks like I tried to kill myself. Last summer, my brother at age 41, broke his foot while at some trampoline land on vacation with his family in California. He had a good sense of humor about it...just like...fuck it, shit happens, not gonna let it ruin my vacation. Anyway, now he has a similar long ass scar on his foot. So we both have permanent reminders of our stupidity...breaking bones when we weren't even teenagers. I suggested we get matching tattoos on our scars. He wanted them to be lines from "Free Four." I would get “Life is a short, warm moment And death is a long cold rest.” Can't remember what line he would get though. But it's a bad plan. He can hide his foot and nobody would ever see it. But mine's on my damn wrist!! And tats are still mostly a taboo in Japan, so I don't think we'll do it. Well. Maybe when we're older. We're already made a pact to get together in our 70s and do DMT and drop acid and have all the vision quests we were too scared to take while young. At 70, who gives a fuck? May as well get the tats then too.
  12. EstrangedTWAT

    Rank bands' discographies and argue about it

    My brother is as big a Floyd fanatic as I am GNR....and we shared a bedroom throughout high school, so naturally I heard a lot of Floyd and he heard a lot of GNR. I could never get into the long spacey jams though...just not my thing, even while high. But he loves shit like "Echoes." The Wall is a masterpiece I listen to straight through over and over. Next I'd say I like Dark Side, and then Wish You Were Here......the others I just like random songs. Hell, even Division Bell has a great track on it. (High Hopes.) One of my all time favorite songs is Pigs on the Wing, but only the version with a guitar solo by Snowy White that bridges the two songs into one complete song. It was rare for a while, but I bet it's on youtube right now. Also, I'd never heard the song "Free Four" until this summer when my brother introduced me to it, but now it's one of my favorites by them. So albumwise, it's just The Wall, Dark Side, Wish You Were Here for me....but also some various random tunes. Like Interstellar Overdrive.
  13. EstrangedTWAT

    Greta Van Fleet

    Cringe rock. I can't even look at the screen watching these kids prance around thinking they're Led Zep. It's embarrassing as fuck.
  14. EstrangedTWAT

    GNFNRs Film Thread

    I just re-watched the director's cut of "Almost Famous." Hadn't watched in a long time, but I really liked it when it came out and I think it holds up really well. I remember people raving about Kate Hudson when the movie came out and I didn't see what the big deal was. In fact, I thought she was the weakest part. I think it's cause I'm the same age as her. Now when I watch it as a 41 year old man, I see what people saw in her back then: her youth and vitality. It can be overly sentimental, like all Cameron Crowe movies, but he was a true dork that made good before being a "dork" was cool. Like Kevin Smith but more earnest. I really loved Jason Lee in this movie, and surprisingly, I liked Jimmy Fallon a lot too. The lead rock star guy, Billy Crudup, hasn't really done much lately. Has he? I don't know. My favorite scene is where they're partying in the hotel room playing "Something in the Air" by Thunderclap Newman. I get a weird nostalgic rush from that scene. Cameron Crowe directed an awesome documentary on Pearl Jam that you should all see, but the last thing I watched by him, "Roadies" just fucking sucked. Maybe he's lost his mojo. Also, I've been thinking a lot about another movie from around that time that I absolutely love...it's called "In the Bedroom." I'm gonna rewatch that I think....if anyone has seen that, they will get instant film snob respect from me.
  15. EstrangedTWAT

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    When everyone is "racist," then nobody will be. The word has lost all meaning from constant overuse. If I were on social media, which I'm not, and some chucklefuck SJW called me racist I'd just say "So?" Who fucking cares? Grow up, losers.