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  1. Well, whatever Arnold. You've officially crossed over into Miser territory. I'm done giving a shit about you if that's the way you want it. Drama queen. You have no idea what real suffering and tragedy is.

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    2. arnold layne

      arnold layne

      I'm good now, Chloe just made it clear that 'sleeping with me would be one of the worst decisions'. I'm over it now.

    3. thenightrain


      who gives a fuck what see thinks? In all fairness, for all you know she could really be a 52 year old man trolling the fuck out of everyone, making them think its a girl. Wouldn't mind you getting pissy about it if she was the girl down the street from you that you loved, but its someone you dont know from an internet forum. Shut up about it because people are sick of hearing you whine.

    4. Broskirose
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