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  1. .............. I got nothing. And to prove my point, go watch the Netflix special called "Bumping Mics" that Dave Attell and Jeff Ross did. It was just all riffing, all improv, just basically insult comedy, all in the moment. And they're GOOD. They got laughs. They were clever and witty on the spot. So they bring Amy Schumer and two other worthless female "comedians" to come up and riff a few minutes. Immediately, the only things they can say was shit like "My pussy stinks...." and "My dildo is fucking huge." It was fucking PAINFUL. I cringed so hard I threw my back out. Any and all comedy and laughter was sucked out of the room like opening an air lock. The crowd nervously smiled and politely pretended to laugh, but Jesus that was BRUTAL to watch. I can't believe it even aired. It was like watching LeBron James play one and one with a retard. Go check it out if you can find it.
  2. I don't know much about explosions but it sure as shit LOOKED like a fucking A-bomb went off. (But.....it was in the middle east so I'm gonna be brutally honest and despicable.....I don't care as much as if it had happened in America or Europe. Still a horrible loss of life though.)
  3. Yeah, I get the reference, but surely that coulda gone in the Fat Axl thread instead of starting a new one?
  4. I try to be nice to people when I'm around them. I really do. I'm only a cunt to myself. Which sucks, cause I spend most of my time alone. Everyone was bitching and moaning about the lockdowns...that's just my normal life. Forever alone. Mail me some edibles, would ya?
  5. Who, you or your wife? That could be interpreted either way.
  6. Louis tells his fair share of dick jokes but he's so much more than that. Women "comedians" are perhaps the country's single largest exporter of pure cringe. Some of my other favorites are Doug Stanhope, and also David Cross and Patton Oswalt before they got obsessed with politics.
  7. This is straight outta the opening scene of AKIRA. It's horrific and shocking.....but hypnotic...can't stop watching...
  8. "Hands up, don't shoot!" was 100% bullshit too. Never happened...never said it....Michael Brown tried to get the cop's gun. Sadly, there's no body cam evidence of that. Didn't stop thousands of morons repeating it like they were chanting Hail Marys at all those "protests" all summer, how many years later? The truth doesn't matter because this IS their religion. You'll never destroy their faith with your petty "facts" and "evidence." Meanwhile, in Chicago, we're now at 439 homicides for 2020. That's almost enough for every single active NBA player to wear the name of a murdered Chicagoan, just from January to July. And it's only gonna spike worse than Covid in the August heat. Why isn't anyone talking about that?
  9. Just woke up around 9am here in Japan in my wonderful 70 degree bedroom. Outside it's a blazing 88....70% humidity....heat index brings it up to 97. And it's only after 9am!! I'll be staying in today.
  10. Holy shit that seriously looked like a nuke going off.
  11. (By the way....I invert my parenthesis cause I don't blame the (((Jews)))....yes, the Jews own and operate every single facet of media known to man and many many powerful Jews are involved in all this...but I don't think it's just them. I think it's something even higher and more powerful. So when I say "they" I just think it's )))They(((.....who they fuck are they? Aliens? Lizard people? No idea....all I know is, they're real, they're in charge, and they have power we can't even fathom.)
  12. Burr was on his way to being a top 20 of all time before his cunt ass wife cucked him and turned him into the very thing he used to rail on. He's still good, no doubt, but his pre-marriage stuff is pure gold. Louis CK is an absolute master of the form....probably the best living "pure" stand up in my opinion. Chappelle transcends stand up....he's more of a comedian/storyteller/orator.....he's in his own league.
  13. Yes, absolutely. The cop still either flat out killed him or at least contributed to his death. All I'm saying is, the footage of him strung out on drugs and possibly have a reaction to fentanyl has existed since it happened and it was PURPOSELY WITHHELD. The narrative the media wanted out there from the minute this guy died was that he was murdered for no reason in cold blood. The media and the people that own the media and the people that OWN the people that own the media wanted these summer race riots. The outrage was manufactured and intentional. I think the black community would have responded the same no matter what, but a lot of these goodwhite allies might have not turned out in the numbers they did if the whole story was presented in full from day one. )))They((( wanted this to happen, and they got what they wanted.
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