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  1. Just wanna quote this shit for posterity after Manets sobers up and deletes it.
  2. Holy shit I knew it was gonna be bad, but this shit is unlistenable. They truly are the anti-GNR. They'll get up there and play 2 hours of this horseshit and everyone will be yelling '"JEREMY!!!!" Meanwhile, GNR goes into Live and Let Die for the 8695th time and half the audience falls into a coma. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  3. I have that one saved on my phone and revisit it when needed. I'd advise keeping a hardcopy too. Eventually they'll scrub it off the net.
  4. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Almost 20 years later, still hilarious and fresh. Fucking love it.
  5. K-nuck......are you even trying to hide who you are at this point? Come on....we've seen these talking points before many times, from a certain dude. Just saying.
  6. Brad Pitt. I'm already a smart motherfucker. Not Bil Gates smart......but still smart. And all it's done is brought me misery. I just want to be beautiful and stupid and sleep on a pile of hotass naked women every night.
  7. It's probably not that bad at all.....I was just too exhausted after following everything in Westeros to start all over again from scratch.
  8. Hated this song in high school.......now I gotta admit it's catchy as shit:
  9. Third season is a mixed bag. Some episodes are just plain too much unbridled Lynch. Lynch is best when Frost is kind of reigning him in somewhat. It's best to just think of it as an 18 hour movie. It was awful having to wait a whole week between hours, but I found it worked a LOT better as a binge. Do you have access to the 90 minutes of deleted scenes from the movie? They're not necessary at all, but they're fun.
  10. Had no idea Faith No More were still together. Love their stage set-up and outfits in that video.
  11. Nah, some privileged ass Indian guy who fancies himself a "comedian" who grew up with two doctor parents or some shit, but felt "hurt" by the "brown representation" on TV. So yeah....essentially the same thing as some white cunt virtue signaling.
  12. just attempted to watch it.....snooooooooze. GoT was a once in a generation hit. Imitating is just gonna make a big piece of shit.
  13. Was that the one with the fucking sleeves cut off? I saw one super cheap......and I'm not saying I'm the classiest guy in the world......but I kind of require my t-shirts to have sleeves at a bare minimum. I haven't seen a REAL one for cheap. Ebay is flooded with fakes though. I bought one. It's laughably bad.
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