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  1. The purse is pretty bad, but the scarves are particularly damning.
  2. Props to the old bastard for getting out there a few weeks after a fucking heart attack. I believe he could beat Trump if he didn't have one of those fucking loonies as his running mate. The others.....I don't think so.
  3. It is. It's mind-boggling that something that fucking bad actually got made. I despise it on a molecular level. I'd rather watch Attack of the Clones on repeat three times than watch Last Jedi once.
  4. Hmmm....that reminds me to bump Patton's Halloween creepy pasta that I love.
  5. I guess I'm just too old and jaded, cause when I first saw Rey, my thoughts weren't "how'd this bitch get so strong with the Force?" it was "ain't no way a decent skinny looking broad like this would ever have to scavenge parts for food. This bitch would be blowing space aliens, get off planet, and be living the good life in five minutes." I know, I know...it's supposed to be in a fantasy world for kids, but from the minute they introduced her, I couldn't take her seriously. She should have leathery skin like sandpaper and no teeth if she was really living alone in the desert her whole life. Of course, it only got worse once she started talking and fighting and using the Force and flying the Falcon and all that horseshit.
  6. No matter what they do, they're fucked. Nobody gives two shits about these lame ass diversity hires they have as main characters now. Every single rumor or leak I've read has been a massive pile of shit, so anyone expecting them to magically un-do everything with this last movie is a delusional retard. They've got NOTHING. Not a shred of a semblance of an interesting idea. I know people are still gonna flock to see this watery diarrhea in droves, claiming they just "need to see how the Skywalker saga ends" as if it didn't already end in 1983, but I implore anyone with half a brain to just save your money. Just don't go. Watch it for free later. Just stop. Stop giving the fucking Mouse your money.
  7. That reeks of speculation and intentional disinformation. I've heard they have tested 8 endings already cause they know they're up shit's creek this time. I've read every spoiler there is, and none of them match up....but the one thing they have in common is that they're all entirely SHIIIITTTTTTT.
  8. Oh snap, it's over? That means that the 2010s is the only decade that the Yankees didn't make it to a Series in the last hundred years.
  9. Jesus. What kind of life must it be to be burdened by the constant agony of what a handful of random fucking strangers think about you? "He wondered at the powerful, destructive tendency in humanity which drives a man to painful extremes in order to maintain the picture of himself which he has manufactured for the rest of the world to look upon." - Grace Metalious, Peyton Place
  10. I don't know about music, but I first heard that phrase in the 1978 documentary "Scared Straight" which sent young troublemakers to a prison to see what was in store for them if they didn't change their ways. It was uncensored and raunchy as fuck. We watched it in my sociology class my senior year. This hard old black guy gets right up in the faces of these crying high school kids and says, and I quote: "I gotta tell ya, I've been here 10 years and I'm gonna die in this stinkin' joint, and if they wanted to give me these three bitches right here, I would leap over them like a kangaroo just to get to one pretty young fat butt boy."
  11. Yes, I still doubt it. I'm only going by the facts that were given. It's merely fan speculation and nothing more that it was re-recorded. If proof comes out, I'll happily eat my words and admit I was completely wrong. Just like I did for insisting for 10 years that there was no "Vault." Well, we know now there is, and I admitted I was wrong all along. Until anyone provides concrete evidence that it's not an old demo that was polished using modern technology, I'll continue to believe that.
  12. I gotta stop watching Bill Maher every week, but it's an old habit and I just keep doing it. It's fucking disgusting watching these people bend over backwards to reverse their stances on stupid issues just cause Orange Man Bad. Tonight was an hour of Bill and friends, who for eight years of Bush Jr. screamed and cried about getting the fuck out of the middle east, now screaming and crying about how goddamn important it is to continue some bullshit war in Syria. I thought Bill was awesome for making "Religulous" about 15 years ago but he's become a loathsome, crawling little thing ever since Trump won. Trump destroyed him. He has the worst case of TDS I've ever seen. Fuck Syria and fuck the middle east. Let them kill each other if that's what they want to do. Why is it any of our goddamn business? (Funniest moment on the show was unintentional of course....the look on Neil Degrasse Tyson's face when Bill mentioned "Me Too" to a different guest and Neil just kind of squirmed in his seat.)
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