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  1. Apparently, not wearing a mask is a sign of white privilege, according to the front page of yahoo. When I first saw it a few hours ago, it had those precious words "white privilege" right in the title, (note lowercase w, ALWAYS make sure the w is small and the B in Black is BIG!!) but they seemed to have scrubbed it from the headline. It does appear in the article, though. On top of the privilege that may be fueling the disparity, Blackstock says that Black Americans and Latinos have shared experiences that lead to a strong sense of community, wh
  2. It's easy to hate a guy that ridiculously good looking who just might go down in history as the greatest QB of all time. But come on....motherfucker switched teams and he's going RIGHT back to the big game?? No respect for that? I'm not even a Pats fan in any way. Just gotta respect this guy.
  3. I had the nasal probe last week and I'd gladly take one up the pooper than go through that again.
  4. PS....Trump is worthless. He's done. He's a neutered, blind, crippled dog that they've taken out behind the barn to shoot. It's evident that they threatened the lives of his family on January 6th. They said "Shut the fuck up and go away.....or else." Trump's defeated. Is it in his "character" to just accept defeat like that and slink off into the night? Not really. I think they finally let him know just how expendable he is. And let's say he did have an ounce of fight left in him....what's he gonna do...write messages on little pieces of paper and s
  5. Why would any election in 2022 or 2024 be any more valid than the crock of shit we just witnessed? You still believe in "elections" and "voting" after what you just witnessed with your own eyes? You documented it in real time better than anyone. There is no opposing the will of the Elites. What they want, they get. And apparently what they want is for the Democrats (as if that word even means anything anymore) to stay in "power" so they can keep what they've had all along: total and complete control of everything. Government, media, education, pharma......they have
  6. My dad has bragging rights of seeing him in 1965, when he opened with an acoustic set, and then a band came out and he went electric for the rest of the show. The crowd turned on him and booed and hissed. They hated electric Dylan.
  7. Bill Clinton redirected the power to plug directly into his cock, to give his erection just a few more weeks of juice.
  8. I thought this was pretty well done. There are definitely some instances where it was odd they didn't go with better examples. I like that since there are apparently no direct references to West Virginia they just went with a marrying your sister joke.
  9. When I was a kid, the shitty off brand Dr. Pepper sold at Aldi's was DR. SWEET!! But I can't find any photographic evidence of it. Apparently it's called Dr Dazzle now. If your insurance is too shitty to afford a consultation with Dr Pepper, Dr Thunder, Dr Sweet, or Dr Dazzle, you can always make an appointment to see Dr. Pop.
  10. I couldn't read all that vomit that faggot spewed but from what I saw my favorite part was that this bitch has no family cause she's a gay Jew and uhh....The Holocaust? Riiiight. The thing that happened 70 years ago is why a 30 year old dyke living with her fucking dog in New York is the reason she has no family. These people are so stupid they should be sterilized, but thankfully they've already taken care of that by either cutting their dicks off or being gay.
  11. You know the Chinese government would send a bill to your family for the bullet.
  12. Yeah man....fucking three days of this BULLLLSHITTT???? We need Trump back NOW!! He was the answer!! (I'm assuming you're joking.)
  13. What the hell is wrong with your mom? Sounds like they've been abusive to her since she was a kid and they have some kind of hold over her. Look man.....there's nothing you can do for her if she won't stand up for herself. She's obviously a grown adult. She's choosing to live this way. You can't force her to come to her senses. She has to do it on her own.
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