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  1. EstrangedTWAT

    Greta Van Fleet

    Never heard of them til now. I made it about 20 seconds. There have been plenty of bands that aped GNR's style and sound but never really had any REAL success.....I'm thinking Buckcherry, Avenged Sevenfold....and of course Ghost Town Road.
  2. EstrangedTWAT


    I LIKED Moulin Rouge when it came out, but there's no denying it's gaaaay. I also liked the first 15 minutes or so of his Romeo and Juliet, then it got really boring. Gatsby was just OK. Australia was boring and shitty.
  3. EstrangedTWAT

    Did you start off your path to addiction with breakfast?

    I think my first addiction was chocolate. As a kid, if I was allowed a candy bar, I'd inhale it in seconds. It was never enough. I just needed more. More. More. I'm still chasing that dragon.
  4. EstrangedTWAT


    Last heard in the flamingly gay completely heteronormative hit film from 17 years ago (Moulin Rouge), comes the latest hit single from our favorite band...are the rumors true? Is this what we've been waiting for all this time? Another awesome fucking cover?? (it's not a bad tune, actually.)
  5. EstrangedTWAT

    Red Hand Chinese Democracy

    Man, remember that time you met Axx Rise and had him sign your arm? That was awesome.
  6. http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/12/blind-items-revealed-5_3.html This permanent A list singer who had his best days a few decades ago still fronts the band that made him famous. He says he was intentionally poisoned by someone posing as a caterer who left immediately after administering it in some food. Axl Rose Normally I'd called bullshit on garbage like this. But let's say it's true. Maybe, just maybe, that would account for why he's looked so fucked up the last ten + years. Poison did this to that Ukranian politician remember? And who has always hated Axl Rose?? Rival 1980s hair metal band POISON. All the pieces fit. I bet it was a crazed South American fan that thought Axl was too beautiful for this mortal world. Either that or Beta. It was Beta.
  7. EstrangedTWAT

    Red Hand Chinese Democracy

  8. EstrangedTWAT

    what will the days and weeks following axl's death be like?

    Hey, there's no GOOD reason to kill yourself. But if you wanna compare jumping in front of a train cause you work 15 hour days and can't get laid and hate your life and all the stress and that......or crying and and sobbing and blowing your brains out cause Axl Rose is dead? One sounds sillier than the other. But it's a hypothetical. Can you honestly tell me, as a South American, you don't expect at least one obsessed fan from your continent to kill himself after Axl dies?
  9. EstrangedTWAT

    Dave Grohl is Shit

    I'm sure Nirvana sells more t-shirts a year even now than FF sells shirts AND CDs.
  10. EstrangedTWAT

    what will the days and weeks following axl's death be like?

    And all 300 have the same vocal tracks we already have, just different bullshit beeps and boops in the background.
  11. EstrangedTWAT

    who has released the best music in the last 10 years

    Well, I haven't listened to a single Foo Fighters or Slash song in the last ten years, but I've listened to a shitload of nothing from Axl, so to be completely fair, I had to vote for Axl.
  12. EstrangedTWAT

    what will the days and weeks following axl's death be like?

    And yes, we've all agreed that if there is indeed any music that actually exists, the only way we're ever hearing it is when Axl dies and Beta cashes in. Even then, I've never really understood greed once you get to that level. She and her entire extended filthy family of brown illegals already live in luxury and opulence....how much more do they need?