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  1. Look. All y'all motherfuckers are FUCKED. I wasn't gonna step foot on my native soil while that virus horseshit was going on....but this? Full on wide scale black rampage and riot, destroying everything in its path like Roseanne at a buffet?? Fuuuuck that. I'll see who survives and pull you out of the burning embers when I come back when it's safe....in say...2025. Those Spacex guys must be glad as shit they got out in the nick of time. Reminds me of this little ditty....and oldie but a goodie and like all the best, still just as relevant today:
  2. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last night, which is the way he wants it; well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you men.
  3. You're starting to get it. But not ALL people are bad. Just women.
  4. People ask me all the time "Don't you miss your home? Don't you miss your country? Aren't you homesick?" Look at this thread and you tell me.
  5. Yeah, lots of layers.....politics really is like a great heel turn, lift up the babyface angle isn't it?
  6. Axl is on the right side of history, unlike all of you garbage people. He's a true ally. He's untouchable.
  7. All this reminds me of is that fucking lunatic that offed himself on video before sending a bomb to bjork. That guy rolling around in his room with the yoga shirt on? Look at his eyes man. There's nothing there. There's no soul in there, just mental illness. Gives me the motherfucking willies.
  8. It's hilarious to me to see people get so fucking worked up about something that means nothing. Who gives a fuck that ORANGE MAN BAD? We fucking get it already. BORING. I think Hillary's a cunt and I genuinely won't feel an iota bad about it when she dies. But that doesn't mean if she won I'd actually take the time to make a twitter account and bitch about it. I guess I can understand if I think of it in terms of how I felt when the Chicago cocksucking Cubs beat the Indians after being down 3-1 in the 2016 World Series. I mean...I still get fucking LIVID and my blood pressure shoots through the roof just thinking about how the dickless faggots on my team managed to blow a 3-1 lead like a hooker at a truck stop. Still....despite my fury that continues to this day, I don't bitch about it on twitter. Other than being angry, the World Series didn't affect my life. And the outcome of the 2016 election has had about as much actual, measurable effects on my life (or any of ours) as that shitty World Series.
  9. Jon Cryer is Luthor now, not his idiot nephew like in Superman IV? I liked that guy. He was funny and stupid in an otherwise unwatchable move.
  10. Superman was created by two Jewish men in Cleveland in 1938. If you don't like Superman, you are LITERALLY HITLER and an anti-semite racist and need to be CANCELED like, NOW. But for real though, ALL comics creators were Jews back in the old days.
  11. Well maybe you're not picturing it right in your head. They're wearing uniforms.
  12. That.......sounds like a really all right way to spend an afternoon, actually.
  13. Why even play their bullshit games? Just radio silence from this moment on. Fuck her, she's done.
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