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  1. Yuck. I'd stick my dick in Wesley Snipes in "To Wong Foo" before I'd put it in that black chick. He had long hair at least. That's about the only difference though.
  2. Me too, if I only look at her nips poking outta her wifebeater. I don't like her stupid face. Marvel's fucking DONE. Rewatch the first 20 movies with the good cast. Who the hell wants to watch a bunch of nobodies playing D-list super heroes now? It was cool for what it did, but it's over.
  3. For real though....what does a guy like that actually want? If he wanted to look healthier and younger, he could. He obviously gave a shit right up until about 2011 or so. Then something must have broke inside him. He just stopped giving a fuck about what he looked like or sounded or what people were saying about him. Do you think he sits and watches "Making Fucking Videos: November Rain" and just rewatches his fake wedding with Stephanie Seymour over and over and over on infinite loop? OR.....has he destroyed and burned any and all evidence that he was ever young and thin, like the Beast ripping up his portraits in the beginning of Beauty and the Beast? The only photographs of him that are allowed in the Team Brazil complex in Malibu are the NITL pics where he's photoshopped to be thinner. I don't know. I could see it either way. Maybe he's had enough of all drugs a person can ever take, all the sex with hot models, all the sold out shows in front of adoring fans. There's simply nothing left to do but eat himself to death.
  4. Oh that day is coming soon my friend..... Soooooon.......
  5. This statue just arrived from amazon and it's the most awesome thing I've ever seen.
  6. I loved The Departed and Wolf of Wall Street. They're just plain FUN.
  7. This song is constantly stuck in my head. All day. All the fucking time. Even worse when there's a full moon. I love this song.
  8. Took me four tries to get through.....yawwwwwwwwwnnn, Look....the man made Goodfellas so he gets a lifetime pass but god this movie was boring as fuck. I imagine it'll be considered "brilliant" by the mustache twirling hipsters that love whatever guys like David Lynch shit out, but anyone who is completely honest knows this is a bloated, boring, meandering, pointless mess.
  9. Nah, I've always been on the same page, I'm just less vocal about it. It's like yelling and screaming at a group of chimps to stop throwing their shit at each other. Does not good. I think some people might suspect the truth deep down, but it scares the fuck out of them to admit it. Same with religion too....people just can't handle the pant-shitting terror that when we die it's just infinite blackness, so they cling to whatever fairy tale helps them sleep at night. Religion and politics and sports are all the same. I'm a nihilist. I know nothing matters and the only thing that makes any sense is to eat as much delicious beef as you can, and fuck as much delicious pussy as you can, and enjoy this short time we get to exist as much as possible. Part of that means I want everyone to leave me the fuck alone so I can do what I want, and in return, I'll leave you the fuck alone too. Too bad the masses can't even fathom of attempting to live that way.
  10. LOL to all of you that think this isn't as 100% scripted and determined beforehand like Wrestlemania. We're all the same fucking mouthbreathing morons to these cunts in charge. To the inbred hillbillies, they give em Wrasslin' and monster trucks and Nascar. To the somewhat literate middle class, they give them all manners of sportsball....with YOUR city printed right on the clothes!! Rah rah!! And if that doesn't work, they give em retard action movies where 90 lb chicks kick the shit out of 1000 year old gods and super heroes stop the universe from ending every 6 weeks. And finally, to the upper crust snobs, they give them "politics" and NPR and let them argue about insane bullshit like welfare and kids in cages while they drink their wine and eat cheese. Fuck em. Fuck all of them....it's ALLLLL the same. It's ALLL a distraction. NONE of it matters. Trump hasn't changed your fucking life a single iota just like Obama didn't. Same shit, different bumper stickers. The only difference this time is the media's throbbing hate boner is ready to explode and someone's gonna get bukkaked. I've never seen such an organized, unified attack on ONE human being in my entire life. Not even Hussein or Bin Laden. It's lunacy...but it's all part of the game. So carry on peasants. Enjoy your bread and circus. None of it fucking matters but the people in charge still get to suck cavier out of 8 year old boy's asshole's on private jets so that's all that matters. I'm gonna stop now before I get Seth Riched in the back of the head.
  11. Yo Repo, we hit on Lynch and Criterion somewhere in another thread....I'll try to find it. As I've said before, I adore Yi Yi and I own Tampopo.....and I love Twin Peaks when Mark Frost reigns him in a bit, but pure unadulterated Lynch can gross/creep me the fuck out. I can still see the "baby" in Eraserhead when he unwraps the wrappings.......in my fucking nightmares.
  12. I want all the shit rumors to be true. ALL of them. But I'm realistic enough to know it's just bullhurt former fans making shit up. Don't get me wrong, this movie is gonna gargle ballbag.....it's just not gonna be AS bad as we hope. Not even TLJ bad. But we can hope, can't we??
  13. We couldn't possible agree less on these two films, but it's refreshing to hear something that passionate about anything that isn't the last "20 minutes of endgame omy gzz it's was soooo epic!!!" So I respect that you know what you like, you understand film as an art form, and can see shit movies from a mile away. I'd like to think we're the new Sisket and Ebert where Siskel enjoyed "movies" and Ebert enjoyed "films." They disagreed, but they respected each other. And they mostly haaated SHIIITTT for obvious reasons. And yes, Thin Red Line was great.....for curing my insomnia!! (But for real, that movie let me down sooo bad...with that cast it was inexcusable to make a movie that dull. And around the same time Private Ryan completely stole its thunder. For the record I loved Saving Private Ryan."
  14. I don't trust streams. People can pull them any time. I need to have the actual file that I can control. http://wetransfer.com/downloads/ea47a8e9fa649e957ea7070268cab91c20191206110415/60e21d Sorry this one seems a bit lower resolution....
  15. Dammit....Mando 5 isn't up yet. Just hold tight me mateys.....soon as I have it in reach I'll raise the Jolly Roger and the booty will be ours....
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