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  1. I've always used imgur. I'm sure they'll close eventually too.
  2. I am a whore. I just can't stop collecting stuff. Although I vowed to never ever support Axl/Team Brazil after the Lil Dick Dunsford incident....I've still made some purchases. First of all, I bought all the variants of the Estranged CD single that have titties on them. I've wanted them since I first saw them in 1994 and seeing titties was a bigger deal back then. I don't have the South Korean pressing, cause those prudes covered the titties. Should I get it anyway? I mean...my name's not Troccolli after all! My next purchase was after they desperately started slashing prices on their bullshit boxed sets. Fuck no, I didn't get locked and loaded, but I DID pick up the $200 super deluxe for only $38, including shipping. That will likely be the last money Team Brazil ever gets from me. Not long after that I got the Shadow of your Love 7 inch from a seller on amazon. I didn't know it was on red vinyl and I looooooves me some colored vinyl, so I said, why not? Now we're into Holy Grail territory. There was a 3 disc boxed set called "Three Days in Tokyo" from 1993 that I used to just drool over at record stores and conventions when I was a broke high school student. I have zero doubt I have everything in the box on MP3 but that hoarder part of me wanted the real thing. I was able to snag one that's claimed to be like new for $50 off ebay. And that brings us to today. For almost 20 years, my number one holy grail (other than actual fucking NEW MUSIC, duh) has been the legendary 01-01-01 House of Blues Kamikaze Pilot shirt. I fucking love this shirt. But I missed it on ebay so many times. I even bought an obvious fake a few months ago but it was too shitty. I wanted the real thing.. Well. I just bought it. From a seller that's 100% legit. He's in the video. You all know who he is. It doesn't get more legit than that, so I figured, I can trust this guy to not rip me off. So when I go home to see my parents for Christmas, it's gonna be a white trash wonderland....Estranged CD singles, AFD super deluxe, an old Tokyo Boxed Set Bootleg, and my most lusted after GNR shirt of all time. Who needs new music when I have all this ridiculous SHIT to distract me???
  3. Dude...we don't know who that is...we need PICS or how else are we gonna fap?
  4. I have never seen a mouth so achingly starved for a big black dick. Would somebody please fuck this poor kid's face and put him outta his misery???
  5. That shit is fucking beautiful. I thought Axl's sig looked way off when I first discovered Faggot Hair's pics about a month ago. And now...we know the whole story.
  6. Just an odd choice. Like choosing the lesbian instead of the hot bitch from Scooby Doo. But I'm sure I'd be able to work with it.
  7. IRMA??? Nobody on the show ever wanted to fuck Irma. Was there an episode where they put some makeup on her and made her dress "hot?" Cause I could see it then, if they did the old "frumpy librarian is secretly really hot" gimmick.
  8. One more thing I gotta give credit to Perry for, is he seems like he really hasn't backed down to censorship, always fighting for the right to have his risque albums covers available. One thing I really realized the other day is that the song "Whores" (which wouldn't even be allowed in today's PC-on-crack culture) features the opening lines: "Way down low where the streets are littered, I find my fun with the freaks and the niggers" They've been playing this song, in all their incarnations, from 1986 right up until their most recent show in 2017. As far as I know, there's never been a controversy, he's never apologized, and he goes out and sings the song with that word every night and nobody seems to care. Sure is a lot different from the old One in a Million "scandal" and the 20 years of backpedaling over it. Perry just doesn't give a fuck. Kinda like Quentin, although he gets a loooot of shit for it. Oh....the dreaded "N WORD." Oh, the worst possible combination of consonants and vowels that formed in human history. It's fucking exhausting. My man Louis CK put it best....(still one of the best living comedians of all time despite his little quirk of jerking off in front of people)
  9. And to resurrect this thread along with my cartoon-fucking thread, I thought of another the other day. I was watching Prince videos on youtube and remembered the scene in Purple Rain where he tricks Appolonia into stripping and jumping into the lake. The scene is so brief....we barely get a glimpse of those giant glorious knockers, but when I was lucky enough to be in the room when my sister was watching and I got an eyeful for that millisecond my little prepubescent weener got painfully hard.
  10. So it's a lazy Tuesday morning here in Japan. Hut August humidity....cicadas chirping. I still have a few more days til I have to go back to work, so I'm sitting in my AC watching old 1980s episodes of Thundercats, as one does. Now obviously, a lot of little boys in the 80s wanted to bang Cheetara. Hell, the whole Furry thing might have even had it roots in Cheetara for all I know. She's a hot cat lady. She looked even HOTTER in the 2011 reboot...they made her look younger and gave her way bigger tits. Younger + bigger tits = a win, every time. Not to mention, in the 2011 series she was voiced by this hot piece of ass from "Entourage." Meee-ow. But I didn't come to post about Cheetara; merely to mention her. Rewatching old 80s episodes I remembered some characters I'd forgotten. There was a society of warrior women, not unlike the Amazons in Wonder Woman. And they were totally normal humans, not furry freaks. No idea if they were supposed to be lezbos cause it was a fairly innocent kids' show but I don't think they ever hooked up romantically with anyone. There was the leader, Willa: Sexy outfit. I dig it. But my favorite was her naive, sassy younger sister Nayda. I bet 9 guys out of 10 would choose Cheetara as the character from Thundercats they'd wanna bang, but I always had a soft spot for Nayda. She's my choice.
  11. Here's a coupla fellas that absolutely appreciate Rick Dunsford. Mostly his pretty little mouth.
  12. I understand you have sources. And your sources tell you stuff. But they don't exactly have a great track record for being right.
  13. HEY!!! That's fucking China and Korea man......get it right! We don't eat dog in Japan...... .....any more.
  14. If there's even ONE new song I'll eat a fucking DOG. Screw the turd. I'll go out and find one of those yippy little bitches my neighbors let bark all night, crack it's neck and eat the fucking thing. Guns N Roses will never release another new song.
  15. I liked Porno for Pyros first album....but I LOVED their second album. It was way trippier and weirder and just more out there. I saw them in the fall of 96 I think...the second album had Dave on one of the songs so already the seed of returning to Jane's was already there. But they played a mix of songs from both albums and the crowd was really into it, but they closed with "Mountain Song" and the crowd erupted. So even then, I think Perry was realizing, "Hey, this P4P thing isn't exactly working out...maybe people really do want Jane's back." And a few months later we get "Hard Charger," while credited to P4P is really a Jane's song. And a year after I saw Porno, I'd be seeing Jane's on the Relapse tour. Porno for Pyros was really short lived, but the second album really resonated with me. I'd like to pick it up on vinyl someday.
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