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  1. Where do you live Pappa Fat? If I have to fly to the other side of the world for some fuckin' poonani, so be it!
  2. Eh.....I would. Dude. The dry spell I'm on? I look at a pack of hamburger meat already starting to spoil, and it looks like filet mignon to me.
  3. I was confident about a Trumpslide up until a few weeks ago. The media and social media blitz is just too much for anything to withstand, and Americans are too fucking stupid. They really do believe everything they see on TV and do what they're told. My feeling was that Trump was gonna crush it in actual votes, but the Dems were gonna eventually prevail in voter fraud and by having the media just plain ignore any numbers or evidence and announce Bi-Harris the winner. After all, it's not like we'll ever know or get to count the ballots ourselves. All they have to do i
  4. Yeah, Love and War is probably the weakest Frank Miller Daredevil story. It didn't feel necessary at all. Just felt like an overlong regular issue. And as I've said before, I love Seinkiewicz's art, but mostly just his covers. I don't think he's a great panel-to-panel, sequential storyteller. His stuff is too abstract and hard to follow. One of the reasons I've only read Elektra Assassin once or twice in my life. Now Born Again......wow. What is there to say? All those years I remember people praising it in Wizard magazine and everything, and I'd never read it but always
  5. And now Treehouse of Horror 20. 20 days for me...two long decades for them....and there's still another 11 years to go! The cold opening was good, in my opinion. The four classic Universal Monsters go out to have fun on Halloween but are mocked for being old fashioned so they get some more "current" costumes like Iron Man, Spongebob, Jack Sparrow, and Harry Potter. They go to a party at the Simpsons house and all is going well til their wives show up and kill Homer. First segment....MOVIE PARODY. This one is a take off of "Strangers on a Train" where
  6. Arghghghgh Budd Dwyer why?? Why?? I'm gonna have to pull a Budd Dwyer and suck off a 44 magnum after seeing that. Jesus, she aged HORRIBLY.
  7. I downloaded the entire damn thing for free the minute it went up on pirate sites. But I'm not a complete asshole. When it was available for $35, a fair and reasonable price, I bought it. But those cocksuckers wanted, what...$250 for the super deluxe version at first? The fuck outta here....
  8. It's been "The Simpsons" in name only for the better part of 15 years now. Yeah, the character models are the same, and the voice actors, for the most part, but that's where it stops. All of the characters have been castrated, for lack of a better word. Any bite or satire they once possessed are long gone. They're all politically correct caricatures of the characters we once loved. Homer used to be a genuinely selfish asshole. Now he's just a misunderstood, sweet, caring man that does his best but messes up sometimes. Bart was a little prick. He caused
  9. Well, FOX's scheduling fuck-ups have ruined my perfect plan of a month of Treehouse of Horrors, but I'm just gonna keep going anyway cause I don't wanna sit through all of these again. Today brings us to episode 19, aired in 2008, right before the election. So the cold open is Homer trying to vote for Obama but getting sucked into and killed by a rigged voting machine. Remember 2008? When you weren't told that the president is literally Hitler every 2 seconds of your fucking life? Good times. First segment is another movie parody, although a loose take off of Trans
  10. Fuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!! My whole plan is fucked now!! Those assholes!!
  11. At one point the super deluxe was $35 at the official store. That's when I bought it. I have zero regrets at that price.
  12. I had never heard of Harry Potter until about the year 2000, cause I was an adult. But Entertainment Weekly kept raving on and on about how the highly anticipated fourth book was coming out, so I read them all to see what the big fucking deal was. I think those first four books were really well written and I liked how it took a very dark turn in book four. But then the movies started coming out and it was this big international sensation, and JK Rowling could pretty much write anything she wanted, and it was clear editors were afraid to actually "edit" her books. Caus
  13. Well, some of the best Simpsons writers at the time migrated over to Futurama, so that's when a lot of people feel the Simpsons started to suck. But not everything Matt Groening stamps his signature on turns to gold. That medieval show on Netflix fucking sucks. It's unwatchable. Anyway, today is the 18th, so I just finished the 18th Treehouse of Horror. I remember this one cause it was 2007, the very last episode I watched as it aired in America. I was at my friend's house in Cleveland at the time. All the rest I've downloaded and watched here. Crazy.
  14. No idea how the Rock/Vin Diesel feud started or what happened, but it was probably a clash of personalities. As far as I know, you never hear the Rock having hissies or meltdowns on set, like that time Christian Bale did, and he's incredibly kind and generous to his fans. He's basically like a politician, but he's actually GOOD at it.
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