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  1. Well, I absolutely loved the one Alex wore on Rogan. So retro with the rainbow and shit. He looked so ridiculous in it....spewing random conspiracy shit a mile a minute, trying to get Eddie Bravo to choke him out. Damn. Like I said, I saw a lot of knock offs but meatpuppet found the real deal. I just went ahead and ordered myself one from the manufacturer, palmercash.com. Thanks Meatpuppet!!
  2. I want the NASA shirt Alex wore on Rogan last year. There's tons of knock-offs on ebay and etsy and stuff but I haven't found one that matched his completely:
  3. "Some" people might slip in the shower tonight and be paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of their lives. IT HAPPENS. You wanna pretend like showers aren't silent killers, then stick your head in the sand. Should we all stop showering? ABOLISH SHOWERS NOW.
  4. That's what makes them the gayest loudmouth hypocrites on the planet. These guys are worth fucking MILLIONS each. And they HOARD that money and live in luxury. I was a huge fan from 92-2000....loved their stuff....their live shows are a spectacle that needs to be experienced to be believed. But come on....they're hypocrites and they milk their fan base dry of every sheckel they can. They may have had good intentions in the early days; the fight against ticketmaster, etc. But they've undone it a thousand fold by selling insanely overpriced limited box sets, prints, shirts, etc to fans they KNOW will eat it up. And their ticket prices are astronomical these days. Maybe once they were idealistic young men, but they became the very greedy corporate raiders they once despised.
  5. Miser is convinced that Hardschool is an original GNR tune written for that Jackie Chan movie in 1995 or so, and that Axl just put lyrics on it later. I think that's a dumb theory, but in GNR land anything is possible. Thoughts?
  6. I adore the Mandalorian TV show. I also collect toys like a crackhead gets rocks. Yet I'm not compelled to buy a Mando/Child figure for my collection. Is it cause I hate Disney and refuse to support them? Nah, I have a Disney Jedi Luke after all, but that's ALL. Fuck Disney SW. Maybe it's just cause 99% of my toys are things I wanted in childhood and couldn't afford, so I'm buying back my lost youth. As much as I love Mando, he's not from my youth so those strong tugs on my heartstrings aren't there. But never say never. Maybe I'll end up with a fully shiny Beskar armor suit figure one of these days. (I am an addict after, all.)
  7. I've been saying it for weeks.....it's inevitable: it's gonna be a Corona-baby Christmas. Hopefully more in the civilized world that the shithole countries. We gotta get our numbers us.
  8. 3:30 AM here. I just spent the last 4 hours or so rearranging my toy shelves, and putting some other stuff in the closets. My neighbors must hate me. I packed up all my dozens of Masterpiece Transformers and put them in the closet for a while. Not that I don't love them; I'm just ready to look at something new. I also carefully cleaned all my AKIRA stuff. I wonder if I was having sex on a regular basis if I would do this fucking nerd shit. Truthfully....probably. Which is why every girl I've ever really liked left me.
  9. Finally someone with some fucking taste!
  10. And just to show that not all indie comics are navel-gazing, self-hating indulgence in wankery, I wanna share one last one. By the amazing artist Mike Mignola, who started like most doing super-hero books for Marvel and DC and then branched out into his own creation you might have heard of called "Hellboy." Yes, they made three movies based off it. His art is extremely stylized. Over the years he's honed his craft so that he can convey what he wants using at few lines as possible. He's called it a mix between minimalism and German expressionism. I, for one, absolutely adore it. When he started, he was drawing mainstream books like everyone else but he evolved into his own completely unique style. I bought a Batman statue based on his work the other day and someone said it looked like Batman had "Downs." Fair enough. He certainly doesn't draw a typical Batman: But anyway, enough about Mignola's Batman......here's a nice little short story he did called "The Magician and the Snake"
  11. One more Adrian Tomine....this one is called "Sleepwalk" and now we've shifted to early adulthood. That horrible moment when you're pining for an ex that's moved on years ago. It's awkward and cringey but it feels real, cause I know I sure as hell have been there. You just want to tell the guy to stop while he's ahead.....but we never do, do we? If you enjoyed any of these, all of Adrian Tomine's books are in print and available at amazon. He's a pretty notoriously slow creator though, sometimes going years and years before putting new stuff out. His brand new book is a straight forward autobiography about being a cartoonist and comes out in June.
  12. Here is another Adrian Tomine.....this one is a little longer, and a little darker. It's called "Fourth of July." Obviously he was older when he wrote and drew this one, but I like it cause it captures that restless uncertainty that can manifest itself as cruelty in children. I thought it was pretty realistic. Kind of depressing though, but so are a lot of aspects of adolescence.
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