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  1. yeah, i generally dislike shades, but what downzy wrote is utter stupidity about how the primary election doesn't correlate the general election, so shades actually has a great point when questioned downzy... you doesn't have to be a politologist to see that's nonsense in every aspect anyway the constant personal insults will kill kim, if he could use less insults maybe he could last longer... it's already a miracle that he wasn't banned since the downzy takeover
  2. AGD> all of the fillers and Shadow of your love was better than Anything Goes
  3. There are actual good fresh rock and metal music out there This is unpopular because everyone listen and talk about the same old, same old bands.....
  4. I get that you hate him, but me quoting a post from mygner got nothing to do with your issue with him and yeah, nothing is sacred I MAKE the context I don't care if you don't like mygner or if you think i'm obsessed, i will continue to post whatever i want Jesus fucking Christ, you people seem more obsessed with the "hate mygner" bandwagon than i was EVER Hating on an internet forum is another form of obsession, though
  5. meatpuppet you are the king of shitbumps
  6. Hey, JB can you change my username? I got bored with Bad Apple
  7. I think at the end of the day, blacks and latinos will mostly vote for Hillary therefore wins the election for the estabilishment It wil be a tough election, though Trump will go down in history as the closest troll candidate who had legit chances to win
  8. Source? check out any Metallica tags on major rock music sites http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/metallicas-lars-ulrich-weve-gotta-finish-the-new-record-now/
  9. Funny, because they said, no new shows until the fall of 2016, because they want to move forward with the new record
  10. 1. how can you know for 100% sure that the 3 guitarist concept is ditched? 2. When Finck fucked off the first time, they still working on new material and Axl wasn't wanted to tour.... Tobias 4 live appereances was probably an emergency situation, because they still searched a 3rd guitarist 3. Riad was rehearsed in 2009 (because they wanted to play the full album on those Asian shows) and Ashba realised that he can't handle the parts, but that not stopped him to "rework" Finck's solo on TIL... they just probably ditched that song, because Axl felt that the song is dated even more than the rest of the CD tracks... If he really wanted to play it, then BBF could have been handle those solos 4. If they really watnt to play CD songs, then they will be playing songs where 3 guitars aren't needed or they could go the half assed route with backing tracks... anything is possible... remember, a lot of the UYI shows, you mostly heard Slash ONLY
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