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  1. Thought it deserved it's own thread. He was 60. It was a heart attack, following cirurgical procedures.
  2. Yesterday Trump shared an interview on US tv given by brazilian lunatic Allan dos Santos. I think that settles for me. It's done. He's done.
  3. You shouldn't be drinking coffee ten in the evening. It's alcohol time. Or tea.
  4. Yes. What kind of question is this again? What's next? Were Jimi Hendrix and Tonny Iommi good guitarists?
  5. You think the USA is a joke, look at this: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaco_TiĆ£o It is estimated that more than 400,000 ballots were cast for him, and he reached third place in an election with 12 candidates. Because of that, he is now on the Guinness World Records as the most voted chimpanzee in the world.[4] Most voted chimpanzee in the world.
  6. Once Rio de Janeiro almost elected a monkey. True story.
  7. Dumbass, if that's the only possibility it's the only possibility. Someone trying to forsee it, if with all the data, wouldn't say anything different.
  8. A guy on CNN a month ago "predicting" how Trump could push his win means nothing. If you read the whole legislation on the matter you'd be able to do so too, these people are payed to do so.
  9. Well put. He is sadistic. Brazil is kind of in hold because tomorrow we have elections for mayors and city counselors. Which mich change a lot of the scenario. Socialist candidates have the lead on some of the major capitals. Bolsonaro did feel the punch of Trump's loss, though. Those rants son an war against the USA were effect of that, and also the police has been closing up on his son. We'll see. A lot of things will go down on the next months. And by the way we will have the result of the election in about 12 hours of its start.
  10. Bolsonaro suggesting war on the US over the possibility of them invading the Amazon in order to "protect it" is the only single time I agreed with him. Fuck off. Eco-fascism.
  11. Wait, did magisme appear before deleting the thread? Last I saw he hadn't showed up.
  12. What kind of question is that? Do you even know how music works?
  13. I just drove to the nearest gas station and bought more beer. I have a meeting tomorrow at 9am. It's 02h37 here. This is getting very risky, but might be safe still. I bought a snack on the station and ate it on the way home.
  14. Everybody listening to November Rain picturing Trump entering the stage at least once, let's hyperstition this into reality.
  15. Well, let me clarify, I've never seen anyone actually shit themselves, because everytime people get to the bathroom in time, but well, it happens. But puking, come on - don't you feel the force on your stomach when you take LSD? It goes wild in the stomach, it's the whole body becoming one piece, and if there's food on the stomach that will be a whole process to handle, but the shiverings, goes so much low on the belly, you know. And I don't know, it's hard to put a number, most I've used were 3 and a half tabs in a single day but I don't know how much .g each had. And
  16. LSD has made puke many times. Never shat myself luckly because being an expert alcoholic I have very good control of my inner fluid mechanics and can not only chose which side things go out but also can do it efortlessly and painlessly.
  17. I haven't done it but many friends have, it's quite common in this region of Brazil as it was and is still used by indians. It's totally legal, as it's part of religious practice. We non-indigenous can go to this associations which will perform the ritual as if in an indian tribe. There's a whole done set and setting to imprint the program, it's really careful, it's not a recreative drug - like pure DMT crystal might be, that I've done but one small dosage -, you don't take it in your house, it's really hind to find - the actual Ayahuasca I mean - and it's considered ugly and disre
  18. Mostly I agree with you. I was teasing to see if anyone knew her. I really liked her a few years ago, actually she had a brilliant thing going on with the pseud-reality show with all her traces of personality interacting, but well, she took most of that down because they were pre-transition, and went on to become more and more condescendent over time, apart from launching the breadtube aesthetic, which got old in months time.
  19. Wokism and SJW are fruit of the 1968 counterculture. People like to say no revolution came out of it, but in less than 50 years gay marriage and marijuana were majorly legalized in the West, which were the two clearest goals.
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