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  1. Enormous progress was made under Obama. Maybe he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize a little too soon; but as far as I’m concerned, he truly earned it later, on the day when he refused to back Francois Hollande’s proposed attack on Syria. > he's mostly throwing shade at France at expense of the absurd of Barack Obama having a Nobel Peace Prize, really, and how bad that looks for France given the fact that even he refused to back one of France's latest military attacks. Obama’s attempts at racial reconciliation were less successful, and I don’t know your country well enough to und
  2. Yeah, I know the take, I wonder what exactly you would say is incorrect.
  3. I was recently revisiting this brilliant text by french author Michel Houellebecq. He's one of my favorite writers, and I first-handed translated it to portuguese and shocked some lefty friends (mostly all my friends are leftists or plain socialists) who can't see an inch at their face. Houellebecq and his then new book Soubmission were on the cover of french journal Charlie Hebdo on the day of the muslim attacks in 2015. The headline read: "The predictions of mage Houellebecq", featuring a review on the new book, which tells the story of a close-future France in which the Muslim Alliance wins
  4. In a few days you'll be having that weird dinner, right? The one with the illuminati, where the candidates roast each other, that will be fun. Edit: wait a minute, it already happened? And there was no roasting? Damn. Back on 2016 I thought that was a genius tradition of yours. Edit again: I guess it would be too humilating, the illuminati had to intervene. I was just watching the Trump roast on Hillary. What a masterpiece. And Hillary reacts so wrongly, all the time, she just smiles, laughs, she even nods! I understand it's supposed to sound even condescendent, but tha
  5. Trump is a commie and you don't even know it.
  6. That's true, but still more than being a sidekick, a "friend", who is who Biden is. He had nice chemistry with Barack Obama. That's it.
  7. Sure there are people going hungry, excess of food while still people die of hunger is the gist of economy.
  8. Yeah, he is. He spoke too much. Trump's face. He knows it. The strategy worked.
  9. "But you're the president!" Jesus. One would expect the moderator at least knew how the government, you know, works.
  10. Trump: "I'm befriended the dictator, we have a peculiar relationship, there will be no war" Biden: "MISSILES"
  11. Trump about China now was great. Marx would be so fucking proud.
  12. Though they're mostly just throwing shit at each other, Trump said two objectively true things: - H1N1 numbers under Biden, with covid's death rate, would be even bigger than covid's death toll. Though's that's a stretch of an argument, it's not a lie. - Trump selling tech to Ukraine as in being the most tough president against Russia - not a lie either, if you put it that way (at least talking of post-Cold War times).
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