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  1. This is the final Trump tweet. The Trump Card. The ultimate trolling. And where the fuck is Steve Bannon?
  2. >comparing a "part of Seattle" with the fucking congress building. No wonder your own government staged a fake coup on itself and you're being all dramatic without noticing this is not only literal trolling but also sets the stage for real fascism. I've said by the election that by not reelecting Trump the USA was setting the stage for fascism, reaction was no different than now. What happened today proves my point. And I said before too that Brazil and the US are very close on History cycles and that it seems sometimes that Brazil is slightly ahead. Well, the brazil
  3. This isn't really a coup, but it can be called "a coup attempt". It's a demonstration of a coup, a performance, a play - of autority challenge. But the thing is that such autority or, the power, is an accomplice of such "challengers". This must be called a "coup attempt", but it's not only because of the logic that it is a coup, as they're trolling, but the mark is set. Maybe next time it won't be a joke. Once again the right proves to be much more involved in medium and far lenght operations.
  4. This is fine trolling. They're just showing that they can play do it, and both sides (invasor and invaded) are cinically aware and going along with the show.
  5. Thought it deserved it's own thread. He was 60. It was a heart attack, following cirurgical procedures.
  6. Yesterday Trump shared an interview on US tv given by brazilian lunatic Allan dos Santos. I think that settles for me. It's done. He's done.
  7. You shouldn't be drinking coffee ten in the evening. It's alcohol time. Or tea.
  8. Yes. What kind of question is this again? What's next? Were Jimi Hendrix and Tonny Iommi good guitarists?
  9. You think the USA is a joke, look at this: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaco_TiĆ£o It is estimated that more than 400,000 ballots were cast for him, and he reached third place in an election with 12 candidates. Because of that, he is now on the Guinness World Records as the most voted chimpanzee in the world.[4] Most voted chimpanzee in the world.
  10. Once Rio de Janeiro almost elected a monkey. True story.
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