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  1. Just watched Louis CK's new special. Fucking brilliant as always. And already saw part of the liberal media bashing him and the special, the same media that wants you to vote for Joe Biden. Pathetic. There's a hilarious part in which he mentions one time when in Boston when he saw a pharmacy with a wheelchair on display. Like, is that really an impulse purchase? Then he says "Might be, so I don't have to drag myself around", pretending to be a legless person. Everyone laughs their shit out. Then he says "Cus I don't have legs. Cause I lost them. At the marathon." Then everyone shuts, and he calls'em all hypocrites. When it's just a generic legless person it's ok to laugh, but no, not those legless person. Here we're laughing at all legless person equally. The part about the word retarded is pure gold too. And he's right, we stopped using the word retarded, and they dissapeared! We used to have movies about retarded people, now they're totally excluded from society as we stopped calling them by their name. I completely lost my shit on the bad words part, by the end, if you watch you'll know what I'm talking about. Anyway, he talks a little about the incident, and to put it simply, he says he doesn't really know why he had such desire, obviously, what the fuck did people think, he was gonna be able to rationalize his sexual mania? He just says "If you ever ask someone to masturbate in front of them, ask then if they're sure (...) I like masturbating and I don't like being alone." Louis CK is a genius and it's great to have him back.
  2. http://jgiambrone.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/could-bill-gates-be-the-demon-baal/
  3. Supreme's logo is already plagiarized, which is why it's so genius.
  4. @wasted how do you feel about the Nobel and the fact that Bob Dylan won it? Is the award still on your radar?
  5. They really don't, though. Unless your case was very severe or almost imperceptible, you can't tell it without an exam.
  6. That's with every type of things that cause flu. Flu as a disease is kind of weird because it's really just your body's automatic response to intrusers. More of a condition, which a series of very different beings can cause to the human beings. When there's a vaccine it will probably be incorporated to the regular flu vaccine. There's a reason you have to take flu vaccine every year, and I do have taken it every year since I can remember, as my parents are very concerned about this - and I have asthma. This might be a worse flu than other before, though, definetly. But it's not alarming that "it will become seasonal", yeah, that's what always happens, and yeah, people more easily affected by it have to and do have taken precautions over the years.
  7. Conspiracy time. This one is good. There's a rabbi I follow on Youtube, rabbi Dudu, he made a video on the Kabbalah of the Corona. First he takes on the hygienic aspect of it, saying the torah tells you to wash your hands and feet, cut and properly dispose your nails, God didn't make you to be like animal etc. Then he says, God always sends the cure before he sends the disease. We have the cure, and it's information, he says. A global pandemic so big only came once we all had practically all the information in the world in the palm of our hands, it's up to us to use it wisely. Then he gets mystical: he says it's a beautiful paradox that we're all in isolation, but going through this isolation together, and everyone is expressing much more their individualities, in a perfect abstraction which is the internet. Like, finally. Then he says, actually, that there's a journey which the spirit, both in humanity and in the single human travels trough and which ends when Malcuth, the world we live in, enters the final sephirot: Kether, when he is called Corona. Both words mean crown (in portuguese coroa), meaning the tree of life has finished it's journey, from the roots to the top of the human body.
  8. My city newspaper went out today with the headline TOWN HAS FIRST CORONA DEATH. And then, they go on to say on the text that he also happened to have three other diseases at the moment. They didn't say what he had, but he was 36. I'm having thoughts. I don't know, if you're alive at boiling water and someone throws salt at you and you finally agonize to death it's not salt that killed you.
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