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  1. Axl also trended this week on brazilian twitter with the hashtag #AXLROSEPORFAVORMECOMA which means literally #AXLROSEPLEASEEATME.
  2. On President Kanye> I'll actually pray tonight and ask God for it to happen.
  3. I'm not joking. Someone bring the Miracle Of FATima images from Discord here. http://cultura.estadao.com.br/noticias/musica,agora-e-lei-ser-fa-de-guns-n-roses-em-minas-gerais,10000062299 It's from 2016, but still. The "Gunner Day" is July 11 and the city is Caxambu. I don't remember this being posted back then.
  4. On the other hand his brother Ash (who is full black)'s clothing brand Conart has re-released some really cool tees.
  5. Well, name one frontman who is in the same league as Axl and isn't fucking gay. Sorry to break it for you guys but rock n' roll is gay practically by definition.
  6. Yeah man. Coca-Cola is the Coca-Cola of sodas.
  7. Found this. You're welcome.
  8. Holy shit, people are RAGING at the brazilian group. "If you're a GNR fan you're immune to coronavirus. Reason: GOD DOESN'T PUNISH TWICE."
  9. Yeah. Axl doesn't give a flying fuck anymore lmao The rest of the band sounds ok - had it any of its previous drummers would be great to watch. except on It's so easy where Slash doesn't give a shit either. he fuckings nails Double Talkin Jive though. best thing of the whole stream.
  10. Yeah, it's unbelieavable. I'm sure they have a ton of material recorded in South America, where the crowd outsings Axl, which would be good for them, yet they release this funeral.
  11. Yeah, he does it wrong. And it's faster indeed. Chinese Democracy had a cool groove that is now completely gone.
  12. Guys, just found out May 15th is the official day of the family. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Day_of_Families That's it, we are FAM,
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