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  1. For the first time since the reunion I'm considering going to the show. I think six years is a good time off, and might as well get rid of not have at least seen the regroup live. My dream at the moment, considering the line-up, would be a Lana Del Rey part in the GNR show, maybe for Sweet Child O' Mine and a Stones tune. But of course they won't do this genius move. Anyway, I might go, and if I do, will try to get backstage again so to hand Axl and the band something. A nice physical bootleg of the Village Sessions would be an amazing gift. My god, I'll do it.
  2. Once again we'll be able to see the shit on HD, guys. GNR will be playing Lollapalooza in South America, and if Axl doesn't pull the plug, we should be getting 3 pro-shots. March/April.
  3. With Oh My God that makes 23. Axl is an illuminati confirmed.
  4. What happened between 2004 and 2008?
  5. Alright people, now that the full Village Sessions have leaked, we can start work on the bootleg. We have 8 songs with vocals, maybe we pick another 6 instrumentals to fill up 14? We'll need someone to remix it and a nice cover too. I'm in for a good Chinese Original too, the only missing songs are Scraped and This I Love, right? We can have our double album.
  6. Most of the songs on Chinese don't have re-recorded vocals, or am I wrong? At much, Axl just put another layer, but if I'm not mistaken all the vocals we heard from the Village Sessions are the same on the 2008 Chinese, except for a few moments here and there like in the end of the If The World chorus, which he goes a little higher in the demo.
  7. I don't think so. I believe outside of a tour Axl can get in a studio and nail it, which is why most vocals on Chinese are probably among the first takes. I just think he's too lazy to re-record, if he can do it on first takes.
  8. Well, I consider State of Grace to have complete vocals. You think Axl would re-record? I consider his mubling to be part of his charm now. People talk about Kanye, but Axl was using his voice as an instrument much earlier. I'd say it's Eye on You that doesn't have complete vocals, maybe. But if we count'em both, that gives us 25 songs with completely finished vocals, with my perfect math magic projection.
  9. This is just the vault from 1998 to 2000. Two years only and we know that even 20 years ago Chinese Democracy could have been at least a double album. As you know, when talking about the vault people usually mean all that was supposedly recorded on the 10 years that went by from 1998 and 2008. The part we just had access is 20% of the whole age in which The Vault was filled. That's the story. Just a few months ago the most pessimist of you would say the vault was empty, while some would say there would probably be at least another full volume, and the most optimistic would dream about maybe 2 or 3. Well, the full access to the first 20% of the vault has given us 8 songs with vocals, 4 or of them, maybe, with complete vocals. Multiply that by 5, and we can have finally grasp the probable full size of the vault: 40 songs with vocals, half of that with definetly finished vocals. Math.
  10. Wow. I'm a standart. Amazing. I'm starting to ask myself, if maybe I have not received a legit sample of GNR song some years ago and threw it in the trash. Anyway, I'm proud of that. Yeah, if you want to hoard shit, don't trust me indeed.
  11. Off topic: For the first time ever saw this: This is definetly one of Axl's best performances ever. At first I thought he was high, but then, I saw the hand. Upward and practically steady the whole time. The guy was receiving a spirit.
  12. It means Slash is drinking again. Someone mentioned earlier he has been smoking weed too, but I suppose the problem is the fact that Slash is a (former) alcoholic. I mean, fucking weed...
  13. My dog ate an entire piece of butter once. Her fur was oily for a whole week, it was disgusting. She was a beagle, those guys will eat even trash if you don't stop them.
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