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  1. Definetly. Which is why Axl is a genius if he is behind the whole thing and it's necessary to understand the whole scope of his work. And you guys thinking he was a musician.
  2. Defo. I think it's a sure thing that there's gonna be a new Guns N' Roses album. Eventually. I know we like to pretend that there won't be one, it's a funny joke and all, but like, come on. They'll shit an album out, yes they will. By 2020 I bet, if anyone wants to bet. And that's because they are a little clever. And I think they are a little more clever than just a little, and they will eventually agree, if they haven't done it already, that more than need Izzy back, maybe they want it. I hope, and I believe Axl and Slash are serious about a new Guns N' Roses album. And I don't mean serious by actually doing, because of course they will, I mean serious as in a good Guns N' Roses record. This is all just couple's fight. As if Izzy was so offended by their offer, or if they just couldn't stand each other. They are probably over it, and I don't think either that they would give the thing a shot without giving Izzy a call.
  3. Let's get specific - how was MSL involved, and in what exactly? And then, why... I mean, what would even be the point of maintaing some shit like that? It affects a ridiculous amount of people, in which we are involved. Like, is Axl behind everyone of those leaks, as in MSL was just doing that job, and that's where it ends, or was even all that GNR Truth shit somehow financed by Team Brazil too? Not only money-wise I mean, but like, where did that audio of Axl playing piano come from? I know I've seen someone at mygina saying Beta simply sends that shit to some whomever around who likes to pretend to be somewhat involved. I believe that to be true, considering Beta has called me and contacted an amateur vechile like Axl Rose Fã Clube many times. I get that point that they don't really get the actual size of what they're supposed to be doing, but specifically with MSL, it seems to be more than just naievety or stupidness. It's clear that there has been a very deceiving agenda going on.
  4. I heard someone say once that back in the day in Italy, ideally they would cook with sea water. So yeah, salt the shit out of your pasta water.
  5. I feel you, Miser. Careful with the alcohol.
  6. RAW themed Mafia? Holy shit, I should have got in.
  7. "I can't believe you're still posting on MyGNR Forum".
  8. I'm not in any way trying to censor him. I'm just stating that he is a dumbass. Big difference. I'd never ask him to stop, as his stupidity is usually very amusing.
  9. If his abysmal political views are any indication, he is definetly brazilian.
  10. I've been in Brazil for over an year now, and am making plans to leave again. I miss the european hashish.
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