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  1. ManetsBR

    Slash Speaks!

    "Well, no, he doesn’t play like either of those guys, but he’s been doing it for longer than I was ever in the band [laughs]. So he’s got his thing on lock, yeah." So Slash doesn't like Frank either... "HE SUCKS BUT HE WAS THERE BEFORE WHAT CAN I DO"
  2. ManetsBR

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    It's cold here in Franca, as always on the rural area of São Paulo. Yesterday it rained, which is not that common. It's nice when that happens, though, the street gets full of fog. We call it Silent Franca. Anyway, I saw about some recent wildfires in Portugal too. It's kind of crazy to think how that shit still happens in 2018 and it causes a lot of damage. A friend of mine back there had her childhood home burnt to the ground on a wildfire last year. Kind of absurd, I never thought I'd listen to someone say "so, my parents' house turned to ashes this weekend", but yeah, that happens. That day I remember another friend of mine saying that there would be a big wildfire. It was midsummer and it was hot af, but then it got clouded. It was so windy it was about to get annoying to walk on the street, there was roundly a tempest coming. Which is why I questioned my friend, how is there gonna be a wildfire if the sky is clearly about to fall? But that's when shit happens, they call it dry storm. It gets so hot that raindrops evaporate before reaching the ground. So, if there's a thunder on the forest, shit happens. Expecting some more rain here tomorrow.
  3. ManetsBR

    Where's Maynard?

    I don't know what happened, but if it's stalking, it wouldn't be the first time. Maynard frequently stalked my instagram and facebook pages in order to try and find something to undermine my arguments on political discussions, like "how can you be a socialist if you're traveling and having a good time?!" Such logic. Such ethic.
  4. ManetsBR

    Axl/DC ACTUALLY confirmed

  5. ManetsBR

    Forum Staff Changes

    Well, Downzy did lock Russ' original open-letter thread on the matter.
  6. ManetsBR

    Which songs were leaked by Bumblefoot?

    By leaking I think JB means getting out of the vault, not getting it into widespread circulation.
  7. ManetsBR

    Which songs were leaked by Bumblefoot?

    Maybe the remixes. What about our boy Fernando?
  8. lol yeah. You could almost touch his gut.
  9. ManetsBR

    GNR member’s Lifestyle

    Apparently Slash was born on July 23rd, which makes him a Leo. Although it's possible for people born on the 23rd to be of the previous sign, but for that I think his birth should have occurred really early in the morning. I'm not sure how it works, but maybe Axl has that information, of Slash's birthtime, and that's what he was trying to say, that unlike what is thought, Slash is not a leo, but a cancer.
  10. ManetsBR

    No Love Remains

    Leaked recently?
  11. I heard, a long time ago, when that shit first started circulating, that the Ashba stuff is fan-made. But I don't know.
  12. ManetsBR

    Official World Cup 10's Thread (No Fat Birds)

    Brazil is gonna win.
  13. ManetsBR

    Chinese Democracy leaked 10 years ago today

    I had just got into GNR Good times.
  14. ManetsBR

    A dentist please

    Holy shit.