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  1. Shitwatching Hillary and her hideous offspring on James Corden because I can’t sleep. And good god facekicker, I think you’re right.
  2. Fuck i miss the old flea market around by my area. They replaced it with a Walmart those cunts
  3. Old news, I know, but the whole argument surrounding a black little mermaid is so full of faggotry I can’t even stomach it. “Oh it’s just a fictional character, they have no set race”. Or whatever tripe. Right, because if we remade Pulp Fiction and made Bradley Cooper Jules, libshits definitely wouldn’t go into an autistic rage. If it’s really progress you seek, at least be able to answer the following with a straight face. Is the game plan really about gaining equality, or is it just about getting even? Most of us here see the writing on the wall, but I can’t believe the others still have the audacity to insult our intelligence like this. Well actually, I can. And that’s the saddest part. they’re out to make white people the new n word. That’s the real reparation end game. And they can’t even be arsed to try to hide it anymore.
  4. Lmao I thought about that. You may be right. I didn’t expect her to come out last night so, idk, I felt caught a little off guard. It just felt weird with this animosity she still has for my best friend. So it was a bit of walking on eggshells.
  5. I know she told me this in like July, and everything seemed like it was going down that road up until we got back home. I hope you’re right though. Should find out either way within the next week or two lol
  6. If a girl calls you “dude” in passing, in the midst of a conversation, is that automatic friendzone? Let me give you some context, because this whole situation is fucked up. i went out with a group last night, and my best friend’s girlfriend’s best friend finally came out with us. i met her a couple times in the past, but basically my boy seriously fucked over his girlfriend last year (serial cheating), they broke up, they got back together but her best friend refused to share the same airspace with him. Until last night. Prior to this, we had met a couple of times, mostly on the fly and on the go. The one real hangout we had went really well, but before I could make any real move, shit hit the fan with our friends, and she had stayed away up until now. During the “hiatus” my boy’s girlfriend, several times, said that her friend really liked me, thought I was hot, blah blah, but the only reason she wasn’t coming around all this time was because of her adamant, relentless hatred for my boy. Knowing her as well as I do, she doesn’t come off as someone that would lie about that kinda thing, but bitches be bitches, right? then last night we all hung out for the first time in a year. I came later. Everything seemed to be going well. I mean I saw her straight up gawking me like three or four separate times when I first got there. I made her laugh, we had great conversation, fun overall, I thought I had it in the bag. then we go back to my boy’s house, and the mood...changed. It wasn’t bad, it just seemed...lacking compared to what had come just before. We were still conversating, and then she hits me. In the midst of a conversation she goes “...oh and dude...”. It was a quick quip, but it’s been burned onto my mind all day today. everyone had an early day the next day, so we all kinda went our separate ways at about 2 AM. Idk, I guess I could just text my friend and/or his girlfriend to get a read, but IF she doesn’t like me, I don’t wanna come off as the desperate twat and make the group dynamic weird for later on. So I’m just kinda “whatever” with them. But this all feels like 8th grade bullshit 🤣. I mean it was the first night back all together and there was bound to be sommmmeeee awkwardness given the circumstances. But fuck, I actually really like this girl. Like serious wifey material. And that’s rare for me. what do you guys think? Am I just over analyzing it or is it a death sentence?
  7. There was a pie and fat horse fuckin slayed me. “I could pooo anytthinngg right noooowwwwwww” is stuck in my head. My god 🤣🤣
  8. I am dying and hating myself for not being as creative as you fucks 🤣 well done. Maybe I’ll give this a whirl. 9 tuesdays left...
  9. There was one that hasn’t been mentioned here, and for the life of me I can’t remember her name (she rarely posted), that was pretty smokin. Assuming those were real pictures of her at least.
  10. I’m Mama’s home made chocolate chip. The other Bobbos are nabisco’s chip ashit
  11. I wasn’t really around when the Madison thing happened; but obviously I’ve heard the stories several times over the years. Why did we think p4a was Madison again?
  12. Lmao. Fags crying over “lynching”
  13. Who knew actually getting these shit leaks would tear us further apart? 🤣 If you’re giving these songs anything more than a shoulder shrug and a “meh” one way or the other, you’re taking it too god damn far. Period.
  14. Nice man. I don’t even care if some of the songs’ origins stem from what Axl wrote in the CD era, as long as the recordings themselves are fresh from the current line up. Sucks that Izzy couldn’t be involved in the creative process of new material somehow. I get he was never the greatest live player or whatever, but writing and recording songs, he was apart of the trifecta of what made GNR GNR along with Axl and Slash. Shame it didn’t/won’t happen. But the fact that it’s not just half assed afterthoughts being layered onto shit recordings makes me a bit more optimistic. Assuming and wishing this is all true of course. thanks for the info
  15. I could be wrong, but I think you’re one of the reliable ones right? 😂 and maybe you’ve already answered this on a page I haven’t read yet, but (allegedly) the recordings are fresh? It’s not Slash and Duff layered on afterthoughts in existing recordings?
  16. Yeah this is the one I truly saw coming a mile away. The DAY before I was telling my Dad “just wait for his ‘suicide’ any day now”. Up to that point, he was apart of the “nothing to see here” crowd. The next day he calls me and goes “holy shit, how’d you know?” And I’m like “how didn’t you?”. Nevertheless I was truly baffled with how they did it so openly with no fucks given on the skeptical aftermath.
  17. Ragnar’s gone again? What happened?
  18. I’m actually genuinely shocked that Axl’s only demanding two CD songs be played. Quite the turn around.
  19. Ffs they need to just set Better Call Saul to the present now, or at least dedicate half a season to it. Be a much better watch to see how Saul’s navigating through life now than the snooze fest of his origins. Enough already.
  20. Breaking Bad movie was phenomenal. Watch immediately. Some unexpected *big* surprises in the cast 😉
  21. Does anyone know what time el Camino will be on Netflix? Is it available right at midnight?
  22. In short, nothing in the leaks that blew me away. Some were a higher level of mediocre than the abysmal stuff on CD (if the world, scraped), but also nothing too much here that made me want to vomit either. the chase was more fun than what we caught
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