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  1. “You’re a young black man with tattoos. Why...?”
  2. Same. My show in 2016 was my official goodbye at giving a shit.
  3. Jesus Christ, what does Mickey Mouse do to these kids? http://www.elle.com/culture/music/a28280119/miley-cyrus-elle-interview/?_gl=1*83jjuy*_ga*YW1wLWtiQjJJb3lDWjY1TDJoNElxblNQby1rN1pWNmxkMjgyVlIyNEpyaV9kcnhiUTBEYTJfQkF3MHdWRUpUblNxTXk. And fuck off. You’re Heterosexual. You like dick. You’ve only sucked dicks and gotten fucked by dicks. Why do these libshit celebrities keep pretending to be anything but straight just to for the sake of being trendy and woke?
  4. Is it on YouTube anywhere? I wouldn’t mind giving them a trial run.
  5. Do I expect him to have a billboard hot 100 top ten hit or something? Of course not. But “hit” as in something in the mainstream rock charts like Slither or Fall to Pieces. And he can’t even make a dent there anymore.
  6. Probably better suited for shit post of the day thread but... i was gonna go to the blink 182 concert at Darien on the 17th. Call em a guilty nostalgic pleasure for a 90s kid, but they’re the only pop punk band I could ever stomach. and I lost my virginity in the basement of someone playing their self titled album upstairs, so there’s that nice little tidbit. A couple of friends were up for it and tickets were dirt cheap, so fuck it why not? lil Wayne was opening for them and apparently said fuck it last night. Bashed the crowd size, said it’d “probably” be his last show, and just abruptly left the stage anyways after only 20 minutes. One would question why lil Wayne and/or blink thought this would be a good idea in the first place as there’s not a lot of overlap of fans...but now the tours up in the air.
  7. Just caught a few YouTubes of Anastasia just to see how his live playing compares to gnr. Fuckin ay man. What happened to his live playing from 2012-2014?
  8. While I maybe liked like 2-4 songs (at most) from his first three albums, I didn’t even bother with this one. He’s had enough chances to wow me. He hasn’t even tickled my balls with a tail feather. I guess I don’t give a shit in the long run, but it does baffle me why he’s even bothering with this shit anymore. How much money can it really bring in for him nowadays? And I don’t understand what incentive the audience has to go these shows anymore. Before it made sense since it was the only way you could hear Slash play classic gnr. But now? He hasn’t had one hit from his solo career. And he’s not even playing anything from VR? How in the blue fuck isn’t this tour tanking?
  9. Jesus Christ. Why is he even bothering?
  10. Maybe the first Ted? I thought he was ok in the 2001 planet of the apes too.
  11. I’ve heard they hate each other’s guts but I haven’t really looked into it, so it may be bullshit lol
  12. My theater laughed out loud at the forced girl power shit towards the end. Gave me a cunt hairs worth of hope for the future.
  13. I was worried from the day they announced toy story 4 because of how perfectly 3 ended. it’s harmless fun, but a total cash grab and unnecessary. Really retcons a good portion the emotional sentiment three ended on imo. They made buzz go 50 shades of retard for no reason.
  14. Oh I was for sure one of those people. Even in like 6th grade my attitude towards gay marriage was “who cares? It’s not like they’re raping” “just don’t marry a dude” type stuff. And pass the obvious simplicity of my adolescent thought process, it more or less still is. But when people utilized the “what’s next then?” rhetoric, I’d always view it as a Christianity bullshit cop out. Sad that the rhetoric panned out to be more true than any of us ever anticipated.
  15. I watched that new Charlie’s Angels trailer for a laugh and I swear towards the end one of the girls lifts up her arms and it’s fuckin unshaven. plus the “angels” are fucking busted. Kristen Stewart? 🤢
  16. Was doing a lot better these last couple of months and relapsed again. Thought I was finally over the hump after 18 god damn months. Was planning to finally hit the gym again this week. Electric shock like pain back in left leg. Fearing my left ankle might rupture. Days like this I wish I was dead. Not in a good place right now.


    Cliff notes: don’t ever take fluroquinolone anti biotics unless your life literally depends on it. Even then, proceed with caution.

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    2. meatpuppet


      Sorry to hear that man. I remember the sinus infection too. Keep moving forward, and I hope you feel better.

    3. Facekicker


      Had to get antibiotics for a sinus infection last week. Remembered your story and told the doctor not to give me that shit. Hope things improve for you man! 


    4. GNS


      fuck that's bullshit you still have ongoign issues, i'd look at suiing the motherfucker but those pharma's have endless bank accounts so its next to impossible. hope you heal completely bro

  17. Big elephant in the room: Probably depressed that his only reason for living finally came into fruition and yet he was barred from doing shit except playing two deep shit cuts for like 6 shows.
  18. I don’t even care enough to have an opinion anymore. It’s been wasted potential and was ten years too late to begin with. I had fun seeing them in 2016, but that was my swan song at giving a fuck what they do.
  19. Speaking of “credible” allegations... Remember in the fall when Christine Blasey Ford received 600 grand in go fund me donations, and said she’d use the bulk of that cheddar to donate to an abused women’s charity (or some shit)? And more specifically that she would publicly announce what charity it’d be once she had decided on it? Anybody got a link to the lucky winner? 🤔
  20. Election season is truly upon us! that means new sexual assault allegations for Trump. Never mind the complete lack of evidence, the timing or the new books coming forth. It’s the truth, swears.
  21. Bacardi didn’t you lead the charge against broski before he was finally banned though? I’d have to look back but I’m pretty sure it was you that started the group PMs to start shitposting shitrock and weather chatter in his already shit threads. Lol. what happened anyways? I thought cardi had JB tell us all he was leaving the site for good just to come back weeks later as Trebek? Btw I’m not saying that as a judgy cunt as I think cardi’s an awesome poster overall (with the exception of the brief stint of quarter life crisis shit posting). All in all I’m happy that he’s back. Just asking more as a curious bystander.
  22. Popcorn, what was the bet we made like 7 years ago about the next gnr album? I can’t even remember. Does it even apply anymore? 😆
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