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  1. Make it R or fuck off. Go the way of Logan and Deadpool and grow some balls DC
  2. Love it, and love you all
  3. You can no longer search for the_donald on reddit or google. It will not show up. It still exists, but they made it a pain in the ass to get to if you don’t have it bookmarked. Make of that what you will...
  4. I think Taylor Swift’s a manipulative, calculating cunt...but Jesus Christ...🤣 http://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/commentisfree/2019/may/04/taylor-swift-beyonce-performance-appropriation
  5. Tomorrow morning is gonna be funny
  6. I unfortunately was one of the people that did think things would change, and do deserve my come uppance for it. i didn’t think we’d get new music until at least 2017, but I thought all the other things would improve. I thought they’d be more open with fans and do more interviews, I thought Axl would give a shit if for nothing else not to be outdone by slash, I thought the fear of putting out another album without Slash that failed again was the biggest thing keeping Axl from doing another record (which I still think is somewhat true)...fuckin ay. 2016 was such a shot in the arm for this band, and they completely squandered it. Fuckin waste.
  7. I visited my parents a couple Saturdays ago and they were watching it live then. So I don’t think it will be a thing for long 🤣
  8. Two movies in and I still don’t even know what they’re going for. Besides lol female empowerment, and that in itself could’ve worked had it sat next to something, literally anything else, substantial to the overall arch. But I don’t see shit.
  9. Also amazing how, especially in the later seasons, Carmella could go from full milf to “why’d Tony settle for this in the first place”? within mere minutes 🤣
  10. I was very late to the Sopranos. A friend of mine sent me the YouTube of Christopher’s intervention for some reason 🤣 and I thought fuck it. Why haven’t I ever given this a fair shot before? Summer of 2016 I watched the whole thing from back to front and can’t believe I had to suffer through so much trial and error when I could’ve dove my feet into this much sooner.
  11. Meh, I’m not expecting much. Prequels are usually pretty much shit and boring. You can only do so much within the parameters of where we know the story has to go. So you can only take so many creative leaps and bounds.
  12. Bobbo


    And if Axl’s voice is decent and consistent sign me up too. I can live with Fortus touring if Izzy was at least in the studio with them though. And fuck Frank. i don’t care who they replace him with. Matt, Steve, someone new but competent, I don’t care. It’s beyond me why Axl’s so adamant about keeping him around. He sucks, he was just barely on Chinese Democracy even if that’s somehow your thing, and he was only supposed to be there temporarily to begin with. Drop him. On his head.
  13. I think they’re ok, I just don’t see why they’re played every 26 seconds on the radio, or why they’re so godly. Even with Cobain’s death considered. I hear fucking Michael Jackson songs less. And Cobain himself was always a hypocritical, self indulgent chode.
  14. I was the only one of my friends that read and collected comics and I kinda kept that a secret because I felt...geeky or something? I don’t know. Spider-Man was pretty much passed down to me from my dad when I was 8. Those were the only comics I read religiously. It was always my jam. Peter Parker was so relatable to me as a kid. I read all the main titles from the late 90s, to just when they started over to volume 2, to the late 2000s when Peter made a deal with the devil to save his already obnoxiously old aunt and retconned all the stories I’ve read up to that point. I also bought a shit load of back issues like the first appearance of carnage, the clone saga, and a bunch of shit that still mattered while I was reading it. But after “one more day”, that’s when I pretty much stopped. Couldn’t get into the “brand new day” stuff. And then when Peter died (for real this time!) and Doc Ock took over his mind...fuck off. Haven’t kept up in the last 10 years now. With any comics actually. personally I’d go with ultimate spider-man, as it’s relatively new and a fantastic alternate storyline imo. In fact, they do a lot of stuff substantially better in that universe. I stopped right before that Peter died and they replaced him with Miles though, so I’m not sure from experience how that transition went. I also got into ultimate x-men during that time and like some of the other guys here, I also highly recommend it.
  15. Didn’t corey booker openly admit to sexually assaulting a girl in high school? And no cries because...why? Oh he’s a libshit. Got it. I can really only see Bernie taking down Trump one on one. And it’s still a far cry. Bernie would be starting his first term at the same age Trump would be (hypothetically) ending his second. Too old. Too late.
  16. Ya know I’ve been thinking about Trump’s recent rants about snl; I don’t know why he doesn’t just let them have their fun now, and eat shit later. Go back and watch their debate skits from 2016. Who are those funny to now? Now go back to the Mueller skits with Robert Deniro giving “Trump” the “you are FUCKED” eyes and tell me who those are funny to now? That’s libshits in a nut shell and ultimately why I quit the left. They always smugly count their chickens before they hatch and then, fucking hilariously, fall flat on their face bawling their eyes out. You can’t buy better comedy than this, honest to god 🤣🤣 2020 just got a lot more interesting.
  17. This whole thing has been libshits clapping their ostrich feet saying “I wish I may, I wish I might”. Not surprised they’re moving the goalposts to continue. And fuck off Cenk.
  18. Please tell me there’s a link
  19. Shit as they are, they still aren’t shit enough to have shit Robin Finck actually record on anything. Because that’d be c diff shit.
  20. Mueller is done with his investigation. Report is now with the attorney general. So far looking pretty positive for Trump.
  21. If I wake up 2 hours or less before I have to wake up, I can never fall back to sleep. Makes me wanna cut myself.
  22. James Gunn suddenly rehired by Disney. Cause lib shits are immune to their own bull shit rules. Also love how these are the same people who want Tucker Carlson’s head on a stake for saying dumb shit around the same time. And also the same people who said nothing about Joy Reid who also made homophobic blog posts (also at the same time) lied about being hacked, and then had the FBI confirm there was no hacking. Not even a “naughty, naughty” finger wave. Their astounding hypocrisy will never seize to amaze me.
  23. It’s like trying to get to the bottom of the ocean. I thought we reached the bottom circa 2016. Then they kept upping the stakes, ensuring we’ll fall like Rome.
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