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  1. During these crazy, apocalyptic times, at least this place is still gold
  2. I know this is faggot tier. And I’m drunk while my local area is being literally gang raped by protestors. But I feel so lucky. Have any of you guys actually been in like real love before? I still don’t get it. It feels so mesmerizing and terrifying at the same time. She called me dude. Fucking dude. And I thought that was the gauntlet dropped. My fuck off Bobbo. And she still chose me. Fucking me. I still feel so unworthy, ya know? Like this girl is selling herself short. Yet she sleeps next to me every night since thanksgiving eve. And I still have that “whoa” feeling all this time later. As bleak as 2020’s been, I’ve never felt more secure with my life. After I thought my life was literally over in every sense at the top of 2018. And I still wait for the other shoe to drop, because how does this even make sense? Fucking love man, fucking love.
  3. Lol, such a malignant cunt. She didn’t give three wet farts (and probably still doesn’t) about the political spectrum until it started affecting her career and she was forced to pick the side that wouldn’t land her in the trenches with the likes of Kid Rock and Scott Baio. Like she can actually relate anyways. Just another fine example of how people with everyday problems don’t want to be lectured by people who don’t have any real obstacles at all. And it’ll show when Trump keeps the crown come November. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Her and the like have always been so transparent to me. Look at all their net worths. If they wanted to promote real change, they’d put actual money on the line. But they don’t actually care. They just help spread libshit propaganda and occasionally donate pennies on the dollar solely to maintain their brand. It’s fucking disgusting to me. Just shut up and sing.
  4. Jesus Christ, I thought you were joking at first. This is why we can’t even give BLM an inch...
  5. I just don’t understand in this day and age where every living specimen has a camera in their pockets that cops can be this fucking stupid. Even putting aside that this was objectively wrong to begin with, and even if you’re the most racist being on earth, you’re going to take the life out of this man in front of a dozen witnesses throttling cameras in your face? And then think you’re just gonna get away with it? I can’t comprehend it. These pigs should be buried alive with the only thing to plea bargain being a flashlight. Fuckin Christ.
  6. Bobbo

    GnR by Request

    Their curtain call. Then kindly fuck off.
  7. Is there any state out there more incompetent on unemployment benefits than New York State? I had to take a leave of absence with my dad ill, applied at the top of April...and ever since then it’s been one big cock tease after another. Little letters of information I’ve already heard ad nauseam, shit coming in out of order, then the biggest tail feather to the balls came just today in a letter containing a questionnaire. That I’d have to get back to them within seven days of the mailing date. Which was 4/14/20. The absolute fuck? And forget about even trying to get ahold of them by phone to sort any confusion out, virtually impossible. Luckily I have quite the nest egg so it’s not as dire for me as it is for some other people. But Jesus Christ, how hasn’t someone in less fortunate positions than me burned this place down yet? All the while faggot Cuomo is fixating on banning flavored tobacco during a god damn pandemic. Fuckin schmuck.
  8. I have not been inside a woman since March.
  9. They banned you for that? I thought you just quit 🤣
  10. Leave it to this band to continually raise the bar on faggotry of the highest order. The cryptic, nonsensical Area 51-secrecy with strict instructions not to record the vaguest of vague updates about this shit band’s future. Or lack of one.
  11. It’s fine, he’s red. The rules set by libshits on fat shaming, like rape, don’t apply.
  12. Is it just me or is the celeb faggotry lecturing quarantine simmering down? For once they’re down in the dirt with us peasants and they just can’t hang. where’s all the “just watch Netflix!” and “...ANNE FRANK!!!” now?
  13. 2016 could’ve been it. It definitely should’ve been it. They did some things right. The band sounded good then. And the show I saw in Pittsburgh left me satisfied. But it was already ten years too late, and if anything it gave me more of a sense of finality than optimism for the future. And then came dipshit decision after dipshit decision and they completely shat on anything that could even be mistaken for competence. Dumb fucks.
  14. Holy fucking shit. This is getting even more blatant than Epstein 😂😂
  15. Wow this was the source I saw yesterday, and when I went back to text the link to my pops, I couldn’t find it. Now I know why.
  16. “If she votes red, she’s DEA...tragically committed suicide...”
  17. I mean Trump’s a dipshit, but the libshits will be fucking unbearable if they take 2020. Especially with kiddy gobbler Biden of all people with his progress quota VP candidate. Can you even imagine the smug arrogance we’d have to endure indefinitely? Luckily, it’s the biggest pipe dream Trump could’ve asked for. A literal senile old faggot is gonna come save us from the brink of extinction? Or whatever doomsday propaganda they’re fag crying about? Kindly suck a dick. In a game of pick your poison another Trump win will at least give the libshits another opportunity to get their shit together next time. An opportunity they’ll probably forfeit mind you, but an opportunity nonetheless. whatever, we’re all fucked regardless. But Biden sure as shit ain’t the answer, fuckin ay
  18. How would that be indicative of government interference? Unless I’m just that daft of a cunt I don’t get it lol
  19. Was natural causes according to Ben Stiller. RIP.
  20. Nate I took it back when I was going through that adverse anti biotic garbage. I really only did it because my numbers were really low initially (I guess depleted along with my magnesium) and I didn’t initially feel a difference one way or the other. But I think it may have helped me after taking it for almost two years everyday lol. I’d recommend taking it with vitamin K2 as it helps the body absorb it more efficiently. Funny enough I cut a lot of the supplements I used to take to treat my shit , D3 being one of them because, luckily, I’ve felt so much better these last 6 months in that regard. Figures now that it’s something that can be beneficial during this pandemic, I can’t find the shit anywhere anymore Good calls on the l-Theanine. Surprised I’ve never seen this thread before. Really helped me when I was going through the worst of the gaba receptor damage and when my fight or flight was completely out of control. Another good one for anxiety/CNS issues I can recommend giving the college trying is something called “Calm-PRT” by a company called Neuro Science. Supposedly it’s got the benefits of lexapro, without all the hooplah that fucks you up. Non habit forming as well and it was something that was a game changer while I was completely losing my shit mentally. It’s a bit pricier though. I haven’t bought it in well over a year, but last I knew it was about 70 bucks per bottle. Maybe look into it? Just my two pennies lol.
  21. ...poor bastard. Never had a chance
  22. When the whole rumor of “an album in six months” came about, I did check his site to see what the little faggot would say, in his typical “it’s not what he says, but how he says it” way. And it was interesting to see him say shit like “hey this tour is not labeled ‘not in this lifetime’” “hmm...these shows are labeled something separate from before, I oh I oh so wonder what that could mean” type shit. It was similar to how his demeanor towards Slash and Duff abruptly changed over night when rumors of the reunion began in the second half of 2015. It’s beyond shit that we have to study this arrogant little cock’s posting habits in this fashion, just like it is shit that Duff’s beard is our greatest ally on “inside scoops”, but both have proven to be reliable indicators on what’s to come. It is intriguing and telling much as we all may hate to admit it. What’s really hilarious is this is one of the few times where it’s genuinely acceptable that things are getting delayed. We are in the midst of a pandemic. All, FUCKING ALL, that is required from them is a quick tweet saying “Tour postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19”, and yet they are that shit and still drop the ball. Fucking amazing
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