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  1. Was doing a lot better these last couple of months and relapsed again. Thought I was finally over the hump after 18 god damn months. Was planning to finally hit the gym again this week. Electric shock like pain back in left leg. Fearing my left ankle might rupture. Days like this I wish I was dead. Not in a good place right now.


    Cliff notes: don’t ever take fluroquinolone anti biotics unless your life literally depends on it. Even then, proceed with caution.

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    2. arnold layne

      arnold layne

      Still having these issues after all these years? I am sorry man. Hang in there. 

    3. Bobbo


      Since December 18th, 2017. And thanks man

    4. popcorn's snare

      popcorn's snare

      Stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize.  Progress has been made.  Progress will continue.

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