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  1. Bobbo

    Honest thoughts on MYGNR?

    Never had a big blow over there with anybody or anything. Just didn’t agree with the atmosphere the forum took when downzy took over. It’s his place and he can do whatever with it, it’s just not for me anymore. I always liked this place better anyways. But when subs was running things there, this place was mostly a ghost town. Now that we have our own small, but active posters here, there wasn’t much incentive to log in over there anymore.
  2. So I guess Liam Neeson is done now. And to be honest, while I do understand what he was getting at, what a dumb fucking thing to say while promoting a movie you’ve got coming out on Friday 😂.
  3. Bobbo

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    Because in case you missed the dramatic emphasis on the accent of her last name everytime she pronounces it, she’s Latina. And a woman. And libshits care more about meeting progress quotas than they do about what’s actually best for the country. Which is exactly what happened in 2016. How’d that work out for them? 😆
  4. So is there anyone out there that can give me the skinny on the maga kids and the Indian dude? Because in the videos I’ve seen, the Indian dude approaches them and starts banging his drum and singing rubbish in the one kid’s face, and then they “taunt” him. And the kids are in trouble? The fuck? Why? Am I missing something? I’m not even being sarcastic, I don’t get it lol
  5. Only my guess, but I never believed Slash gave a shit either way when they recorded it. It was only after the backlash did he say “well I didn’t really wanna do it...” to save face. He didn’t give a shit.
  6. That being said, I love the comments on the video. ”my wife’s boyfriend really liked this. Thank you!” 🤣
  7. Christ almighty. It’s like the libshits haven’t learned anything from 2016. It’s the same circle of events as last time. We have one female libshit posting a staged as fuck video of her just crack opening a beer just like any ol’ joe. It reminds me of when Hillary went on Ellen with the whole transparent “I get down just like the rest of y’all!” schtick. And now we have this absolutely nauseating video once again painting white, straight, “cis-gender” men specifically as dangerous, animal-like, man splain’ monsters. And yeah, it’s more against average white men. Don’t think it’s just a coincidence that it was two black dudes putting two cat calling white douches in check. Oh and Terry Crew’s testimony right before that. Maybe the libshits are so brain washed that Trump’s win was all Russia interference. Or maybe they’re just this stubborn and stupid. Either way, this is exactly why Trump will win again in 2020. Keep it up retards.
  8. Bobbo

    Is it DJ Ashba's fault that Axl wears eyeliner now?

    No one ever thought that was gnr 😂
  9. Bobbo

    Dave Grohl is Shit

    I just see them as meh. Pretty indifferent. Some of their radio songs are fun and catchy. Never cared for much of their “deep cuts”. And it’s not like they’re Three days grace or Buckcherry level of shit. They’re just a harmless rock band with a few decent hits. Let em drive.
  10. Bobbo

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    Thought this was fake till I actually clicked on it 😂😂 please please please let Warren be the dem nom.
  11. Bobbo

    Slash saved GnR

    Rumor has it MSL disappeared from the forums once the reunion happened. idk if that’s true because you can’t even view that nut house without having an account and lol fuck that. But if he really did, I wonder why. I haven’t heard anything about him in years.
  12. Bobbo

    The End of Breaking Bad

    Still debating if the sequel film with Jesse is a good thing or bad. Better Call Saul sucks imo, and I don’t want the show’s legacy fucked with with overkill. I kinda liked that they left Jesse’s ending ambiguous, and really, what can they do with him at this point? It’s supposed to take place after Breaking Bad, which honestly is where I wish they would place Better Call Saul in at this point seeing how the season premiere intros are the most interesting thing about the series at this point. But as for Pinkman, his prints were all over that lab. He has no money and nowhere left to go. Death or life in prison are really his only options. But then again, it could be very interesting, and I’ll definitely watch it either way. I just hope it’s done right.
  13. Love that Louis CK is back. Love also how the libs are scrambling for anything at all to put him back in the shit casket and losing their absolute shit at his “audacity” to return. Look at Apatow’s twitter specifically, and his bullshit psychological analysis about CK if you need an extra laugh today. Him being blacklisted and thrown in the bin with the likes of Cosby and Weinstein was disgusting to me. Also I related so much to his “ever have a complete shit year, fucking shit cunt day after shit cunt day” (paraphrased) at the beginning. Yes Louis, unfortunately I have...
  14. Bobbo

    Does anyone want to play?

    I’ve been on this site seven years and still don’t even know what mafia is lol