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  1. Bobbo

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Nothing confuses me more than when people tell me with a straight face that Better Call Saul is just as good, if not better, than Breaking Bad. lol. No.
  2. Bobbo

    Slash Speaks!

    Hate to say it, but I agree. Such a sad state of affairs.
  3. Bobbo

    Slash Speaks!

    “Im not lighting that fuse”. does that mean he doesn’t want to put his name on the shitty leftovers? Not that he’s putting his name on anything worth a damn these days anyways...but still. Lol
  4. Any actress that demands us to find them funny solely for venturing into “comedy films”. Mila Kunis and Kate Mckinnon’s new spy movie to start. They just can’t pull it off and I feel bad for society for having to feel obligated to pretend to laugh at these unfunny cunts for the sake of “progress” two-three times a summer now.
  5. What did happen to Brasky?
  6. Bobbo

    Backstage robin finck story

    Wonder whatever happened to hrs. Almost been a full two years since he’s even logged in. None of his last posts seems to indicate a big blow out either. sorry for the random thought. Just always wonder why some frequent flyers vanish into the night like that lol
  7. Gotta admit, I re-read the fall of Broski saga from a few years ago and a had a great time tonight 🤣


    As hellish as this year has been for me, I’m still forever grateful I’m not him

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    2. meatpuppet


      It was actually sad and pathetic. I felt sorry for him. Gotta have self control.

    3. Facekicker


      See the Bernie Madoff discovery thread lol

    4. Bobbo


      Wait what? Lol

  8. Bobbo

    Oi!! Cunts!!

    Fuck have I missed this place 🤣
  9. Wow. Holy shit! I came onto the site a few days ago and saw it was offline but just assumed it was some kind of maintenance thing. Fuckin no words 😂
  10. Have had a terrible year so far, and I haven’t been on the forums much. I’ve read stuff on the other site that said fans are being threatened into submission by other fans at the request of team Brazil? The absolute fuck? 🤣 Warchild’s cult? Is this really why Brasky left? Did he really have insider knowledge? Or was that just a troll people took seriously? 😂 Can someone please summarize just what the fuck is going on around here and how this fan base got even more bizzare? I’m utterly lost.
  11. Bobbo

    Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    PM the shit
  12. I never understood why they always even wanted those people to post there. What do they think they’re gaining? They never even address the things we want answered. There’s never a long term positive outcome that results from it. What’s the point? I was half tempted to maybe post asking why Axl, Slash, and Duff are still doing no fucking press together after two years, something pretty fucking benign most bands would have no problem answering, but then I saw how the thread was going, and thought why bother. The most interesting thing I’ve seen was that Marc Canter is apparently still on Axl’s hate list . They go on for a few days every few years to basically stroke their egos and then vanish into the night. And downzy, genius that he is, treated long time posters like mags like fucking sacrificial lambs to get it. You can’t make this shit up
  13. Finally. We’re breaking him
  14. The live dvd thing was hilarious in itself. The constant delays, other rockfuel releases getting announced after Axl’s only to come out before; rockfuel trying to save face on my gnr only to eventually reach their boiling point and openly mock Fernando’s “genius management”, the YouTube preview having to be taken down because of the backlash, good ol fashioned rofl moments.
  15. Bobbo

    Happy birthday gnfnr

    Happy birthday fam