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  1. Ragnar’s gone again? What happened?
  2. I’m actually genuinely shocked that Axl’s only demanding two CD songs be played. Quite the turn around.
  3. Ffs they need to just set Better Call Saul to the present now, or at least dedicate half a season to it. Be a much better watch to see how Saul’s navigating through life now than the snooze fest of his origins. Enough already.
  4. Breaking Bad movie was phenomenal. Watch immediately. Some unexpected *big* surprises in the cast 😉
  5. Does anyone know what time el Camino will be on Netflix? Is it available right at midnight?
  6. In short, nothing in the leaks that blew me away. Some were a higher level of mediocre than the abysmal stuff on CD (if the world, scraped), but also nothing too much here that made me want to vomit either. the chase was more fun than what we caught
  7. Wouldn’t she have had to get the ball rolling by now though?
  8. That was a great scene I must admit. Especially with all the build up, well done. i just wish we had a bit more of it during the middle instead of towards the very end.
  9. Well...fuck. PM please
  10. I was disappointed. They basically made him a retard instead of just deranged. Up until the final 30 minutes I was wondering why this was even R. And even then; it was a pretty soft R. Even swearing was at a minimum. The fuck? heath’s still got this.
  11. Seeing Joker at 8. Stay tuned
  12. Yeah, it’s popular to hate on Heath now because he was so damn popular back then. Fuck that. It’s Heath and we all know it. at least until I see Joaquin’s performance that is
  13. The only bad hangovers I’ve got were from tequila. Mostly because I’d have to work the next day, and I’d get a racing heart with any exertion. Those were worse for me than hangovers from gin for whatever reason, and I vow never to even touch the stuff if I have work the next day. Even if it’s in the afternoon. basic bish beers like blue light and miller, whatever, just make me tired half the time. Except the times they don’t and I can get a decent buzz going at like 9 or 10 of em. It’s a lot of work, and if the seal gets broken it’s just a pain in the ass having to piss every 15 minutes. Don’t know why sometimes it works for me and other times not.
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