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  1. Also to note for whatever it’s worth, notice how CNN completely took off the covid stats they had plastered on their screen 24/7 during the BLM cryfest? The same plastered stats that turned my parents into absolute hysterical lunatics? They barely made a mumble about corona for the whole two weeks too. How convenient 🙄
  2. But now they say it doesn’t stick to surfaces long like they once thought. And it’s not as contagious from asymptomatic people as we once thought. “Pretty unlikely” to be exact. All the sudden. Yet it’s still supposedly spreading like wildfire because, shut up. And yet they have the audacity to berate people for questioning the authenticity of shutting down literally everything when they’re all over the God damn place at any given moment. What are the facts? The actual concrete facts? You’ve told us “word of the lord” for four months and demanded we just take it at face value and say “uh, ok, err, thanks be to god, I guess”. Only to then abruptly out of the blue say “whoops lol, guess that’s not the case after all. Cases are still rising though, so watch out. And, oh yeah, don’t forget, fuck Trump.”. The absolute fuck is actually going on? Do any two experts completely agree at any given time? Who the fuck wouldn’t be confused? I’m confused. How are village idiots like me supposed to comprehend this shit? Fuck it I’m going out drinking at the shit beach near me this weekend. Fuck it. Fuck. It. and suck my dick.
  3. And I know one of the biggest gripes about reopening the gym is about not being able to wear masks while working out. But spacial capacity can be kept in check. More than it can be at crowded stores like fucking TJ Maxx. And how many people that are feeling like shit are going to want to work out anyways? I know there would probably be a couple of shit heads that would take the risk, but enough to really be a huge game changer in our low numbers here? And then there’s the “asymptomatic” argument, but didn’t they say that now they fucked up on that and chances of catching covid from that are pretty low? And that it doesn’t stay on surfaces as bad as we initially thought? Maybe? Was that ever confirmed? They’ve flipped the script so many times I can’t keep up, but I’m pretty sure they’ve said that within the last few weeks.
  4. I wear the mask and play the game, but I do feel like at least some aspects of it are exaggerated to make Trump look bad and to hide Biden from getting annihilated with one on one confrontations during an election year. Again, not fake, just exaggerated. here in western New York our numbers are record low, and it’s a bit frustrating that we can have public pools open en masse where kids are literally pissing, spitting, shitting, and vomiting, but we can’t have gyms. I drove by my local public pool and shit was PACKED. So fuck that “limited X percent capacity” noise. No one’s following it here. We can have Kohl’s open, where people are flocking together in droves, but not the gym. Because a pair of shit Levi’s jeans that can be ordered online is more essential than physical fitness? We can have bars, but not the gym. I guess I just don’t see the logic and consistency in some of these decisions. and, speaking from experience, most of the rules that were supposed to be applied with the reopening of these aforementioned places aren’t even being enforced. And still our numbers here are down. So what’s the problem, Cuomo? At least give it a whirl 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. My best friend’s girlfriend had it. She had mild flu like symptoms for three days. Spoiler alert: she made it. Take that for what it is.
  6. I just want Cuomo to give us the fucking gyms here. I’ve waited two and a half years and figures I’m well enough to try and it’s not available. our numbers are record low here, give us the choice faggot.
  7. Like I said, their goal is to make straight white people (more prominently cis gendered white men) the new N word. They don’t want to strive for equality, they want to reverse roles to give us evil caucasians our “due comeuppance”. A couple people here laughed at me for first saying this about a year ago, but it’s only become more apparent since. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Even that will cause problems. “Why’d you generate this black character with an emphasis on a ‘ghetto accent’?” “Why does this Asian character speak such broken English?” It will never end. We’re on the verge of falling like Rome and nothing will stop that train.
  9. That’s why you never, ever give these faggots an inch. I saw the writing on the wall with Apu.
  10. I think people, even if it’s just the “silent majority”, will see through the “must pick a woman of color for VP” bullshit. Like it’s supposed to be the be all end all of qualifications. Just give me the best fucking person for the job and quit fixating on progress quotas. But then again, America never ceases to amaze me when it comes to upping the ante on asinine stupidity so...🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. So gun to head, do we still say Trump wins in November? Frankly, if it wasn’t for the convenience of Kung flu cockblocking Trump from annihilating Biden on the debate stage, it’d probably be Trump. But with Biden bunkered down and protected, I don’t know. The hatred for Trump is at a fever pitch, and it’s a lot easier to deem him master of all that is shit right now. But god damn will the left be fucking unbearable if Biden wins somehow...
  12. Man so real talk. Do you guys ever believe you’re on the verge of self sabotage in a relationship? This girl I’m with, it feels too good to be true, like i don’t deserve it. Maybe it’s ptsd from what I’ve been through the last two years and change, and I never imagined life would be this good again, let alone better before everything, literally everything, fell apart. This isn’t self pity, it’s just self awareness. This girl can do better. I’m no bell tower troll or anything, but still, this girl can do better . I just can’t believe she loves me this much, this unconditionally. She’s so beautiful, self less, caring, understanding, I feel even a robot couldn’t compute this lol. I guess I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop, I feel I’ve so abruptly left the absolute shit side of the spectrum for the most glorious one. Idk, am I making sense? Is there anyone here that can relate?
  13. For whatever my shit opinion is worth, I never got the appeal of discord. I tried it a couple of times, but it has the same appeal the mygnrforum chat had back in the day. Which was...what’s the point? What’s shit posted there that’s not shit posted here on a daily basis? What exactly am I missing? One home for talking about this shit band is more than enough, no? anyways, both mags and Bacardi are two of our finest here. Hope they’re able to work past this shit. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. Well might as well ask at this point. What’s the beef between Bacardi and deadstar?
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