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  1. 02 and the Ashba years. I will say while I do understand the main gripes everyone has with NITL, I did throughly enjoy my Pittsburgh show in 2016. I knew I wasn’t gonna see the guys I wanted to see from ‘87-‘93, so that kept my expectations somewhat in check. Maybe it was being there in person, maybe it was because I was finally seeing a variation of what I always wanted to see since I started following this Greek tragedy, but Axl and the band as a whole sounded good to my ears. It was wonderful closure seeing what virtually everyone thought would never happen just a year prior in decent form. I’ve heard it quickly fell apart shortly after that, but I wouldn’t know, because since then, I haven’t given a shit. I don’t do reruns, and if it’s the same set list only with a shittier Axl, why bother? And lol new album obviously, but even if some variation of that is on the table, nothing on the menu interests me. If they make a frankensteined effort from Axl’s solo years, I’ll pass. And the cunt’s pushing sixty now with Slash and Duff not far behind. They’re not putting together something worth while from scratch at this point. They’re just not. 13 years too late. Which is a shame, but what can you do? I’m just here now to lol at the shit show as that’s the only reliable thing a gnr fan can ask for. Which again is sad, but see above.
  2. For fucks sake, don’t these people get it by now? People want escapism in their entertainment. We just wanna take a god damn five. Shoving progress quotas down our throats constantly back fires and they still don’t get it. It didn’t work with Cuntbusters, it didn’t work with Bookshit, it didn’t work with the new dyke ass Charile’s Angels, and it’s not gonna work on a space fantasy movie for virgins. We just want to be mindlessly entertained a few hours at a time. Mass media is over saturated with woke shit culture to within an inch of it’s life. We just wanna forget the left vs right, Trumpers vs #nevertrumpers, woke vs unwoke for a couple of fucking hours a week. Just give us our breaks back before we all start literally killing each other. For the love of Christ ...
  3. ^is that something he really said or...?
  4. Bobbo


    I was 9. I didn’t even know about the world ending theory until years later. It was meh, I got to stay up late and run around my house like an asshole or something.
  5. When I was 16 I was a life guard and one of the those fuckers flew up the leg of my bathing suit and stabbed me as close to the dick as they could without actually stabbing me in the dick. Only time I’ve been stung. They caught me off guard while I was ironically on guard. Not sure if it was a wasp or a bee but kill ‘em all.
  6. Can someone explain to me what’s going on with this impeachment stuff? Sondland said in the beginning that there was quid pro quo. And then later when Schiff asked him if the aid was tied to the investigation into Biden, he says the President didn’t tell him that directly. And that what he did tell him was “I want nothing. No quid pro quo”, etc. and Sonland’s statement of quid pro quo was just his own assumption? Do I have all this right? Wasn’t he the libshits’ trump card here (no pun intended)? and all of Sonland’s lawyers are democratic donors? Is that really true? Because if so...holy fuck 🤣🤣
  7. PM if real. This sounds like the hoax from a couple years ago though 🤣
  8. I hope this makes like $500 million and Kathleen Kennedy is hung outside the White House
  9. That’s actually impressive. November Rain beating out the cuck...er...cult Cobain anthem? I’ll give them the W for this one.
  10. So from the first two hearings, none of them had direct contact or even information during the so called crime, and this haggard bitch was asked directly if she had any knowledge Trump committed a crime, to which she said no. Do I have this all right? And yet, the libshits are acting like they’ve been shooting nothing but net. We’re closer to impeachment smoking gun(s)...how exactly? Anyone smarter than me (basically all of you) wanna chime in here? The fuck is going on lol
  11. Now that Terminator Dark Fag is officially deemed a box office bomb, can we finally put an end to feminazi propaganda being shoved down our throats via beloved franchises?
  12. Not a good first day impression by the libshits. I thought for sure he’d get impeached but bailed out by the senate. Now I don’t even know if it’ll go that far.
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