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  1. I got that vibe too. Sounds like the lack of progress and game plan is making him cunty now.
  2. I never got shows like these. I tried watching the first three episodes at my friend’s house, and it seemed like Dungeons and Dragons shit people in high school would’ve kicked your ass for. The action’s pretty good, but, idk, it’s crazy to me my generation gobbles this shit up the way that they do.
  3. Both the sequels and prequels suck equal amount of dick (albeit, for different reasons) and both should be discarded. Christ, I saw Episode II in theaters when I was 12 and a bullseye for their target demographic, and it was the first, and only movie to date, where I literally fell asleep in the theater. Didn’t even bother with the last sequel movie. The original trilogy is all that matters in the end, and decades from now both needless trilogies will just be mocked for the laughable footnotes they are.
  4. I still don’t believe the label wants the “new album” to sound like the last one that fucked up 12 years ago. Slash’s presence isn’t enough to make up for the other nonsense going on around it, and I can’t believe the label would allow anything Chinese sounding out now. New recordings or fuck off. Still not convinced anything’s happening regardless, and I’m not even sure if I care anyways. The prospect reminds me of Bill Murray ripping up the script to Ghostbusters III saying “no one wants to pay money to see old fat fucks chasing ghosts” or something. They’re too old and fat to pull off anything worthwhile no matter what they do.
  5. Christ, this tour is a super senior now. Hang up the letterman jacket and move the fuck on with life already.
  6. I did go over to htgth just to see, and Jarmo is strongly hinting at new shit happening this year. I have limited experience with the twat, haven’t looked at the site for years, but I do remember how he operates usually. He’s being happy go lucky optimistic towards the subject instead of putting cold water on it like he usually does. He’s saying shit like “they’re not calling these upcoming shows NITL for a reason”. Tis interesting. Too bad it will probably be shit even if it does actually happen this time.
  7. So that’s what happened to broski
  8. The sad thing is it’ll still make a billion plus because of all the 50 year old virgins still debating if Han shot first. But it’ll be poetic justice if it “only” makes 4-500 million now that word of mouth is out how objectively shit it is. My faith in humanity wouldn’t be as doom and gloom 👊🏻
  9. Ironically it co stars Paul Fag who made Cuntbusters
  10. I’ve been saying for years they’re shit without him. The new guy just didn’t have the chops, but I’m surprised they basically told him to get fucked instead of making it a two guitar thing. i wonder what changed his mind to come back? Is he broke?
  11. 02 and the Ashba years. I will say while I do understand the main gripes everyone has with NITL, I did throughly enjoy my Pittsburgh show in 2016. I knew I wasn’t gonna see the guys I wanted to see from ‘87-‘93, so that kept my expectations somewhat in check. Maybe it was being there in person, maybe it was because I was finally seeing a variation of what I always wanted to see since I started following this Greek tragedy, but Axl and the band as a whole sounded good to my ears. It was wonderful closure seeing what virtually everyone thought would never happen just a year prior in decent form. I’ve heard it quickly fell apart shortly after that, but I wouldn’t know, because since then, I haven’t given a shit. I don’t do reruns, and if it’s the same set list only with a shittier Axl, why bother? And lol new album obviously, but even if some variation of that is on the table, nothing on the menu interests me. If they make a frankensteined effort from Axl’s solo years, I’ll pass. And the cunt’s pushing sixty now with Slash and Duff not far behind. They’re not putting together something worth while from scratch at this point. They’re just not. 13 years too late. Which is a shame, but what can you do? I’m just here now to lol at the shit show as that’s the only reliable thing a gnr fan can ask for. Which again is sad, but see above.
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