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  1. Not the first time. They did the same shit after George Floyd.
  2. When I saw them in Pittsburgh, they sounded much better than those YouTube compilations. Axl seemed to be actually trying and the band as a whole sounded great to me then 🤷🏻‍♂️.
  3. The show I saw in 2016 was my closure of giving a shit. Since then I’ve just been here for the lols at how they completely squandered the reunion momentum, which they did ten years too late to begin with. I’ll give a listen to a new album if there ever is one (lol), but my expectations of new material with zero Izzy involvement and/or the likelihood of them just layering Slash and Duff onto existing shit nu guns recordings doesn’t really leave me pumped for that either. tl;dr, they have my permission to die now.
  4. Had an argument with my girlfriend that libshit ideals and outrage culture have the entire entertainment industry over catering to the crybaby demographic (basically all of today’s youth) to a crippling degree. To the point it’s virtually impossible to have a good comedy film. Take the first Hangover for example. Relatively speaking, it wasn’t that long ago. But no way can you have small dicked naked Asians jumping out of trunks making Godzilla references anymore. Not a fucking chance you can have “paging Dr. Faggot” in today’s climate. Because faggotry won in November. The last re
  5. Late, but anyone wanna take a guess as to what he said back when Trump said the exact same thing? 🙄
  6. I remember when I was 16 we used to drive around listening to the Petty greatest hits smoking bowl after bowl. I don’t know why, we just put it in one day, and it somehow became the soundtrack to us blazing after school lol. anyways I remember he played a concert in 2010, and I had a free ticket. this girl id been trying to get with for a while finally caved that night. So I chose that of course. Kinda regret it now. Would’ve liked to see him live once, and I could have for free. Little did I know that’d be my only shot.
  7. I do wonder how long it will actually take to get to a civil war. Libshits are already doubling down on their unbearable and bat shit culture war ideals and progress quotas, and MAGA hatters are revved up more than ever. I don’t know what the fuck they thought they were accomplishing banning Trump from twitter, but it only makes them even more determined to “get the message out there”. And we’re still not even done with gook flu yet. It does feel like end times. Something in my gut tells me it’s closer than any of us think, but I hope I’m just being paranoid.
  8. It’s the same thing with late night hosts. Their ratings skyrocketed because of their hating on Trump. Colbert and the like are going to plummet back to obscurity even with the geriatric demographic, so every silver lining I guess
  9. My view is that if you were silent, compliant, or downright encouraging throughout the entire summer while they were burning businesses to the ground, reeking havoc in the streets, and destroying people’s whole livelihoods, you don’t get to complain about today. that being said, yeah they took shit too far. But I can say that because I called that same spade a spade when it was the other side doing it. Bottom line is that things are going to plan. Trump lost, so now conservatives are losing their shit. But let’s not act like the other side wouldn’t be too had Biden lost
  10. Live now for people wanting to see for themselves
  11. I actually surprisingly liked the War Pigs cover to be honest, and I didn’t expect to. It’s taken me up until now to even bother to check it out. Really, it was that Andrew Watt fag that mucked it up the few times it did go too far shit, not so much Slash. Slash himself didn’t go too far down the shred rabbit hole IMO, a rarity for his post 2016 career. And Chad Smith is fucking 59, and still killing it. Post did a good enough job. At least on War Pigs, I didn’t even bother with the Rooster cover. He’s really not all that bad when he drops the wigger shtick.
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