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  1. Can someone give me the cliff notes of this? I’ve been hearing about it a bit but haven’t had time to really read up on what actually is happening. Are they done with the solo Tom Holland movies too now?
  2. Thank fucking Christ they finally had the balls to make the new Joker movie R. Definitely looking forward to it more than the new soft as shit It movie.
  3. Just to bring everyone up to speed: http://lasvegas.cbslocal.com/2016/08/10/the-list-of-clinton-associates-whove-died-mysteriously-check-it-out/ make of that what you will
  4. I haven’t been following this as much as I should have, but wouldn’t he have felt the shame despite reaching a plea deal in 2008? He did have to register as a sex offender afterwards I believe. maybe the first time was a botched attempt? Didn’t he claim he was attacked and the media spun that as a bullshit attempt to get him moved? I’m reading the cameras just conveniently malfunctioned during his death, and he was just magically taken off suicide watch shortly before. It’s all pretty fishy. i told my pops just yesterday “just wait for his ‘suicide’ any day now” but god damn I didn’t think it’d be just one day later. Someone was eager.
  5. Title track, street of dreams, and twat were the only ones that had any replay value for me. Better is ok too. No more fucks to give beyond that.
  6. Werent the full ones leaked last year? I think?
  7. Anyone wanna send me the omg and silkworms leaks? I’m not expecting much, but for curiosity sake, why not. I wasn’t present when they were the hot topics around here.
  8. Was the site down for anyone else a little while ago? Was that Team Leeches’ doing?
  9. 20 grand for nu shit demos is the biggest tragedy of this story.
  10. Is msl even still a thing? Last I heard warchild took over the nut house and fatty went south with the geese. That was a couple years ago (ironically enough right around the reunion I think) so maybe I missed something, but I haven’t heard much about him since. Other than retrospectives shittenings. You can’t even see that site anymore without logging in so fuck actually checking. but thanks for the summary 😆
  11. Can someone give me the cliff notes of what’s been going on here?
  12. So what’s with the tail feather to the balls? 3 seconds? Brazilians are bizarre.
  13. “You’re a young black man with tattoos. Why...?”
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