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  1. @bran, what do you think of this guy’s assessment here? This is the guy that’s gonna be on Rogan on Election Day.
  2. It IS interesting given the fact that he just abruptly said “eh, fuck this campaign shit” all the sudden, and so close to the end game. I’m not holding my breath, or at least trying not to (), but holy fucking shit if he pulls the plug like this. Then again, already against my better judgment, I’m already wondering if it’s because his dementia is rapidly accelerating beyond what even his team anticipated, and the drugs he was clearly on for at least the first debate aren’t enough anymore. 🍿
  3. Saw it last night, some typical, overly libshit propaganda, but what can you do? It’s basically an unspoken requirement to be able to keep working in the industry now. It was decent enough for a one time watch, but not enough side splitting laughs to warrant a whole lot of replay value like the first one did. I do wonder how he’s actually able to get away with some of this, legally speaking. I mean I’m no where near a legal expert, but how was he able to just hijack an event for the country song, with his security team blocking the event’s staff from stopping him, with no legal ram
  4. Fuck yeah to all this. Look at what they just did to Chris Pratt for NOT openly supporting Trump, but for just being silent. Silence=complicity! So logic must dictate he MUST be a Trump supporter. And something about an old cat from 2011. Or ya know, he simply doesn’t feel like milking a platform to preach shit he knows fuck all about JUST so he can keep his job like every other dumber than a bag of hair celebrity putting black squares on their Instagrams and shit. Either way, they’re THAT inexcusably rabid now, and enabling it with a Biden win will basically kill off what’s left o
  5. I’m fucking pissed I’m missing this final cuntfratation tonight, but something came up with my girl. Is Trump objectively winning tonight? Better than the last debate?
  6. Lefty but a pretty objective lefty. Biden and Harris scurred at the numbers behind the totally and objectively, positively real public poll numbers
  7. The only thing I can think is maybe people remember their lives being good before covid, and many more people blame the pandemic on China rather than Trump like initially thought. Despite libshit pundits pretty much pleading for Americans to blame solely Trump for the 220,000 dead. That’s the only way I can see gook flu not butt fucking Trump out of office, and maybe bran’s posts are indicative of that. But then again, I’m not the person to reference for this kind of stuff at all
  8. Honestly shocked it’s looking this good for Trump at this point.
  9. That pretentious, arrogant douche bag? Oh fuck yeah
  10. Same. Hope we’re wrong, but I’ve unfortunately endured the opposite. My sister happily voted Trump last time and sent me a screencap of her voting Biden this time, because she doesn’t like how he’s “forcing teachers back to school”...or some shit. My girlfriend also voted Trump last time and is saying she’s either going Biden or not voting at all this time, because she thinks abortion rights are under attack...or something. I barely pay attention yeah it’s only two people, but it’s two more than people I know who voted pantsuit last time who are voting Trump this time. I agree ha
  11. Ahahahahahaha. I watched her full story where she has her sister bitch about it too. It was, at worst, a couple people dicking around. No one even called her a slur or anything. She’s milking the fuck out of nothing. These are the same people that block public roads all the time in the name of whatever cultist cause they’re autistically shit fitting about. But because people who have the audacity to have dissenting opinion did it too, now you cry foul? Kindly suck a dick and grow thicker skin. This country will be soft as pudding if Biden wins. I hope to whatever higher
  12. Where are these from? Are they legit? Because wow, my fears kinda relenting then lol
  13. I wonder how realistic it is to expect that people who’ve been polled are either: A.) lying and saying they’re voting Biden because of some kind of “shame” in voting for Trump or... B.) lying to throw the libshits off in thinking Biden’s a shoe in and bringing their guard down I’m, of course, little more than a simple village idiot, so I have no idea how realistic that could be. But I have wondered that lately. As of right now I still think Trump’s in serious trouble, but as per usual, hope I’m wrong.
  14. Idk who’d break their scale first, but I always found it hilarious how Axl was the cleanest of the OGs, and yet somehow aged the worst/most bizarrely. other than that, I don’t really care. Shit band is shit.
  15. How much impact does this story have at this point though? I personally hope it’s a lot, but I think the mind set as a whole is “derppppp, drumpf killed 200,000 Americans!!!!!” and people are too stupid to comprehend the importance of this story. I hope I’m wrong, but I think it’s too late for this to really pack a punch...
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