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  1. Everyone does...

  2. You changed numbers. 8302 + 1234 - ????

  3. Haha, you got suspended? About time!
  4. You don't seem to mind waisting your 'precious time' slagging off a musician you gave up on years ago. I don't really care what you call me. But in reality, your behaviour is that of a troll, not mine.
  5. Go and look up the definition of "troll" then take a look at my posts. I'm not trolling anyone. You just don't have the intelligence to label me with anything else.
  6. I would smash her back doors in. All you lot complaining about her eyebrows must be gay. You'll use any excuse not to fuck a woman.
  7. Seeing Guns N' Roses at Rock in Rio is an old dream. If they just play Welcome To The Jungle I'll more than happy. I'm sure you'll have a blast, wish I was going!
  8. I just saw your comments on your profile regarding Brazil. You really are a racist pig.
  9. Baron Von Storm is a douche bag through and through. Always was, always will be.
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