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    New Discord

    Here is a brand new invite: http://discord.gg/HWYacU Everyone got unbanned.
  2. D..

    New Discord

    Nah I'm not anybody mate, just a fellow fan like anybody else here or other forums. I can't shed much light on my connection, I've just tried to make sense of all the hoarder thing (as I knew nothing about any of it just 3 weeks ago) and communicated with some of them. That's about it ; )
  3. D..

    New Discord

    Very quick to share whatever comes up. I got some live shows I had been searching for a long time before that. But this forum is fine as hell too, so. It's just a bonus really, easy to share with people and livechat...
  4. D..

    New Discord

    We created a new Discord here: http://discord.gg/TAmKHW Since the Discord from yesterday got deleted/banned (fuck whoever did that). Most of the community is back on this new discord. Still hope Strangelove can make it back. We miss you man.
  5. 3 fully finished songs like State of Grace or Hard School? Kind of weird how some songs of this locker set feel complete and great (at least to me, they just need a better mix and re-arrange minor details) and some are just instrumental bits that we were clearly not supposed to hear in this state. Does Me & Elvis (supposedly early version of Soul Monster) have vocals?
  6. Nothing of interest to me. 3 dollars pyramid is an early instrumental version of Better, so... And "As it begins" is Axl playing piano with the same technique he plays on November rain or Estranged, with some Elton John vibes, except it doesn't go anywhere. He hasn't put much thought in it. I doubt he had any intention of singing on this, it doesn't sound finished at all. So not interesting overall. Are there other songs of the locker with vocals?
  7. It is superior as long as it's true for you. Anybody else's opinion doesn't matter. But that's just, like, my opinion, man.
  8. Walker's doing. And now, more than ever, I'll still remember, His name. Anyway, Perhaps is the weakest song of the bunch. Amazing May work though... he saves the song really. Hard School and State of Grace are the best songs of the bunch, by FAR. Though... perhaps I'm wrong, and you won't believe me.
  9. I get a strong Soundgarden/Audioslave vibe from this song. Love it. Fucking great song. Lyrics (sorry, couldn't figure everything out): What can I say? Freeway's blind today The choice that you made Is not a road that I would take To use and betray Simple as power fray And I'm far away With tears that are on its way now Oh, my love Can it be, I'm falling from your grace with me Now Oh, more than ever I'll still remember The fame It's those passing things No more like a
  10. Haha Beta unfriended Duff's wife for real? If so, she's really incredibly dedicated to Axl. Funny indeed. It's no big deal. Women see things differently. I take if Duff's wife and Seymour are both models so they must share common interests. Nothing GN'R related. Seymour is just a gold digger who gave 0 fuck about Axl, period. Duff's wife on the other end, looks legit. No story here.
  11. Not a chance. I've just caught him in a lie when he says he was watching MTV in 96 when he told me he was 24 years old. I believe he is very young, considering the way he writes and doesn't get a lot of discussions here. I don't think he's a troll either. Just a young gn'r fan.
  12. Huh? How could that be possible when you told me you were 24 years old?
  13. It will leak thursday like it always does. Haven't you noticed the pattern with clips & full leaks on thursdays?
  14. Hahahahaha man how did he do the math on that one.
  15. I can manage to say three nice things about Riad: 1) I appreciate the HOB 2001 version for some reason. I find it amazing Axl really believed in this song at the time and I think he gave his all on that show, for the time. 2) I appreciate the recent leaked version more than the CD one. 3) It has one of the best lines Axl has ever written "somewhere in time where only I can tell" Aside from that, I hate it with a passion. We went to a Riad with my gf earlier this year in Morocco, couldn't help but think of this song. Didn't match the landscape at all though.
  16. What's the problem with "Sympathy of the devil"? I'll plaid guilty right now and admit I listen to that version more than the Stones'. I'll take Axl over Mick any day. Worst GN'R songs imo: -So Fine (worst ever) -My World (worst ever 2) -You ain't the first -Riad -Scraped There are others I can't listen to anymore but they're not as bad as those.
  17. It reminds me of Prodigy even more now. Could've totally seen that track used in a WipeOut game on PS1.
  18. Very different from the other versions we had heard. Will give it a few mores listens. Finally clear vocals.
  19. I'll take Axl generic crap over Slash generic crap any day. On other topic, I gave several chances for the new Tool album, for a change. Biggest disappointment of the year, what a waste. I'll give it the "Wankers' album of the year" award. Takes forever to begin any song, and it goes absolutely nowhere with zero technique and horrid vocals. Production is decent though.
  20. Atlas is Duff's inspiration for his autobiography. He is probably the leaker.
  21. Irony is, it might be him. He's been the most consistent leaker even though he's an ass and trolls everyone. I also take it he edited at 2:42 like he always does. Butchering leaks is definitely his trademark, contrary to Rick who leaked a "proper" Hard School version.
  22. Either you're ignorant or you're playing ignorance. You look pathetic any way you put it.
  23. Not making shit up, just look at what they have written. The "it's not a race!" argument is typical of racists. When you hate on a group of people living in a certain part of the world, that's called racism, period. Now whether it's a joke or not: it's pathetic. You have acted yourself like a douchebag since yesterday so I won't show you any mercy either. You can act all high with your little group of "friends", won't change a damn thing. I'm used to the group effect, doesn't work on me. You ain't gonna tame me or turn me into a racist prick like you bunch of ppl are. Fuck you.
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