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  1. D..

    New Discord

    Here is a brand new invite: http://discord.gg/HWYacU Everyone got unbanned.
  2. D..

    New Discord

    Nah I'm not anybody mate, just a fellow fan like anybody else here or other forums. I can't shed much light on my connection, I've just tried to make sense of all the hoarder thing (as I knew nothing about any of it just 3 weeks ago) and communicated with some of them. That's about it ; )
  3. I don't think there's much bullshit to discuss about. I asked him simple questions, he answered, made sense, and was honest about some crucial elements. I think I made it pretty clear I didn't want any more bullshit nor do I fall for lies. I think some of you know that by now. Nice guy overall. He had nothing to gain talking to me really. I don't weigh anything in the gn'r fanbase. I insisted it would help to talk person to person. Sometimes you can't properly get someone through writing. He just comes off as a decent guy.
  4. I've had a talk (video/audio) with MSL. Nice guy after all. Actually feel bad that I've said the contrary previously. Like Troccoli, I think those two are real passionate Gn'R fans. They have whatever they have. Won't disclose what we discussed about but I believe his version of the facts. Matches most of the things we have discussed here. And to be frank, Rick's audio really says it all. MSL appears to be a nice, decent, reasonable guy. What really leads me to believe him is a "small" detail (that I can't make public out of respect) he had no interest in giving me (and while saying that, he probably won't even know himself what is this "small detail") before we talked, and it was true. It genuinely surprised me, I thought he made up something. But he didn't. So he's clear in my book. Apparently he really didn't sell anything, despite me thinking the contrary previously. He may or may not have stuff but that's another subject. He isn't like Rick or Walker, that's for sure. I respect his position. Cool guy. (and no I didn't ask/wasn't sent any song/wasn't bribed). He deserves his name to be cleared off the fuckers list.
  5. D..

    New Discord

    Very quick to share whatever comes up. I got some live shows I had been searching for a long time before that. But this forum is fine as hell too, so. It's just a bonus really, easy to share with people and livechat...
  6. D..

    New Discord

    We created a new Discord here: http://discord.gg/TAmKHW Since the Discord from yesterday got deleted/banned (fuck whoever did that). Most of the community is back on this new discord. Still hope Strangelove can make it back. We miss you man.
  7. Come back here mate, a lot of people are joining already: http://discord.gg/TAmKHW You'll be able to remake the discord in no time! ; )
  8. Godammit! Strangelove can you create a new account on discord and pm me once you reach this new discord? http://discord.gg/TAmKHW I'll transfer you the rights as admin as you know how it works. We'll restart from scratch. You & Bomber, you know how to deal with it.
  9. Can I name you admin on my server and have you help me with running the discord? I don't know jackshit about how this works.
  10. I just created a new discord: http://discord.gg/TAmKHW Let's try this. They won't fuck us like that.
  11. I believe Tricoli even more now. Better than the old one, thanks Brasky by taken care of him.
  12. Did you spam food stuff? He thought you were MSL. You should pm him.
  13. Does this work? (MSL screenshots): http://imgur.com/a/MzjabIt (the screenshots aren't in the right order, sorry for that, use the time stamps and everything you now know to really understand what's going on)
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