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  1. We have a link and time for the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thomasmeadow/2013/08/17/guns-n-roses-radio-show 5PM US East Coast Time. 10PM UK time.
  2. From the man himself: "Thomas Meadow Radio Show (as of right now a in person guest host) Saturday. Time unknown. some one message BBA" http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thomasmeadow/2013/08/17/guns-n-roses-radio-show
  3. I'm glad for bacardi. Since he is still in highschool despite being 20 years old, I suspect that this is the closest thing he'll ever come to a real job and I know it means much to him. I liked your post Randy and I agree with you. This is my last post here as well. Bye!
  4. I registered there to be able to post in TM's threads. Hopefully they wont ban me.
  5. Because you were born that year Or maybe there's another reason. Maybe I'm also fond of the number 14. Haha, it's actually because I'm born that year, but 14 and 88 are known symbols for Neo-Nazis. H being the 8th letter in the alphabet, which would symbolize "Heil Hitler" and 14 are known for "The 14 words". Google those if you want to know more. I just find it a bit funny since so many on here think I'm a racist and all. But yeah, the reason is because I'm born that year.
  6. 88 and darkblue. Go figure why 88 is my favourite number.
  7. lol, as if she's the reason you'd want to play her. You just want to be naked with Leo in a car.
  8. Erhm... what? It's obvious that he was fired since I know that Miser sent JB those quotes and shortly after he "resigned", stating that "Today I resign from my duties as moderator of GunsNFNRoses. The reasons for this are personal and hopefully will only remain known to those who already know them." For anyone with half a brain, it would be obvious that he was fired or felt forced to step down, due to the mess he had caused.
  9. Yeah, like I said, I defended you because I was happy to be rid of Broski. I already said that I was a hypocrite for it, but that's the truth.
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