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  1. provided this is mrsoulmonster from ROBLOX would you be interested in reviving personal servers?

    message me here or on discord at Harmsy#5514

  2. I also have asked several people to help me out with a pm but they didn't. Haven't been rude to anyone. I still call bs.
  3. @Troy McClureI also like Pro Minigolf!
  4. well.. actually, i' don't get it. Many people here, especially the creator of this thread, have a problem with People who are begging for the new leaks. what the hell did you expect, people would do? i mean, you, who SUPPOSEDLY have Atlas, were also desperately begging for new material for years! And, if you all didn't want anybody to annoy you with begging, why did you build up such a hype by creating several threads about the leaked songs, istead of talking and discussing them in the closet? BTW: i hardly see any real discussion about the songs, like we had in 06... talking about Details of the Music or lyrics. deeper meanings, etc... i REALLY doubt, that Atlas has leaked. IF s.th. has leaked actually, it's maybe some two Minutes Clip of a Telefone recording of the General... this is no offense. maybe i'm wrong. but to me it Looks like a big hoax or an attempt to get in contact with s.o. who is willing to trade some real stuff.
  5. no, the songs came from msl. he most probably leaked them by himself to make them worthless in regards of possible further trades, i guess.
  6. ...finally i decided to trade my ultra rare, still sealed "HOW ARE YOU GRENADE" alt. version of the album for an unreleased song. I'd prefer Jackie Chan, but any other previously unreleased GN'R song would do it as well. The first of you guys contacting me and giving me a real proof, will make the deal.
  7. "Like a scorned love that's been tortured by an evil heartless habit. No stone will go unturned - Won't ever turn back I wish I never fucking had it."
  8. sorry dude,the one i mean is one of the bigest trolls over there

  9. i think there's another guy on mygnr with the name soulmonster. i'm on mygnr. as mr.soulmonster too. why are you asking?
  10. i'm quite sure, there's already big talk behind the scene... maybe all this speculation is made up to get a bigger surprise in the end... i'm very confident now, that we will hear/see at least one song performed by the original line-up. maybe jungle, paradise city or even nightrain... one time only reunion starts now!
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