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  1. Not a girl. Just need to change my avatar. Thought I did that already but turns out I deleted my signature instead.
  2. Anyone else ilke the quote/like section under the signature better? Was it like that before or am I imagining things?
  3. People need to do another take on the pictures we already have. There's an interesting similarity between something you can see through a window on one of the buildings and something those torture chambers for rent discovered through the EncroChat bust were supposedly stocked with...
  4. I need this. If anyone can share a copy I'd be very appreciative 🙏🏼
  5. Weed, but the trick is you need to start smoking when you wake up and not stop until you've made your way back into bed again.
  6. Why would he post that? And to a formidably sized audience no less.
  7. Garufuriendo no sekushi foto o kouzen to shea dewanakatta, demo, nippon de kaeru, tabun..., Unless you don't like filipino women. Or people who speak to you in broken japanese because they can't be assed to turn on the IME (did I just make that acronym up? And what is it an acronym for?) But yeah revenge porn is illegal. I might want to kill myself (totally joking of course haha and no one could say otherwise because sarcasm and text don't work) but how would I do that in jail? Anyway, I'll probably go back to Japan at some point. Call me then. And someone i
  8. Scraped and Shacklers are the obvious answers. Can't say its objectively better than any of the other songs though. Am I forgetting an obvious one?
  9. I need it more than you do my super hot asian girlfriend I didn't deserve broke up with me because I'm a selfish drug addict/alcoholic
  10. Missing the last couple (few?) days of leaks. Fill my bandwidth with the buttrock I need boys.
  11. Learned Catcher on the piano this morning. Felt like I had to get it out of me. Music is the best way to turn pain  back into love.

  12. Both of them are married but maybe I can fuck her brother if his current fling doesn't work out.
  13. The oldest full leak is the one I'm talking about. I like that one (a lot) more than the one on "Disc 1".
  14. What CD was the first Altas leak from?
  15. How the hell is Hard School their alt after these leaks? I'm not sure its anyone's standout moment from the recent leaks.. They should have planned to and not played State of Grace if anything.
  16. Oops got drunk and fell asleep instead of downloading the CD before the reddit link got deleted.
  17. I prefer this chorus for Better/Three Dollar Pyramid to the one we got on CD. It shines a lot more in the leak with real drums though. This one doesn't really capture the same groove. Too robotic.
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