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  1. I know this is probably a real thing, but weed can 100% cause the same effect. I think I remember reading histamine release can happen with enough opioid or cannabinoid receptor activity too, so its not just something I'm making up.
  2. Man, you guys are great. Thanks for giving me a reason to smile. Now if only someone would leak a Bumblefoot version of Hard School and/or Atlas Shrugged so we could really take this thing to the next level Speaking of which, were there any alts of those two (and the other songs with vocals) on the village sessions leaks or otherwise? I can't remember because reasons
  3. I forget: did this guy leak something way back when? Was he a mod on mygnr or something? I don't know why I remember his name.
  4. The whole album is somewhat nu-metal in a "if this had come out when it should've but also in the form that Axl really envisioned in his head it would've defined the whole genre" sort of way. If the "new" songs and song ideas from the Village Sessions CDs can be considered CD2, then it wouldn't have been very nu-metal at all (besides Silkworms maybe, but that's probably supposed to be a CD1 song anyway). I guess that's just because I haven't heard what Axl "wanted" the to be yet. I'd be giving him too much credit if I thought he was "done" with the sound before it overstayed its we
  5. I can't name any specifically but I've heard it more than twice at least.
  6. He's not the best human but he's a better drummer than Frank
  7. For real. There was an interview with Brain or Josh Freese (maybe Tommy or Pitman; I guess if I can't remember it really doesn't matte) where they said that before Bumblefoot and DJ they were a really "tight/together" sounding band, and I gotta say, the demos and lives do NOT reflect that in the slightest. I don't think any of the combinations really played perfectly together, or at the very least there's no recording of it.
  8. Paul's signature sound is "bad studio player" (I have to assume he's the guy that keeps ruining the Village Sessions tracks by bending a string back and forth in the background for whatever amount of time is too long) and Robin's is "bad live player". Edit: Is anyone here mentally ill enough to still have a copy of my "parody" of Robin trying to play the second TWAT solo?
  9. Nice. That's usually what I'm doing when I actually get around to posting.
  10. Not a girl. Just need to change my avatar. Thought I did that already but turns out I deleted my signature instead.
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