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  1. fixtafernback


    I wish they never hired DJ Ashba. Everything about that performance was on point minus DJ's interpretation of Robin's solo. Frank's drumming is definitely less interesting than what Brian came up with originally, but at least he doesn't miss a beat.
  2. fixtafernback

    who has released the best music in the last 10 years

    Slash's first solo album hadn't come out yet and that wasn't totally shit, so I have to choose him.
  3. fixtafernback

    Guns n Roses writing new music with Bhad Bhabie

    This almost sounds real.
  4. fixtafernback

    Please don't post music

    Who's hosting us currently?
  5. fixtafernback

    What Are You Listening II

    Chinese Democracy (in bits and parts), believe it or not. For the first time in a while. I'm enjoying it if I'm being honest.
  6. fixtafernback

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    As a balding man myself, I can tell his hairline looks somewhat manufactured. It looks like your basic Bosley hack job. Also it explains why he opted for wigs for so long. As to why he doesn't wear them now, maybe he had his hair transplant touched up or just stopped being overly insecure about it.
  7. fixtafernback

    No Love Remains

    Pretty sure its the chorus.
  8. fixtafernback

    Chinese Democracy leaked 10 years ago today

    2009-2010 were both good years for GNR live performances. Too bad it went straight to shit by the next leg of their tour.
  9. fixtafernback

    No Love Remains

  10. fixtafernback

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    Skimmed through this a bit. I'd file this away under my "Best of Mickey" collection. Its not what we want, but at least he's hitting the notes, right? I'll be pissed if he sounds great when the next leg of the AC/DC tour starts up though. Why intentionally make yourself suck if you can do better?
  11. fixtafernback

    TIL - best live version ever?

    DJ Ashba's is just Robin's solo with with a couple of changes. Its not really comparable to Slash improving on stage for a minute.
  12. fixtafernback

    Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    Before these leaks happened I felt bad about making fun of Robin Frink. I mean, he was a big part of the CD writing process, right? But hearing the early demos that leaked I have to say he's easily the weakest link of the band, skill wise. We used to make fun of his live performances, but his recorded stuff is just as bad if you're privileged enough to hear the 2001 CD demos or the Vegas HoB concert. I feel bad fr Axl. Maybe if he had better musicians by his side when he was touring with CD, years before it was out, people wouldn't have hated him so much. Also, I'm very drunk.
  13. fixtafernback

    Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    I've done a terrible job of keeping up with this stuff. Anyone want to help me out?
  14. fixtafernback

    Axl Rose Mocked On American Dad

    I was hoping someone else saw this
  15. fixtafernback

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    I'm drunk so I'm in no condition (I don't want to) make a clip of this, but in the latest episode of American Dad, they used pictures of Axl Rose in a scene with Steve to help make him more averse to the idea of having sex. Did anyone catch this? I really hope at least one of you guys besides me saw this and laughed