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    8 years ago yesterday Thanks to everyone who helped to make this place... This place ? ? ? ?
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    I really can’t believe there can be so much drama on web forums for bands that are 25 years past their heyday.
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    I saw Steven Adler last night with that douche from American Idol (constantine something). Let me just say this. Before seeing him, I couldn't really give 2 fucks who was drumming in the current lineup of Gn'R, sure I've never liked Frank but really, it's just the drummer right? WRONG Steven was mother fucking on fire last night. From the very first note to the last song, he didn't miss a beat. He had a smile on his face NON FUCKING STOP, he wasn't even looking at what he was playing, it was all instinctual. I actually believe he is too talented for the current reunion line-up. I said to him after the concert "fuck Frank, you deserve to be in GnR) and he goes "no no, don't say that. I like him, we're buddies". The guy is too good for Gn'R. Axl should be grovelling to have him back in the band. He played for 1 hour and a half non stop, did his own drum solo and never missed 1 fucking note. purpose of this thread? no fucking idea. Just wanted to say that I was skeptical of Steven but last night, he made me cuck of his and I'm grateful.
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    What's that app? I want it so I can upload this
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    I don't believe I should win because for most of the duration of my time here I have been a massive douche, bordering often and times landing in the frankly psychotic. I make dumb threads. I had horrible, creepy taste in fashion including greasy, slicked back hair and gross thin mustaches. I had a weird need to defend the hairline of Axl Rose and would make entire threads dedicated to showing before and after photos of his likely bald crown. The only reason I haven't been banned from this place is because JB is a nice guy and I have become slightly less intolerable.
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    I had my yearly physical the week of Thanksgiving. My health has been failing in recent years. I have had cancer scares, heart issues, breathing issues, put on a fuck ton of weight, thyroid issues, etc etc.... When I was weighed, I could not believe the number on the scale.... My doc put it to me bluntly...lose weight, get fit or die.... So....I finally was put on thyroid meds to stop the weight gain and now the rest was up to me. The day after Thanksgiving, I started. Changed my diet, but not radically. Did some research and consulted with my doc, who is hot btw...and we came up with simple meals and food that I like and can continue to eat during and after weight loss.... Started exercising....a little at a time. Could only do 5 minutes when I started. Now I do 2 half hour sets a day, sometimes 3. Anyway, less than 2 months into it and I've lost 50 pounds and feel better than I have in decades....still have 109 pounds to go to hit my goal but I'll get there.... Big shout out to jackie and brasky for listening to me and offering support.... Now I will eat my once a week salami treat.....
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    I have to admit that I like it. Obviously it's not a great song, but it's 1300% real GNR, and that is pretty great. Also, Axl has been so shit for so long that I sometimes forget how talented he once was. For a few years there, he was an undeniably fantastic rock singer and frontman. All-time tier. Listening to the track, I realized that Axl's voice has always depended on the proper balance of clean and rasp, and that God Axl leaned toward rasp or leaned toward clean, but never went full rasp or full clean. It's remarkable. The high pitch squeals maintain an element of rasp that prevents them from being faggy, and the deepest rasp is somehow also crisp and clean. By Illusions he had lost it, but 1986 - Lies was about as good as rock vocals get.
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    Probably heard how Axl was gonna sound and went, "fuck this shit."
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    I just hope Slash doesn't re-do "The General." I love the version we have.
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    Here at GNFNR we believe that support for dignity and respect can make a difference. Join us in observing Human Rights Day by celebrating @GUNNER and other "ethnic" members of the forum.
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    Tweet this to Axl but act like you drew it as a fan in a positive way
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    Sounds great. You guys give Axl and the band so much shit, but this song is proof that they still got it. It sounds like a song that was written back in the 80s.
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    Finally Tracii Guns will get some royalties. It's so fucking wonderful, the new single is a 34-year-old song. I didn't think it was possible but we may have reached a new peak.
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    Brazil is gonna go bankrupt the week this is released.
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    GNR is out of touch with reality. lol radio.
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    my disinterest continues
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    Axl reunites with Slash, releases an album in 2018 and Slash isn't on it
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    Must have something to do with Sasha Volkova, the hooker Axl pays to travel with him? I think "Fuck this clown!! is what Axl yells at her in the bedroom
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    We all know the dangers of smoking, but what could really happen to you if you follow Guns N' Roses in 2018? Doxxing, loss of job, income Legal lawsuits, Web Sheriff, Lulus dotcom regrettable tattoos weight gain questionable party affiliations
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    Who the fuck cuts a Pizza into squares?
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    On the first day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me A sternly worded repartee On the second day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me An explanation why Melissa is More important than Izzy On the third day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me Two karma demotions and A passive aggressive smiley On the fourth day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me Four rationalizations on why Slash is now cancer free On the fifth day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me Five threads moved faster Than you can say Russ TCB On the sixth day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me Six concert photos worse Than Richard's side piece On the seventh day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me A banning for calling Axl Fat and fucking lazy You get the rest.. Jarmo is a weak wristed nancy boy and Guns N Roses fucking sucks