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    In these trying times we must all do our part to FATTEN THE CURVE as a fatter curve equals a sooner Hard School. Steps you can take include but are not limited to: -Washing your hands to two full rotations of the Hard School rehearsal clip -Not touching your face, even to wipe grease off -Coughing into your elbow -Continuing staying indoors as normal We can all get through this as long as all cautions are made. Remember to only trust verified sources with news regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, such as the Alex Jones Show and MSL's twitter.
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    Its very rare to see Axl & Slash spending time together outside of the tour. Old Axl is even wearing Slash shirt in the picture, could this mean they are getting along better than expected and truly enjoy each others company. Maybe we will get that Guns N Roses album that we have been told the duo is working on.
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    Guns N' Roses have put their touring plans on hold due to the coronavirus, but they will be streaming shows for their fans direct from their rehearsal space. GN'R's tour plans may be on hold until after the coronavirus crisis subsides, but that isn’t going to stop them from playing music for their fans. They have just announced a performance series where they will perform new songs and old, and stream them for their fans to enjoy. “We will soon be announcing the first one right here on social media, so stay tuned" said Slash. Rolling Stone | Guns N' Roses Announces Free Streaming Concert Series just kidding, they will never do anything like this
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    Tonight we celebrate the 9th anniversary of this web forum gunsnfnroses.com It is hard to believe we are still around 9 years later Personally, I am fatter, but not shittier, and my hairline is the same as in 2010 Thank you to everyone that is a part of this community, and of course, a big shout-out to our founder who put together this site 9 years ago today Next year is the big one
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    My guess is that they will finally release the GNR dildo.
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    Error 404kg - Bandwidth Exceeded, server overload, content too fat.
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    Based on the GOOFCON system at /r/MMA, FATCON is an alert system I've come up with to describe the status of GNR and the community with a simple number. FATCON 5 () - Nothing going on. The tour is over and Axl hasn't been seen in at least a year. No news of any kind in sight. Default status during downtime. FATCON 4 () - Situation normal. GNR is touring. There may be faint stirrings of new songs circulating, but nothing concrete. Default status during a tour. FATCON 3 () - The tour is in full swing. Axl is sounding competent and they might even be playing some new UYI deep cuts. Leaks are said to be actively circulating in the GNR underworld. Examples of recent FATCON 3s include the return of Duff in 2014, and the addition of Coma to the setlist in 2016. FATCON 2 ()- Something has pissed Axl off and the tour is in jeopardy. Expect deleted tweets and lots of damage control in a FATCON 2 situation. Maybe even a walk-off in the middle of a show. Snippets of songs may be leaking at this stage. Examples of historic FATCON 2s include Rock in Rio 2011, Dublin 2011, the initial Rick Dunsford hysteria, and the first 2016 show. FATCON 1 () - Mass hysteria. Axl has gone rogue. Cancelled the tour. Punched a reporter. Fired Slash. New album announcement. Full songs are leaking and websites are being shut down by copyright lawyers. Brazilians are flooding the GNFNR servers en masse. Examples of historic FATCON 1s include the 1992 contract signing, the St. Louis riot, the countdown for CD appearing on gunsnroses.com, and the 2016 reunion news breaking. When do you guys think the next FATCON 1 will be?
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    Rick did right by the fans. That is a undeniable fact.
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    We have been begging for this material for 11 years. 5 Years Ago, Axl said you were looking very seriously into releasing it. We don't want your Tonka Trucks, Fernando. Sell us some music or GTFO.
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    I just played Hardschool over the PA at work and people literally started banging each other
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    slash's metamorphosis into full time axl employee has been hilarious to watch
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    GNR has a considerable amount of shows scheduled for 2020. It is yet another leg of the NITL tour. I can't believe (actually I can, it makes total sense considering it's GNR but anyway) they are about to go on the road yet again with the same show. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. The world has seen more than enough of this stupid semi-reunion and while we were joking earlier this year that they would exploit Brazil and SA one more time, they were making serious plans to do so... and here are, again. Kids dancing in the hallways while getting robbed, a longer Carnaval, trannies trying to get Axl and Fernando's phone numbers, etc. And let's not forget cuck Europe and the pro-shots they always provide where we can hear crystal clear that it is not Youtube's fault that Axl sounds like shit. (One positive, at least). After a decade where they failed to release 30 seconds of original music, 2020 couldn't look less promising. Don't let the most retarded, creepy and unfunny people on the planet (mygnr users) fool you, there's nothing to be excited about. If you're paying to see GNR in 2020, you're an idiot. Sorry but it's true. If you attend the show (whether with your mother or alone) and buy their merch, I hope there's a BBC fucking your wife (if yoy have one) at home. Seriously, I'd rather lose my stuff in a big gypsy robbery than give one cent to this band. Fuck GNR Fuck MYGNR and the cucks in there Fuck anyone buying GNR stuff in 2020 Happy new year. (Currently on vacation, resting after lunch, felt like posting, might delete later)
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    Good call guys. This kid even sent me multiple PMs last night begging me to let everyone know he wasn't pro towel waver. I got up this morning and checked—same email address, same real name, same city, same i.p. address. LOL
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    Stereo fidgeting again. Whatever... However, the first chorus was diced by some asshat at about 1:34. Problem area is about one second in length. Outro chorus still intact, and can be used for fill. Seems to be another possible cut at the beginning of the guitar solo section, but this beat anomoly could be intentional. Snare seemed a quarter off, but it was an exact quarter, which was very odd. Very nice demo. Hope to hear a final version someday. EDIT: Woo! 600 posts!!! Only took me 9 1/2 years.
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    Axl Rose Obesity Diabeetus Manic-Depressive Ginger flu or whatever E.D. writer's block heartbreak lonely teardrops Allopecia sun-poisoning club foot porn addiction internet addiction anxiety OCD PTSD Botox Allergy Lead Singer's Disease
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    fatcon one oil on canvas
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    Slash was right to leave
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    imagine hoarding this godawful song for 10 years
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    Dear Fermanager, Let's put jokes aside for a minute, my man. I miss you. Do you remember the years and years of hilarious burns I provided you before I even knew you were my biggest fan? Do you remember that fateful day on that weird Swedish forum when you admitted your feelings for me? And then there was my love letter into the abyss, the first "Dear Fermanager" letter. I posted it on the LGBTQ Canada forum, as was appropriate, but I assumed that I'd never hear from you. While you were amused by my forum shenanigans, surely you didn't yearn like I yearned to take turns enjoying each other's long posts. But you came. And then, for the first time, we came together. Nothing would ever be the same. We frolicked for days, inviting everyone to join in. It was glorious. But then we had our first fight, which turned out to be our last fight. You called me a hater and I told you to go fuck yourself. I knew I would soon be the sacrificial lamb, because, as we know, gay Canadians are partial to Brazilian men. They feared I'd drive you away, so they panicked. One night, they broke into my profile room, wrapped me in pink ribbon, placed me in a little gay boat, and set me to sea. .... I don't have the strength to continue the story until I hear from my Dear Fermanager. Please bring him to me. I am eager to express myself all over the thread. Love, magisme
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    I am going to be brutally honest. As a new Dad I am scared shitless. A new case of coronavirus popped up nine miles away from where I live. So it is here. My wife's dad lives with us at the moment. He is over sixty with diabetes and heart issues. He doesn't give a shit and he keeps going out in public. He thinks it's a hoax. We both agree that if he gets coronavirus, he will die. Thankfully young children don't seem to be as affected as adults. That is what is keeping me going. We aren't leaving the house either. I stopped watching TV. I stopped going on Reddit. This place is the last space of communication I have with the outside world. You can call me anxious, a hypochondriac, a fucking looney. I don't care. I have been following the virus since it started and the news has only gotten worse and worse. I took my 80 year old grandma out to lunch before shit hits the fan next week. Thank God my grandpa had the common sense not to come down and see his great grandson. He lives in the middle of nowhere so if he plays it smart he could watch it blow over. I am expecting relatives to die. The CDC estimates 200,000 to 240,000 people could die before this ends in the United States alone with a few million requiring hospitalization. Drink your orange juice, take your vitamins, stay hydrated, stay off the news, get some rest. Let's hope for the best.
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    Beta and Fernando are parasites who've been actively ruining our favorite band for decades. Fuck them in every orifice.
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    He really thinks he's part of GNR. I can't believe my favorite band from my childhood has become this... thing. I can't really describe how I feel about GNR these days. I'd say GNR is the most disgusting "band" in the world. They're all awful people, the band consists of 3 money whores, the backing musicians are the equivalent to prositutes on leashes, management is a toxic Brazilian family of golddiggers and then there's people around like Jarmo and Del James. I don't need to say anything about them. Seriously, what can we expect from such a disgusting group of people? They're lucky they deal with professionals when doing their thing or the whole thing would be even a bigger of a mess. These people lack the competence to get 30 seconds of music released. They are good at selling trinket like toy trucks and whiskey glasses like good old Brazilian gypsies. But anything that takes the extra effort is simply impossible. But, come to think about it... hiring a nanny to manage a rock band makes all sense in the world.
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    Appetite for a Double Cheeseburger, track #12 - Burger King [Verse 1] If I say I can't eat anymore, it's clear I lie to you 'cause I got tired of cheeseburgers, I might try something new I got my eyes eyes on a whooper, hand me that knife And you can't stop the judgment cause I'll order whatever I like [Chorus] Here I am, enjoying Burger King I might be a little fat, but, honey, you're worse than me Here I am, enjoying Burger King, oh yeah I might be too much, but, honey, you're a bit obese [Verse 2] I've tried everything imaginable, mixed milkshake with my fries I've had everything that's edible, honey, you'd be surprised I got a table by the window in this burger paradise If you want to mean anything you better fill my tray tonight [Chorus] Here I am, enjoying Burger King I might be a little fat, but, honey, you're worse than me Here I am, enjoying Burger King, oh yeah I might be too much, but, honey, you're a bit obese [Interlude/Guitar Solo] [Chorus] Here I am, enjoying Burger King I might be a little fat, but, honey, you're worse than me Here I am, enjoying Burger King, oh yeah I might be too much, but, honey, you're a bit obese [Bridge] I see you standin', standin' in the line It's such a slowly moving line, but don't cut in If you need a nugget, or if you need a fry You better go back to that line, cause these are mine No one needs a salad, or a coke sugar-free I'd hate to see you walking out there without calories So don't you judge me or think I, I'll lose some weight Cause you won't find a single veggie on my plate Baby, yeah, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, baby, yeah [Guitar Solo] [Outro] Don't ever judge me, cause I'll always be fat Eaten all I wanted, still not full, next stop Pizza Hut
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    Supposed hardcore fans scrubbing actual fan recordings from the internet... pretending it's in an official capacity. Official band accounts now begging fans to upload videos due to a completely empty void of GNR fan vids across social media. I love this shit. They all just eat themselves and each other alive due to ego, hubris, stupidity, and incompetence. The cherry on top of this shit sundae is it points out how horribly mismanaged the band is and they'd fail at managing a lemonade stand. Uzi suicidal indeed....
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    Watching Trump speak now. Stupid cunt asks, why do you keep calling it the Chinese virus? Trump: Because it comes from China. 💜💜💜💜💜
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    the alpha and the omega the yin and the yang the thicc and the sticc
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    Follow the Cop... or not?? Day Three was a breeze, right? magisme says he investigated uruguns, and that uruguns turned up Mafia. But could it be that easy...? Day Three has ended. Please send in your night powers.
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    I wonder if Borki has tried heroin juice.
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    Rick also paid over 2K for the VIP experience, which means his name was on the "official" VIP list. Didn't take a CSI:Wichita team to figure it out..........
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    I don't care if I'm the last man on earth and never see the lame ass fucking rehearsals. Who the shit thinks that would be interesting for more than 30 seconds? Just let us complete the fucking Zutaut leak for fucks sake!
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    In honor of the man @Bill Brasky I have granted GNFNR members unlimited likes. Don't thank me, thank Bill.
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    the real leaks were the friends we made along the way
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