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    I have been running a Guns N' Roses fan site since November 2007. I started with a blog, and then joined Twitter in 2009. This forum came after that in May 2010. In all that time, I have basically been saying the same thing: When is Chinese Democracy / Chinese Democracy II coming out? And why are Guns N' Roses and Axl Rose so disappointing? For 10 years, the @gunsnfnroses Twitter account has been poking fun at Axl and the band, and for 10 years, his protectors have been sending me angry replies and hate mail. In the last 3 months however, all that has changed! Take a look at the GNR channels on social media today and you will see a very different picture. GNR fans are fed-up, and with each post our page makes, our support grows. Fans are coming out of the woodwork to support our page, and let Guns know how disappointed they are with the status quo. Was GNFNR ahead of it's time? Yes, yes we were. To Axl Rose, let this message serve as your warning: The Countdown to your AxTermination has begun. I am your new commander. You have 4 days to leak Chinese Democracy II or suffer the consequences of my digital lynch mob. Cc: @Fernando
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    ...and Finally, Member of the Year, Shitposter of the Year, Shit Poster of the Year, and Avatar of the Year...
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    8 years ago yesterday Thanks to everyone who helped to make this place... This place ? ? ? ?
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    The person that runs this forum is a sick, sado-masochistic fuck.
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    1993: Axl Rose sees his future self, and is so mentally shaken that he goes into hiding for years.
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    I saw Steven Adler last night with that douche from American Idol (constantine something). Let me just say this. Before seeing him, I couldn't really give 2 fucks who was drumming in the current lineup of Gn'R, sure I've never liked Frank but really, it's just the drummer right? WRONG Steven was mother fucking on fire last night. From the very first note to the last song, he didn't miss a beat. He had a smile on his face NON FUCKING STOP, he wasn't even looking at what he was playing, it was all instinctual. I actually believe he is too talented for the current reunion line-up. I said to him after the concert "fuck Frank, you deserve to be in GnR) and he goes "no no, don't say that. I like him, we're buddies". The guy is too good for Gn'R. Axl should be grovelling to have him back in the band. He played for 1 hour and a half non stop, did his own drum solo and never missed 1 fucking note. purpose of this thread? no fucking idea. Just wanted to say that I was skeptical of Steven but last night, he made me cuck of his and I'm grateful.
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    Only titless member of the band.
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    Go fuck yourself, Ginger Dick. Sincerely, arnold layne
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    This is the internet. You will NEVER stop us. Not ever. We will always find a way around it. Once something even as simple as an image is out there, it's out there forever. You can never re-bottle the genie. I've spent thousands of dollars on this band over the last 3 decades. "Axl doesn't owe you shit!" Bullshit. Axl owes me EVERYTHING. I'm going to continue stealing, trading, and spreading copyrighted and unauthorized GNR material as far and wide as humanly possible, just to piss you off. And I'm not alone. And you can't stop us. You can shut down all the forums. Ten more will appear in their place. We'll share shit on the Dark Web using TOR if that's what we have to do. Your days of raping "fans" for $17.99 for a compact disc at Tower Records are over. That's the past. The present and future belong to US. Pirates and "thieves." Information is free now. Somewhere in some shitty third world country in South America, some kid just got his first dial up modem connection. I'm gonna send him the Locked n Loaded set for free. Hope that gets under your skin like a tick.
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    What's that app? I want it so I can upload this
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    Grateful and Thankful for this little group we got here. Enjoy your week guys 🦃
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    One In A Million Stand-out GNR related moment of the year Happy Anniversary Max And Geraldine Bailey
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    My wishes for an excellent Christmas to all of you. we had a lot more good than bad times in the best GNR forum in the world. We had misunderstandings but we all grew up with that. balance more than positive. Thank you all for the great discussions. @bring back izzy @bran @GUNNER @EstrangedTWAT @Damn_Smooth @suiccidematt @GnRLiars @John Bonham @bacardimayne @magisme @deelowbrown @I_Are_ess @Major Mayhem @Barry @AndreCC @sixes @Ragnar @Skeeter
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    And Guns N' Roses doesn't have a singer
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    Prisoners read books while they are waiting to get out of prison. GNR fans read Del James' stories while they are waiting for Chinese Democracy albums.
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    If Duff was kept in a cage like the mud children we wouldnt have So Fine.
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    But what about Axl's VISION? He wouldn't have destroyed the old band just to release 14 subpar songs would he? I'm sure there 70 songs ready to be released with kick ass vocals and SRV meets Queen guitars + saloon piano. Axl is the best. This is the kind of hatred that makes my blood boil.
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    Everybody knows this children's classic. I would like to hear what you think of it. Even as Miser shits up the forum, I think we may as well put other songs On the agenda.
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    "I came up in the punk rock scene of Seattle." 0:48
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    Miser is a powerfull weapon if we know how to use it properly
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    This one still never gets old for me and I still literally lmao everytime I see it 🤣🤣🤣
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    Honestly, who cares at this point? GNR is shit and everything interesting to say about them has already been said, so the entertainment quality of a GNR forum will depend not on the entertainment quality of the GNR discussion, but on the entertainment quality of the posters themselves, and I don't think we have to worry about who comes out on top in that department, so we also don't have to worry about measuring exactly how shit some other GNR forum is.
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    A few weeks ago, Mickey Rourke tweeted a pic of him and Axl hanging out. Then, a snarky fan sent the photo to a Canadian local news show that shows pictures of old people celebrating birthdays or anniversaries. So, the implication is that Mickey and Axl are an old couple (Axl being the wife) celebrating fifty years of marriage. It's funny, because they both look older and shittier than they should, and in fact, were both considered quite handsome in their prime; so the fact that they turned out to be such train wrecks at this point in their lives is a source of amusement and merriment. Do you understand?
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    Flat Earth = false Fat Earth = true
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    I have to admit that I like it. Obviously it's not a great song, but it's 1300% real GNR, and that is pretty great. Also, Axl has been so shit for so long that I sometimes forget how talented he once was. For a few years there, he was an undeniably fantastic rock singer and frontman. All-time tier. Listening to the track, I realized that Axl's voice has always depended on the proper balance of clean and rasp, and that God Axl leaned toward rasp or leaned toward clean, but never went full rasp or full clean. It's remarkable. The high pitch squeals maintain an element of rasp that prevents them from being faggy, and the deepest rasp is somehow also crisp and clean. By Illusions he had lost it, but 1986 - Lies was about as good as rock vocals get.
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    Finally Tracii Guns will get some royalties. It's so fucking wonderful, the new single is a 34-year-old song. I didn't think it was possible but we may have reached a new peak.
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    Brazil is gonna go bankrupt the week this is released.
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    GNR is out of touch with reality. lol radio.
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    No fucking joke, but also complete joke. ROCK THE ROCK STARTS NOW!
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    I'll add all the post-game stuff in a few hours Thanks for playing everyone
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    somehwere in brazil right now there is an old CRT 1980's tv stuck together with tape and string, and in front of it is 10,000 brazilians watching every season of Looney Tunes to learn why their god chose that tv show to be the one that resurrects his second coming.
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    So the bomber wannabe was a DJ at a strip club, even worked the night before he was arrested. Sounds vaguely familiar.
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    As a fan who has enjoyed on many levels the years of guns n roses not releasing albums I sure can't wait for them to not release this one
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    It's been done for years Dont expect to hear Slash on this album Axl and beta have both confirmed that robin's parts will stay
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    Rules 1. No discussion of the game outside of the official thread. This includes private messages, status updates, references to the game in other threads, or communicating outside the forum. 2. Of course, MAFIA may communicate PRIVATELY outside the game. 3. When you are dead, you are out of the game. Don't post your thoughts in the thread (or elsewhere) until the game is finished. 4. Please bold your votes to make them easier to count: Official Vote: Player's Name 5. Editing or deleting your posts is strictly prohibited. 6. Players with Night roles are encouraged to send them in ASAP. If I do not receive your PM in a timely manner, expect your power for that Night forfeited. 7. If you have questions regarding your role send me a PM. 8. Players are expressly forbidden from posting screen shots of game-related PMs. Do not post screen shots of game-related PMs THE RETURN OF BILL BRASKY GnRLiars - NGOG, Town-aligned comedy enthusiast GUNNER - Fernando Lebeis, Mafia-aligned arnold layne - ManetsBR, Town-aligned, Cop Ragnar - uruguns (eduardo_GNR), Town-aligned magisme - GNR (Gunns), Town-aligned, Tracker Damn_Smooth Conor - Bill Brasky, Town-aligned, Doctor Skeeter - Mister Saint Laurent (MSL), Town-aligned KFCBucket bacardimayne Day 2: Fernando Poo: The Return of the Shit Day 3: Everything was Roses... Day Four: The Return of the Fat Game End and Summary, etc. DAY ONE 11 players, 6 votes to lynch
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    Right? You guys all know that I vote Democrat, etc. etc., but I am so sick of the hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle. There are Fake Christians on both ends of the political spectrum. My mother-in-law goes to church every week, and she is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. A Ms. Magazine feminist. Claims to be a Liberal, but she is such a big phony. She hates the poor. She hates any woman that does not subscribe to her exact brand of 1970s feminism. She is a Fake Christian. And a serial child abuser. She hates men. She is a big phony and a Fake Christian and a liar and a serial child abuser. She had the courts take 2 of her grandchildren away from their mother. She continues to try and exclude select members of her family from family gatherings. She divorced my wife's Dad and took legal action so he could never see my wife again. Yet, a quick glance at her FB timeline, shows that she is strongly against separating families and that children should be with their parents ?
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    Only Fernando could exchange items with you. This is a fan forum, if you really have this stuff, be generous and put it all in a google drive link for us.
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    Imagine the damage these cunts will unleash when they are old enough to be in power. It's bad enough now that they can vote
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    When it comes to Fernando, I say the same thing I used to say when Axl would get all bent out of shape about "lies" and "misinformation" from "people who don't know". You could clear it all up in mere seconds, but you can't be bothered. When you don't, people speculate. This pisses you off. If even after that...you STILL can't be bothered to correct the record, I have no pity for you. And no one else should either. If you were making a real effort to keep people informed, and that was being ignored and people spreading misinformation in it's place, that a legit beef. But total radio silence and then complaining when people throw out theories? That's on you.
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    Tweet this to Axl but act like you drew it as a fan in a positive way
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    Sounds great. You guys give Axl and the band so much shit, but this song is proof that they still got it. It sounds like a song that was written back in the 80s.
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