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    if all you faggots would just calm the fuck down and wait i'm uploading the whole thing
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    rick has an interview with the ny post tomorrow i'm trying to convince him to slip in a fat axl reference
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    Pizza (Sorry) You like to hurt me, I know that you do You like to eat sweets that belongs to me and not you You’d like to have me, slim and sing good But I don’t want to do it You don’t know how I got fatter than you thought I could You thought fans would make me, exercise and rehearse What were you thinking? Just bring me sandwich You don’t why, I eat so much To hell with the gym, I don’t give flying fuck You know that I ate outdated pie Prepere to die when you will smell my fart You talk too much, Shut up and cook I just want to taste some greasy food You’ve got all ingredients You’ve got the recipe Why you’re still not cooking Is frustrating to me This Pizza’s for meeeee Vegetables for you Go to the kitchen and cook me and I will do shit This Pizza’s for meee Vegetables for youuu I fucked my nanny, I’m fat and sing like mickey mououse *melodic farts solo* Sit on toilet, All well and good You’ll clean my ass like I said that you would You sell them toy trucks that faggots will buy Like Rick the looser he’s stupid and gay Truth is the truth hurts don’t you agree It’s easier to be so fat and such a shit than to give single shit about fans I don’t owe you, no one goddamn thing You know where to find me, In Sonic Drive-In This Pizza’s for meeeee Vegetables for you Go to the kitchen and cook me and I will do shit This Pizza’s for meee Vegetables for youuu I fucked my nanny, I’m fat and sing like mickey mououse Now just bring, bring me chinese food you cunt You don’t know the reasons, why I am so FAAAAT PS. This is addressed to Fernando
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    In honor of the man @Bill Brasky I have granted GNFNR members unlimited likes. Don't thank me, thank Bill.
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    I assume most of you know that Billionaire is the general right ? because it is
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    It's time for Dadud and every other useless faggot who signed up in the last two months to go. We need to make a list of the decent ones who can say. If someone doesn't make the list, they are presumed faggot and have to go back.
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    Imagine how embarrassed Louis St. Laurent would be if he knew what his grandson was doing to the family name
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    Hilarious reading Twitter today after the Lefties got steamrolled by Boris Johnson in the UK election Academics, journalists, pundits, celebs all having meltdowns "How could this happen! Nobody saw this coming!" Not when you live in a bubble you twats. And people still treat these fools and their "expert opinions" as though they are fact. I'm loving it.
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    Really? The person who actually did those things isn't the psycho....it's those who remember the psycho's deeds? *In Izzy's voice* "No logic here today....." I'm sure there's tons of shit my Oxy marinated brain forgot. You're lucky that people like Saul, Eva, ppbebe,etc don't walk through the door. I'm just telling it like it is. There's no hate behind it.... certainly no bitterness. If people here are gonna read posts by someone claiming inside contacts, I think they deserve to know what they're dealing with. I lost? I'm not the one who runs for the nearest bridge when a GNR guitarist is inaudible on an album....
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    I only want songs with vocals. Why anybody cares about the vma rehearsals is beyond me.
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    I thought this had all stopped being funny a few years ago, but then this latest tour happened, and it's fucking hilarious. A list of Gn'R related things that are shit. - Axl - Looks like Warwick Davis. His hair looks like Boris Cunt Johnson. He sounds like he's been throat fucked by a Horse. - The stage show - The cheap images and video that Fernando has clearly put together himself. - The band - They look and sound bored as fuck. - The fans - Fat, ugly, neck-bearded, annoying screaming Woman who need to just shut up. - The merch - Shit. - Frank - Frank.
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    You cynical cunts. This is Loco Fucking Motive. One of GNR's top ten all time songs, only played what...5 or 6 times EVER? Brought back from the dead and resurrected......this was never, ever supposed to happen. I'm literally watching it like this right now: And the cherry on top is that faggot haircut cuck didn't get to see it in person.
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    The perfect cover art for this track: You're welcome.
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    Shit like this is why I am and always have been for closed borders.
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    "Sheld me from the blind, still you managed to be kind" Limited by syllables, our genius prince Axl created a new word - Sheld - which means the same thing as shielded but is only one syllable. Is there any limit to his intellect? We knew Atlas would be game-changing, but language-changing?
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    well i'm a big fat asshole one huge mother got a rattlesnake girdle under my shirt said i'm still gaining weight, i take my pepsi straight and honey you can make a take-out run well i've got one spot left on this setlist and i think i'm feeling a new song but those bacon-wrapped sausages i got to go yeah they're really making me feel wrong and i can tell you honey i ain't debuting nothing toniiiiight
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    i wouldn't give a single fuck about the rehearsals if maskless buckethead was playing the general no axl = no buys
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    I feel like the EP is punishment for the leaks
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    Mac daddy is in town. Ronald McDonald sit the fuck down. Mac daddy is here, the ginger one, sipping his Chinese Buddha beer like he got no problems, fernando you queer. Get back to work cause mac daddy is here.
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    you forgot the most important part: not only does he have it because he hacked into Axl's incompetent manager's e-mail, but said manager paid him $30,000 not to leak it and hid it from Axl as a "tour expense"
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    So fat he literally ate the songs.
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    Bragging about having Silkworms is like bragging about having aids. Did Pitman crack you on the ass with his red towel on the way out? We want the Lone Ranger's Native American sidekick or Arthur Leigh Allen.
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    But what about Axl's VISION? He wouldn't have destroyed the old band just to release 14 subpar songs would he? I'm sure there 70 songs ready to be released with kick ass vocals and SRV meets Queen guitars + saloon piano. Axl is the best. This is the kind of hatred that makes my blood boil.
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    Axl's probably laying down vocals for a new live album.
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    Pretty sure it was a Screwball, not a Speedball. You can see the 2 balls (heroin, Coke) at the bottom.
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    I guess I'm just too old and jaded, cause when I first saw Rey, my thoughts weren't "how'd this bitch get so strong with the Force?" it was "ain't no way a decent skinny looking broad like this would ever have to scavenge parts for food. This bitch would be blowing space aliens, get off planet, and be living the good life in five minutes." I know, I know...it's supposed to be in a fantasy world for kids, but from the minute they introduced her, I couldn't take her seriously. She should have leathery skin like sandpaper and no teeth if she was really living alone in the desert her whole life. Of course, it only got worse once she started talking and fighting and using the Force and flying the Falcon and all that horseshit.
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    Axl and beta have fucked 100 percent. There is no way that they have lived together all this time and haven't. She's clearly in love with him and he's a broken down too sensitive recluse who probably sits in front of a computer all day. I bet it started with him at his computer staring at her ass as she would leave the room after bringing him his grilled cheese sandwiches. After entertaining the thought in his head for a bit he probably told her he thinks she's hot during one of they're heart to hearts. Soon after that they fucked. She's fell even more in love with him and he just wanted a quick doggy fuck everyday. So for the last 15 to 20 years she's madly in love and he gets his daily doggy. I'm not certain Fernando knows. That is 50/50 P.s. the begining of scrapped is multiple vocal takes of Axl unloading in her vag/mouth and butthole
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    I can't believe we're just one disc away from having the complete Zutaut's Locker. I thought after Atlas and Hardschool we weren't gonna get shit. How awesome that someone who got their hands on this shared it with everyone, for free, no strings. Very cool. Once we have them all, I'm gonna make two folders....one for the best versions of new songs with Axl vocals, and another for the best versions of new instrumentals. Once I've done that, I'm unlikely to ever listen to all the alternate drum take versions. But it's cool to have, just for completeness' sake.
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    You put yourself out there, insert yourself into a pre-established, much loved rock band and can't back it up with the chops, you bet ya ass people are gonna roast you for it.
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    This is the earliest ever version of CD 2000 Intentions
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    I know the full story about house of blues and the seeds of that video started on this very forum, Msl and rick came in 20% of the way. I confronted him using an alias email and he blatantly lied about being involved because he thought I didn’t know the truth when in actual fact the whole process started with me and someone else. “Bombs away” tldr: fat cunt is a lying prick that I wouldn’t trust to hold a salad.
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    Also... says the guy who makes alt accounts to promote a fucking online chat room because it strokes his ego I thought you were alright, but its clear you have no personality of your own. You are the kind of person who will just mold yourself to fit in to get the attention you crave. You saw the texts from yesterday literally threatening to drag people's personal lives and families into all of this, yet now you are tonging these lunatics' assholes because you think it will prolong your little club. You KNOW which people take things too far, no matter what you tell yourself.
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    Him getting excited and making a mistake doesnt make him a bad guy
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    I was in a couple of gnr forums before. One of those disappeared (newgnr), and I got banned from the other (mygina) for disagreeing with a neurotic argentinian feminist cunt who cried like a little bitch to the mods. I thought of joining another forum, but it had a bad rep of banning anyone who wouldn’t kiss Axl’s ass. And then i found out about this forum and decided to join after lurking for a couple of weeks. There seems to be more freedom to voice your opinion and talking shit without getting banned for it. Cheers!
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    Red panda must be pissed. hundreds of people listening to forbidden GNR music this weekend
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    arnold really did PM me and JB. He forgot that JB wasn't mafia with us.
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