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    Thanks Dave. Of course I was entirely serious and not posting this as an excuse to poke fun at fatty. You are a real hoot. Anyway. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress with overwhelming, bipartisan support and signed into law by President Trump on March 27th, 2020. This over $2 trillion economic relief package delivers on the Trump Administration’s commitment to protecting the American people from the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19. So yes, fatty owes Trump a debt of gratitude.
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    now i'm imagining a scene with fat axl telling skinny axl to fire slash and stop releasing new songs, like old biff in back to the future 2
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    If GNR is claiming lost revenue, then they should be forced to release an album
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    How much of this Trump money is Beta doling out to Downzy to pay the Mygina bills?
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    The Eagles took out a million dollar loan? What does that cover? Four tickets?
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    Civil War November Rain Yesterdays Aint it Fun Patience Estranged Coma
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    GNFNR: We've got free speech, and different viewpoints, and everyone gets to say what they want, and sometimes you even learn something. We are doing good work here men.
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    Unsurprisingly, commie Pearl Jam took out the biggest band loan. Kanye got between 2 and 5 million for his shit clothing company.
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    never let him forget this tweet make sure it's the top reply to every fat axl tweet about trump
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    The change in Democrats in since 2000 has been nothing short of frightening, especially in the past 6-7 years. The last 4 years has been insane in terms of what they have done. I'd never support them again. Ever. And I say that as someone that despised Bush, supported Kerry and was genuinely delighted to see Obama get elected.
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    The problem really isn't the ranting and raving that bothers me, it is the hypocrisy and inconsistency of it all. Staying completely silent through the Obama years while he was spying on conservative groups and killing US citizens without due process. Selling automatic weapons to violent cartels and street gangs which have lead to countless deaths, including a US border agent. Arming ISIS proxy groups which led to massacres of civilians. If Trump is a fascist, he is the weakest and most ineffective fascist leader in history. The guy delegates to the states at every chance, and refused to use the military to wipeout his opposition around the country.
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    The replies are pure aids lol. Where was this Axl when Obama was drone striking US citizens without due process or using the government to spy on US citizens and journalists. The most "badass band" in the world have turned into a bunch of establishment loving pussies.
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    $10,000+ cabinets on wayfair with names lining up to missing teenagers wayfair is run by a billionaire with ties to the fed media not covering it, generic statement released claiming it's a baseless conspiracy while deleting the cabinets it's quite the rabbit hole
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    I never know what's real or doctored satire anymore.
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    Seattle voted to cut funding of the police by 50%. My favorite alternate headline was "Seattle City Council Votes to Increase Crime By 250%."
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    It's mid-July and the playgrounds have finally opened. I brought my beautiful 2-year old daughter there to play yesterday, and there were fucking families there wearing masks... in July. Little kids playing on the swings, in July wearing masks. So shit. Anyway, the first half of 2020 obviously sucked. Will the sequel be better or worse? I say even worse. American politics are so shit, September thru December are going to be fucking awful. I say enjoy July and August, because fucking hurricane season and a complete liberal meltdown are coming. I'm gonna do another thread about the fucking robots, but we are probably only a year away from RoboCop.
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    It's funny how they're just now figuring out it's airborne when the 4chan threads I was in in December were already confirmingi t.
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    He probably looks at this picture while he writes his ant-trump tweets
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    Hairline the same. Confirmed.
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    She'd have been 1000% more aggressive militarily.
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    if theres any new songs that get released this year (i.e new axl vocals on lyrics that we've never heard before) I will personally host a 1 hour webcam video of me going over to msls house while he's away at kfc, and fuck his fiance with a proper man sized white cock, none of this tiny jewish cock that's covered in sweat and oil. I will suprass rick dunsfords noteriety and become the internet juggernaut taht msl and rick wishes they were. you can quote this post for posterity sake . We have 5 months left of the year, if we get new music, i repeat, new lyrics sung by axl, then i will do this act. signed / Pappa FAT
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    AxlisOld up to date on the mail order bride market.
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    They've been gradually phasing them out. I'm pretty sure they don't even mint pennies or something. Endgame is cashless and entirely traceable economy.
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    i'm not sure which would make for greater tv trump losing and the subsequent fallout of his removal from the white house (forced?) and eventual arrest or whatever the overlords have planned for him if they win or trump winning and the absolute shitstorm when they realize four more years is real either way i will be thoroughly entertained, at least
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    lol "small business" what a fucking joke literal fat millionaire claiming welfare money from trump for new songs that never would have been performed while lambasting the administration on twitter amazing meanwhile sixes' salami stand burns to the ground
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    the anti-meat jewop continues based ted
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    These killings won’t get much attention in the media. Nobody will be taking a knee for those kids on Super Bowl Sunday. The media and corporations have given permission for The Purge.
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