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    Guns are not playing at halftime, the game is on Feb 2. GNR are playing something called the Super Bowl Music Fest 😄 on Jan 31at with Maroon 5 and DJ Khaled. This looks like a cheeseball corporate gig that the formerly most dangerous band in world would never be involved with.
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    This is the honest truth, from that first concert with Ashba (Taipei?) and on until Slash and Duff came back I found no enjoyment in Axel's GNR other than taking the rightfully deserved piss out of it. I bought tickets to the 06/07 tour and still sort of bought into the idea of a nugnr but once Ashba was in GUNS N ROSES I was out. Fuck that shit.
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    They have to explain No Malarkey, because the only people old enough to have that in their vernacular are already dead set on old reliable pedophile Joe. "Hey, people probably voting for Bernie, I won't give no Malarkey!"
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    If you barebacked the daughter and knocked her up? Your fuck up became my fuck up and now we are all fucked up together at Thanksgiving dinner.
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    Had to laugh at parts of the latest episode of The Mandalorian The female bounty hunter kicking his ass was ridiculous. The episode before he took on a whole army of bounty hunters and held out pretty damn well until the very end. Yet this episode in a hand to hand fight he got overpowered by a woman. Never mind the fact that he is in full armour and she wasn't. She threw him around like a rag doll. So dumb. And the fight in the tent was stupid too. So much hand to hand nonsense when he is armed to the teeth. Bullshit really.
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    I'm low key Damn_Smooth about presidential candidates. I haven't liked one since I was young and dumb and liked Nader. Bernie is kinda like a whiny, pandering Nader. I don't know much about Gabbard because I've given up on it all.
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    I was doing this chick named roanne. She was 21 and I was 19. Barebacked her like 50 times. Once I was done my buddy started seeing her. He fucked her once and she got pregnant. Me and her are still friends, her kid is now 19 and looks just like her. I still laugh he got stuck with that shit. Y2k haha, nothing happened lol. All that hype
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    The Shitmen The Irishit
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    If you have the means, I suggest going to the Borski establishment itself rather than ordering online. If you go to the establishment, you get the absolute pleasure of Mrs Borski handling your salami
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    I think Alex is simply too fat to perform on stage. And his voice is completely shot and he don’t give a fuck. That’s why Axl/DC tour was better. He at least put effort to these shows. Of course ACDC is shitty cock rock but still I’d rather wach this than what we has on last leg. There is literally nothing good about his performances right now. This shit is unlistenable and unwatchable
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    No fucking way amigo. The guy won’t make it past New Hampshire.
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    I have seen Clue and you are correct. It is a good movie.
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    JB ninja changed my avatar to what it is now. I'm ok with it.
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    That's literally everyone. They're team sucked for decades. That's no exaggeration. Now, they can't even get out of the first round and they chirp everyone like they've been world beaters for an eternity. Like I said Eat a fucking dick leaf fan Everyone hates you
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    I didn't believe you guys about Leafs fans until this guy.
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    Eating salami
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    Took me four tries to get through.....yawwwwwwwwwnnn, Look....the man made Goodfellas so he gets a lifetime pass but god this movie was boring as fuck. I imagine it'll be considered "brilliant" by the mustache twirling hipsters that love whatever guys like David Lynch shit out, but anyone who is completely honest knows this is a bloated, boring, meandering, pointless mess.
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    We couldn't possible agree less on these two films, but it's refreshing to hear something that passionate about anything that isn't the last "20 minutes of endgame omy gzz it's was soooo epic!!!" So I respect that you know what you like, you understand film as an art form, and can see shit movies from a mile away. I'd like to think we're the new Sisket and Ebert where Siskel enjoyed "movies" and Ebert enjoyed "films." They disagreed, but they respected each other. And they mostly haaated SHIIITTT for obvious reasons. And yes, Thin Red Line was great.....for curing my insomnia!! (But for real, that movie let me down sooo bad...with that cast it was inexcusable to make a movie that dull. And around the same time Private Ryan completely stole its thunder. For the record I loved Saving Private Ryan."
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    AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons)
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    Still, some people like songs about rocks and thunders and it’s good for them I guess. NITL Show is like spit in the face. But you’re right both are pathetic
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    Between Axl yelling about rocks and thunders and Axl/Slash pathetic charade, I choose actually good bands.
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    I wouldn't call you a film snob based on what you chose to talk about in this post. Those are all mainstream garbage films for the most part. There is nothing in your post that would indicate to me you have any idea of American cinema let alone world cinema. Your post is like saying " I'm a foodie" and then talking about fast food. the best film of the decade by a mile is the tree of life. Nothing comes close. if I were to do a top ten..in no order tree of life the Florida project Nightcrawler the master the lobster Mad max Melancholia The house that Jack built Take shelter Parasite The 2010s was an AWESOME decade for film. You just don't know where or how to find the good ones. I also find it funny that the three writers you referenced are the three writers a hipster would reference. No offense but don't call yourself a snob around real cinema freaks cause you'll get curb stomped.
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    This is hard to dispute. Axl was in legitimately the best shape of his life in 2006. I don't know if dude was actually working out, but it sort of looked it. And it's far and away the best he has sounded on any tour since 1993. But you are right. Did anyone care? You could argue part of that was not having an album out, and that played a role. But that band just did not inspire. Here is something I have long thought. Axl, for all his faults, is a star. He is not just a guy. He has "it". And he needs a lead guitarist that also has "it". While Buckethead was a super bizarre fit for the this band, he also has "it". He can obviously play his ass off, and he is not just a guy. Robin Finck - just a guy. DJ Ashba - just a guy. It just didn't work.
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    Imagine reading that post. What a faggot.
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    They are 2 really different films, but yeah, Casino is better
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    Fantastic, specially the gugu pics. Id say the gugu pics are better than the song itself. Add Van Dames getting a bonner on a live show with Gretchen dancing and we have a perfect collection.
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    Has Raggy been working his gypsy magic again?
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    I think it's because someone complained about the P with the green background. I didn't change it to that, mind you, I just removed my old avatar and that's what it showed. So JB changed it. At least it's not Laura Dern from Ruin Johnson's movie. Yeah but you got Bill Murray you lucky fuck. Don't try to equivocate this. I'm bitter.
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    In 1994, Best joined the acid jazz group The Jazzhole. He contributed to the success of the group for two years. He co-wrote and co-produced three albums for the group including The Jazzhole, And the Feeling Goes Around, and The Beat is the Bomb. In 1995, he co-wrote and co-produced Escape by Bill Evans.In 1995, he joined the Obie Award winning cast of Stomp. He toured with the cast of Stomp throughout the US and Europe.[1] Jar Jar Binks was a percussionist.
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    Great character actor. Flesh + Blood, Bladerunner, Sin City Also favorite wojak
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    I remember "The Last Jedi" toys were getting slashed 67% within two weeks of release.
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    In the studio? next year? Soo album out in best case scenario 2025
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    The Matrix is on Netflix, I re-watched the first half of it last night. Damn, it still is so good
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    3h30m @arnold layne
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    I second this. If Auad was in my class at school I’d have voted him as class president.
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    And in this corner, weighing in at 850 Pounds!!
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    Yawn. We covered this already. Do a fucking search before you spam up the board with lame ass miserposts, noob.
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    He looks bizarre and grotesque enough to play an alien without any makeup or fx. What the fuck. Fuck these people. #notmystarwars
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    Smile at what you’ve had, don’t frown at what you don’t.
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    reminder that axl is so fat he literally named his cat after mustard
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