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    1993: Axl Rose sees his future self, and is so mentally shaken that he goes into hiding for years.
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    NGOGS nerd meltdown and rage quitting the forum was fucking gold
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    It’s a place where people are praising other people who bought the Locked and Loaded Box Set... unlike here where we tell it like it is.... You wasted your money GnRLiars... you’re a fucking moron who flaked out and almost ruined a perfectly good Mafia game thanks guys
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    Lol the female mods. Do you remember when NGAGGED and Broskirose were "News Reporters" over there? How about the hybrid coward lapdog and his commanders? This never gets old. "Die with envy of my shit" charltonhestonlaugh.gif YOU!................ ME!!!!! "Looked less bloated, seemed to be in a good mood, cracked jokes all the time." Banner tranny "Axl is brutally honest" The psycopath 40 years old women like tinyrobot, Emo Annie, Damn Smooth, etc... GUNNER's ban I really had fun over there. I even won a MYGNR t-shirt for fucks sake! I never wear it cause it has a red star on it and in Brazil, the red star is the symbol of the most corrupt political party we had over here.
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    Sounds like the Black Gay Jewish actor from Empire orchestrated the attack on himself in order to drum up publicity for himself and smear the good name of MAGA supporters.
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    I wasn't aware things could get any worse than being dead. Care to elaborate?
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    As mentioned, it's just so ridiculous that a fansite dedicated to a band synonomous with alcoholism, hard drugs, pimping, violence against women, violence, homophobia, lawbreaking...GNR celebrated this shit, right? Dude really has turned it or allowed it to become a faggot town. I called him a nigger lover in a star wars thread and he took that as a smoking gun to instaban me. It was satire, it was good humour and he just jumped on that to silence someone who's point of view he didn't agree with. Of course, I wasn't actually insinuating he was a fucking nigger lover...like it was obviously a tongue in cheek remark. I just find it funny that after all these years, I'd never been banned or warned or anything on any forum...and then get banned for that. When you start weeding them out like he is doing, the place becomes dull and eventually a ghost town. At the end of the day, I just like talking about bands and music and having a good laugh with like minded people...there's not too many of them left there anyway.
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    He tried to protect his own kind ... Problem is ... he was the one who needed protection ... "You thought you could walk in the middle of the wolves, climbing the power stairs, without being bitten ... but you were wrong, Sir." People don't forget what he did ... It would turn against him sooner or later ... This gentleman, promissed to be the prime-minister who would take Portugal out of the sewer ... but as soon as he saw Portugal's bank account numbers, he was the first rat to abandon the ship. There was no cow to milk. Just after 2 years of being elected, decided to run for a better job in the European Comission ... abandoning his country in the swamp. "I'm going to help Portugal in the decision's center of Europe", he said ... lol. Nothing but a puppet on the powerfull hands. Remember the sad figure, being the butler in the Lages Summit? http://www.konflictcam.com/photo-report/42/the-lajes-summit-portugal-mar-2003 We are sure his Goldman Sachs's owners thanks him alot for that. But, we don't ... JOHN BONHAM WAS... JOSÉ MANUEL DURÃO BARROSO - MAFIA ALIGNED AKA "CHERNE" - Portuguese Ex-Prime Minister; European Comission Ex-President; Goldman Sachs President - A hybrid coward lapdog of the finantial power. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DAY 2 STARTS NOW (9 players, 5 votes for a lynch) : Nobody trusts on anyone, anymore ... in fact, no one ever did. Each one's political survivence it's all that matters for them. But, how can they keep eating the cake? Let's dialog, Guterres said. We don't dialog with commies, said Pedro. I don't mind to dialog with anyone, said Costa. Why can't we all just get along, said Marcelo. And so on .... They discussed. They discussed alot. Some decided to go to the right, others to the left, others just didn't knew what to do and decided to defend trannies and animal right. New interests are on the table ... so are new partnershits .... PARTNERSHIPS (DAY 2): - TEAM 1: Bacardimayne; Bill Brasky; Arnold Layne - TEAM 2: Auad; Major Mayhem; Skeeter - TEAM 3: Damn Smooth; KFCBucket; Magisme RESPECT THE PARTNERSHIPS, MORONS. 4 VOTES WILL BE ENOUGH TO LYNCH A TRAITOR, THIS TIME
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    Its great that Slash and Duff are back and whatnot but there's a certain element of like pathetically hilarity that came with the Ashba era lineups. I mean, it was depressing and embarrassing but at the same time, it was funny as fuck: Rio 2011, Bridge School, the Hogan ears, the fact that a guy named Bumblefoot was even in the band, the passive aggressive shitting on Axl he did in interviews for years and how he threatened to throat fuck a fan. Pitman's towel fetish, Axl lashing out at and getting Madison taken down, the yellow raincoat, the pornstar mustache, Ashba's relentless optimism and his stories of beating the fuck out of old women, Axl openly referring to Beta as his mother..:.The list goes on and on. It was almost like a Spinal Tap-esque parody of a rock band and In that sense, it was fun. It's easy to mock Ashba and BBF and Pitman, whereas it's just kinda sad to see Slash playing songs written about him during mediocre "greatest hits" 1989 Stones-esque shows with massively inflated ticket prices. The hilarity of the Ashba era was a thing to behold and I miss it.
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    These threads are legendary. This is why you are the official Axl Rose hairstorian.
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    I often think about a roman orgy, or even the free love 1969 time. Then I think about hairy pussy and poor hygiene, and realize things aren't so bad now. Peep this though, I remember the early 80's when my mom picked me up for swimming lessons, and in this golden Styrofoam box from McDonald's was a brand new glorious thing called a chicken Mcnugget. Life was never the same after that.
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    That would be fun for a week or two. But imagine the pain if you had a serious illness or injury.
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    Miser, if you could travel back in time to Fantastic Sams in 1987 and pick out haircuts for each member of the Appetite 5, what would you request? I think Axl would have looked good with a Prince Adam aka He-Man hairdo.
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    I don't have an exact year but..... Although the exact origin is unknown, there is evidence that a fermented sausage was made in the Mediterranean region more than 2,000 years ago and became the preferred method of preserving meat for the Romans and Greeks.... They then used salt to make salami. So somewhere in the 2,000 years ago neighborhood
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    I am still not sold on what happened. I exposed JB as a mafia member several times. So GnRLies could have just taken him as the easy route since I had already exposed him. The fact that Gunner didn't say A WORD about what was happening seems suspect to me. He never came in and tried to clean things up, he didn't kick GnRLies out of the game or try and get JB to ban him from the game or posting. And even after the night kills, Gunner didn't address it. Gunner not addressing the issue at all.....screams that this was just part of the game. I don't think we can just assume Mags is dirty. What I am confused about, and it's probably just me missing something that is obvious since I don't play Mafia that much. But why didn't mafia make a night kill? And how was JB - mafia - night killed? Why didn't JB and the other mafia members kill somebody? Can a veteran explain this to me.
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    The fact that you're stupid in no way makes me a 40 year old woman. I'm 39, idiot, get it right. But I agree, making you pussies cry to the mods daily was a good time.
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    Le creme brulee ....... and salami
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    Honestly, who cares at this point? GNR is shit and everything interesting to say about them has already been said, so the entertainment quality of a GNR forum will depend not on the entertainment quality of the GNR discussion, but on the entertainment quality of the posters themselves, and I don't think we have to worry about who comes out on top in that department, so we also don't have to worry about measuring exactly how shit some other GNR forum is.
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    Dude we are real fans and have debated the same shit for years it’s just evolved to Lulz era because the band gives us nothing else go read the first vegas show thread and tell us we’re not the best gnr discussion to be had online