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    The idea that they (GNR) are "building momentum" or in any way gearing up for anything other than more stale touring and embarrassing tatty merchandise that is based off of AFD is ridiculous. What was that word JB posted the definition of?
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    Attention! Biased detective strikes again. @matir98 the finger points at you: Re-read 59 pages looking for your activity: YAAAWN, until this point. Trying to put a heat on Brasky for 'likes'.... No bandwagon, so a quick withdrawal. Stating some obvious shit just to remain the illusion of an active town. Ha! Inquisitive, are you? x2 Trying again by 'remembering SoA's testimony' These two don't need comment, do they? And it is the first time matir does some 'protection' on uruguns. Still Brasky... Likes voting strikes again Trying out popcorn. For admitting to play differently... Ah, the famous magisme defence. While I was attacking with different votes and arguing to save mags, matir DEFENDED him by asking valid questions. The true town hero. Back to obvious posting. We need to think, we need to see more pages... But you do not vote on anyone who is in heat. You have uruguns to do that. Bullshit. This is matir defending mags Also, please notice almost every matirs post is liked by uruguns, apart from the voting/accusations. You know, so we won't know the pattern.... Time for you shithead to finally give us something more. Fuck you once again.
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    Trillion dollar wars, trillion dollar defense budget... "Hey, let's create and fund an entirely new branch of the military!" "OK. Let's make them uniforms!" "Slow down, little guy. We're trying to save money here."
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    Someone is going to have to explain the benefit of camo in space to me.
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    arnold gives a shit and is invested, must to be mafia!
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    It helps that people don't tend to shit in the street in the West. Except Sam Francisco. Yeah they are fucked
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    we could start by talking about Immigrants and fagots or about Police and niggers...
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    Apophenia (/æpoʊˈfiːniə/) is the tendency to mistakenly perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things. Defined it as "unmotivated seeing of connections accompanied by a specific feeling of abnormal meaningfulness"
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    Would anybody miss Hillary if President Trump took her out with a drone strike? I am sure Bill would be happy.
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    The next chapter............ OF THE NOT IN THIS LIFETIME TOUR MOTHER FUCKERS 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
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    The label want them to be a normal band and promote the album and Axl would rather sit in the taco bell bathroom stall and play candy crush on his phone.
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    [International REEEing intensifies]
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    This sounds scummy. Is arnold a patsy? unvote: arnold @arnold layne Get in here and say your piece.
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    Tried watching AEW today for the first time since the first episode. Failed miserably after watching DDP do yoga for 5 minutes.
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    Drop Some Fire is a reference to Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dogg. Case closed.
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    No but he'll have a heart attack through the back of his head.
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    Oh I agree, it's dirty as fuck, and after not getting her precious way in 16, she's probably just glad to watch it burn. All her lawyers will say is she never named a name.
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    If we are also to believe the reveals. Mafia are most likely Deadstar , Kfc and either Popcorn or Facekicker
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    Someone put it so well. Hillary Clinton is the Ray Finkle of politics....
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    i guess you'll never learn hitler's secret
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    January 20 1991 Rock in Rio Pretty Tied Up Double Talkin' Jive You Could Be Mine Dead Horse Estranged Bad Apples January 23 1991 Rock in Rio Bad Apples January 14 2001 Rock in Rio Madagascar Chinese Democracy The Blues Silkworms
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    You need heavy bass to gorilla deadlift 800lbs like Michelle does.
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    Most of my posts here are done from the shitter. It's my temple of solitude.
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    *yawn* More theatrics and showboating and attention-whoring from Arnold. I didn't vote for him and somehow that "means something." Yeah, I'm fucking hesitant. I don't want to vote your retarded ass off and kill another townie. I may actually be agreeing with matir98, the more the thread goes, the more people reveal themselves. On to page 70!
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    Man. I was in America for two weeks. I bought so much cool stuff for myself I can't even remember it all. One cool thing was going through my boxes of thousands of comic books, and revisiting old treasures. I brought just a handful of them back to Japan with me, sealed in mylar bags with acid free backing boards of course. Would you like to see which ones I brought back? I thought you would! Some of these are worth money....some of them are worthless. I just love the covers....as you can see, it's pretty much mostly Wolverine stuff, and Frank Miller stuff. But there's an Iron Man by Moebius that I absolutely adore. It was a poster back in the early 90s and they re-used it as a variant cover and I just had to have it. And I don't have this one yet, but I bought it on ebay and I'll get it next time I'm home: Those are some sweeeeet covers. Also I recently bought the Japanese version of the Django Unchained movie poster. Isn't this just sick? The rising sun design caters to Japan....so much cooler than the domestic version, I think. And of course I'm still buying those fucking action figures. I recently got the Luke Skywalker from The Last Jedi. Now wait just a minute.....no, I do NOT like that fucking shitstain of a movie! I just like Luke Skywalker, and I loved his costume at the end of the movie. It was how I always imagined a post-ROTJ Luke looking. In my mind, he's the Luke that went on crazy space adventures as the last Jedi master, not a walrus-tittle milking hobo. He was packaged with the blue Anakin/Luke saber, but note I gave him his proper GREEN ROTJ saber, the way it should have been!! Speaking of toys.....I have a few that are on their way any day now... Remember that shitty Masters of the Universe movie from 1987 with Dolph Lundgren? Well, I always remember it fondly cause I was like 9 when it came out. I've always wanted toys that actually looked like the movie. Well....it took them over 30 years, but they finally made them! I'll post pictures of my live action He-Man and Skeletor figures when they arrive!
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    If you guys had half a brain you'd be able to guess my character with the clues I've dropped, I'm clearly town and wouldn't be dropping multiple clues if I was Mafia. I also pulled my vote on Mags clearly stating that I was uncomfortable that it was a pile on.
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    He has that gimmick full-head bandanna on in every pic i've seen from 1996 through 1998, maybe 1999. Makes me think he was dicking around with hair transplants the entire time.
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    I went through two Chinese airports and I’m fine. I bought a bottle of Jim Beam in customs and took my mask off to drink it in the departure lounge. It’s hard to drink wearing a mask.
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    Zing ! i have a enjoyed reading invested in the game Magisme. I can’t wait to see where you are going with all of it.
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    I hate thesefat cunts. They are getting ridiculously high money from touring and they can’t even properly prepare for show. Axl voice and look is just embarrassing and Slash is phoning in and his solos are sloppy as fuck.
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    mafia is KFC, Facekicker, Deadstar and possibly a 4th quote this
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    I think Arnold is lying Official vote Arnold
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    Yeah that's too easy for Mafia. A shot in the dark and hitting scum is better than serving town up to them on a platter.
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    Axl is not playing the super bowl. Just want to make sure no one thinks this
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    Pizza guy slinging foods high in saturated fat to kids. Hardly innocent.
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    It's funny seeing people screeeching over any of this shit, considering what a meaningless and retarded waste of time "awards" are. If women want more awards, they should make stuff as well as men do. But they can't, so they won't get any fucking awards. Also, who the fuck wants to watch a movie about strippers where none of the stars actually show their tits? At least Demi Moore got her rock-hard fake tits out for Striptease back in the 90s. I was so pissed that they cast Jessica Alba as Nancy in Sin City cause I knew that bitch would never show her nipples, and it ruined the whole point of her character being a fucking STRIPPER. If Jennifer Lopez wanted a damn Oscar so bad, she should have let us see her 50 year old nips. And isn't Lizzo that big fucking gross fat ass whale bitch? Why the fuck would anyone even pretend that they'd want to see that thing dance around naked? Jesus.
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    You will get it. I also went back to running, training correctly, and improved the food. another point ... I had to moderate on the beer.
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