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    Fernando said the album was done Fernando said the album was coming out in March 2020 Fernando said covid-19 delayed the album Slash just said he's working on demos and guitar riffs for the new album Fernando lied, people died
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    Hopefully this will continue to spiral and escalate. Like how actors always try to get Oscars for playing retards. Well....no more playing retards. No more playing anything you're not. In the end, that means "no more acting." All characters will be assembled and voiced by computer and AI. Fuck off actors. Hollywood libshit assholes. I hope they reap what they sow, every last one of them.
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    You are right about the asymptomatic cases, most states won't even test you if you aren't showing any kind of symptoms. Someone that oversees 13 emergency rooms in Texas said the uptick in cases they are seeing are much more mild than they were in March and April. What is basically happening is states start opening back up(like Texas) and someone gets the sniffles or has a cough, their employer makes them go and get tested. The doctor overseeing these emergency rooms says they come in and they test positive, doctors tell them to comeback in two days or so but they don't because they are feeling fine after a few days. The CDC came right out and said they cannot differentiate between covid 19 and common cold cases since the tests pick up every kind of corona virus. Of course you are going to see people get colds, people have been inside for 4 or 5 months and are now getting around people again. The problem isn't Americans are selfish, we did everything the government asked us to do, my governor came out and literally said he had no authority to keep us inside, but we did it for 4 months, when it was just "two weeks to flatten the curve." Rent is months past due, disconnects for electricity are coming due, not to mention all the other bills we have. All the protection for these things are lapsing or already have lapsed. My state had the lowest unemployment rate before this and it is now over 15%, everyone is now worried about a massive spike in evictions and foreclosures and the extra unemployment of $600 a week runs out in 29 days and it doesn't look like it is going to be extended. So we wanted to go back to work and we were told we were selfish pricks, that we were going to kill grandma and grandpa if we went to work or went to church. All the while thousands gather in every Democrat run shithole city to burn shit to the ground, loot and smash windows with the blessing of all these same health experts and politicians calling me a selfish prick for wanting to make sure I have a home in the coming months. That is what is fueling this backlash, the thing with the masks comes from the fact we have heard a million contradictory stories from they help to they don't help and make things worse. An article I read the other day from a doctor basically said the masks are useless but help cure "anxiety" from people worried about catching the virus. You cannot make this shit up. People are fed up and we aren't going to sit around and take this for much more, I know I'm sure as fuck not.
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    beach road chicken dinner menu
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    Imagine being half black and you're white in the wrong places...
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    I've refused to engage in a rigged two party system since I was in high school. I realized that when you only have two choices, that's no choice at all. It's a fucking farce. It's like deciding between taking a giant bite of dog shit or pig shit. They're both shit. Still, I rooted for "the good guys" even though I didn't think the democrats were particularly "good." But they seemed like the lesser of two evils. I voted in the Presidential elections for the novelty of it. Perot in 96, Nader in 2000. In 2004 I got caught up in the Michael Moore hype and felt it was my responsibility as a "good person" to oust that "war criminal" George Bush, so I voted Kerry like a good little citizen. I was even upset when he lost. After Bush was gone, I realized what a monumental waste of fucking energy it was to "hate" that guy for eight years. Eight years "hating" some rich asshole that I'd never meet that never actually did anything that actually affected ME. (Maybe I was lucky....I had no friends or family in the military.) I voted for Obama in 2008 only as a personal favor to my friends that begged me to, cause they actually think voting matters. And I was happy when he won. I thought "Yeah, we did it! The good guys did it!" And then I had the luxury of living overseas during his entire presidency, so it didn't matter to me at all. That was the last time I voted. I watched with incredulous shock and glee when Trump won. I fucking hate that ragged cunt Hillary and even though I don't "like" Trump, I thought it was hilarious that he won. I can't even put the last four years of madness into words, watching from afar as all these moist cunts have the biggest temper tantrum in history over losing. The behavior of the Left has been so fucking repugnant to me, I can never see myself going back to that. If I gave enough of a shit, I'd vote Trump just to spite them. I haven't changed....I still have the same values I have always had. THEY'VE changed. They've lost their cotton-picking motherfucking minds. Fuck the "Left"....fuck the Democrats....fuck em all......I hope they lose for a thousand years after the way they've behaved.
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    If the election was today, Trump would win. I consider myself an average, middle of the road American. I have a wife and kids, I own a house and a small business. I have businesses on the side. I am a white, Christian male. I have never voted republican. The Democrats and the Republicans have politicized covid-19 and the quarantine. The Dems are for fear, and shutting down the economy. The GOP are for risk, and opening up the economy. No one likes Covid and no one likes the quarantine, or wearing masks. No one likes being on unemployment. It is a very unpopular side to be on. I can't see Joe Biden winning this. Not today
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    13% of us are the same accounts we've always been. 42% are banned users, joke accounts, and mygyna spies. 45% are Miser.
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    I'm a straight white male. My existence offends snowflakes.
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    I have no idea what's true anymore. Fuck everyone.
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    I swear to God I'd watch a Bran News Network.
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    Can't wait for someone to buy a locker in 2035 so we can hear it.
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    The guy paid 3k for Axl songs? We should pity him, guys.
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    That would be the most Alex Ross move of all time......actually release a fucking record, a REAL actual physical record.....but it's just another 45 minute collection of shitty covers. And THIS is the cover of the record:
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    He sounds like Bumblefoot in the Argentina Nights era. Splish, splash, Axl was takin’ a bath.
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    Because it's a city, not a state, and the dems are just trying to rig more shit so they get extra senators and electoral college votes.
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    A fascinating read if you have the time. Skim through it even.
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    Jesus... it was probably the other way around. According to Mick Wall’s book, the pH of Duff’s vagina is very acidic, so there’s the culprit for the cracked and bleeding fingertips.
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    Invite If it was anyone else they'd have a black bag over the head at 4am, dragged out of their home and thrown in some shithole jail for the rest of their life by 9am.
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    RIP Soyviet Union 2020-2020.
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    Gyms and outdoor activities are things that should be promoted. Instead, stay inside, sit on the couch all day eating Fritos while watching Netflix, then order garbage food to be delivered followed by more Netflix is what's being promoted. No human contact, no eating right to build your immune system, wearing useless fucking masks...oh you don't have a mask? Wear a dirty sock instead. Because grandma. The total opposite of what we should have done was advised. Slow the spread? Why? Slowing it only prolongs everything. Get that herd immunity going. Right now is perfect for it. But nope....close bars again!!! Stupid fucking nonsense. As I said a week ago or so, everyone die already. You deserve it for being stupid masked assholes that have no common sense. And yes, grandma too. Fuck her.
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    Obviously they aren't aware of the power of Ashba Swag™
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    So does this refute the rumours we’ve heard that the record was done? FFS we could still be years away from a new album if Slash is still recording demos
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    The new album is going to be all Reese Rose and Rose Reese compositions.
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    Now we have to wait if the fat fucking retard likes them and decides to release them in 2056
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    >recording demos and guitar stuff for guns im gonna fuckin COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
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    Alot of good that does since GNR don't release music
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    NYT did another hit piece on Pizzagate, featuring interviews with "victims" James Alefantis (Comet Ping Pong owner) and Tony Podesta. Here are some highlights: PizzaGate was born in 2016 in online forums like 4chan and Reddit, where right-wing users and supporters of Donald J. Trump pored over hacked emails from John D. Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s senior campaign adviser, looking for evidence of wrongdoing. Some emails referring to Mr. Podesta’s dinner plans mentioned pizza. A 4chan participant then connected the phrase “cheese pizza” to pedophiles, who on chat boards use the initials “c.p.” to denote child pornography. Mr. Alefantis, who is friends with Mr. Podesta’s brother, Tony, was mentioned in several of the emails. That led internet users to connect his pizza parlor to their conspiracy. The theory soon appeared in bogus publications like The Vigilant Citizen and The New Nationalist on Facebook and Instagram. On Twitter and YouTube, other users amplified the content. Fact checkers debunked the idea. But weeks after the November 2016 election, Edgar M. Welch, 32, a North Carolina resident, drove six hours to Comet Ping Pong to free what he believed were enslaved children. He shot several rounds from a military-style assault rifle into a locked closet door of the pizzeria and eventually surrendered to the police. In 2017, he was sentenced to four years in prison. Soon after, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook suspended the accounts of users who had pushed PizzaGate and took down hundreds of related posts. To keep PizzaGate tamped down, the social media companies took other steps. Facebook made it impossible to search for hashtags such as #pizzagateisreal. On YouTube, searching for #pizzagate brought up a label that explained the term was part of a false conspiracy. Twitter also stopped #pizzagate from surfacing in its trending topics in the United States. For Tony Podesta, John Podesta’s brother, PizzaGate’s revival has opened up old wounds. He had dealt with trolling from conspiracy believers in 2016. Recently, he got a voice mail message from an anonymous caller saying, “Your pizza is ready.” “It just doesn’t go away,” Mr. Podesta said. “They are always three steps ahead of the sheriff.” it's all such disingenuous bullshit "Some emails referring to Mr. Podesta’s dinner plans mentioned pizza." literally get fucked you lizardscaled cunts
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    What's worrying/perplexing is that the faggots over at Team Brazil are so up Axl's ass that they actually had the gall to put this out there as an official live representation of the band. Do they not have a working set of ears? Have they lost all perspective at this point? I mean, they went to great lengths with the first video to hide Axl's sagging gut and multitude of chins, but then have no qualms in the second video revealing that their lead singer can't actually hold a tune for shit? Makes no sense.
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    Joseph Robinette Biden, 47th Vice President of the United States, is the 5th generation descendant of Maryland slave owner Jesse Robinette through his paternal grandmother Mary Biden (Robinette). Jesse Robinette owned 16 slaves. US Census, 1830, Allegeny, MD: http://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:XHPG-PXL Jessie Robinette: http://archive.is/sLTdU Moses J. Robinette: http://archive.is/43Dzd Pvt. George Hamilton Robinette: http://archive.is/mMSK0 Mary Elizabeth Biden: http://archive.vn/i3rAd http://slavery2.msa.maryland.gov/pages/Search.aspx
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    Of course those nazi pieces of shit arrest him while he's in a legitimate business transaction with an oppressed trans sex worker. #DefundThePolice
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    Everytime I hear someone try and explain how a leak would "delay the new album", I call bullshit on that!!! And as reiterated many times since its release, had there been no leaks, there's he no Chinese Democracy. We'd still be waiting on that shit. Only way were ever gonna hear Jackie Chan was via leaks. Same can be said for Soul Monster, The General or any other rumored song by GNR. Axl doesn't want anyone to hear any of his new shit (new refers to 20+ year old to songs were still waiting on) It still shocks me when fairly knowledgeable GNR fans refer to a new album or new song. The track record alone should give people the common sense to realize nothing's ever coming out.
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    True. Guess we can expect Fat in this Waistline in 2021 then and the only creativity being Franz Ferdinando's excuses for no new music.
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    Putting pepperoni on your pizza would be a political issue in the USA.
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    Like I said, their goal is to make straight white people (more prominently cis gendered white men) the new N word. They don’t want to strive for equality, they want to reverse roles to give us evil caucasians our “due comeuppance”. A couple people here laughed at me for first saying this about a year ago, but it’s only become more apparent since. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    400 CDs? Riad (drums up) Riad (drums down) Riad (drums side-to-side) Golly gosh, what a treasure trove. Joking aside, if it gets out to one person, that's one step closer to leaking. We will piece together our own CD2s.
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