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    Come out of hiding Miser.....this thread is practically a Bat-signal for you.
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    Petitions are for losers. Topped only by boycotts.
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    Because she's a fucking megalomaniac who thinks it is her divine right to be crowned Queen of America. Biden hasn't a hope. Trump will pulverise him. Also, Biden is still sniffing young girls hair and behaving like a pedo on the campaign trail. Caught on camera again during the week. What the fuck. Why hasn't one of his staff pulled him aside and told him to cut that shit out? Notice the media giving this zero coverage. If Trump did this they'd be having a melt down. Biden literally cannot meet a woman or child without grabbing them inappropriately and/or sniffing their hair. It's gross.
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    Axl looks like he lost some weight, is this photo recent?
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    you mash 'em up and eat them
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    I loved that slogan as a kid and i didn't even really knew what it meant
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    It's like vegan cheese. The select few who prefer it are fucking weird, those who are ok either way saying it's just as good are delusional, and any rational person thinks it's disgusting and only wants the real thing.
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    holy s h i t
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    ^ These could turn any fag straight
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    It was half-joke. Just because he hates discord. S
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    You already know the answer to that question. Honk honk.
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    I don't think they have a candidate capable of beating Trump because they've spent the past 4 years pouring all their energy into baseless conspiracy theories to deflect from Clinton's defeat. They've also ignored their own party and the glaring fractures within. Sanders is going to get shafted again. It will reopen those wounds and divide the party. The woke AOC crowd won't back the likes of Biden or Warren as enthusiastically. If Clinton parachutes in it will cause a different shitstorm. In short, they have too many candidates and by the time they have selected one that person will be already damaged goods with a party divided with infighting. Trump will annihilate them
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    Add Avengers: Fatgame to the schedule, whenever fits best
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    8. One more and we'll be rid of another mafia scumbag.
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    Perfect summation, especially of their first album and The Origin of the Feces before they went the goth route, although Bloody Kisses still has some of that feel. I meant to tag you in the post. I didnt know if you liked them but thought it would be in your wheelhouse
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    This place is a mess. See you in March’20.
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    Randy Moss' kid is playing college ball. I feel old.
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    anyone else genuinely feel bad for brasky? he means well but he's just so cripplingly stupid he can't help himself remember: this entire spergout started because Brasky thought a Discord bot using the example name "nooblance" in a help prompt was a personal attack on him by uruguns
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    I didn't read it because I don't give a shit. My wife is awesome.
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    Miser is this a real picture?
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    I always thought she was latina? Apparently she is Italian American? Wtf
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    I don't know why she gets so much attention. She's a verifiable idiot. I guess it tells you even to an idiot it is obvious Epstein was protected by the establishment.
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    Shit i just caught up. Im a little bamboozled
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    Because he was town when he did that, then he got converted and went after Uruguns knowing that he was town
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    yup between this and rise of skywalker it looks like george lucas is going to singlehandedly save star wars http://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/star-wars-rise-skywalker-test-screenings-disaster-george-lucas/ "journalists" already on full panic mode over kathleen kennedy's upcoming termination and the reinstation of lucas to the throne http://screenrant.com/star-wars-george-lucas-sequel-trilogy-controversial-disney/ A P O L O G I Z E
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    I'm willing to vote for Uruguns if i see why everyone jumped on him. The comma thing, I think was just a grammatical error. I also don't see a link between him and Discord. I haven't seen a Mafia thread on there
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    I don’t find cats to be cute or adorable in any way.
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    His wife/manager has always been very careful to ensure none of the band members steal any of Ozzys spotlight. Ozzy is the star. "Ozzy is Ozzy, like Elvis was Elvis" Of course they are allowed to have their own spotlight, but not any of Ozzy's. On that note, one day I hope that the unreleased "X RAY" album comes out or leaks....Ozzy, Bob Daisley, Deen Castronovo and Steve Vai. The "supergroup" imploded due to Oz and Steve and said spotlight
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    Meh, I dig him. I think he's genuine and he's always been cool to me. I'd probably give him at least a handy in real life(plus he's Canadian so nuts or not we stick together up here). I just get annoyed with your post style. You're probably a cool guy (despite your supposed fat handicap) I mentioned it when I was pissy before and backed down as I'm new and your whole cult of personality thing you got going on but my instincts were right. I'd let you give me a handy though, maybe you do me while I do him and we can all finish on our fat stomachs? Fucka fucka
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    Never cared for the "memes" and every fucking post has some stupid fucking YouTube clip of some retarded song. Just say want you want, I'm not fucking columbo and I don't want to use my brain on fucking guns n roses for fuck sakes. The YouTube clips are cringey and annoying imo.
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    the fuzzy solo sounds like a zoomer guitarist trying to emulate tony iommi the chorus is repeated like 9 times
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    @arnold layne did you like when Cardi insulted your wife for no reason a few days ago ? i know Skeeter and Maynard have enjoyed his little tantrums lately
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    He is right, and it was better than chinese democracy
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    Is this facepalm because nobody actually looked at the question above the survey itself, and more than half the people seem to 'like teh cock'? Too much foofer here. Screw you guys, I'm goin' home.
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    I agree. Why anyone would just assume the only competed songs (in demo form, no less) are strictly from the 19 discs?? I'm no Insider (cue Tom Petty track) but to think Axl recorded NOTHING between 2001-2019?? That's laughable. Exactly how many completed songs is anyone's guess but it sure as hell better be more than the 4 and most certainly is. We'll just never, ever hear them. ::Laughs:: No, I pray Brasky is correct. We all want the same thing. New music that isn't tangled in bullshit, potential lawsuits, hoarders fuming, etc. Release this music. Take false sense of power and entitlement away from these dickhead Hoarders once and for all. If only GNR were anything like Radiohead, the day after Hardschool leaked, they'd release everything themselves, as Yorke/Radiohead did immediately after the Ok Computer Sessions were hijacked. The following day, instead of dishing out thousands of dollars to contain it (idiot hoarders & hackers) the band puts it up for free. I know it's different, though.
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    Also....idiotic that MLB hasn’t announced their awards yet.
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    Admitting to be a pedophile is an odd choice to make in a public forum. Speaks volumes. And lol. I would destroy you on any type of an IQ test. Even if you were given the answers to the test the day before we took it. The only time you would beat me on any form of a test of intelligence would be at your current age and when I was six. But then again....you’d be so busy trying to fuck me that you would probably fail the test.
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