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    No, just for Axl.
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    The last few years. At least the yellow rain coat year was entertaining in a meta sort of way. Even if the performances sucked, there was a level of unpredictability and amusement. There was also the carrot of a new album. There was also still a mystique around the band and the prospect of a reunion. The reunion was interesting for the first five minutes. It was surreal. After that 5 minutes elapsed, the reunion killed any mystique the band had left. They mailed it in and collected millions. Good for them I guess, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. They have become a boring and predictable band. Not only that, their performance sucks. It is impossible to pretend that maybe Axl is trying after seeing how he performed with AC/DC. The last few years have easily been the worst. What was that line in 'Get In The Ring' about ripping off kids and their hard earned dollars? I'm not googling the lyrics for it. They've probably been taken down in a copyright strike anyways. Ironic that the same band who rallied against ripping off people for their hard earned dollars is all about lame performances and 1000 dollar boxes with temporary tattoos.
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    that thing is going to be on top of so many VCRs and DVD players
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    I think my interest for GNR has reached an all time low. If it weren't for this forum, I'd probably forget they exist. Haven't heard Slash or Duff new albums and have no interest in doing so.
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    I'm so glad I'm building a library of old movies.
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    I am going to start attaching the man- prefix to everything I do. See you later, I have to man-earn some money
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    A while ago they had 'personalized AFD plaques' for a few hundred bucks, with a little metal plate that said 'presented to: (your name), in celebration of AFD selling whatever number of copies'. I'd guess they sold between 0-5.
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    he lived a good life as my 17-year shitposting buddy just glad the vet let me hang out with him for a few hours before they did it
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    These lunatics would rather be right about Trump and have him be Hitler than be wrong and have him not be.
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    “This is a Bond for the modern era who will appeal to a younger generation while sticking true to what we all expect in a Bond film,’ the source added. ‘There are spectacular chase sequences and fights, and Bond is still Bond but he’s having to learn to deal with the world of #MeToo.’ fucking christ so not only is the new 007 a lesbian dindu, but there's going to be a scene where bond gets emasculated by some strong powerful woman i'm sure dazey and len are celebrating the evolution of their culture over at mygnr
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    It's quite the wake up call to those of us (everyone who's not an illegal) who have never had our state or local government take action on our behalf in any way. It's all about future voters. Their end game is demographic annihilation.
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    someone should go spray the state house steps with some liquid ass spray
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    Going to be interesting. Boston has already said if an illegal is on the state house steps ICE won't be able to seize them. Boston bends over and takes it in the ass for the federal government all the time and the one time Boston will actually tell the federal government to get fucked is when it comes to non citizens
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    So, how are you feeling about GNR as of today? Are you excited about the upcoming tour? Do you think they'll do something to promote it or just return to the stage as if the last show was last night? I think my interest for GNR has reached an all time low. If it weren't for this forum, I'd probably forget they exist at some point. Haven't heard Slash or Duff new albums and have no interest in doing so. The band never felt this dead to me. How about you?
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    I'm not so sure this isn't Dizzy and he needs to send another kid to college
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    Basically a trade went down without any money exchanging hands, house of blues , the general , if the world remix and til , saskatoon. Someone traded hob for remixes and that Walker cunt sold hob to Rick Dunsford for $2k but here’s the thing, he never bought house of blues (he made up a story saying it cost him heaps of money) and then he fucked over Rick by never even sending it to him but he kept his money. if I lived in the u.s and if I was rick, let’s just say Walker wouldn’t be walking. He fucked him over the slimy cunt and he had no involvement in any of it except for the remix trade (he and Msl worked together) so much for that fat ass pretending to be on the bands side, trading unreleased material hey? *note* I wasn’t involved in this trade in any way shape or form, i was just kept in the loop I engaged in no action.
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    Remember the "Return of the Rasp" video debacle? I can't even type it without laughing
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    I am bored as shit today. Can't wait until NFL preseason starts. I might watch Hard Knocks this year. Never did in the past.
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    This is huge! sound, production , performance...if GNR were a normal band that release new songs...they should sound like this:
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    2008 when he finally released his shitty solo record.
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    probably 2014 vegas residencies awful dvd axl fat and walking with a cane bumblefoot drama it was so shit it actually resulted in a reunion happening
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    He was old dude. Don't beat yourself up over it, prolonging his life probably would have been very hard on him
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    My expectations for anything of reasonable quality from this brand are exceedingly low, however i'm sure they'll find a way to underwhelm me further...
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    Next to nothing. I was onboard from 89 up until the album came out I guess, then sort of watching aghast/laughing during the Ashba years. I wanted Slash and Duff back for years but somehow Axl has managed to make that less than stellar due to Frank, Melissa and Fortus.
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    the reunion show i saw in 2016 was fun, after that i have no actual expectations for gnr aside from aggressive waistline expansion and a permanent suite at the hard rock cafe
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    Was drinking in the Horseshoe Bar in the East Village last night. Where Crocodile Dundee grabbed the tranny by the nuts.
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    he was euthanized at 8:50 pm tonight (little over 90 minutes ago) last photo i took of him after they told me what had to be done
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    Time for new host. Val did great on the last one and this is going to be my best game. So I leave hosting with my best effort.
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    Times Square at night is an utterly bizarre place. Tourists paying $20 to have their photo taken with a snake/parrot Buy a hotdog and sit on a big stand to watch all the neon advertising.
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    California can't fall into the sea fast enough.
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    the devil is the rest of the world, homer=u.s
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    that's how a true American runs the country. Sitting on his ass, getting fat on fast food and bitching at the tv.
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    Lots of Bogart lately. TCM airs him a bunch and I always love it, so I started with him. I'm just going one actor, series, studio, or director at a time and getting everything. Early on, Bogart works with Bette Davis and Edward G. Robinson, so maybe I'll spin off to one of them next. Maybe watch all of Edward G's gangster films.
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    what a lovely day of course CNN has a panel on of three brown people making stern faces over the tweet six hours later what i wouldn't give to see an ICE agent storm the desk live on air and take all of these disingenuous cunts in with the stairsitters
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    Why is this even concerning to anybody besides those who are here ILLEGALLY? If you don't want to be deported, go through the legal process. Jesus Christ.
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    That cotis cunt can lick my ass if he’s reading, I left some shit on there just for him
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    imagine having an ignore list and not just telling the posters you don't like to fuck off
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