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    0.0051 Bitcoin Only 0.013 Bitcoin Sizes 5XL Shipping is free but if you live in Brazil you must pay a surcharge of 0.026 Bitcoin More exciting merchandise coming soon. Stay tuned.
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    http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/12/blind-items-revealed-5_3.html This permanent A list singer who had his best days a few decades ago still fronts the band that made him famous. He says he was intentionally poisoned by someone posing as a caterer who left immediately after administering it in some food. Axl Rose Normally I'd called bullshit on garbage like this. But let's say it's true. Maybe, just maybe, that would account for why he's looked so fucked up the last ten + years. Poison did this to that Ukranian politician remember? And who has always hated Axl Rose?? Rival 1980s hair metal band POISON. All the pieces fit. I bet it was a crazed South American fan that thought Axl was too beautiful for this mortal world. Either that or Beta. It was Beta.
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    Welcome to the Cheeseboard - Knife Set $500
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    Shit leaks are still more interesting than shit NILT.
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    A gift for Grandma - Fat Shit Luxury Truffles
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    Fat Shit of the Year Etched Glass Trophy
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    Tempted to print my own red hand covers and flog them on eBay to gullible idiots in Brazil Special bonus - the entire recordings will be all the Axl Rose disasters live
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    clean the edges up a bit and id 100% fucking buy this and wear it all day
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    TRY TO STOP US FROM SELLING THIS SHIT AXL AND TEAM HANGER ON! By the way, cartoon Beta's tits are nice.
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    We're a ray of fucking sunshine. Sincerely wish Bobbo would get better though.
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    I used to think CornRow Axl was the best, now its Fat Axl all day everyday
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    You know what? I’m down. Make it available in a hoodie and I’m wearing that shit to work in the cold winter months
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    I don't know about that...I think he'll swell up with noxious gases like a dead whale beached at the seaside. The authorities might have to declare an exclusion zone around Malibu and blow up the carcass with dynamite. The falling blobs of molten lard will rain down upon the hillsides causing massive wildfires.
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    That bit raised my eyebrows too. Best wishes Bobbo
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    Soon Axl will be the shit standard and we'll make fun of other people for looking like him.
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    Bobbo thinks GNFNR is about positive vibes.
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    Hey, there's no GOOD reason to kill yourself. But if you wanna compare jumping in front of a train cause you work 15 hour days and can't get laid and hate your life and all the stress and that......or crying and and sobbing and blowing your brains out cause Axl Rose is dead? One sounds sillier than the other. But it's a hypothetical. Can you honestly tell me, as a South American, you don't expect at least one obsessed fan from your continent to kill himself after Axl dies?
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    Oh, defo. Everyone knows it's South America and not Japan where people commit suicide for the dumbest of reasons.
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    Just keep a watcher thing on ebay. I forget what it's called, but you can have it search for that item and alert you when it becomes available. It might be a browser add-on.