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    You know he spent more time practising this move than he did writing the song.
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    Yes, shooting someone at point blank range is different than likely contributing to the death of some guy drugged out of his mind. Neither is good. One is way worse.
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    We deserve this. He almost killed himself over our taunts when he was in GNR, but we didn't go far enough. And now look what we have. The fault is entirely our own.
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    Shame Axl isn't a guest on this. His tits can definitely compete with the dancing chicks.
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    One day we're going to find out that Axl Rose hates himself so much that he actually is one of you guys posting about him. My money is on Magisme, Fernando seems way too into him.
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    fatter than ever bald long grey beard red white and blue skull bandana sunglasses performs on a mobility scooter eats on stage sturgis, ribfest, etc
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    It's not that Axl Rose doesn't understand the "magnitude" of his waistline. It's that he doesn't care.
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    I loved the 1995 Batman Forever back alley neon effects though. So timely. So edgy. I've seen that clown perform in the flesh and make Hogan ears at the audience......TWICE. Jealous?? But for real though, and I'mma tell you troof dawg........I still think Ballad of Death and Mi Amor are straight fire. I know. I'm gay.
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    As a carer, I've heard better sounds come out of someones stoma bag than this.
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    Take me down to burrito city Where the MILFs are fat and they got big titties
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    this is what the media is pushing while ignoring the 5 year old who got executed on his front lawn
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    I would love it if he quit Twitter. Thinking of calling Beta to see of this can be arranged. Hope the number still works
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    Axl's loving this pandemic. His portable Tom-Cruise-Scientology-Laser-Hair-Restorer device isn't as good as his home one.
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    I like how outdated the song is. This is the kind of Electronica that would make Brazilians from 2006 shake their asses. Ashba is a 40 something years old dude. This is his vision of 2020 edm. I love it.
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    I'm changing my prediction. I thought Trump was gonna win easily, but I don't think they'll allow it. It wasn't supposed to happen in 2016 and it sure as shit isn't supposed to happen again. I am predicting a Biden "landslide" so there can't be any shadow of doubt that he won. Trump will be forcibly removed from the White House, or maybe he'll just vanish into the night, cause he's not "protected" the way the Clintons and Bushes are. About 9 months to a year into his first term, Biden will voluntarily "step down" due to undisclosed health issues, and then America can finally rejoice as we have our FIRST BLACK WOMAN PRESIDENT. Everything goes according to plan....
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    Here's a blackpill with your morning coffee. It doesn't matter. The truth doesn't matter. A superficial society doesn't value truth. A superficial society values artifice; the truth presented as fashion - optics. Thus, all that matters is what the television, the press, and Satan's servants tell people to believe. It don't really matter, gonna find out for yourself. You tell them stories they'd rather believe. Use them and confuse them, they're numb and naive. Ask yourself why I would choose to prostitute myself to live with fortune and shame. The Big Ging is an overgrown child but he's got Tegridy. LARPing as his 20-year old self is obviously ridiculous but at least he's plagiarizing himself.
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    I would want to see them fucking onstage if FRANK RICHARDS plays THIS IS LOVE on the background
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    The United States spends $63 Billion annually on Intelligence! The assertion that they don't engage in conspiracies is ludicrous. As time goes by, many conspiracy theories have been proven true. Dozens and dozens from MK Ultra to the CIA attacking our own ship in the Gulf of Tonkin to justify the invasion of Vietnam. Shaming people who dare to use the most basic critical thinking skills and question the government is fucking Orwellian
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    Well, this proves that Ashba was a hack and he is a poser, gimmick "guitarist" Song is so shit, the audience and "demand" basically just waste of space "clubbers" It's fucking embarassing that he was ever a member of Axl's band. No other employee (old or new) or "former bandmate " ever humiliated himself this much Well, it's even worse than the remaining members of The Doors clowning around with Shillrex. The beat is so generic, even an 8 year old with basic Ableton skills could do it in 3 seconds. Ashba always looked like a fag, but this is the cherry on the shitpile of his career Shitley Crüe Shits N' Roses Shits AM *botched SCOM intro riff playing in the background
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    If your referring to the one in the middle, that’s his “wife”
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    10 years from now we'll look back on this as Ashba's first foray into the genre he went on to revolutionize for the masses and become the next Skrillex with - shitstep amazingly shit of him to drop DJ from his name when now that he's trying to become an actual DJ so when will this be released on SPOTIFY?
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    Axl's just pissed that he is slowly morphing into Trumps slightly younger, equally physically repulsive, brother.
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    It isn't that Fat Axl doesn't grasp the "magnitude" of the lack of music GNR fans are facing. It's that he doesn't care. There's a difference.
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    And there is talk of her appointing CIA spook Pete Buttigieg as her VP
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    They fully blatantly lied to start Iraq war 2. And Obama funded ISiS to start the civil war in Syria. It’s not a conspiracy, people don’t care. Republicans want discipline and Dems want to feel good. Meanwhile rich people want to print money from a hot tub full of...who knows what the right move is. I made a chicken cheese steak sandwich and got a second six pack. There’s a huge possibility I’m way off.
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    You think this is just some shadows on the girl's face? She looks like Freddy Krueger or something....it's revolting....how the fuck did this get past an editor???
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    why As you can see, this is a common topic here Axl deserves everything he's got (including touring money and fat memes)
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    Sorry to hear that man, i did ban someone that night though.
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    No one ever told me that I was alone I just think I'll fuck beta.... beta
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    Also a couple of things: Apparently the RNC Convention's theme will be "The Great American Story." which is a nice contrast to the Democrat's "I hate white people" platform. Also this is quite good.
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