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    Funny thing is , this game will go longer then Trump’s impeachment.
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    I was gonna get mad for a second.......then I thought......"Who gives a shit? Simpsons sucks open ass now anyway." Its The Simpsons in name only....nothing about it is the same show from when it was good. YES....Apu was a blatant, greedy, price-gouging Indian convenient store clerk right from his first appearance. But like all the characters, he grew and changed since his first appearance in season one. He was an interesting character, introduced Lisa to vegetarianism, met his wife and had 8 kids. He was a real person. And he was NO worse than any other of the dozens of blatant exaggerated stereotypes that makes the Simpsons great!! But nooooooo. Some butthurt privileged Indian cunt who probably makes more money than all of us, decided this was a "hate crime" and started a one man war against Apu....so....out he goes. Just cause of one stinking filthy Indian man. Well.....fuck that guy. But in the end....who gives a shit? Simpsons is shit now anyway. I love the good seasons but it's painful and offensive to see what it's become. Lisa was always an annoying bitch, that was her thing, but not ALLLL the characters are as obnoxiously woke as Lisa. I only download them to keep them all for posterity, but it hasn't been good in almost 2 decades. I'd love for the show to just end, so I can finally stop downloading and just have a complete collection. PS.....fuck that Indian guy anyway. Humorless cunt.
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    That'll be the first offical "lol" recorded by an audience member in the last 17 years of the Simpsons.
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    Welcome to the cat avatar Mr Brasky.
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    I hate being town. I feel so dumb.
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    I'm nearing 50 and dammit, I'm still slinging salami!
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    I still want an over the top, flamboyantly gay, Liberace-style one man Vegas revue....a permanent residency, where he puts on two shows a day, both in the afternoon, cause he's a senior citizen. I just imagine him coming out on to a tacky, gaudy stage, draped head to toe in an exquisite velvet robe, giant ugly fucking rings on every finger, huge horrible obvious toupee......... And then he'll sit at this ridiculously oversized grand piano and just tickle the ivory for about 90 minutes, telling bawdy jokes to the crowd of 100% saggy titted soccer moms until they throw their giant grannie panties at the stage.....and he'll do Elton John covers, and Queen covers, and Liberace, and every gay ass AM radio ballad from the 70s..... Holy fucking shit I want that more than an actual GNR album. Can't you guys just picture how amazing that would be??
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    say what you want about how shit the simpsons has been for the past 10 years, but this is just an example of the pathetic world we live now. http://geekvibesnation.com/hank-azaria-steps-down-from-voicing-apu-on-the-simpsons/
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    I don't know what's happening, the Simpsons has 12 seasons. That's it.
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    Can all the Simpsons after season 10 not exist ?
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    I don't whether to laugh or cry when I read stuff like this ...
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    Thank you . I just Love ❤️ pussy
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    Well on craigslist and other places people are putting out ads for "paramilitary role play." I imagine you are going to have far left wack jobs posing as gun owners and doing something incredibly stupid so gun owners get blamed for it.
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    How great would it be If Axl wrote a brand new batch of songs, relevant to his life in 2020? Songs about pie and tacos, songs about aging and getting fat, songs about ankle injuries, and hairlines? I think the response from the fan base would be overwhelmingly positive. @Dr. Strangelove Can we get a definitive ruling?
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    If they'd just call it the non-country music hall of fame, all is good
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    Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth will all be inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame this coming year. Congratulations to everyone involved 🖕🤣🤘
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    What else is there to do in Brazil aside from partaking in violent crime and burning down the rainforest?
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    Robert Downey 20 years ago would have been a hell of a podcast. But he's cleaned up and boring as we all should be in our 50's.
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    There was a friend of mine who would always send me videos to watch about the most random subjects, but especially conspiracy theories, "documentaries" on aliens, etc. I never clicked on any of them and would politely reply things like "I'll chech that later" but never did. Despite me never making any comments about the videos, clearly showing I had no interest, he kept sending them. They were not short 3-4 min videos. They were 90 or 120 min long sometimes. It came to a point (maybe after the 2nd time) I silenced him and just stopped answering. Then, when we he saw me in person he would ask me about the videos. It's a shame because he was a nice dude but he's 32 and has no interest in anything real, he is like a big child who keeps asking "hey but what if aliens did this and that and illuminati and the matrix and communism bla bla bla". Needless to say he's a great target for jokes among our group of friends. Poor dude, he's good at heart but he's so childish and sometimes completely stupid. After writing all of this I realized this friend of mine is a lot like Manets but no, I was not describing him. Real story. Just wanted to share it with you.
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    If Axl Rose read this thread he would release the vault in one sitting.
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    Last night before sleeping I went to the toilet, thought I had one. I was wrong, it was just a stinky dinky. Then I woke up this morning sweating, having bad dreams... but the monster was inside of me the whole time. What a disgusting but necessary way to start my day.
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    cbgbs 1987 makes me want axl, izzy, slash, steven and that punk fuck to write, record, release and perform live an acoustic album
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    Tried watching AEW today for the first time since the first episode. Failed miserably after watching DDP do yoga for 5 minutes.
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    ENCORE 2 - feat. Snopp Dogg One in a Million McDaddy (I literally forgot this song's name and am fine with it) My World Walk This Way If The World (Brain remix) Blood in the Water Paradise City
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    And Brazil discovers Grunge. Britpop is just around the corner, I can't wait.
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    Yes. Its been confirmed through very reliable sources that they will play "One In A Million" together, and ask the audience at home to sing along to the lyrics at the bottom of the screen.
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    I could really go for some Coke right now
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    I know you've all been anxious for the results! This year's inductees are .... Notorious B.I.G. NIN Doobie Brothers T. Rex Depeche Mode And one of the hardest rockers of all time, Whitney Houston!!! Pat Benatar got fucked again, this time by voting.
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    Everybody knows they don't have pizza in Crackistan.
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    Trump must be an inspiration for Miser. He proved that you can still become president despite having a checkered past of internet comments.
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    Pizza guy slinging foods high in saturated fat to kids. Hardly innocent.
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    Wait—the crackheads are the innocents in this hypothetical scenario? LOL what a poor analogy
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    The fat parodies thread last year was better than anything by real GNR in the last 30 years.
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    We've got enough for a covers album with the fat lyrics.
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    takes pride in and defends the imperialistic bullshit of a bought-and-paid-for nation because his mom happens to have shit him out within its borders, lol
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    Didn't take long for the Huffington Post to pickup on the "woman couldn't win in 2020." http://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/bernie-sanders-elizabeth-warren-woman-cant-win-191328081.html
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    This can go here because US politicians are definitely included.
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    “Manchild buys 20 year old unreleased songs by dad rock band, then has a cry when he’s banned from their shows the gay looking cunt”
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    Did Guns N Roses fuck your Mom and then stiff her on child support payments. Call 1 - 800 - L A W
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    Liposuction doc sells Fat from Axl Rose on Ebay!
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