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    WWE will be releasing a new documentary on Big Show next weekend. The one-hour special is scheduled to air on the WWE Network at 10pm ET after the WWE Smackville special goes off the air on Saturday, July 27. It will focus on the 25 year career of the WWE veteran and his recent surgery & rehab. “Join Big Show as he reflects on his 25-year career in sports-entertainment while he recovers from a serious surgery and rehabilitation.” Big Show has not wrestled since the November 20, 2018 SmackDown episode, when he teamed with The Bar to lose to SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day. Show had just started a new stable with Sheamus and Cesaro, but it was reported that he suffered a hamstring injury. He last appeared on the November 27 SmackDown. There’s no word yet on if the hamstring injury is the same “serious surgery” that is mentioned in the synopsis above. Show, who is still listed on WWE’s active SmackDown roster, has done some acting while away from the ring. WWE has rarely used the big man in the storylines or at live events for a few years now.
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    What's the best era of Madonna? I say it's Vogue.
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    I'd much rather see Adler at a bar for $20 than spend $200 to watch 2 Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place on a big screen from the back of a half empty stadium. Steven's singer sounded good.
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    OJ stumbled upon the medium. Charlie created the blueprint. Donald pushed the button.
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    Exactly. This band is shit because it's not Slash's band anymore, he's a guest. Duff is a guest, too. Even Axl seems to be a guest. There's written "Guns N'Roses" on the tickets but the musicians are not really there. It's a ghost band, it's empty, no soul. There's a lack of incarnation. It's dead, that's why GNR has become so boring.
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    When is Axl's tequila coming out?
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    Used to love her? Before you make any rash decisions, make sure she's covered! And now I'm happier this wayyyyyyyyy 💰🎵
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    adler isn't even the best thing about this - that singer is on POINT if they got a rhythm guitarist they'd sound pretty good
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    That was better than any NITL performance of the song, by far.
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    Talk about a chick who has snorted her fair share of booger sugar off a shaft.
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    Captain Kirk will definitely be fucking the green bitch in QT's Star Trek.
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    He scammed Rick out of $2k so this wouldn’t surprise me
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    The last few years. At least the yellow rain coat year was entertaining in a meta sort of way. Even if the performances sucked, there was a level of unpredictability and amusement. There was also the carrot of a new album. There was also still a mystique around the band and the prospect of a reunion. The reunion was interesting for the first five minutes. It was surreal. After that 5 minutes elapsed, the reunion killed any mystique the band had left. They mailed it in and collected millions. Good for them I guess, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. They have become a boring and predictable band. Not only that, their performance sucks. It is impossible to pretend that maybe Axl is trying after seeing how he performed with AC/DC. The last few years have easily been the worst. What was that line in 'Get In The Ring' about ripping off kids and their hard earned dollars? I'm not googling the lyrics for it. They've probably been taken down in a copyright strike anyways. Ironic that the same band who rallied against ripping off people for their hard earned dollars is all about lame performances and 1000 dollar boxes with temporary tattoos.
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