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    Wrong man. I listen to Grunge since the 90’s. Give them a listen. Sounds good as fuck!
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    Drop Some Fire is a reference to Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dogg. Case closed.
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    I still want an over the top, flamboyantly gay, Liberace-style one man Vegas revue....a permanent residency, where he puts on two shows a day, both in the afternoon, cause he's a senior citizen. I just imagine him coming out on to a tacky, gaudy stage, draped head to toe in an exquisite velvet robe, giant ugly fucking rings on every finger, huge horrible obvious toupee......... And then he'll sit at this ridiculously oversized grand piano and just tickle the ivory for about 90 minutes, telling bawdy jokes to the crowd of 100% saggy titted soccer moms until they throw their giant grannie panties at the stage.....and he'll do Elton John covers, and Queen covers, and Liberace, and every gay ass AM radio ballad from the 70s..... Holy fucking shit I want that more than an actual GNR album. Can't you guys just picture how amazing that would be??
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    For me the year started promising musically. two bands I really like are releasing new albums. Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots! Grunge is alive and well! Perdida is the eighth studio album by American rock band Stone Temple Pilots, to be released on February 7, 2020[2] through Rhino. It is the band's second album with Jeff Gutt as lead singer. The first single "Fare Thee Well" was released on December 2, 2019. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perdida_(album)
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    You're not alone. If it's just a video and no text I don't bother at all, regardless of length. Classic Auad posting.
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    As I said before, Arnold has been aggressive and overly invested from day 1 which to me is very different from his usual style. The killing of hotdogman was such an obvious attempt to copy myself or Bacardi. official vote Arnold
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    Super aggressive day 1 Arnold was a ping on the shit radar.
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    I'm ready to kill either Liars or arnold, I think.
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    If you guys had half a brain you'd be able to guess my character with the clues I've dropped, I'm clearly town and wouldn't be dropping multiple clues if I was Mafia. I also pulled my vote on Mags clearly stating that I was uncomfortable that it was a pile on.
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    There are more town than scum in this game Town players have more votes than scum players Therefore, the town controls the lynch
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    Bullshit. I did not vote SoA. My vote was on you when he died.
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    Since no one else has come forward and trust me if you’re the cop and Mags isn’t towns blood is on your hands. so that makes Cardi and Magisme town. which means mafia most likely would have voted to have Mags Lynched
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    just took a shit so massive it left my asshole feeling like the eye of sauron
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    Apophenia (/æpoʊˈfiːniə/) is the tendency to mistakenly perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things. Defined it as "unmotivated seeing of connections accompanied by a specific feeling of abnormal meaningfulness"
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    I'm nearing 50 and dammit, I'm still slinging salami!
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    Robert Downey 20 years ago would have been a hell of a podcast. But he's cleaned up and boring as we all should be in our 50's.
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    Yeah, he's a lousy comedian. C list at best. I'm about halfway through this RDJ interview and it's been dull so far....mostly just hippie dippie stuff about "serendipity" leading them to where they are in life and bullshit like that.
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    This sounds scummy. Is arnold a patsy? unvote: arnold @arnold layne Get in here and say your piece.
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    I dont know, should you? I have a feeling that your and he are buddies. I also think that the so called "partnershit" between Gnrliars and Arnold is between a town (liars) and a scum (Arnold). Obviously Liars ignores this. I look forward to confirming both hypothesis.
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    Okay , whew had to get that out of my system vote Arnold
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    Says the dirty spelling challenged cunt!!!!!! and your memes are shit
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    Longer read then expected and wild plot twist.
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    And I am getting tired of Brasky ....
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    I'm willing to put a vote on Arnold or Liars, I never had a vote on either Mags or SoA
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    Last night before sleeping I went to the toilet, thought I had one. I was wrong, it was just a stinky dinky. Then I woke up this morning sweating, having bad dreams... but the monster was inside of me the whole time. What a disgusting but necessary way to start my day.
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    That's not gonna count. Official Vote: arnold layne
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    Bud Light Presents: The Mickey Mouse In Da House Tailgate Extravaganza. Why listen to WTTJ on your F-150's blown out speakers when you can hear it live, while enjoying a $10 beer in your $300 seat?
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    Facekicker also voted Soa so that's another match
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    KFC and popcorn have been on my side from the start, so I'm tempted to say they're both town.
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    Tried watching AEW today for the first time since the first episode. Failed miserably after watching DDP do yoga for 5 minutes.
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    And Brazil discovers Grunge. Britpop is just around the corner, I can't wait.
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    I fucken love Salem and Roanoke. I used to visit every March.
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    I am taking a back seat role now because I am tired, but I am suspicious of facekicker and Popcorn's Snare. facekicker killing hotdogman is a facekicker move. He did the same thing to me once in a game. Kill me the same day I started playing.
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    Speaking of the soundtrack..... One of the special events I went to last year to celebrate the "year of AKIRA" was a screening of the movie that was preceded by a live performance of some of the songs from the soundtrack by the Geinoh Yamashirogumi. It was cool as shit. Not really an exaggeration to say that I would never be living in Japan if I hadn't seen that movie 30 years ago.
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    He has that gimmick full-head bandanna on in every pic i've seen from 1996 through 1998, maybe 1999. Makes me think he was dicking around with hair transplants the entire time.
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    I remember one drunken night as a teen, sleeping over at my girlfriend’s friend’s house. I awoke at 4am desperate for a shit and it was as swampy as can be. My wiping added to the clay I left in the bowl blocked the toilet and the water rose up to the seat after I flushed. After destroying the toilet brush trying to unblock it I had to go in with my bare arm and hand. Not my finest hour.
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    Is it YCBM where he does this little step? @NewGNRnOldGNR please find clip. Thanks
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    Nothing says Woke Bond than getting that ^^^ to do the Bond theme and getting this to take the 007 moniker while scolding James Bond throughout in s script written by this Yeah. Fuck this. Not a cent.
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    It's funny seeing people screeeching over any of this shit, considering what a meaningless and retarded waste of time "awards" are. If women want more awards, they should make stuff as well as men do. But they can't, so they won't get any fucking awards. Also, who the fuck wants to watch a movie about strippers where none of the stars actually show their tits? At least Demi Moore got her rock-hard fake tits out for Striptease back in the 90s. I was so pissed that they cast Jessica Alba as Nancy in Sin City cause I knew that bitch would never show her nipples, and it ruined the whole point of her character being a fucking STRIPPER. If Jennifer Lopez wanted a damn Oscar so bad, she should have let us see her 50 year old nips. And isn't Lizzo that big fucking gross fat ass whale bitch? Why the fuck would anyone even pretend that they'd want to see that thing dance around naked? Jesus.
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    Didn't take long for the Huffington Post to pickup on the "woman couldn't win in 2020." http://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/bernie-sanders-elizabeth-warren-woman-cant-win-191328081.html
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    Isn't that how Axl broke his foot?
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    I swear to God I have seen Axl do this exact dance move on the NITL tour. Is it an intentional tribute? @Dr. Strangelove find me a clip please
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    i get more than enough joe rogan watching ufc
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    good idea, i made a fat axl post once and 3 minutes later got a phone call from a brazilian area code with nothing but heavy breathing sounds
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