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    Maybe Adler's view of Axl during that time is what sent him over the edge.
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    I don't think the PM tells us much, but her lynching vote was sketchy. Flying under the radar + lynching vote + triggered-posting right after lynching vote = fishy.
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    Sting. Sting would be another person who's a hero. The music he's created over the years, I don't really listen to it, but the fact that he's making it, I respect that.
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    Describe myself in 3 musicians ... okay. Britney Spears, warm and wet with a sense of risk because she's so crazy that you never know what she'll do. Jennifer Lopez, definitely back door with her. It would be like going through the appropriately named Gotthard Tunnel until you hit a treasure trove of guacamole. Ariana Grande, so tight with a tinge of Pete Davidson's toothpaste showing up when I'm done.
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    Firing Don Cherry was not very Canadian.
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    I am using that Mandalorian line on people at work the rest of the week....
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    OP is zoomer slang for overpowered, originates from balancing in video and/or card games "Rey was so OP in the last jedi, it kinda takes you out of the movie" i hope the baby yoda has timeline altering abilities and removes the last jedi from the continuum
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    ^ These could turn any fag straight
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    Come out of hiding Miser.....this thread is practically a Bat-signal for you.
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    Geez. That's a tough one. Our best and brightest minds might contemplate that for centuries and never come up with an answer. Like this classic conundrum:
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    GNR is white trash making white trash music for white trash. I love GNR, but damn, I've really cringed over the years at how WT I must seem to everyone around me just for liking them. One of the most awkward moments was in high school when I was watching the UYI live VHS tape, and my dad walked in the room just in time to hear "It Tastes Good, Don't It?" What do you think their most white trash song is? You might be inclined to say "Anything Goes" but you'd be wrong. It's "Bad Apples." There's something so disgustingly Indiana redneck greasy sweat asshole about that song. I hate it. When he goes "I got some gen-u-ine imitation baaaad apples, free samples for yo piece o' mind only nine ninety five" it just makes me kind of wretch like I just saw two mulleted cousins making out. Fucking gross.
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    We got e-mad for a few minutes about how mean China is to Hong Kong. Then I guess the NBA had games in China for some big NBA in China promotion to get the China-bucks. Then we got e-mad at the NBA for a few minutes.
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    I live-skim the game and then cycle back to read the entire day for better context. I would have caught it. Plus, JB jworded it more clearly.
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    Well, of course you do man! You're white trash!! (I'm kidding!! Hey....we're all white trash for loving this stupid hillbilly junkie band as long as we have. Well....except for those of us that aren't white. But even those members are honorary white trash!)
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    I love Bad Applesawesome music,vocals and the solo is so underrated
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    We laugh.....but what if the dusty old bag actually ran and won? She was supposed to win in a landslide after all....and she was a cunt's hair from taking it. We've been enjoying her loss for 3 years now but what if the tables are turned? It'd be a rematch, and both sides will be out for blood and the turnout would be MUCH higher cause they stakes are higher. A chilling thought to think that the third time could be the charm for her.......they were so sure of their victory in 2016 they didn't just get blindsided, they got skullfucked. I'd hate for Trump voters' complacency to allow that miserable old banshee to actually win.
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    @arnold layne @John Bonham @Damn_Smooth the guilty rats are starting to panic deadstar and kfc are definitely working together what's your reason for thinking i'm mafia? because i started a bandwagon on someone who made shit posts and jumped on my ass immediately after naming two mafia members? uruguns deserved what he got for being so shit. again, i implore the cop to investigate me and confirm my authenticity as town post-MIAgate
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    Pointed out you were being aggresive in the post above me and you respond aggressively and with middle school level name calling. Anothing thing I noticed. You didn't vote Ironfin who turned out to be Mafia. You voted MIA instead, who was pretty much "confirmed" mafia. On day 2 you were the first to vote Uruguns, who turned out to be town. My detective skills aren't good, but it smells like gook spirit. I will let it go though, since it's just your style of playing 😉 Will keep my eye on you though.
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    Yes, the telltale sign of a mafia player is that they get aggressive when people don't pay attention to the game because they definitely don't want to slide by unnoticed. Those are some great detective skills you have there, Scooby Dunce.
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    The two I think are mafia are KFC (for not voting anyone so far) and DamnS (being a little agressive there on the post above me). KFC hasn't said anything to make me suspicious though, its just the no vote thing.
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    Shitnor Gayfart Korky Buchek Real answer: Finck (for the mix of chaos and ambient, which I love) Trent (one man band, huge inspiration) 3rd one? Robert Smith? The Edge? I don't know... Any guitarist who can't play any fast solos but is good with effects and ambient sounds.
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    Because he was town when he did that, then he got converted and went after Uruguns knowing that he was town
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    It was half-joke. Just because he hates discord. S
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    I loved that slogan as a kid and i didn't even really knew what it meant
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    I’ll hear out the Dr and McDaddy and decide. I’ve been burned by bandwagon voting before. I have no reason to encourage people to vote unless they are sure because town are losing players and I don’t want to harm us any more by casting stones against people who may not be dirty. That being said, I suspect both and one other player whom I’ll not reveal yet until I observe them more.
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    @Salsh Borski i believe you. I put your name on my list as an afterthought. I reckon we all go for DrS. I know I'm Town and i believe you and KFC are too. Agreed? @KFCBucket?
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    Assless Leather Chaps and G String that Axl wore at The Roxy and other club shows in 1986 will always top this category
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    I legit want to massacre a Canadian immigrant family right now.
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    Because they are subjected to propaganda 24/7 through ALL media and have long been conditioned to invest heavily in their "side" and leave critical thinking and analysis to others. The people they then think have all the knowledge and understanding are the very people gaslighting them at every opportunity while those that actually present them with the truth are hounded as traitors. When you live outside the US this is so blatantly obvious as to make you think you are losing your fucking mind when in reality it's the other way around. The US like to point at China and Russia for brainwashing their citizens, meanwhile subjecting their own to propaganda that is as bad if not worse.
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    Miser has a ton of these threads, one where Axl wears these flower print leggings
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    That diaper thong was about as gay as it gets
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    aka the "Let's get Ragnar Moist" thread.
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    35 years later and I still want this t-shirt.
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    That’s actual footage of Angus Young running away after going to see Axl to resume Axl/DC and realising he’d morphed into a fat old windbag woman
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    And instead of wailing about "Muh Russians" for three years they should have behaved like the adults in the room that they claim to be and had a sensible reasoned and logical platform highlighting all the actual shit policy decisions by the Trump Administration. Then backed their candidate to the hilt as a unified strong party for anyone with a brain cell. But no, we can't have that. Instead they went full retard and made the actual retard in the White House look appealing. Just look at this shit for example
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    Yeah I should probably clarify that. I don't think anyone of the current field, at this point in time, can beat Trump. Take Tulsi Gabbard for example. She's a military vet, a woman, of ethnic stock and her platform is broadly in line with everything the Dems want in a candidate. Except on Foreign Policy. She's hugely critical of the foreign policy espoused by establishment Dems and GOP. She wants to put an end to the stupid endless wars in the middle east and pursue a more non-interventionist foreign policy. One that would benefit ordinary Americans immensely but that puts her at odds with the defense industry. Had the Democrats actually got behind her and found a good VP for her she would be a very strong candidate. Instead, they've spent the past three years smearing her relentlessly in one of the most disgusting displays of NeoMcCarthyism yet. It is astounding stupidity.
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    Just picture the hysterical wailing when Kathleen Kennedy gets the bullet. It will be a Hillary Clinton-like meltdown
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    yup between this and rise of skywalker it looks like george lucas is going to singlehandedly save star wars http://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/star-wars-rise-skywalker-test-screenings-disaster-george-lucas/ "journalists" already on full panic mode over kathleen kennedy's upcoming termination and the reinstation of lucas to the throne http://screenrant.com/star-wars-george-lucas-sequel-trilogy-controversial-disney/ A P O L O G I Z E
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    Because she's a fucking megalomaniac who thinks it is her divine right to be crowned Queen of America. Biden hasn't a hope. Trump will pulverise him. Also, Biden is still sniffing young girls hair and behaving like a pedo on the campaign trail. Caught on camera again during the week. What the fuck. Why hasn't one of his staff pulled him aside and told him to cut that shit out? Notice the media giving this zero coverage. If Trump did this they'd be having a melt down. Biden literally cannot meet a woman or child without grabbing them inappropriately and/or sniffing their hair. It's gross.
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    Their 15 year old granddaughters do. (Do the math.) Real GNR fans have faded rose tattoos covering their saggy pizza tits.
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    Even dead of AIDS, Freddy Mercury put out more music than shit Axl Rose
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    the horde finally managed to get don cherry fired at 85 years old cunts
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    how long until one of these is used in a trailer park murder scene?
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