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    Tonight we celebrate the 9th anniversary of this web forum gunsnfnroses.com It is hard to believe we are still around 9 years later Personally, I am fatter, but not shittier, and my hairline is the same as in 2010 Thank you to everyone that is a part of this community, and of course, a big shout-out to our founder who put together this site 9 years ago today Next year is the big one
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    I have been running a Guns N' Roses fan site since November 2007. I started with a blog, and then joined Twitter in 2009. This forum came after that in May 2010. In all that time, I have basically been saying the same thing: When is Chinese Democracy / Chinese Democracy II coming out? And why are Guns N' Roses and Axl Rose so disappointing? For 10 years, the @gunsnfnroses Twitter account has been poking fun at Axl and the band, and for 10 years, his protectors have been sending me angry replies and hate mail. In the last 3 months however, all that has changed! Take a look at the GNR channels on social media today and you will see a very different picture. GNR fans are fed-up, and with each post our page makes, our support grows. Fans are coming out of the woodwork to support our page, and let Guns know how disappointed they are with the status quo. Was GNFNR ahead of it's time? Yes, yes we were. To Axl Rose, let this message serve as your warning: The Countdown to your AxTermination has begun. I am your new commander. You have 4 days to leak Chinese Democracy II or suffer the consequences of my digital lynch mob. Cc: @Fernando
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    ...and Finally, Member of the Year, Shitposter of the Year, Shit Poster of the Year, and Avatar of the Year...
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    8 years ago yesterday Thanks to everyone who helped to make this place... This place ? ? ? ?
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    To have a backyard cookout party at my house, with all the forum members attending, and Adler's Appetite performing live on the patio.
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    Back in 1998 to 2003, I was addicted to cocaine, freebase, OxyContin and smack. I started out just selling weed, and then I had this one customer/friend who would trade me these big Oxy 80s for some weed. The next thing you know, JB is addicted to OxyContin. At this time, I worked Sunday thru Thursday. I'd take Oxy every Thursday after work and then have a 48-hour morphine fest. I'd ride my mountain bike up and down these really hilly country roads and just get soaked with wave after wave of cold sweats. It was awesome. Sometimes he would trade me a Fentanyl patch, and I'd tear that open and eat a glob of it from the edge of a pocket-knife. That was a trip. Dangerous, but nice. "Over-doses" can happen in really stupid ways. Like, you just get into such a deep sleep, that you forget to breathe, or you fall asleep with a candle burning, and you burn your whole house down. One afternoon, I woke up and put some chicken nuggets in a dirty toaster oven, and then I drove out to the mini-mart to buy a gallon of milk. At the store, I ran into my old friend Mike, and the 2 of us had a 30-minute wastoid loser conversation, before I finally drove home to my burned-down apartment. I was functional in that I never lost my job, but the opiates started to wreak havoc on my personality, changing me into a more and more irrational, insane person. My moods became more and more erratic and unpredictable. I began to alienate my girlfriend at the time. Now, we've all heard the story, you get hooked on Oxy, and then when you can't get Oxy, you get hooked on smack. Like most U.S. cities, mine has plenty of places to buy heroin. I began snorting heroin and getting really dope-sick for the first time. And really fucked-up. Just like just completely useless for 2 days. My girlfriend left me and then I did the drug addict thing backwards -- I went from smack to coke. Coke. I grew up in Jersey, so coke was always a thing. I dabbled in it for years before I ever had a habit. Sometime around the Millennium, something must have changed geo-politically, because suddenly there were kilos of very pure, inexpensive cocaine in Western Massachusetts. I was single and fresh out of college, so I had time and money to spend on coke. I kept a big pile of coke on a mirror in the knife drawer, and I'd snort a big fucking line right before I left for work, and another as soon as I got home. I had myself convinced that coke was great for my career, I could work longer hours, and get more done. "I don't have a cocaine problem. It's when I DON'T have coke, that's the problem." I told myself. Eventually, I started playing music with this guy who taught me how to cook good freebase. That was a quantum leap in drug use for me. I stopped smoking marijuana, and went into a phase where I drank whisky and cokes, smoked freebase, snorted coke, smoked cigarettes, and played music every night until the Sun came up. It was Good Times. It was Bad Times. I'd wake up late on Sunday afternoon and eat a bunch of ice cream, and then I'd get ready for my week. One Sunday afternoon after a 2-day cocaine and whisky binge, I woke up and looked out my front window and watched this guy in the street, teaching his daughter to ride a bicycle. It was 4pm on a perfect, sunny, Summer day. It was beautiful, touching and innocent. I felt wretched, lonely, and sad. I had a moment. I quit using drugs that day. I turned my life around. I got back into shape, got clean and sober, and spent the next pahse of my life doing sit-ups and push-ups instead of coke and heroin. I traded beer and whisky for Stop & Shop seltzer. I still have problems. I'm an addict, but I havem't used "drugs" in over 10 years, and I don't even drink alcohol every night. I'll always have an addcitive personality, but I never became a full-blown addict, and I guess that's due to luck, Providence, good genes, personal character, or whatever. I don't know. I'm just grateful I didn't die, end up in jail, or get a tattoo.
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    The person that runs this forum is a sick, sado-masochistic fuck.
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    I bet you a lot of people have always hated Jason Newsted all of a sudden.
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    1993: Axl Rose sees his future self, and is so mentally shaken that he goes into hiding for years.
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    I saw Steven Adler last night with that douche from American Idol (constantine something). Let me just say this. Before seeing him, I couldn't really give 2 fucks who was drumming in the current lineup of Gn'R, sure I've never liked Frank but really, it's just the drummer right? WRONG Steven was mother fucking on fire last night. From the very first note to the last song, he didn't miss a beat. He had a smile on his face NON FUCKING STOP, he wasn't even looking at what he was playing, it was all instinctual. I actually believe he is too talented for the current reunion line-up. I said to him after the concert "fuck Frank, you deserve to be in GnR) and he goes "no no, don't say that. I like him, we're buddies". The guy is too good for Gn'R. Axl should be grovelling to have him back in the band. He played for 1 hour and a half non stop, did his own drum solo and never missed 1 fucking note. purpose of this thread? no fucking idea. Just wanted to say that I was skeptical of Steven but last night, he made me cuck of his and I'm grateful.
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    Only titless member of the band.
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    I really can’t believe there can be so much drama on web forums for bands that are 25 years past their heyday.
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    This forum is lots of fun for the group that has posted here for YEARS. Have I not made it obvious in the 7+ years I have been online, that this is a fan forum, by the fans, for the fans? I am not here to get party passes, or lick anyone's ass. I made this forum so I can post about Guns N' Roses without being censored by weird fans.
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    Steven’s stabbing had better tempo and sound than Frank. Get we’ll soon Popcorn.
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    GNFNR is my internet home. If I am on my computer, which I often am, a GNFNR tab is open--non-negotiable. When Fernando, the magisme slayer, orchestrated my mygina downfall, I turned to GNFNR, but, to be honest, I'd didn't think it would fill the gina sized hole in my heart. There were so few posters and so few threads, and people didn't use smileys much, and if you were bullshit people would call you out, and there were no female posters, and there was no Len (inb4 bacardi). How in the absolute fuck was I going to get my likes with a crowd like this? I kept a somewhat low profile at first, believe it or not, unsure of how I fit in. Over time it came to me that no one really fit in, and that's how everyone fit in. The common thread was that everyone posted exactly what they wanted to post and fuck you if you didn't like it, and no mod was going to swoop in to delete posts or tell people to behave. If you wanted to go unfiltered, something possible literally nowhere else in life, this was your place, and everyone understood it, cherished it even. I don't lie low anymore, in case you hadn't noticed. I crack jokes here, I have debates here, I chat about sports here, and I release demons here. And I read every single post. I don't skip anyone. Not even Miser. I know some of you better than I know others, but I value all of you, and regardless of shit talking, I wish every one of you the absolute best in life, even theresnologicheretoday (and I hope at least 75% of you think I'm a faggot for saying it). So thank you to all of you. Thank you for having me. Thank you for everything you post. And thank you most of all to JB. What an absolute fucking champ in every way imaginable. I will never delete GNFNR from my favorites bar.
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    Go fuck yourself, Ginger Dick. Sincerely, arnold layne
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    This is the internet. You will NEVER stop us. Not ever. We will always find a way around it. Once something even as simple as an image is out there, it's out there forever. You can never re-bottle the genie. I've spent thousands of dollars on this band over the last 3 decades. "Axl doesn't owe you shit!" Bullshit. Axl owes me EVERYTHING. I'm going to continue stealing, trading, and spreading copyrighted and unauthorized GNR material as far and wide as humanly possible, just to piss you off. And I'm not alone. And you can't stop us. You can shut down all the forums. Ten more will appear in their place. We'll share shit on the Dark Web using TOR if that's what we have to do. Your days of raping "fans" for $17.99 for a compact disc at Tower Records are over. That's the past. The present and future belong to US. Pirates and "thieves." Information is free now. Somewhere in some shitty third world country in South America, some kid just got his first dial up modem connection. I'm gonna send him the Locked n Loaded set for free. Hope that gets under your skin like a tick.
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    What's that app? I want it so I can upload this
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    AFD CUT BACK WOMEN'S T-SHIRT $55.00 At least we aren't fans of the 2nd or 3rd fattest, shittiest band in the world, but the Numero Uno, #1 with a bullet, Top of the charts, worst band of all time. Fat and shit.
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    Did he go to the wig store and say, "Can I please have the absolute worst looking hairstyle on a wig you have?" or did the wig salesman sell him that horrible looking thing on purpose so Axl can chalk it up to another out ta get me moment?
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    Thanks everyone. My buddy sent this to me on FB today. Me (on Right) and my friend Tripping Balls on my birthday in 1991.
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    This is my favourite picture of him. Mad hillbilly bastard!
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    MSL: I think I am going to ban you. You contribute nothing to this forum except lies, you browse anonymous like a bitch, and you have threatened legal action against me and my members, and you've compromised my YouTube account. You are a horrible person: a glutton and a sloth, and you don't possess a shred of humility. You have hurt Axl Rose and Guns N' Roses, the band we are all here to follow, and you are guilty of perpetuating falsehoods and revisionist history about same band. Fuck off.
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    Grateful and Thankful for this little group we got here. Enjoy your week guys 🦃
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    I had my yearly physical the week of Thanksgiving. My health has been failing in recent years. I have had cancer scares, heart issues, breathing issues, put on a fuck ton of weight, thyroid issues, etc etc.... When I was weighed, I could not believe the number on the scale.... My doc put it to me bluntly...lose weight, get fit or die.... So....I finally was put on thyroid meds to stop the weight gain and now the rest was up to me. The day after Thanksgiving, I started. Changed my diet, but not radically. Did some research and consulted with my doc, who is hot btw...and we came up with simple meals and food that I like and can continue to eat during and after weight loss.... Started exercising....a little at a time. Could only do 5 minutes when I started. Now I do 2 half hour sets a day, sometimes 3. Anyway, less than 2 months into it and I've lost 50 pounds and feel better than I have in decades....still have 109 pounds to go to hit my goal but I'll get there.... Big shout out to jackie and brasky for listening to me and offering support.... Now I will eat my once a week salami treat.....
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    the worst kind of fat the no tits fat
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    WELCOME TO AXL'S SAFE HAVEN, A PLACE FOR THE TRUE FANS TO ASK OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS AND/OR MAKE HONEST STATEMENTS IN THE HOPES THAT HE MIGHT READ THEM AND/OR TAKE THEM ON BOARD. I can't promise you all that he would read this, but on the off chance that he does - Let's give our MOST honest objective opinions and questions (without the personal insults). 2 simple favors I ask for those who choose to participate: Please keep out the personal insults (attacking appearance, team brazil etc) Don't repeat the same statements/questions that someone already has in the thread. Please start your question/statement with 'Dear Axl..' At the end of the thread, I'll collate all responses and add them to this post and then we will get our homeboy magisme to get in contact with fernando to expedite a response in case we dont get one in the meantime.
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    I love that we're on a site where the mod says not to be a faggot.
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    Because he doesn't overvalue himself. He knows his spot, he shuts up and he plays. Same as Dizzy, except Fortus has talent.
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    Today, they lawyer-ed up and sent me an email threatening to shut down the site if I don't remove the fat Axl photos. if the site goes down this weekend, you will know why. here is my response: "Hi I am not hosting any of those photos. The images are hosted elsewhere, and my site is just linking to them. Also, they are not copyright infringing. They are just photos of Axl rose that he finds unflattering because he looks fat in them. He is fat. That is why he looks fat. I think it would make more sense for him to eat less and exercise, rather than try to suppress these photos which are going nowhere. Also, wouldn't it make more sense to go after the actual sites hosting the photos, instead of all the thousands of ancillary sites linking to them?"
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    I think the forum is doing quite well. The "reunion" is what it is, by its very happening it killed off the Axl vs Slash arguments and "what if" scenarios. We are left with a nostalgia tour to discuss, the same one that has been more or less on the road post CD release. Apart from some "new" old songs in the setlist not much has changed in terms of the gigs. So I don't really see any reason for the D&N section to be booming. There is only so many times you can discuss the same show no matter who is on the stage. A new song/album talk is what will get that section going again. Or the band falling apart again. Take your pick. As for the rest of the forum - it is doing fine. More than fine even. Mafia games are very popular and it is nice to have a forum to discuss whatever the fuck we want to discuss without some condescending social justice warrior breathing down our necks and setting a pack of frumpy harpy mods on us to scold us like bold children. If you want to see what that is like - check out Anything Goes on Mygnr. It is dead. Used to be the most active part of that site but now it is an echo chamber of liberal brainwashing with a handful of posters giving each other the internet equivalent of jazz hands because they shut down and censored the very posters that kept that place alive. It is actually hilarious that a GNR forum is being run like jezebel.com by a Canadian closet case, two womyn from the UK and a handful of beta nerd orbiters. It makes about as much sense as group of Syrian refugees and some Mexican illegal immigrants running a Donald Trump for President campaign.
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    Absolutely. It sounds cliche to say this stuff, but he really was an all round great guy. He could be hilarious, and you could have really interesting conversations with him, and he was one of the most down to earth posters I've ever encountered. I can't say I know him as well as others, but I knew him enough that I've not been able to stop thinking about him and his family, particularly his wife, all day. And that'll continue, because he was just a great guy, and for something so horrendously mundane to happen to him is fucking awful. Just fucking awful. And on a somewhat related note, I know at least for me, it brings home the fact that I have absolutely no doubt I could happily hang out with any of you guys. Sure, we all get on some people's tits, more than others, but there's a certain amount of "everyone being stuck under one roof" situation, in which it's difficult to avoid someone you don't like here, and that has a negative impact on interactions. I like to think that most, if not all, of you are good people, and if you're ever round my way, I'd gladly hang out for a bit.
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    I just hope Slash doesn't re-do "The General." I love the version we have.
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    My lawyer (who happens to be a MacArthur grant recipient) laughed so hard his face turned red.
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    I just wanted to bump this thread and say THANK YOU to the gunsnfnroses.com community for all your support. I could not ask for a better group of guys (and MBrose). Thank you for everything
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    You can add Pink to the list of "approved" pop stars by GNR forum nerds.
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    Pretty sure old W. Axl has cost his fans well over $200,000 with all the no shows, Fire Chief cancellations, riots, and late start times over the years.
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    Even GnR thinks GnR is so shit that they have to play other bands musics.
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    Remember guys Axl only does sound check when the band is adding a song to the playlist if axl trolls bacardi and plays so fine the last 20 plus years is forgiven.
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    If I wasn't married to her, I would un-friend my wife on Facebook.
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    You have way too much time on your hands.
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    Why is this thread from 2008 suddenly appearing?
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    I'm still a relative newcomer to these forums, joined mygnr last year around this time. Lasted about 3 months before I was suspended for "trolling" when I said some negative things about GNR. Then, I was banned a short time later for calling out "the untouchables."I found this forum not too long ago and was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of familiar names, and I really enjoy reading what all of you have to say; Always humorous and insightful. I don't "get out much", or even "talk to a lot of people" and this forum is great for socialization, getting things off my chest, specifically GNR related, or even just the feeling of standing around listening to people talk You all crack me up. So, thank you all. Homan's death is reminder that there is a human being on the other side of the avatar.
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    Poor Axl Rose. First food poisoning (bad Spaghetti, out-of-date Chinese), and now his cancer comes back Sometimes you just can't beat cancer.
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