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    In honor of the man @Bill Brasky I have granted GNFNR members unlimited likes. Don't thank me, thank Bill.
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    I assume most of you know that Billionaire is the general right ? because it is
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    It's time for Dadud and every other useless faggot who signed up in the last two months to go. We need to make a list of the decent ones who can say. If someone doesn't make the list, they are presumed faggot and have to go back.
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    Imagine how embarrassed Louis St. Laurent would be if he knew what his grandson was doing to the family name
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    I only want songs with vocals. Why anybody cares about the vma rehearsals is beyond me.
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    I think the forum is doing quite well. The "reunion" is what it is, by its very happening it killed off the Axl vs Slash arguments and "what if" scenarios. We are left with a nostalgia tour to discuss, the same one that has been more or less on the road post CD release. Apart from some "new" old songs in the setlist not much has changed in terms of the gigs. So I don't really see any reason for the D&N section to be booming. There is only so many times you can discuss the same show no matter who is on the stage. A new song/album talk is what will get that section going again. Or the band falling apart again. Take your pick. As for the rest of the forum - it is doing fine. More than fine even. Mafia games are very popular and it is nice to have a forum to discuss whatever the fuck we want to discuss without some condescending social justice warrior breathing down our necks and setting a pack of frumpy harpy mods on us to scold us like bold children. If you want to see what that is like - check out Anything Goes on Mygnr. It is dead. Used to be the most active part of that site but now it is an echo chamber of liberal brainwashing with a handful of posters giving each other the internet equivalent of jazz hands because they shut down and censored the very posters that kept that place alive. It is actually hilarious that a GNR forum is being run like jezebel.com by a Canadian closet case, two womyn from the UK and a handful of beta nerd orbiters. It makes about as much sense as group of Syrian refugees and some Mexican illegal immigrants running a Donald Trump for President campaign.
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    I thought this had all stopped being funny a few years ago, but then this latest tour happened, and it's fucking hilarious. A list of Gn'R related things that are shit. - Axl - Looks like Warwick Davis. His hair looks like Boris Cunt Johnson. He sounds like he's been throat fucked by a Horse. - The stage show - The cheap images and video that Fernando has clearly put together himself. - The band - They look and sound bored as fuck. - The fans - Fat, ugly, neck-bearded, annoying screaming Woman who need to just shut up. - The merch - Shit. - Frank - Frank.
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    You cynical cunts. This is Loco Fucking Motive. One of GNR's top ten all time songs, only played what...5 or 6 times EVER? Brought back from the dead and resurrected......this was never, ever supposed to happen. I'm literally watching it like this right now: And the cherry on top is that faggot haircut cuck didn't get to see it in person.
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    Shit like this is why I am and always have been for closed borders.
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    "Sheld me from the blind, still you managed to be kind" Limited by syllables, our genius prince Axl created a new word - Sheld - which means the same thing as shielded but is only one syllable. Is there any limit to his intellect? We knew Atlas would be game-changing, but language-changing?
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    My wishes for an excellent Christmas to all of you. we had a lot more good than bad times in the best GNR forum in the world. We had misunderstandings but we all grew up with that. balance more than positive. Thank you all for the great discussions. @bring back izzy @bran @GUNNER @EstrangedTWAT @Damn_Smooth @suiccidematt @GnRLiars @John Bonham @bacardimayne @magisme @deelowbrown @I_Are_ess @Major Mayhem @Barry @AndreCC @sixes @Ragnar @Skeeter
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    And Guns N' Roses doesn't have a singer
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    Remember guys Axl only does sound check when the band is adding a song to the playlist if axl trolls bacardi and plays so fine the last 20 plus years is forgiven.
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    i wouldn't give a single fuck about the rehearsals if maskless buckethead was playing the general no axl = no buys
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    I feel like the EP is punishment for the leaks
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    Mac daddy is in town. Ronald McDonald sit the fuck down. Mac daddy is here, the ginger one, sipping his Chinese Buddha beer like he got no problems, fernando you queer. Get back to work cause mac daddy is here.
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    you forgot the most important part: not only does he have it because he hacked into Axl's incompetent manager's e-mail, but said manager paid him $30,000 not to leak it and hid it from Axl as a "tour expense"
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    So fat he literally ate the songs.
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    Bragging about having Silkworms is like bragging about having aids. Did Pitman crack you on the ass with his red towel on the way out? We want the Lone Ranger's Native American sidekick or Arthur Leigh Allen.
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    But what about Axl's VISION? He wouldn't have destroyed the old band just to release 14 subpar songs would he? I'm sure there 70 songs ready to be released with kick ass vocals and SRV meets Queen guitars + saloon piano. Axl is the best. This is the kind of hatred that makes my blood boil.
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    Axl's probably laying down vocals for a new live album.
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    A few weeks ago, Mickey Rourke tweeted a pic of him and Axl hanging out. Then, a snarky fan sent the photo to a Canadian local news show that shows pictures of old people celebrating birthdays or anniversaries. So, the implication is that Mickey and Axl are an old couple (Axl being the wife) celebrating fifty years of marriage. It's funny, because they both look older and shittier than they should, and in fact, were both considered quite handsome in their prime; so the fact that they turned out to be such train wrecks at this point in their lives is a source of amusement and merriment. Do you understand?
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    GNR is out of touch with reality. lol radio.
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    On the first day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me A sternly worded repartee On the second day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me An explanation why Melissa is More important than Izzy On the third day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me Two karma demotions and A passive aggressive smiley On the fourth day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me Four rationalizations on why Slash is now cancer free On the fifth day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me Five threads moved faster Than you can say Russ TCB On the sixth day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me Six concert photos worse Than Richard's side piece On the seventh day of Cuckmas My Jarmo gave to me A banning for calling Axl Fat and fucking lazy You get the rest.. Jarmo is a weak wristed nancy boy and Guns N Roses fucking sucks
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    I'll laugh so hard if the "book" is 12,000 words of gibberish new-age mumbo jumbo Axl-legalese tough guy speak. I'll laugh harder when there is a 200 page thread on myginaforum declaring it to be literally greater than Ulysses.
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    Yeah good advice, download to file now, just in case. This is fucking unbelievable. Now, I'm going to make a bigger summary and try to make sense out of all of this. Rick looks very, very bad in this clip. He's basically fucked. He was fucked by Walker. And clearly, MSL is behind making this audio file leaking, he must have threatened Walker to do it, because Rick accused MSL of selling the tracks publicly (which is true). This audio confirms Rick's true personality. He is almost exactly like I thought at first, but he had almost fooled me for a sec as I saw he wasn't very intelligent and I kinda wanted to believe he was a bit more truthful. But nah, he's a big pile of garbage, attention seeker, full of himself and thinking he's special. And he betrayed Fernando bad. Damn, he has absolutely no honor and no loyalty. What a scumbag. He might even be worse than MSL. At least MSL is a bit more clever.
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    I did fix it. You think I'd hear something like that and not repair it? 😁 If I got Rick-rolled and there was a skip in the roll, I'd probably download the motherfucker and correct the glitch. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.
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    Hotdogman is hardschool. He doesn't have to talk about all the buns he is sliding his weiner in to be a man.
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    I was in a couple of gnr forums before. One of those disappeared (newgnr), and I got banned from the other (mygina) for disagreeing with a neurotic argentinian feminist cunt who cried like a little bitch to the mods. I thought of joining another forum, but it had a bad rep of banning anyone who wouldn’t kiss Axl’s ass. And then i found out about this forum and decided to join after lurking for a couple of weeks. There seems to be more freedom to voice your opinion and talking shit without getting banned for it. Cheers!
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    Red panda must be pissed. hundreds of people listening to forbidden GNR music this weekend
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    arnold really did PM me and JB. He forgot that JB wasn't mafia with us.
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    In 15 days this will be the longest gap with no new music we've had so far. The previous one was 09 years and 14 days from Oh My God (09 Nov 99) to Chinese Democracy (23 Nov 08). On the 08th of December we reach 09 years and 15 days. Fuck you, Axl.
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    I'm disgusted and not at all surprised you remember all those names.
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    A football fan reportedly yelled “Fuck you, I’m Millwall” as he single-handedly took on the three knife-wielding London terror attackers armed with nothing more than his fists. Roy Larner has already been hailed a hero, with a petition launched for him to be awarded the George Cross medal for his actions in the Black and Blue steakhouse on Saturday night. In fighting back, the 47-year-old Millwall fan gave dozens of others who were in the Borough Market restaurant the chance to escape. Now out of the intensive care ward of St Thomas’ Hospital, where he was treated for knife wounds all over his body including his neck, the father-of-one has told The Sun how he reacted when the killers burst into the restaurant shouting “Islam, Islam” and “This is for Allah”. “Like an idiot,” he told the newspaper, “I shouted back at them. I thought, ‘I need to take the piss out of these bastards’.” "I took a few steps towards them and said, ‘Fuck you, I’m Millwall’. So they started attacking me.” Mr Larner added: “I stood in front of them trying to fight them off. Everyone else ran to the back. “I was on my own against all three of them, that’s why I got hurt so much. “It was just me, trying to grab them with my bare hands and hold on. I was swinging. “I got stabbed and sliced eight times. They got me in my head, chest and both hands. There was blood everywhere. They were saying, ‘Islam, Islam!’. I said again, ‘Fuck you, I’m Millwall!’ “It was the worst thing I could have done as they carried on attacking me. “Luckily, none of the blows were straight at me or I’d be dead.” Mr Larner’s actions have won him a huge following on social media, where he has been called “The Lion of London Bridge”, a reference to Millwall Football Club’s nickname the Lions. Fans of the south London club have long prided themselves on their refusal to duck a fight, celebrating their intimidating reputation with the chant: “No-one likes us, we don’t care.” Mr Larner’s bravery, however, seems suddenly to have made Millwall fans popular. On Good Morning Brtitain, presenter Piers Morgan, a fan of rival London club Arsenal, told viewers: “Millwall fans get a very bad rap, a lot of it very deserved, but there are times when you really want a lot of Millwall fans, and that was one of them.” http://m.independent.ie/sport/soccer/other-soccer/football-fan-shouted-f-you-im-millwall-and-took-on-knifewielding-terrorists-with-his-bare-fists-35795151.html
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