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    From the brazilian GNR fandom
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    now i'm imagining a scene with fat axl telling skinny axl to fire slash and stop releasing new songs, like old biff in back to the future 2
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    Axl Rose is: a) a mordbidly obese, creatively-bankrupt hasbeen who can't sing b) a woman beater c) both Resign. GNR fans deserve better.
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    He should stick to using his mouth for what it does best. Eating.
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    Fernando said the album was done Fernando said the album was coming out in March 2020 Fernando said covid-19 delayed the album Slash just said he's working on demos and guitar riffs for the new album Fernando lied, people died
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    This is exactly why you don’t want Axl Rose writing new songs with Slash. He’s bound to use “lamestream” in a song. Stick to having Slash record guitar parts for 20 year old unreleased songs and we will all be better off.
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    He's either 4tus or against us.
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    If Axl Rose really wants to capture the zeitgeist of Minneapolis/BLM and the Trump Covid era, how about releasing a song? He's a big, fucking fat pussy, and most likely, a pedophile.
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    Thanks Dave. Of course I was entirely serious and not posting this as an excuse to poke fun at fatty. You are a real hoot. Anyway. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress with overwhelming, bipartisan support and signed into law by President Trump on March 27th, 2020. This over $2 trillion economic relief package delivers on the Trump Administration’s commitment to protecting the American people from the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19. So yes, fatty owes Trump a debt of gratitude.
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    Axl Rose is now a stupid fat liberal cunt If he is so woke why don't he renounce his fortune and his Malibu mansion to BLM for reparations
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    Hopefully this will continue to spiral and escalate. Like how actors always try to get Oscars for playing retards. Well....no more playing retards. No more playing anything you're not. In the end, that means "no more acting." All characters will be assembled and voiced by computer and AI. Fuck off actors. Hollywood libshit assholes. I hope they reap what they sow, every last one of them.
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    Alert the woke snowflakes to the song and let them run themselves in circles. At this stage, with Muff McKagan's sex change almost complete and Axl content to cash in, maximum profit, minimum effort, year after year, maybe it's time the people who know GNR's catalogue the best throw them to the wolves??? How Axl Rose has survived this long without #MeToo or the Black Lives Matter movement serving him some karma fuck knows. Would be so satisfying to see if we could cause some serious damage to the GNR brand. Something really gay like #RockFansAgainstRacism If we mobilise, we might be able to get it to go viral.
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    Fat Axl and his shit band are looking for ideas of what should be included in a UYI Box Set. Is this Flebeis asking the fans to do his job for him ... again. And what the fuck happened to the New Album they have been teasing for the last couple years? I guess there is more money in another $1,000 box set, so fuck the fans that have waited over 12 years for a new album. So ... no new music. But you will get a reprints of old tickets, flyers, posters, and backstage passes from 30 years ago. If you run out of stimulus money you can burn these to keep your house warm this winter.
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    I don't view it as a threat, I'm just too old for it.
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    The Eagles took out a million dollar loan? What does that cover? Four tickets?
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    How much of this Trump money is Beta doling out to Downzy to pay the Mygina bills?
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    Big surprise. Axl Rose insulting one of the black people in Trump’s administration. R is for Rose A is for Axl C is for crazy I is for ignorant S is for salty T is for Trump
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    Imagine being half black and you're white in the wrong places...
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    A L E X R O S E b y F R A N K M I L L E R T H E F A T N I G H T R E T U R N S
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    My freshman year of college I'd wait til my roommates were asleep and I'd look at Stephanie's nudes from Playboy. Each jpg used to take like 30 minutes to load. Damn kids these days have no idea. I distinctly remember cranking it to this mermaid one, cause even though you can't see her face, her tits were on full display: I was thinking though....and this is gonna be one of the faggier things I've posted, and that includes all the times I've posted about my love for Belle & Sebastian. I kind of "get it" about Axl's obsession with Stephanie. Not the moping or pining away and writing songs about her decades later, but I think I can understand the circumstances. He was right around 30. He was with her for a year or two. In his mind, this was it....this was the woman he'd spend his life with and have kids and all that shit. It probably felt deeper than his relationship with Erin cause he was right at the age most men start to think about that kind of stuff. So I can understand him being a mess for a while afterwards. But it's not like he didn't fuck plenty of other women. Maybe there was just this voice in the back of his head saying "Eh...this bitch is OK, but she's not the best." In his mind, Seymour was the best. She was an internationally famous super model and he was the biggest rock star in the world. No other chick probably felt good enough after that. He's always gonna compare every girl to her, and it'll never live up to what he built up in his mind. But then 5 years go by. Then 10. One day he wakes up and realizes he's an old man. He wasted 20 years chasing the dragon instead of just settling on a new model, and now it seems the only REAL bond he has with a woman is his fucking Mommy/nanny. He could have done like Poodle Perm and married some random bitch half his age, but no....it has to live up that ideal in his head. And the only reason I'm speculating this is cause I did the same thing. I dated girls in my 30s but none of them lived up to the idea I'd built up in my head of the one that left me right around the time I was 30. As the years went by, I think I lost any ability to feel anything for a woman other than her being a fuck puppet. And now I'm old and fat and fucked, so there's no hope for me, but all Axl has to do is buy himself a trophy wife any time. He has no excuse.
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    The change in Democrats in since 2000 has been nothing short of frightening, especially in the past 6-7 years. The last 4 years has been insane in terms of what they have done. I'd never support them again. Ever. And I say that as someone that despised Bush, supported Kerry and was genuinely delighted to see Obama get elected.
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    The replies are pure aids lol. Where was this Axl when Obama was drone striking US citizens without due process or using the government to spy on US citizens and journalists. The most "badass band" in the world have turned into a bunch of establishment loving pussies.
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    if theres any new songs that get released this year (i.e new axl vocals on lyrics that we've never heard before) I will personally host a 1 hour webcam video of me going over to msls house while he's away at kfc, and fuck his fiance with a proper man sized white cock, none of this tiny jewish cock that's covered in sweat and oil. I will suprass rick dunsfords noteriety and become the internet juggernaut taht msl and rick wishes they were. you can quote this post for posterity sake . We have 5 months left of the year, if we get new music, i repeat, new lyrics sung by axl, then i will do this act. signed / Pappa FAT
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    Imagine if Weiland had the oportunity to shitpost on GNFNR? So much wasted peotential
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    "Get in the ring. Go to the gym, motherfucker, or if you prefer, get a new wig, motherfucker. I think I'll resist the urge to 'stoop' to your level. Oh shit, here it comes, you fat, botox-faced, wig-wearin' fuck! O.K., I feel better now. Don’t think for a second we don't know where those words came from. Your unoriginal, uncreative little mind — the same mind that had to rely on its bandmates to write melodies and lyrics. Who's the fraud now, bitch? Damn, I couldn't imagine people writing for me. How many albums have you put out, man, and how long did it take the current configuration of this so-called 'band' to make this album? How long? And without the only guys that validated the name. How dare you! Shame on you! How dare you call our bass player 'spineless?' We toured our album over a year and a half. How many shows have you played over the last ten years? Oh, that's right — you bailed out on your long-awaited comeback tour, leaving your remaining fans feeling, shall we say, a trifle miffed?! I won't even list what I've accomplished because I don't need to. What we're talking about here is a frightened little man who once thought he was king, but unfortunately this king without his court is nothing but a memory of the asshole he once was."
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    McD's should offer free triple cheeseburgers on release. Axl will have it out tomorrow.
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    We all know that and we know it is low-level stuff. But that's what the left does and they have no shame, they don't care if it was the 90s or the 40s. I see no reason not to play dirty against them as well.
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    Is it me or does this read like a wasted post?
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    ...with men. He's an absolute closet case. I've thought so for a long time. If Axl was your brother, who idolised Elton John and Freddie Mercury, wore guyliner and hadn't had a significant relationship with the opposite sex for 25 years, you wouldn't doubt it for one second. Plus he wrote This I Love. No straight man would write that.
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    as usual, gnfnr is ahead of the curve with countless posts by brasky and auad confirming doof's spinelessness long before mygnr found out
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