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    Attention daft cunts this is not a Nirvana topic or forum so fuck off. You will get no updates from me with this level of shit post also Fuck The Failure Chairman Fuck 3dp you dumbass are useless twats Fuck the Hoarders . Kevin you are worst and still will be exposed.
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    Pizza (Sorry) You like to hurt me, I know that you do You like to eat sweets that belongs to me and not you You’d like to have me, slim and sing good But I don’t want to do it You don’t know how I got fatter than you thought I could You thought fans would make me, exercise and rehearse What were you thinking? Just bring me sandwich You don’t why, I eat so much To hell with the gym, I don’t give flying fuck You know that I ate outdated pie Prepere to die when you will smell my fart You talk too much, Shut up and cook I just want to taste some greasy food You’ve got all ingredients You’ve got the recipe Why you’re still not cooking Is frustrating to me This Pizza’s for meeeee Vegetables for you Go to the kitchen and cook me and I will do shit This Pizza’s for meee Vegetables for youuu I fucked my nanny, I’m fat and sing like mickey mououse *melodic farts solo* Sit on toilet, All well and good You’ll clean my ass like I said that you would You sell them toy trucks that faggots will buy Like Rick the looser he’s stupid and gay Truth is the truth hurts don’t you agree It’s easier to be so fat and such a shit than to give single shit about fans I don’t owe you, no one goddamn thing You know where to find me, In Sonic Drive-In This Pizza’s for meeeee Vegetables for you Go to the kitchen and cook me and I will do shit This Pizza’s for meee Vegetables for youuu I fucked my nanny, I’m fat and sing like mickey mououse Now just bring, bring me chinese food you cunt You don’t know the reasons, why I am so FAAAAT PS. This is addressed to Fernando
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    Really? The person who actually did those things isn't the psycho....it's those who remember the psycho's deeds? *In Izzy's voice* "No logic here today....." I'm sure there's tons of shit my Oxy marinated brain forgot. You're lucky that people like Saul, Eva, ppbebe,etc don't walk through the door. I'm just telling it like it is. There's no hate behind it.... certainly no bitterness. If people here are gonna read posts by someone claiming inside contacts, I think they deserve to know what they're dealing with. I lost? I'm not the one who runs for the nearest bridge when a GNR guitarist is inaudible on an album....
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    I thought this had all stopped being funny a few years ago, but then this latest tour happened, and it's fucking hilarious. A list of Gn'R related things that are shit. - Axl - Looks like Warwick Davis. His hair looks like Boris Cunt Johnson. He sounds like he's been throat fucked by a Horse. - The stage show - The cheap images and video that Fernando has clearly put together himself. - The band - They look and sound bored as fuck. - The fans - Fat, ugly, neck-bearded, annoying screaming Woman who need to just shut up. - The merch - Shit. - Frank - Frank.
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    well i'm a big fat asshole one huge mother got a rattlesnake girdle under my shirt said i'm still gaining weight, i take my pepsi straight and honey you can make a take-out run well i've got one spot left on this setlist and i think i'm feeling a new song but those bacon-wrapped sausages i got to go yeah they're really making me feel wrong and i can tell you honey i ain't debuting nothing toniiiiight
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    I’m a gross, taco eater Pizza too I will order one or two And I’ll eat it while laying on the bed I’ll eat your whole menu Before you give me bill It’s nothing new to me Cause it’s just an aperitif Cause I could be slim But I want cake with cream And pizza and the bbq And nuggets too I caan’t be sli ih im To McDonalds I go, every day It’s nothing new today Collect another Mcflurry When I’ll come home late at night Don’t ask me what I ate Just cook me more, Hungry again Cause I could be slim But I want cake with cream And pizza and the bbq And nuggets too I caan’t be sli ih im You’ve gone jogging too many times Why Why Don’t you give it a rest How can you noooooot sit and eat with me While I‘m eating whole menu, and 4 thousands chicken wings It don’t matter how many, I’ll devour everything I will push it for more cheese, not pathetic slice so thin I can eat until the morning, but my hunger never ends Don’t forget to bring me pizza, with delicious salami You can bring a quesadilla, There is more that I can eat Cause apetite’s getting bigger tell me where my pizza is Five minutes is forever, I’m hungry again I could be slim But I want cake with cream And the pizza and the bbq And nuggets too I can’t be I won’t be I can’t be slim
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    I guess I'm just too old and jaded, cause when I first saw Rey, my thoughts weren't "how'd this bitch get so strong with the Force?" it was "ain't no way a decent skinny looking broad like this would ever have to scavenge parts for food. This bitch would be blowing space aliens, get off planet, and be living the good life in five minutes." I know, I know...it's supposed to be in a fantasy world for kids, but from the minute they introduced her, I couldn't take her seriously. She should have leathery skin like sandpaper and no teeth if she was really living alone in the desert her whole life. Of course, it only got worse once she started talking and fighting and using the Force and flying the Falcon and all that horseshit.
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    1-2, 1-2-3-4 (nose whistling wheeze) Shed no weight, cos I gorged on lard expanded up a size Food I think about you every day now Was a time where I saw my feet but that was long agoooo There is no doubt that I’m obese now Syrup, sugar, chocolate cake I devour them all day All I need is just a little meat juice Said honey from the bees tastes awful sweet All I need is just a little meat juice. I wheeze here on the stage, ripping off all the fans with this half baked, terrible,shit show of a “reunion” im so wide I cannot dance and sound like a cat in pain Its all your fault for feeling so entitled Said to ya, stop your crying you paid me all that dough to stand and watch me put in zero effort And I’ll do it at every show because You all will swallow it up you know that you’ll comeback again tomorrow ohhhhh just bake it, ohhhhh and I’ll takeeeee it, just fucking bake it.
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    Just went back there for ten mins and... I'm very glad this place exists.
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    never ever ever give up your guns i envy that constitution of yours without it you get subhumans like that thing dictating what you can eat
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    Wait. So the woman who has been to like 100 GnR shows, who has spent tens of thousands of dollars supporting the band....who constantly is praising the band to people.....That person is who The Beta is tired off and is bashing??? GnR’s biggest fan is now public enemy #1???? They hate her but love WFA??? And she says she has no idea why all these “illegal” videos are being taken down. Or who is doing it. You seriously can’t make this shit up. That family should be extremely grateful and acknowledge they hit the life jackpot. They should be the friendly, down-to-earth ones that embrace fans. Instead, they are even more arrogant than the actual band members. That’s my main issue with them. Their flat out arrogance is just disgusting. Duff, Slash and their teams must just sit back, shake their heads and laugh.
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    You really have no concept of time. Are you going to come back in 3 months and say the same thing? Go and wank to fortus. Fucking idiot.
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    Okay no more Brasky info because some people don’t get it i do this for my friends and the fans you all can go back to being scared sheep who get butt fucked by Team Brazil and their minions
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    Please do not insult @MIA in my thread he knows more then 90% of the people online and is my buddy So show your tits or beat it @caraibes i stole that one from Matt Lauer !
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    Do you guys realize that we memed Brasky into becoming an actual insider?
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    The Last Jedi is really, really bad
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    Axl should make Slash attempt Soul Monster for his solo spot.
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    greta thumberg is coming to a climate strike in my city a few blocks away from where i live this is my chance to get on CNN
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    I'm glad we're back to the GNFNR that doesn't care about the fake reunion tour.
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    She has a striking resemblance to that Geraldine Bailey lady.
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    Come out of hiding Miser.....this thread is practically a Bat-signal for you.
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    holy s h i t
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    The whole place cracked up laughing when Axl fell because it was funny, I think Axl even chuckled a little. So what, we are not suppised to find it funny just because its Axl Rose. Fuck that, it was/is fuckin funny as hell!!
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    cant stop laughing at the headline memes into dreams
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    that's how it generally goes pages upon pages of shitposts until someone says something questionable everyone converges on that and votes for them said person turns up town night 1 begins
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    No, video games are the worst time wasters. How about reading a book or going to the gym?
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    BRAUNSCHWEIG, Oct 27, 2019: German scientists have discovered that the Buckethead & Bootsy Collins' cover of "Monster Mash" is superior to all W. Axl Rose solo songs ever written. “We have been actively searching for a song that can be considered "worse" than an Axl Rose solo song", explains Professor Ulrich Joger of the State Musical Museum in Braunschweig, Germany. "Last month we got word that Bucket Collins and Bootsy Head had recorded a cover of "Monster Mash" and we got really excited. We thought we finally had found it”. "But this song is actually far superior to all the Axl Rose songs that we know, including the unreleased leaks", says the Professor. "We actually have run several tests on "Monster Mash" and came up with an astonishing find. Contrary to all our expectations, the song rocks and grooves more than any solo song ever written, recorded and/or performed by W. Axl Rose". So, will the search resume? "Yes, of course!", says the Professor. "We are not quitters. We have to find this song".
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    Axl Rose band has just performed an atrocious version of the Guns n' Roses song Dead Horse live somewhere in USA Do NOT waste your time on youtube listening to it I already did that for you you can thank me later
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    Jon Bon Jovi is a lifetime smoker and even in his prime he wasn’t known as being a fantastic singer. They made solid pop rock that you could play at a house party. They were hard enough for boys to like and soft enough for girls to like. In 1988 if you rounded up the 100 hottest girls in your school and asked if they wanted to go see Bon Jovi or Metallica......92 would pick BJ and 8 would take Metallica. Sure, the 8 Metallica girls might be a lot cooler than the 92 Bon Jovi girls. But one group gives you a 94.6% chance of at least getting some head. The other group....you will spend hours smoking weed and trying to teach her the solo to Fade to Black.
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    Yeah this thread was definitely damn good entertainment. I liked the way you delivered the information, didn't take it so seriously, and had fun with it. You also know your audience. Someone else doing this could've easily turned it into a buzz kill in three shakes of a lamb's tail, everyone loses interest, and simply tunes it out while focusing on the already leaked tracks. For a day or two there even I was on a roll posting memes and I've never been much of a meme guy.
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    Also, if I'm not mistaken, the irony is that the source clip is from an enormously successful and acclaimed--yet entirely shit--movie (Kingsmen) in which dude murders the fuck out of a bunch of churchgoers. Libshits probably cheered at that.
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    Fuck Kurt Cobain and everybody that love him Their heads up their ass imma have to headbutt em Regarding unreleased Brasky intel
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    Nirvana is way more overrated than GNR tho, they needed a member to die to get into the music canon. By the time they released In Utero their popularity where already on the floor. Hadnt Kurt died theyd probably have Smashing Pumpkings level of popularity if not even less these days cause Kurt couldnt writte songs and eventually would dry and the whole depressed teen angst shit wouldnt work anymore. I like what they did but they was just a product of their time. Not defending Axl, he is also a product of his time that cant writte songs. Personality apart, they're kind of similar when it comes to musical abilities. Kurt knew three chords, Axl knew one Piano progression. Both had "sex" appeal and became popular for that.
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    Gunner had a pretty funny way of arguing. He used two strategies. 1. He could somehow turn the most positive things into a negative. You could post that you won the lotto for 50 million dollars AND the doctors just said your cancer was in full reemission. And he would make 37 posts where both those things were somehow a negative. 2. He would just reuse the insult you nailed him with back on you. Two vary simple modes of insults. But both effective because they were both so stupid that it was difficult to respond without looking silly. To be totally honest. To this day I am still not sure if the guy was a genius and the best troll in forum history. Or if he was a complete moron (but with a heart of gold).
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    The downfall of madison is one of the greatest things to happen in the online GNR era. Cunt deserved every word of that rant and more.
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    Superb. Seth MacFarlane is now officially on THE enemies list.
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    It sounds like he rehearsed it maybe 2-3 times with the band, and sang for maybe one of those times, but it's still cool that they played Dead Horse and Locomotive back to back. If they won't play new songs, those are the best deeps cut they could've added. Just play Hardschool already though ffs.
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    keto cunts have tried to ruin salami for the non-keto cunts
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    Shadows dance at night by the fire buddy
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    I’m glad Washington made the World Series AFTER getting rid of Bruce Harper.
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    harassing aka being unrelentingly annoying as fuck every time he shows up and now you guys want to start whining and calling foul because he said something "over the line"? fucking crybabies.
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    How much money are they really gonna get from this trash? A couple thousand tops? Hoarding songs for decades in the hopes of a couple of thousand? How fucking Brazilian can you get?
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