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    Steven’s stabbing had better tempo and sound than Frank. Get we’ll soon Popcorn.
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    Too funny. Nate, act like you've been there before. Is this the first time you've ever won a bet? Making a topic about it less than 12 hours after the game is over? And your threat is you are going to share screen shots of PMs? Seriously? It's 40 bucks dude. The sad thing is that either way it turned out (whomever won) I was going to send you Cowboys tickets for a game this upcoming season. Oh well. Simmer down. I'll mail you your huge winnings.
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    Reports surfacing that he'd been listening to an album called Tenderness before shouting "I can't take it any more!" and then stabbing himself with a bread knife.
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    No serial killer can stop me making fat Axl and cuck Slash jokes.
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    Yearly reminder to the Britcucks to stay off our lawn. Today I will: drink too much beer smoke too much weed eat too much barbecue play too many backyard games wear too many stars and stripes give too many high fives slap too many asses listen to too much Bruce Happy 4th, fellow Americans. Still winning in a world of cucks after 242 years.
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    Apparently he was practicing slicing pies and cakes in hopes that he could be of service to Axl
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    Guarantee if he done himself in those three would the first with the crocodile tears and my brother bullshit. Especially Duff
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    We need a president with a name structure like Dog The Bounty Hunter
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    Toxic masculinity is nothing more than man shaming by self identified feminists. Vote Trump in 2020 and we will send these ladies back to the kitchen.
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    I’m a dad to 2 wonderful boys. This was the first year where they knew what (kinda sorta) Fathers Day was. They came home from daycare on Friday with cards in their hands too excited to wait until today to give to me. i read what was written and honestly almost cried. It was pretty cool. Im a lucky guy.
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    Is this a proposition?
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    I’m pro quitting. But only because relapsing is the elixir of life.
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    GNR already use a similar pricing strategy for their concerts. It is based on IQ instead of ethnicity. Smart enough not to waste money on a GNR ticket in 2019=0 dollars Dumb enough to spend money on a GNR ticket in 2019=200+ dollars They used the same pricing strategy with the Locked N' Loaded box set. It was a huge success.
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    I used to be of the mind that it's not an issue because it doesn't affect me. Live and let live and all that. Not any more. It's an openly hostile political movement now and most moderate people have been completely caught off guard. We gave an inch and they took a mile. Not any more.
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    Hello GUNSNFNROSES, You have mocked and teased Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses for far too long. Used them as a punchline to your slanderous…. Jokes. If you cannot appreciate their heartfelt performances, can you really appreciate life? “Those who don’t appreciate life do not deserve life” So let’s play a game. 1. Bill Brasky 2. GNRLiars 3. Magisme 4. GNS 5. KFCBucket 6. Ragnar 7. Wasted 8. JB 9. Arnold Layne 10. Hotdogman 11. Popcorn’s Snare Who here is unworthy of life? Ride the carousel and find out…. Some basic rules 1. NO ROLE REVEALING 2. No discussing PMs or anything said outside the game within the game 3. Rules can change as the game goes on 4. Inactive players will be given warnings before they are killed 5. DO NOT EDIT POSTS 6. Basic rules like bolding and saying UNVOTE, OFFICIAL VOTE, etc apply NOTE: I haven’t played Mafia in years and this is the first time I am Moderating. So I am trying my best lol. Don’t get too upset by this game DAY 1 BEGINS (6 VOTES TO LYNCH)
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    Remember when we were all liberals and the idea that fags would target kids was laughable right wing bullshit? Good times.
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    I loved MAD for about a year, when I was in 5th grade. It was funny, rude, gross, and had just enough element of feeling "naughty" like something we weren't supposed to see. For example....look at what Battyman says in reply to the thug saying "Doesn't anything hurt you?" This a kids' comic from 1989. Can you even imagine the fucking unbridled outrage over something like this nowadays? The publisher would go to jail.
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    Arnold was MVP. Well done, Sir. The rest of you sucked complete ass, as expected.
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    @Vlad great game! Thank you for hosting
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    The candidates the Democrats have are fucking appalling. And the one exception, Tulsi, is being sidelined and villified because she's anti-war Makes you realise how far off the deep end they have gone.
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    To all those wishing he’d top himself, just remember. This “retard” fucks more pussy in a year then you have in your whole lifetime. And he does it while dribbling from the side of his mouth.
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    steven stabbing himself in the stomach brought swing back to gnr
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    Did he stab himself with a heroin needle?
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    We assure you we will get to everyone this round. Senator Warren... We assure you we will get to everyone this round. Senator Warren... We assure you we will get to everyone this round. Senator Warren...
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    The bad men broke our expensive camera. Let's go to war over this.
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    One of my favorite ex-students tracked me down. Here's the word for word initial exchange: Student: Mr. magisme? Me: Yes? Student: Is this the real Mr. magisme? Me: As real as they come. Student: It's Franklin Von Shitlord. What was my favorite thing to do in your class? Me: Sleep. Student: It really is you!
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    Oh god they are advertising some shit sandwich here called the Kansas Big Mac only available in Ireland, not even to be found in Kansas - overheard my old man muttering to himself - "What a load of bollocks"
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    based and hydration pilled I'm a solid tipper. I've always thought it was because I'm a good guy. Maybe it's just because I'm a cuck.
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    Dom is that DOOM guy from MyGNR. Got banned for calling downzy a nigger-lover. I'm 100% certain Salsh is a former prominent poster. (Not necessarily here, mind you)
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    You might fuck it up and end up a conscious vegetable, trapped in a useless, wheelchair-bound body. And your neckbearded carer might take to sexually abusing you, just to top it off.
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    He annoyed me one day and I was mean to him. That's all.
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