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    Bernie has that crazy old uncle vibe. "Haha that old Bernie. Set in his ways. He has crazy ideas but he's harmless." Bloomberg looks like the bad guy that sits around Darth Vader's circle and encourages him to blow up Tatooine.
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    translation including fucked-up typos (Axel for Axl, ensane for insane) converted to English: A mega production, great hits played live, Axel breathing oxygen to be able to keep going... and a crowd of ensane fans, singing and vibrating for each song. All of this can bee seen at this great Guns show!
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    Where did all these Jews come from?
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    It's a Turd. Drug Raid at 4AM by LARD.
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    Everything that the lefty loons claimed Trump was, Bloomberg is
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    Pigeons with MAGA hats glued to their heads released in Las Vegas! http://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1138556
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    It’s not a drinking album but it makes me want to get a bottle of Jim Beam while I still can.
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    I have listened to it while driving to work today. I would say it's not as terrible as some of you say. I liked Ordinary Man, Little Green Men and some parts of other songs. Of course there are a lot of numbers that have already faded away. Yet, as @wasted already mentioned, because of the personal Ozzy's situation, it is somehow heart grabbing that he sings a lot about the end. The mixing sucks, especially in the Trap Malone tracks. But - since I am an old man - I listened to it through my car speakers and it wasn't too loud (as I believe the driver needs not only to see but to listen to what is going on on the streets) so the mixing didn't bother me that much.
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    Well I’m going to listen to it now. I like the structure and guitar sound on Goodbye. The end of Under the graveyard is cool. Straight to Hell was like a Slash solo song. Harmonica, this is promising. Eat Me is the funk jam. Today is the end, has nice chorus break and that spiral breakdown solo isn’t bad. Scary Little Green Men, is this from Slash’s book? Holy for Tonight, orchestras for the sing along win. The album has a nice trajectory arch. There’s something interesting to listening to a heavy metal icon singing about death, Ordinary Man is Ozzy’s Imagine. It’s a Raid. A nice pick me up towards the end. Okay, ballad out at the end. Take What You Want is probably the most interesting track here, it’s not very metal though. Well I enjoyed this record for what it is. I would listen to Straight to Hell, Goodbye, Today is the end, Under the Graveyard again.
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    Why would anyone vote for him? Have they seen his face? He looks like an asshole. Yes I judge a book by its cover. Fight me.
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    $haron wants you to buy vegetable's new album, he's just been diagnosed (in 2003) with a form of Parkinson's. The end is near, so make sure you buy up as much OZZY product as you can to save his life. Be sure to buy two copies each of the rerecorded Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman albums so they don't have to give Daisley and Kerslake any royalties!
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    There are at least 18 reasons why this dude, a Forklift driver from Jakarta, Indonesia, makes Sweet Child o' Mine sound at least 18 times better than W. Axel Rose's billion dollar band! I will only give you 10 1) It's not rushed 2) It's closer to the original 3) It gives you an idea of how brilliant Acoustic MTV would have been if Axel hadn't destroyed the band in 1991 4) it flows like GN'R used to 5) the vocal melody line sounds beautiful on the acoustic guitar just like axel used to sound in GN'R 6) the vocal melody line has absolutely nothing to do with any sort of Disney cartoon 7) it makes you want to listen to it again -- the very opposite effect provoked by axel's billion dollar and 😎 the beat is not annoying most likely because it is not Axel's buddy Frank playing it 9) it's cheaper 10) dude cut the song short because he needed to go to do some forklifting in fucking Jakarta http://www.loudersound.com/news/indonesian-guitarists-cover-of-sweet-child-o-mine-sets-internet-ablaze
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    Season One was an attempt at being all artistic but still having tits and guns and robots in your show. Honestly, it wasn't a bad season of television and would have made a fine ending too. And yes, the music was fantastic, especially the Radiohead covers. And then they cobbled together some soft clumps of warm shit and called it Season Two. One of the most insulting and retarded viewing experiences I've had since LOST. Music was still all right....used some Nirvana and Soundgarden. This season will undoubtedly out-stupid the last one, which is a remarkable accomplishment. Guys, did you knows GRRRRLLLLLLS are like totally fucking BADASS and can anything a man can, but BETTER?? Well you better fucking believe it bitches!! So what soft piano cover of a beloved classic should accompany the shots of big futuristic CGI cities and robots and BADASS BITCHES with GUNS and SWORDS and shit?? Sweet Child Of Mine? Da fuq?? Obviously Team Brazil had a hand in this, shoveling the their once-off-limits to licensing songs into every trailer and beer commercial they get their filthy fucking paws on, but blame has to go to the music director of the show too. What a big fucking whiff. This is almost as much of a mismatch as it was when Sheryl Crow covered the song as if she were singing it to her adorable orphaned son in Big Daddy. Cringe Level: Double Hogan Ears.
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    I watched season one of Westworld and it was a bit of a chore to make it to the end. However, The eerie piano covers of Radiohead songs were good and added to the spooky mood. Guns n roses are not Radiohead. And hearing SCOM in this trailer is pure cringe. If the showrunners are this dumb, to put this silly music in the trailer, then it's a big red flag that season three will be shit.
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    Memory Motel on Black and Blue.
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    Yeah...some good GnR’s shows happened in 2012. This is a good performance from the DVD: GnR will headline Lolapalloza in SP, next april.
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    He gets a lot great guests, like almost everyone in rock.
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    When I saw him sing Street Of Dreams in 2011 (twice lol) he was still pretty good on it. He could've done it well on the 2016 tour. Sorry has never been good with the mickey vocals, directly followed by the raspy album vocals in the background ("you got all the answers, you know everything..." etc) but it was alright in 2016 when Melissa was almost as loud as Axl.
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    Same fucking setlist for 20 years. Except for Sorry and Street of Dreams, because he's too fat to sing those.
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    Axl Rose Replaces Band Members with Clones of Himself For Guns n Roses Tour Guns N’ Roses announced North American dates as part of their epic 2020 worldwide stadium tour this summer. Axl Rose then announced that he fired the entire band because he didn’t want to hear their crap. “Now I can do whatever I want and not have to listen to Duff and Slash bitching at me” said Rose. “The entire band now shows up 4 hours late and no one complains. I love this. I wish we had this technology 30 years ago.” Axl had 4 clones of himself made at ‘Clones R Us’ on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The price was $25K each. Barbra Streisand told Axl about the cloning process. Babs had her dogs and James Brolin cloned at the same Cloning center. Axl with Axl Slash Clone “I had the clones made 7 years ago” said Axl. “They have been tucked away practicing their instruments 12 hours per day. They are finally ready. Now I never have to deal with an annoying opinionated musician again. It will be 24/7 Axl and nothing but Axl. Plus I get to keep all the money. The clones get a small stipend. And the best part is that after every show, they get packed away with the instruments.” The colossal Guns N’ Roses 2020 Clones Tour will steamroll through Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Lisbon, London, Prague and East Rutherford, NJ. Axl texted the other members of Guns n Roses to tell them their services are no longer needed. The text said “You Are Obsolete. Go Home and Die!” http://madhousemagazine.com/axl-rose-replaces-band-members-with-clones-of-himself-for-guns-n-roses-tour/?fbclid=IwAR22SZuWyMLkBPWBAvOevZVVMUItxT9rJPuLYTQGTXWcJEf2qtXogVn7mFw
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    what is written on the top of the pirate dvd back cover is something like this: "Axel taking oxygen to maintain the performance ... crazy crowd singing and vibrating with each song"
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    Yes, somebody please translate what it says while one of TB is crushed by an elephant below
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    I love this picture. This is exactly how Axl envisioned GNR in the mid 90s.
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    Slash once did this audio interview about his favorite bands and he’d pick song. For Thin Lizzy he picked Cowboy Song. He also picked NIN and RATM. I think the songs were Closer and Guerrilla Radio.
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    Our very own Alex Ross wears the blue rose! Gary Moore was a legend.
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    i present to you: the birds of shit writer's unhinged meltdown on twitter after her movie flopped tldr: bring back the ass shorts
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    Are they running interference until Biden finds some new meds? They seem to be doing Trumps job for him.
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    That debate was like watching monkeys fling shit at each other at the zoo, some quality entertainment. Warren scalped Bloomberg, Bloomberg called Bernie a commie and Biden was oddly quiet and didn't get much thrown at him. Buttigieg and Klobuchar had a slap fight and Klobuchar started shaking again.
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    Im glad Ive seen Ozzy a couple of times, either solo and Sabbath. This might really be the end.
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    There wasn’t a lot of filler on CD so it probably has lasted me 10 years. But I dip into VR and Izzy for other GNR elements. It it would be interesting to put out an album with Slither, Ain’t that a Bitch and There was a Time on it. To do it though the production would have to be even broader. GNR mixtape.
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    I'm not the biggest Ozzy fan tbh; I like a lot of his early stuff and stuff with Sabbath, but he's been a blubbering, incoherent mess for decades, and has released five albums since 2001. No excuse for the fat man.
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    I thought "I Don't Wanna Stop" from Black Rain was a hit? Guess it never hit top 10. And you're seriously telling me nothing from No More Tears was a hit? Or Dreamer?
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    Found this on wikipedia of the Take What You Want single: ... debuting at number eight and becoming Osbourne's first Billboard Hot 100 top 10 in over 30 years, making it the longest gap between top 10 appearances.[4] The song is also the first mainstream rock song to hit the top 10 of the Hot 100 since Shinedown's "Second Chance" in 2009 The first Rock song in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 in over 10 Years! I knew things were bad, but this is way more fucked than I could have imagined.
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    I want to like it (and I wanted to like Black Rain/Scream too) but it all sounds like Ozzy sang the first melody that came to his head alongside the first set of lyrics that got done for it and then they did two takes, said "Wow, that was amazing!" and slapped that shit right on out.
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    Huge Ozzy fan here too, I enjoy Black Rain and Scream, but I can agree they are not very good. I think ordinary man would be better than both but production is garbage. Fuck Andrew Twat
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    Huge Ozzy fan but I haven't really liked anything he's done since Ozmosis/late 90s when he did some cool guest spots and covers (NOT the covers album!). I liked stuff like "Nowhere To Run" and the one he and Iommi did with Wu Tang but this Post Malone stuff just sounds like garbage to me, I guess I must be old now or something but all I hear is embarrassing crap, from both parties.
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    Andrew twat should be making pussy post malone songs not Ozzy Osbourne record.
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    No Zakk no deal for me. Fuck both Duff and Andrew fags.
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    If Axl Rose wrote song Scary Little Green Men, I’m sure it would be about broccoli
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