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    Today it is exactly 3 years that I have been with you on this GNFNR journey. Thanks @maynard for showing me the way, and @John Bonham for take care of us and this place. I wish the week positive and full of victories for all of us. United and in isolation. Everybody against COVID.
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    A Brazilian pseudointellectual pot smoking eternal teenager, an Uruguaian sensitive commie and a Georgian gypsy enter a bar... The bartender says: GET OUT OF MY BAR
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    Finally "won" a day yesterday....all it took was 8 hours of my best shitposting. That's a lot of work.
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    Thanks Axl ... for the music that has been with me every day of my life for so long.
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    My uncle just got the results of his dna test and learned I have African heritage....where's my niggas at?
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    Axl likes Joe Biden because, they used to hang out and Rape random girls.
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    Hi guys! have a safe weekend. for ya appreciation...a brilliant tune! Depeche Mode’s new video!@Gordon Comstock @sixes
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    Queen announced that it will be broadcasting on its official youtube channel this Friday, May 15, from 3 pm (Brasília time) the "Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert", a historic event held on April 20, 1992 at Wembley England Stadium.
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    *off key piano shitnoise* *out of tune slash intro* *shit duff sounds* Geeeeeeeeraldiiiiiiine You don't have to go on tour tonight Those days are over You don't have to sell your vocals to the night Geeeeerrrrrrraldiiiiiiine You don't have to wear that disguise tonight Tour Brazil for burgers You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right Geraldiiiiiiine You don't have to put down the pizza slice Geraldiiiiiiine You can order delivery tonight Geraldiiiiiiine You don't have to put down the Bud Light Geraldiiiiiiine No you can eat it all to the last bite Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeraldiiiiiiine
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    Maybe it is time to remind woke twitter about the real Axl Rose
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    The name "Salsh" is much more stuck in my head than "Slash". I'm almost forgetting his real name, Salsh sounds way cooler. Thanks GNFNR.
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    Great New Year's Eve to all of you, my partners of the best web forum, GNFNR. 2020 will bring us good vibes, empathy, positivity, great music, and great posts. peace. cheers
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    A great Christmas 🎄 to all of U in our community
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    What's left for GNR fans? eat salami, play avengers, deal with gypsies ...
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    Drinking a beer in my bathtub.
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    Nobody fucks around with the John Bonham on my watch.
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    After that Alex Ross article, I'm pretty sure our meme magick is working.
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    Why are there so many songs about love, but only one song about welcoming somebody to the jungle??
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    Having to work on your birthday should be a crime.
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    I have retired from the cock gobbling business.
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    What the hell. Miser is having a meltdown, Volcano is back and isn't BFFs with Sailway any more, Little Emo Anny pops in, I found out Bad Apples is actually posting under a new name, and Warchild tried to start posting here as well. All in the last three days. WTF is going on!!!!!!
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    Recent topics is like a who's who of ADHD
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    My wife had a baby boy last night. Happy, healthy and amazing.
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    Police & Niggers get out of my way, I'm gonna buy myself a Big Mac today
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    yes friends ... whatever happens to our world..the music will be ... forever. http://youtube.com/watch?v=/HlEuo9aR7Qo
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    Calling someone butt hurt because you’re too stupid to understand what no rules Anarchy means ? Game on bitch
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    Sing full hardschool chorus while you wash your hands to make sure you're taking the necessary time for it.
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    Young at heart but I'm only forty eight, I'm a young old man...to let love break my heart... new lyrics for Estranged...today is my birthday...born in the birthday of my mother...13 is my lucky number... is a honor to me to live with all of you this incredible musical,political,social,cultural journey...3 years ago Maynard showed me this place...you are great friends! 👨
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    The way Axl says "That's right" after Police and Niggers in One in a Million will forever be one of my favourite GnR moments
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    A nice weekend to all of U fuckers!
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    looking forward to Impossible Salami ®
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    Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends...
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    Learned Catcher on the piano this morning. Felt like I had to get it out of me. Music is the best way to turn pain back into love.
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    Breaking news lies exposed all posted in the stuff you don’t know thread
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    Gotta admit, I re-read the fall of Broski saga from a few years ago and a had a great time tonight ? As hellish as this year has been for me, I’m still forever grateful I’m not him
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    The worst part of Guns N' Roses happenings is that they bring the Guns N' Roses fans out of the woodwork.
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    Goddamn it I'm 40. I'm fucking 40. This can't be happening. I wasted my life. Why didn't I listen to the dean?? Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.
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    Guns N Roses = Wasted potential
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    Processed Meats Elimination?
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    Dirty ✔️ Drunk ✔️ Trader Joes spring rolls ✔️
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    I appreciate the shit out of JB. Best webmaster ever.
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