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    Drinking a beer in my bathtub.
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    After that Alex Ross article, I'm pretty sure our meme magick is working.
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    My wife had a baby boy last night. Happy, healthy and amazing.
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    Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends...
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    popcorn's snare sucks dick for taco bell coupons, says he learned from prince steven, exclusive at 11
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    Bacardi's gaped out manhole was higher quality than fagboy miser and his Mygina dance troupe. #bringbackbacardi'sasshole
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    The worst part of Guns N' Roses happenings is that they bring the Guns N' Roses fans out of the woodwork.
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    This forum needs a no Portuguese or Brazilian may join rule.
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    I played some of the NITLT bits from recent shows for some coworkers. They were stunned that was Axl singing. They wondered why I paid money for this.
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    I feel like a whore. I just ate 2 bologna sandwiches...
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    the blues @ boston 2002
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    Never wanted to die before 30. Fuck...
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    Tomorrow I'm going to use thw phrase "hard school " to all my friends and family and see who says shit
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    The game's not over, Kirk.
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    No one rivals Doom! No one! Doom reigns supreme!
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    Happy 4th of July my American fuckers.
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    Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal.
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    Kneel before me ya shits!
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    Coming soon to a GnFnR forum near you The Warriors- A Mafia Game
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    Just received my new hoodie from my good friend @sixes today.... Many thanks buddy. Your next few orders will be on the house!
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    Hello boys, I'm baaack (Read this as you were about to destroy an alien ship)
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    Medicinal Marijuana
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    US Doctors are incompetent and dumb.
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    I wanna make posts that the fellas love, and murder every shitposter that I'm jealous of, so just remember when I troll your thread, I only post to make the cucks uspset.
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    Me So Horny, Mia Sue Stormy!
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    Fuck it! I'm done. You guys can have your big gay cheer. *Sulking in defeat mumbling about shit cheerleaders. Shitleaders...
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    Saw a bald eagle today. It was getting hassled 2 ravens. It was very cool. I live in Canada I have a fever of 102 We are getting 35 cms of snow
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    I cannot wait for this new Judas Priest album.
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    Wrestlemafia II: My 8000th post. Let the games begin.
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    I do the Smurf, the Popeye, and the Jerry Lewis
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    So dance, dance, like it’s the last, last night of your life, life life life life life
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    I forgot to buy tickets to the regroupening in Tulsa tonight. ?
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    I will not trade any processed meat for any studio processed GNR song...
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    I feel like it's 2006 again... Leaks will happen eventually. Some new info nuggets. New Axl studio vocals with one of the best hard rock bands in the world (not GNR lol) Some dude trolling at mygina (Justan Urchin) pretending he is in the know... Good times
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    Downloaded the McDonald's app and went full 'cardi.
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    The thumb revolution is here, avatars rejoice!
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    My girlfriend gave me a dash cam for my birthday. This thing is awesome!
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    I am off to see Lego Batman.
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