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    Fat Axl and his shit band are looking for ideas of what should be included in a UYI Box Set. Is this Flebeis asking the fans to do his job for him ... again. And what the fuck happened to the New Album they have been teasing for the last couple years? I guess there is more money in another $1,000 box set, so fuck the fans that have waited over 12 years for a new album. So ... no new music. But you will get a reprints of old tickets, flyers, posters, and backstage passes from 30 years ago. If you run out of stimulus money you can burn these to keep your house warm this winter.
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    A L E X R O S E b y F R A N K M I L L E R T H E F A T N I G H T R E T U R N S
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    Yeah there was an episode several years back where Otto had a few lines, and it just sounded like a dying man attempting to imitate Otto. That's probably one of the harder voices for Harry Shearer to pull off. And he's old as fuck now....they all are! Well at least Hank Azaria won't have to worry about ever doing Apu's voice again, thanks to this ugly pockmarked fucking bitter virgin "comedian" that bitched and whined so much they had to kowtow to his whims. Faggots. Drink it in. Yeah. This is the face that gets to tell us what's "funny." Fucking cunt grew up with two doctor parents in a mansion somewhere, living a pampered life, and then he decides he doesn't like a fucking cartoon voice on TV. What a goddamn piece of shit. Cause he's brown. And shit is brown, get it? Oh no, I'm a nazi!
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    Looking forward to seeing Perfect Crime and Don't Damn Me added to the alternate list of songs in the setlist that never get played.
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    I would like hear Duff defend the democrats now that his Mayor has surrendered the city to rioters. Even calling the Autonomous Zone a block party and threatening legal action if Trump sends in the National Guard to protect its residents. Maybe the rioters will pick Duffs neighborhood next to occupy. Would he welcome them into his house and feed them, while playing Tenderness to them all on guitar calling for change.
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    The guy in the basement criticizing the guy in the bunker. Enjoy the show. This is going to be the most entertaining election of our lifetime. You’ve got two mentally unhinged senior citizens with off the cuff speaking styles going tit for tat. You can get with this or you can get with that. Trump is more vibrant. The spray tan and KFC keep him looking young. Biden looks old. You can easily picture him dropping dead on the campaign trail.
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    They cancelled COPS! Trouble is, you show too many black people and they claim racism. You show too few black people and they claim inequality. And they ain’t who you think I am talkin’ bout Will S. They are the Crazy White Liberal Art Students, traditionally populated by Feminazis and annoying political science students who join up with them to try and get laid. It’s cosplay for people who weren’t allowed to watch wrestling growing up. Like so many others before you who joined Amnesty International in Middle School, it all began when your neck swiveled to the left as you were mid stride in the hallway, spotting an empty chair between two hot chicks alone in a room. You walk into the room. You sit right down. You make individual eye contact with both girls for just under an uncomfortable amount of time, and then you say: “How about the rains down in Africa?” Turns out one of the girls is a foreign exchange student from South Africa, and she practically cries on command at the mere mention of “rain in Africa.” The other one has channeled the hatred of her absentee father into rage against third world inequality. Nine out of ten times the two chicks end up fucking each other. But you’ve recently seen Chasing Amy and you are feeling lucky.
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    and so begins leakshit chapter 73 the enlargening
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    I can't believe this pile of shit is still running. Kill it for fuck sake.
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    "How dyare you?????"
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    If ... If only they hadn't shit on all the diehard fans and sat idly by while some deranged lunatic posing as their represented erased all these very tracks and rarities from YouTube. Hey Fernando, you can have the steam off my piss.
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    Latest from the CHAZ: hopefully the armed warlord doesn't have a problem with the gay homeless retard council's decisions also there's a guy on /pol/ who lives in the CHAZ and has gotten in with the warlord
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    Polling is the Spring Training for elections. The shit players get most of the playing time. The talented players don't want to bother with it. And dumbfucks think the results mean something.
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    Julie Kavner is the voice of Marge and her sisters. She's 69. Marcia Wallace voiced Krabappel
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    None of the main cast members have died. Only recurring character voices like Phil Hartman, the original lunchlady, Edna Krabapple, and most recently the voice of Martin. Dozens, maybe even hundreds of people that have guested on the show over the years have died. It's really weird to see an old one from the early 90s and all the guest voices are dead now. If any of the main cast dies, I'd say "OK, now is finally a good time to shut it down." They all sound awful now. Homer and Grampa basically have the same voice. But then I was thinking.....they have hundreds of thousands of hours of isolated vocals from each of the cast members. Surely that's enough for a computer to compile all the necessary phonics involved in the English language, and they can have an artificial construct of Nancy Cartwright generating whatever that week's dialogue is. And of course, there's thousands of hours of stock phrases like "Ay carumba!" and "D'oh!!" that they can re-use. With an AI voice cast.....the Simpsons can keep rocking forever.....forever.....forever....
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    Credits for the UYI Box Set will show how much Axl and the boys appreciated Matt Sorum's new book. Gilby was also told not to worry about re-learning the old songs, GnR found some of his old clothes and Frank Richards will grow a mustache and change into them when they play UYI songs live.
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    Mags, it is all fucking politics. The media, the governor, and mayor are all trying to get Trump to use force. If he does CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS are all going to have visuals for their "Trump is a Nazi, Trump is a blood thirsty dictator" stories they have already to go. Then what happens? You have more riots and protests and more of these "zones" popping up in every democrat controlled city in the country. Go look at the mayor of Seattle's twitter account and tell me she isn't trying to get a Trump response. Trump's best play is to do nothing and allow for every potential voter to see how batshit insane Democrats are.
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    200k tickets requested for Trump's rally Friday.
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    Seriously...just when my frustration (Oh My Salvation!) due to lack of NEW music is at an all-time high with this band, this bit of news hits the airwaves...
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    To be fair, this is prolly what they did when they designated the date of the holiday.
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    Wow, checks every box. Well played, internet.
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    1000$ is a lot of money here in Bulgaria,i had to work 2 months to earn them at my previos job.....but i will gladly pay them for a UYI 1 and 2 with Steven on drums and a better production. Even with all their flaws,they are my favourite albums of all time,they are everything i love about rock....great rockers,ballads,epics,riffs,solos,vocals,attitute etc. I love them so much more than AFD. Im drinking right now and listening to GNR....Right next door to helldamn it rocksDust N Bones is one of the coolest songs easialy in my top 10 GNR songs The Garden LOVE ITTTTT Rerecord the albums with Steven and i wil pay you the money Team Brazil..........and FUCK YOU
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    Who'd have thought that the innocence of a 4 year old homeless black tranny in a wheelchair would be the one to guide us to Valhalla.
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    Are they gonna release Ain't Going Down as a single re-recorded with new Axl vocals but pretend they're vocals from 1990?
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    I love Dave. He's a national treasure and easily in the top five, maybe even three, comedians that ever lived. But he didn't do it for money. He's not motivated by money the way the rest of us are. He has enough for the rest of his life. He only does anything cause he wants to do it. I watched it; I was moved more by Dave's passion than the actual situation. Cops do NOT wander the streets of America "hunting niggers" for sport. Dave clearly got caught up in the hype. Like any black activist, he made no mention of the hundreds of dead black kids so far this year in Chicago. Why not? I guess it's ok when blacks kill other blacks. That's the message I'm getting from BLM. "Black lives only matter if a white guy takes one. Otherwise....fuck em." Official stance of BLM.
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    I didn't know Duff liked Poison.
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    I don't recognize the world anymore.
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    Thank you for the opinion piece, Michelle Goldberg!
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    Number of people shot to death by the police in the United States from 2017 to 2020, by race 2017 2018 2019 2020* White 457 399 370 172 Black 223 209 235 88 Hispanic 179 148 158 57 Other 44 36 39 14 Unknown 84 204 202 98 Cops just like shooting people.
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    You are not Bill Bailey, more like becoming a bitter fat boomer in 40 years
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    We will probably have the leakshit in an official form in 2038 as extras for CD boxset. I hope my protest plan will spread around the world(ya know spamming the leakshit between songs behind gates from your speakers during every fat gig either to force them release stuff or piss off Fat Axl)
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    "He used to be the most dangerous frontman in the world, famous for starting riots and singing incredibly." "So he's like your generations Caitlyn Jenner? #transfatmatters"
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    FAT CITY where the girls are fat and they got big titties.
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    This guy is clearly a huckster. What the fuck kind of drugs was Kid Satan taking to fall for this "techno shaman" bullshit? Axl was too busy rubbing crystal balls to notice that his supermodel girlfriend, Stephanie Seymour was rubbing Matt Sorum's scrotum.
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    I don’t like his rapping but the guy here speaks the truth. Racism doesn’t exist. It stems from their own culture.
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    He looked healthy. A lot of people cite cocaine as the reason for the weight loss, but I saw the guy up close. He was healthy and lean looking. Like he actually gave a fuck. 2006 wasn't original lineup or UYI lineup quality, but it was as close as we've gotten. He was soft on some songs but pushed it on the ones that really needed it. I've barely even listened to anything since I went in 2016. The impression is always the same. Wow, slither sounds like shit. Wow, black hole sun sounds like shit. Wichita is decent, but honestly who wants to hear that every night? Imagine telling your kids that this used to be one of the most dangerous bands in the world, and the singer is a fat lesbian with a bowlcut who sounds like a cartoon.
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    It was passable early on, but christ it's gotten so boring and his voice is the worst it's ever been. I could deal with a fat Axl, but a fat mickey Axl with a bowlcut is too much for me. 2006 that band was a powerhouse. I'm not big on a lot of the nugnr guys, but the shows were fun and Paxl Rows could actually let it fucking rip
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    penny lane has fallen
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    WTF Anybody that still supports the Democratic party should have to live in the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone along with this bitch. Its like a Block Party ... what the fuck about this shit is like a black party. Being held prisoner in your neighborhood by armed rioters is a joke to this cunt. The celebrities endorsing this shit should be thrown into the autonomous zone also.
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    It's never going to end. It's going to get worse. A hell of a lot worse. The last few years have played out like the novel 1984. The way liberals, (you know, the "good guys") have worked tirelessly to restrict the way we can act, speak, and even think is astoundingly similar to the totalitarian state in the book. And how did it turn out in the book? “There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always— do not forget this, Winston— always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. ” I bought myself a few years maybe by moving to Asia, but that boot will follow me here and be on my face soon enough. Sometimes I'm really glad I never had kids.
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    RIP my lovely New England boarding school. You will be missed.
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