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    Literally not allowed to talk about me.
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    black sabbath and tyler drama, two of the biggest faggots in all the land this interview was so cringeworthy that mygnr made a public statement disavowing them and saying they were just mods, not officially affiliated with the mygnr brand
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    Which place is a safe space again? He's more than welcome to come challenge our hate and nonsense here. Are we free to point out his sandy vagina at his place? 🤔
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    Still can't believe a house keeper and her poolboy son are running guns n roses. With BS like this, everyone with unreleased stuff should just leak it. If GNR wont release music the fans should for them
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    "If you guys are recording, please don't record it, I don't like the way my voice sounds, it's embarrassing"
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    fuckin hell, ill paypal anyone who makes it through 10 minutes of listening to this pompus faggot act like he created guns n roses, jesus wept!
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    I realized afterward that I got the banning story entirely wrong. It's been a long time. Objectively 100% Legit True Story (picking up from where I strayed): > tell Fernando to fuck off in Fermanager thread > post deleted by shit mod > tell mods to get Fernando's nuts out of their mouth > get suspended > "I'm out if you uphold this shit suspension" > suspension upheld > i'm out > a few years pass > height of metoo > drunk and bored > create magismetoo account on mygnr > both accounts banned for life under the excuse that i created an alt account against rules
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    If Axl hears mags voice, he will have him put down background vocals on The General
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    Please. You see all the fat women posting on mygnr ? kim jung un wouldn’t let that shit fly.
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    So it's going to be Magisme's fault if the lol new album gets delayed. Ironic.
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    Can't wait to create some online dating profiles with "voice like Barry White" in the About Me section.
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    If Fernando wants to hear what the real fans think, he and his family should take a helicopter ride down to a crowded beach.
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    I know what you mean @arnold layne. I also try to raise my son in the love of Guns S' Rose: I also tell him about FRANK RICHARDS as he is falling asleep.
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    I mean the crazy rumors I hear from when she worked as a secretary down at the fishing pier. I mean Damn she’s a wild one.
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    There was nothing announced by March 10, which is around the time Corona truly exploded and shit started getting canceled everywhere. And yet we're to believe if that hadn't happened they would have released something by May 7? What a lying cunt he is.
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    fatposting has entered politics my time has come
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    1983 whiplash is heavier than hillary clinton's eye bags
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    remember when joker came out and cnn tried to convince the world that white reddit virgins were the biggest threat we’ve ever faced?
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    Downsyndrome at the Vagina: This is a great point and one that I've tried many times, obviously failing, to reinforce with TB. Five percent of online posters stick around online only to shit on literally everything. Why anyone would waste their time by devoting a tremendous amount of time to hate on something as trivial as an 80s hard rock band online is beyond me. Thankfully those middle aged guys have their own safe space to vomit as much hate and nonsense as they may please.
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    So its the pandemics fault now that a new album can't be released? Slash put it down to the current music industry a couple of months ago. Jesus Christ! What's the next excuse? = Guns N' Roses Fans expectations...
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    Sounds of @Dr. Strangelove smoking weed at 57:31. Listen to the extended suppressed cough.
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    The key to the vault is Magisme sending dick pics for songs to Assad ?
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    magisme, what are you doing tonight at 7pm, how about I swing by and pick you up?
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    This guy would be bussing tables at a shithole taqueria in LA if his mom didn't kidnap and brainwash the fat man
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    I mean after a few bourbons🥃 At a fancy Brazilian Steak House if the Beta got frisky I can’t say I would resist.
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    crazy how they had the guitar tones down while opening for "Raven" in 1983 but can't figure it out now with all the technology in the world
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    Biden has nothing to offer regular people. The dude is status quo at best and would lock you up for marijuana at worst. Even after a pandemic that has put millions out of work he is adamently against universal healthcare. Trump at least offers daily entertainment on twitter.
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    I despised the living fuck out of Justice League but I'm sure I'll despise the Snyder cut less. Fuck Joss Whedon, that creepy ass faux-feminist ginge. I hate Hollywood "nice guys" that are the biggest predators of all cause they never even got a whiff of pussy in high school; yet are the loudest voices on social media to REPEKT ALL WAHMENNNNN. Hypocrite cunt. His TV and movies suck too.
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    Sorry mags, you're a cool guy and all but I refuse to listen to anything this moron has to say out of principle.
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    I'd let him make me shit in a kitty litter box, but that's as far as I'd let it go. I'm a classy boy.
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    Joss Whedon objectively ruined Justice League. His humor is so repetitive and so obvious and so shit.
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    you'll have panties dripping before the finger lifts off their screen from swiping right, (including fernandos).
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    Your gf & new gnr music have something in common!!! Neither one of them exist!!!
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    this metallica stream is really cool i think it's the earliest proshot of them, when they were still opening for random shitthrash bands very raw and full of mistakes and shit setlist is basically just kill em all james had barely turned 20
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    They do everything wrong. This goes back to Live Era in '99 where the album art was a bunch of cool flyers from the mid-80s, and then you listen to the record and it's a bunch of 90s band stuff with even newer overdubs. It's been 20 years of *not* giving the fans what they want
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    metallica livestreaming a 1983 show for charity
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