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    MSNBC "reporter"- Some people say you and your administration were unprepared at the beginning of this Pandemic. Trump: At the beginning when I halted flights from China, it was your network that called me racist for doing so.
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    CNN declares chloroquine racist in 3...2...
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    Pizza place in my town is giving a roll of toilet paper with every take out order over $25.
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    Guess I needed some time to get away I reheated a piece of pie And in my PJs I'll stay So I sit on my thumb here Quarantined in LA There's a Zoom meeting at 2 o'clock today
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    I'm a cold, a life-taker, fit to burn and I'll rip your lungs in two And I'll leave you dying in your bed Cause you could be fine But you're waiting in line
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    It don't really matta Gonna sit here by myself No it don't really matta Can't really be around somebody else Not eatin' any cherries Give me a box of crunch berries Fuck you and your Chinese flu And your social distance in the nation I know I got a fat face And a 42 inch waist Blame it on the pf changs Eat any more and I'm wearing sweat-pants
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    gonna call the hospital gonna get some paracetamol gonna need some extended bed rest gonna try and cough this phlem from my chest ooooooooo what shall i do with this china flu, ohhh, its such a chink virus , china, fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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    Gonna call the president I need a roll of 2-ply Need to wipe my a-s-s Before all my shit dries There's not any more that I can poo All the Paper in the store was sold to you
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    Fortus inhales approximately twice the air of the average human, so it makes sense.
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    i wont be told anymore that i cant buy tp in this store and left so far out from the chinks taht i cant find my way, my way from the brink oh no iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii oh iiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii oh iii, forgive them who spread this disease, for they are just dumb chinese, who now just cough and can't breathe, i hope karma is biting them on the ass sincerely gnfnr. edit* fuck you china.
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    One for all the salesmen on GNFNR
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    Im just glad we have a president with the balls to call it what it is ... and to fuck with pc reporters and make repeatedly say kung flu 😆
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    Wikipedia changed the Spanish Flu page to the 1918 influenza pandemic. Fucking garbage cunts
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    CNN and the rest of the media are done after this. They cried wolf for years and then when a real problem came along no one believed them.
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    Its been so long since I listened to GNR I can't even recognize some of the songs anymore
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    All the hand sanitizer in the world couldn't save you All the germs that live inside You know I tried so hard to make you Wash your hands and let them dry And it hurts too much to not see you Social distancing is a hell I can't describe So now I wander on my phone Because I'm all alone Browsing porn sites every night My pants too fucking tight And though as long as this week seems At least I know I have ice cream Yes those are cookie crumbs at my feet They taste so much more sweet Than the chinese fluuuuu-ooooh
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    I've got a funny feeling there's something wrong today I've got a funny feeling and it won't go away
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    I got the Wuhan Flu, the Wuhan Flu Said I don't know where I've been But I heard someone say "Atchoo" I got the Wuhan Flu, the Wuhan Flu I can't cough here forever With all the bad shit on the news
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    Duffe, Rizzy, Melissa, and Dizzy have no Fat to protect them from the Kung Flu. Dizzy has the most dumb luck of any person on earth so I rule him safe. Melissa lives on candy and weighs 65 pounds so she is probably scared to death and spent all her GNR money on the best underground bunker money can buy. Rizzy the Nose another skinny fucker, but I think he talked to Melissa just before she locked herself in and she invited him to live out the apocalypse in her bunker. Duffe punk as duff will visit a Seattle homeless camp with gifts of coffee, toilet paper, and guitar picks. Soon after he will go to a local hospital for consultation about his sex change operation. It is here he will be tested for the China Flu
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    1985-1987 W. AXL F'N ROSE 1988-1990 AXL ROSE 1991-1993 gay 1994-2001 invisible 2002 WTF 2003-2005 a bad joke 2006 he's back 2007 fuck you alex ross 2008-2009 where is he? 2010 he's back 2011 Zzzzz 2012 yellow raincoat 2013-2015 💩 2016-2020 F-A-T
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    Everybody needs some time on their own
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    Ima tell that girl my cock has corona virus
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    Welcome to the jail hold We got feng shui aids We got everything in yuan Wuhani, we know the names We are the people that can't find Whatever happened to Xi But if you got the Renminbi, baby We'll cure the disease In the jail hold Welcome to the jail hold Watch it bring you to your shun na, na, na, na, na, na, na, shneeze, knees I wanna watch you sneeze
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    Axl tried, his album flopped miserably Say again about "not worthy"? Axl hasn't worthy of our time since 1994, yet we are here, right? He did a gig with his childhood idols. You don't have to like ACADACA, but you have to respect Axl's decision at least, especially, since he deliberately gave a fuck with them, instead of his own fucking band in the midst of the "reunion of the century" as some of you Axl-fans stated it in the past and if you're so much about GNR or Axl, then you have to at least admit that he sounded better with DC than with his own band, regardless of the songs (btw he pulled out them BETTER than Brian or Bon at times...)
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    Warren didn't "decide to spite Bernie", she towed the line, lied about him on national TV, doubled down, ratfucked him on Super Tuesday despite having zero chance of winning any states, and might as well have endorsed Biden after dropping out. She was in the race solely to fuck over the actual progressive. Trump is currently introducing UBI (opposed by Pelosi) and shifting the Republican party into something more progressive than the moderate Democrats, so there's that.
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    OANN reporter asked the President if he considers "Chinese Food" racist because it originates in China lol.
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    What a fucking pretentious cunt. I can’t stand people who put themselves as the spokesperson of all things woke, specially if they just do it for the pose. And in the end he’s only using this as a plug to sell his mediocre album. What a fucking opportunistic piece of shit. Hey Duff, why don’t you go back to your beloved Seattle and use some of the millions you’ve made scamming your deaf fans for the last 4 years, and actually TAKE ACTION helping the homeless instead of fucking preaching? Duff -the king of yachts- McKagan, the Joel Osteen of punk rock.
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    Holy shit that is the ugliest collection of four women to ever be photographed together. Also.....the Faith Tone there with glasses looks eerily like my father.
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    I reheated a piece of pie
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    It's either RICHARD "Bunda de Burro" FONTUS or le ~FRANK RICHARDS
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    It don’t really matter, you’ll find out for yourself, said it don’t really matter, gonna leave Wuhan to kill everyone else, if there were vaccinations, or switched on nations, we wouldn’t have this china flu, but now we do so china, fuck your mother and you it will take a lot more flu then you, have got for the world at hand, even with all your lies, your actually worse than lgbt and dikes
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    No matter how I try to distance myself from slant eyes, it just might be that I , Get china virus and will die, but now I must not lie, for that is China’s pride, I’ll never eat fry ryyyyyy
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    They've found a case of the Corona And I don't think I'm gonna Ever go back to my Work again
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    Maybe I'm late to the party, but it is crazy that GNR did this show. They are all in an age bracket that makes them very susceptible to dying from the corona virus. That's not even a "lol GNFNR just exist to make fun of the band" statement. It's a legitimate fact. Slash is over 50 with a pacemaker/heart issues. Axl is nearly 60 and is at the very least obese (who knows if he is on blood pressure meds, etc). How did someone convince them it was worth the risk of doing this show? Considering how much money these guys have, this had to be one of the stupidest moves they've ever made. Axl wasn't even self aware enough to put on a good show in case the news plays the footage if he dies. In all seriousness, this must be the stupidest band in the world.
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    Serious case of Slash teeth
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    CNN headline “trump malicious use of Chinese virus” fucking cunts, that’s what it is. Should we call it cotton candy virus and stick our head in the sand while we’re at it? It’s the chinese virus from filthy china. Fuck them and fuck cnn
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    "A study has indicated that if Chinese authorities had acted three weeks earlier than they did, the number of coronavirus cases could have been reduced by 95% and its geographic spread limited." http://www.axios.com/timeline-the-early-days-of-chinas-coronavirus-outbreak-and-cover-up-ee65211a-afb6-4641-97b8-353718a5faab.html?utm
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    The boomer apocalypse is upon us. Free vaccine with Pizza Hut delivery.
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    What bullshit am I pulling? I’m laughing at people getting upset over chinese virus. I love trumps trolling, because weak people are putting themselves in the position of being trolled. They’re giving him the strings and he’s pulling them like the puppets they are.
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