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    Maybe Endless Appetite. It describes both their fat selves and their shit band.
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    The more I look at it, the more I'm convinced someone photoshopped Slash's face onto an old mans toe.
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    spread the 2020 scom performance video far and wide people need to know what they're being sold
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    This isn’t a Guns N’ Roses forum, it’s a Geraldine Bailey forum.
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    By the end of the year, you'll think @Dr. Strangelove's avatar was edited to make him look skinnier.
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    MAKE AMERICA FAT AGAIN. Coming soon to an App near you. I can already hear the critics complaining about how America is already fat. Some things never change.
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    The whole woke thing is another example of Axl following trends.
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    Sell the domain name to someone in China. Then reply to GNR by sending them a facemask in the post and a simple - good luck tracking down the new owner. Donate the money from the sale of the site to a battered women's shelter and threaten to publicise it if they don't like it
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    Will Axl ditch the Ed hardy collection for a Thornton Melon wardrobe ? What current or former band member sold erotic foot porn @gary’s shoes ? Will Beta perfect the impossible enchilada ? Will Fernando stop the genocide in Syria 🇸🇾 Is Duffing having a affair? No ! but will we find out why he’s been seen after hours with Katlynn Jenner ?
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    I won't be thin anymore Cuz I ate too many smores And shat in my own fucking drawers And I can't find any that fit anymore, ohhhh ohhhhhhh
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    Get fatheads made of the fat axl head. Of course security probably won't let it in
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    RIP Old dreyfus avatar Gone but not forgotten
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    Anybody think this is just the beginning of the next trend for TB. First they get all the Youtube videos taken down, and now are they moving to the fan sites? They have already gone after Mygnr, somehow taking away the sites ability to post videos of GNR music even though they are posted on 3rd party sites. And now this shit here. They want to control what people can say about them. They want to make it so the only choice for GNR forums are 1 of the 3 that they control. This is not acceptable, GNR is about fighting back and not being silenced. But they expect the fans to do just that? WTF , how did it come to this.
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    Maybe I'll get this inflatable burger and throw it onstage during This I Love I'll inscribe it "Choke on this Geraldine you fat shit - from all at fatnfnshit.com"
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    Who cares if they play lol new songs? Axl can't sing and Slash can't play guitar and Frank will fuck the tempo and Duff is a faggot. Literally a dream team for absolute shit performances. So fat. So shit.
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    FRANK RICHARDS guitaring is going to be all over the new Geraldine Bailey album, wait and see.
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    This band and it’s management are the epitome of disgusting, childish, greedy and fucking embarrassing
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    Jar-mo says that South America is getting the same old shitlist because it is too expensive to drag a new screen through the jungle. New Chapter starts in Europe and North America. Not sure if this is damage control due to lousy ticket sales or if he actually believes what he is saying.
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    Out of curiosity, I checked how the tickets were selling for the Seattle show. There's still plenty of tickets in every section. I got a ticket to see the Rolling Stones in Vancouver instead.
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    Isn't his twitter feed mostly about how jealous he is of President Trump?
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    Fortus is better than the old one, Thank you Axl by take care him.
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    Axl likes to sue because it's the most pussy form of confrontation.
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    Does anyboty else think that GNR should release their new album as part of a fast food App? It is the intersection of art and commerce. You can have your cake and CD II. Whether your appetite is for destruction or for dessert, the GNR App has got whatever you may need.
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    Is there any more detail about what's happened because i've read every thread and can't see where it was even announced? If I can get a cheap as fuck ticket I might go and wait down the front just to hold up a sign saying "FUCK YOU, YOU SHIT FAT CUNT FROM GUNSNFNROSES FORUM" and the Fatcon meme.
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    Booooo.....Dreyfus.....bring back the old avatar, it was perfect!!!
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    Axl Rose - the Rosa Parks of his generation. - source: Team Brazil
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    Clearly. Anyway: Shut the fuck up.
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    One more thread to this? ok. The obvious names: 1-S.H.I.T. 2-The Legend of Red Panda
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    All y'all are just HATERZ. I still like Guns N' Roses. There. I said it, OK? It's not like I sucked my dog's dick or anything. I just happen to be a fan of a washed up fat shit 80s nostalgia band.
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    Still plenty of tickets for all shows left. You're gonna be able to go to this shit for $20
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    When Steven Adler looks better than you , you know your fat days are over.
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    @Frans N' Roses Could do magic here
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    Just knowing that he's seen everything people say about him here - some of the internet's finest opinions on Fat Axl, brings a smile to my face.
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