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    I do hope mid-song, Snoop says “let’s roll a fat one” then proceeds to tip Axl over and roll him across the stage.
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    I never paid much attention to the NFL but I know he scored a lot of homeruns and a was a true hero for the city of New York. RIP.
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    Only Keith Richards will survive the China Flu.
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    Like today. I was driving to pick up my wife from work and this couple were walking down the middle of the road (not on the sidewalk). The fact that they were walking down the middle of the road used for car traffic and the way they waddled when they walked only help further my beliefs that they are just dumb fucking people.
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    I watched the Rumble at someone's house tonight. There was a super hardcore wrestling fan there. He got SO. PISSED. when Santino came out in the ladies rumble. "Let's just set women's wrestling back 50 years." And he slammed his hat down. Talked about booking all night. Heels, crowd, Vegas odds. It was interesting.
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    My dad was as straight laced as they come. But one day when I was just a young boy, something happened and he looked at me and said Dont ever put anything past the US government... it always resonated with me.. It turned me into the paranoid conspiracy theorist I am today
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    A Brazilian pseudointellectual pot smoking eternal teenager, an Uruguaian sensitive commie and a Georgian gypsy enter a bar... The bartender says: GET OUT OF MY BAR
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    This could become one of the greatest moments in rock history!
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    i liked some bits edge's entrance pop was great rated rko stuff was cool missed orton's elimination but it sounded good macintyre winning was the right choice (and horribly obvious after brock's elimination) however it failed on one very crucial metric - the big show coefficient therefore i must rate it 5 shiny shits out of 5 💩💩💩💩💩 better luck next time vince
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    Should have put a rag over your license plate and run them over a couple times
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    Did they kill Kobe to give the media something to talk about all day to distract from the coronavirus epidemic?
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    Ozzy's music, especially Black Sabbath, is fantastic, but the man himself has entertained me and kept me laughing for a great many years by just being Ozzy. 🤘
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    Apparently he is going to end up an incoherent, shambling, brain dead shell of a man. Jokes aside, they revealed this in his book from over a decade ago... It sucks to see all these legends grow old and die but no one gets out alive. By his own admission he should be dead a hundred times over.
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    That was shaping up to be the best Rumble of all time until Brock got thrown out. Shame.
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    My favorite Joker is the one that solved the coronavirus pandemic.
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    In the past hour there have been two more confirmed cases; one in Los Angeles and one in Phoenix. Fuck you China.
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    What did he say about Hilary Clinton recently?
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    There are so many homeless people now in Seattle. It is the same here in Vancouver and Victoria. I guess Duff has never visited East Hastings in Vancouver. That is the crème de la crème of junky wastelands in North America.
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    Just had the least smelly, weakest, non-eventful shit ever. It put up as much a fight as Duff would to Axl.
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    What if Jackie Chan was reworked and turned into a song about the China Virus?
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    I imagine they will be selling various funeral based items with GNR branding once it gets out of hand.
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    When I first get up in the morning I look dumb as fuck, but then I remind myself not to judge.
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    One little old Chinese lady occupies 20 square feet of space- you can't get past one in a supermarket aisle. The spun out bit is, they come from such a densely populated place...is China just one huge gridlock with all of them in each other's way all the time?
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    Ever encountered people at shopping alleys standing in such a way that noone can pass them or their trolley? These people are dumb.
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    Hoping it was the Chinese virus
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    The illusions had the best artwork yet they ignore it on their merchandise site....why?
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    Yeah man, all the time. People's thoughtlessness and unawareness of their surroundings (or is it just that they don't care?) never ceases to astound, amuse or infuriate me.
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    wake me when they find the prothean ruins
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    Yeah and I made a Magic Johnson AIDS joke earlier. Perhaps we put shit in the universe.
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    MSNBC with the eulogy of the century "He was perfectly cast in the Los Angeles Niggers Community"
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    But do you know what is not dope? Gang violence.
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    Guns N' Roses release "The Plague" as the Wuhan Virus devastates China
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    The bad news is that it is more contagious than the flu, and it has a 3% mortality rate. The good news is that you should survive if you catch the virus. Data suggests that victims who succumb to this virus are usually over the age of 50 and had preexisting conditions. I am not so much worried about myself than my pregnant wife, my parents and my older family members. The man in Washington seems to be recovering just fine. Hopefully the patients in Chicago and California do the same.
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    I’m sorry. I know I’ve been posting this, and only this, over the last several threads. So it begins to lose its meaning. But there’s just simply no other words to utilize. fag.
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    I went to a Korean restaurant, then a Sushi place then Macau style place. I drank about 17 beers. Then I blocked the toilet with a 20 minute shit. I’m ready for a few steaks and Malbec.
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    Is this virus a new business by some lab who will make billions out of panic?
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    Every Christmas for the past five years or so I'd make a profile over at the Truthers mental home and post my annual "Christmas Log" thread. Fatty didn't know what was going on and "Jim" used to get triggered as fuck. I'll post a sample "story" later
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    And Brazil discovers Grunge. Britpop is just around the corner, I can't wait.
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