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    Fortus is watching someone else’s show during his own show, and Slash is playing Stairway To Heaven during Estranged. I can’t imagine how bored they are Axl you fat lazy cunt
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    Official Corrected and Updated Vote Count McDaddy/Salsh Borski - 1 magisme - 7 popcorn's snare - 2 uruguns - 2 8 Votes to Lynch Apologies, I had Bill Brasky's previous Vote on Deadstar still recorded on the last vote count
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    Your constant defense of Deadstar after her slip up. Your weak words such as “discouraging” Your sudden interest now in the game.
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    After. Like 15 years after. They'll clean up "Just Another Sunday" and pretend it's a new song.
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    Overconfident from winning 2 in a row maybe.
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    Didn't take long for the Huffington Post to pickup on the "woman couldn't win in 2020." http://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/bernie-sanders-elizabeth-warren-woman-cant-win-191328081.html
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    The greatest player statistically of all time The Long Island King Of Salami has entered the game.
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    I posted this in the 🔥thread earlier, but it's I think its hilarious that even the band is bored of the never ending NITL tour ... from the Forbes interview thing
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    Just to update, wiping this one has been a nightmare, it spread like butter all over my lower back.
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    if magisme turns out mafia, kfc and deadstar situation may be compromised
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    if we're lucky, mafia got overconfident and she showed her hand if mags is mafia she almost has to be the lynch tomorrow
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    Don't worry boss, I'll take the heat off of you and vote someone random. Ya I'll get everyone to follow me
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    once mags turns up mafia, all doubt regarding my alignment will be cleared
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    It's funny seeing people screeeching over any of this shit, considering what a meaningless and retarded waste of time "awards" are. If women want more awards, they should make stuff as well as men do. But they can't, so they won't get any fucking awards. Also, who the fuck wants to watch a movie about strippers where none of the stars actually show their tits? At least Demi Moore got her rock-hard fake tits out for Striptease back in the 90s. I was so pissed that they cast Jessica Alba as Nancy in Sin City cause I knew that bitch would never show her nipples, and it ruined the whole point of her character being a fucking STRIPPER. If Jennifer Lopez wanted a damn Oscar so bad, she should have let us see her 50 year old nips. And isn't Lizzo that big fucking gross fat ass whale bitch? Why the fuck would anyone even pretend that they'd want to see that thing dance around naked? Jesus.
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    I found it condescending. Let's lynch him.
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    For dinner, I had 1 pound of spinach and 1 pound of broccoli. The shit that awaits me in the morning will be glorious
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    I always have soft, sticky shit that refuses to slide outta my colon. I haven't had a decent hard shit since the 80s.
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    I don't think my city has a homomonument, there is a gay bar though if that counts.
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    I’m not changing from popcorn to mags because I’m not convinced either.
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    occasional homeless huh thats a new concept
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    @John Bonham In your last vote count there are 13 votes casted, we're 14 players and magisme and damn_smooth haven't voted... Might be an error?
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    magisme: I got triggered. mouthbreathers literally on the same page: lol magisme is so trigger ! ! must to be ! ! arnold is usually neither this stupid nor this overconfident when playing mafia, so he is now on the suspect list
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    It's been Shit-o-mania in the Borski household.
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    Edmontoniers not edmontoners get it right
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    ~~~~~~le Cum Guzzling Cock Gobbling Autistic Retarded Daft Obnoxious Shirtlifter
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    oh and the mafia nightkilled hotdogman (who had JUST come into the game at the tail end of day 1 and probably hadn't even read the thread yet) for some reason we've spent days arguing about whether that was a troll job, a shit mafia, or something else
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    you're overthinking it he didn't expect us to zero in on how shit the post was
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    Succession season 2 was 10/10 can't wait for 3 6 episodes into The Boys, loving it
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    Cora is absolute toast. Two guys who simply knew about the cheating, but didn't participate in it, were suspended for a year and immediately fired. Cora is the one who concocted the scheme, and is the only non-player to have actively participated in it. I think MINIMUM he's suspended for a year, and there's a very real chance suspended for life. He won't manage the Red Sox ever again. The Yankees will have a cakewalk to the World Series. Bran - I'm surprised you're not pissed about this, the Yanks almost definitely would have gone to the Series in 2017.
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    This throws a wrench into my Liars and Facekicker as mafia teammates thoughts. RedHook is next on my list, but I'm not confident about anything anymore. This is where, if I was mafia, I'd make a big deal out of some nothing that one of the townies with votes on him posted. After about 2-3 pages of relentless shitlogic from me, half of you would decide that I'd made an airtight case and help me kill a townie.
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    Slash will come out and play the November Rain solo during Hips Don't Lie
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    Salsh Borski has entered the game
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    dude, salami...that's all i'll say
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    This can go here because US politicians are definitely included.
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    Probably gonna be whining about climate change horseshit. I love these guys, but they're such SJW pussies and always have been. They put on amazing, incredible shows, and everyone should see them if they get a chance, but these guys are the anti-GNR in the fact that they DO put out new music but it's all sucky. Their last original tune was this limp-dick anti Trump protest song a few years ago. In fact, they have 1.5 GOOD songs in the last 20 years....Just Breathe and Life Wasted (Reprise.) And those are essentially Eddie solo. They're a kick-ass band, don't get me wrong, they just lost their song writing mojo decades ago.
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    Salami is a friend of the colon and digestive system. The salami casing will gather all of your body's waste and toxins and then wrap itself around them, essentially forming a shit salami. It is extremely efficient and more and more medical professionals are recommending salami as a dietary staple
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    Memo to self: Must eat more salami
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    mcdaddy should've been replaced imo how many posts does he have? 3?
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    I guess we are not the only ones bored with the NITL tour 😆 ...
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    Per Insider sources he will appear on Diner Drive in’s and Drives.
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    MSNBC: "Sanders campaign sputtering out as not even 30,000 people show up for his so-called 'rally'"
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