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    McDaddy has been replaced by Salsh Borski
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    I just had another one, it was like forcing clay through a keyhole
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    Fortus is watching someone else’s show during his own show, and Slash is playing Stairway To Heaven during Estranged. I can’t imagine how bored they are Axl you fat lazy cunt
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    Everyone hates Black Sabbath and his cringeworthy tattoos.
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    Everyone knows that a country's general welfare depends on increasing the number of faggot characters on Netflix.
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    I wanted Spartacus to stay in a while longer. The sharks are starting to swarm, Sanders attacks Biden, Biden tried to attack Sanders, Warren attacks Sanders saying during their meeting last week a woman couldn't beat Trump. So it looks like Warren is trying to sink Sanders by painting him as a misogynist. None of these idiots will beat Trump.
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    Official Corrected and Updated Vote Count McDaddy/Salsh Borski - 1 magisme - 7 popcorn's snare - 2 uruguns - 2 8 Votes to Lynch Apologies, I had Bill Brasky's previous Vote on Deadstar still recorded on the last vote count
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    Your constant defense of Deadstar after her slip up. Your weak words such as “discouraging” Your sudden interest now in the game.
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    This game isn't easy to judge. We need to get a hit on one of the mafia members and then it'll be easier to gauge based upon their interactions with others in the game... I'm not certain of this at all but just to make my first move based upon the hurried reading of the thread... Vote: Popcorn
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    My city has a big, creepy statue of Mary weeping for all the aborted children. Seriously, an abortion monument downtown in front of the Catholic Church. Such a buzzkill when I am walking around baked with my dog.
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    I thought they were all San Francisco.
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    After. Like 15 years after. They'll clean up "Just Another Sunday" and pretend it's a new song.
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    Overconfident from winning 2 in a row maybe.
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    "i'm smarter than you all and can manipulate you at will but trust me i'm not mafia this time" shiggity shiggity SHIT
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    Geezus man... you’re god damn mafia
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    Didn't take long for the Huffington Post to pickup on the "woman couldn't win in 2020." http://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/bernie-sanders-elizabeth-warren-woman-cant-win-191328081.html
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    The greatest player statistically of all time The Long Island King Of Salami has entered the game.
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    I posted this in the 🔥thread earlier, but it's I think its hilarious that even the band is bored of the never ending NITL tour ... from the Forbes interview thing
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    Just to update, wiping this one has been a nightmare, it spread like butter all over my lower back.
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    Think that's one. Looks like it is on his ass He got Axl to sign his arm, went straight to a tattoo parlour and made it permanent, then surrounded it with shit artwork from the Chinese Democracy booklet.
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    if magisme turns out mafia, kfc and deadstar situation may be compromised
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    if we're lucky, mafia got overconfident and she showed her hand if mags is mafia she almost has to be the lynch tomorrow
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    Deadstar is awfully quiet. *resists cooking/cleaning/laundry sexist comment*
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    What shit is this? JB laid out all the roles and powers at the start of the game. There's no double vote.
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    I’d rather eat your spinach and broccoli shit than tuna.
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    Or his girlfriend @Deadstar PULL THA TRIGGA!!
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    You're so triggered. 0 to that weird feminist chick with glasses in about 3 seconds. You have like 2 votes on you and you fucking lost it dude. That either makes you mafia or town. Haha PULL THA TRIGGA!
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    Having lot's of green vegetables at the moment which makes passing a stool a glorious time! Some genuine great curlers what I call a U-Bend Special, sometimes actual short tree trunks or sometimes a flock of sparrows.
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    She has a face that looks like she's always squeezing out logs
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    Sporting activities in Montevideo include cycling, as shown here:
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    On Friday nights I usually have a lot of meat and le vodka + red bulls and Saturday mornings are a nightmare. The most horrid, smelly, dirty shit a human being can produce. Then things start getting better. On Sunday I am usually at my gf's parents home and it's a country house with only one bathroom and it's a nightmare to have a decent shit there so I try to empty my bowels as much as I can on Saturday. On Monday things start getting back to normal but as the week goes by I feel things get too dry. I may have to drink more water. On Friday the cycle tends to start again. Alcohol is my worst enemy. I spent some days with my friends at the beach recently and I farted the most disgusting gas ever produced by human beings when we were all in the bedroom getting ready for sleep. We all laughed until it wasn't funny anymore as the smell was simply not going away. Then they threatened to kick me out of the room but thankfully I had some Axe deodorant near me and it saved the day.
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    I always have soft, sticky shit that refuses to slide outta my colon. I haven't had a decent hard shit since the 80s.
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    I'm balls deep into reptilians
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